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Chime in: Do you use Cortana or Google Assistant on Android?

Microsoft has invested time and resources into perfecting its services and app offerings on Android. This includes Cortana, which rivals Google's own assistant. It's actually rather easy to switch to Cortana and rely on Microsoft's assistant while enjoying Google's mobile OS. A discussion is well underway on our forum on which is better and why.

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Community member davidewart asked the question: Should he replace Google Assistant with Cortana on Android?

Six months into using an Android phone, I'm wondering why I should stay with Cortana? I use MS's Arrow launcher and made Cortana the default digital assistant, but now I'm wondering if Google Assist wouldn't be the better option. What are the advantages of Cortana over Google Assist? I'd appreciate hearing from those who've used both. Thanks.


I use Cortana on my OnePlus 5, but I enjoy Google's solution more, especially while in Android Auto mode. Both are certainly capable assistants, but Google has the edge with more integration and functions. Still, Microsoft is working hard to improve services on Android, and connectivity with Windows 10 is only going to get better. It's easy to switch between the two to see which you prefer on your smartphone. And you don't really need to only use one. But what do you think?

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