Chime in: Do you believe Windows Defender to be enough to protect your PC?

Microsoft's own security solution has come a long way since it was first introduced. Starting off as a security package that simply did not match already established anti-virus solutions, the company continued to develop, evolve and update Windows Defender, which is now quite the capable suite. You can safely rely on Microsoft to protect your PC to some degree, as you can with any offering, but not everyone has trust in Redmond.

When installing Windows 10 (or buying a laptop or tablet), you'll be rocking Windows Defender out-the-box. Community member Jcmg62 took to our forum to ask if anyone is having issues using it.

It's 2018. Windows 10 has been around for a while now. Plenty of time for those built-in Windows have matured and improved. But has it? This is a hugely important question and one that goes right to the heart of Windows 10 security. Bottom line, is Microsoft's built-in antivirus up to the job of protecting your PC? I haven't run into any major issues with any...


Personally, I rock Windows Defender without issue. After some time (usually a week or so) I'll run a full scan using a free tool like Malwarebytes, but Defender is on point all the time, removing anything that gets through active protection. Is it perfect? Not at all, no security software is, but Defender for me is an unintrusive security suite that lets you get on with daily tasks (and gaming) without hopping through hoops.

What say you? Do you use Windows Defender or do you prefer to trust a company like Symantec?

From the forum: Windows Defender Security - Is it Enough?

Rich Edmonds
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