Chime in: Should you pay for extra OneDrive cloud storage?

OneDrive Windows 10 Mobile
OneDrive Windows 10 Mobile (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft offers 5GB of OneDrive storage for free with a Microsoft account, but if you need more space you'll need to part with some cash. There are two ways to achieve this: by purchasing the 50GB OneDrive upgrade, or by paying for a full Office 365 plan. The former will set one back $1.99 per month, while Office plans start at $69.99 (1TB of space) a year.

The maximum amount of OneDrive storage space is 5TB, which is available with the Office 365 Home plan. It's what I personally use, and I find it to be worth the extra fee, especially if you use Word, Excel, Outlook and other Microsoft software. Community member vhl71 took to our forum to find out whether or not others believe OneDrive is worth paying for.

I used to have 100gb space on my OneDrive. Microsoft has taken all the promos away and now left only 5gb. I've 2 windows mobiles and 4 PCs running windows. Anyway to get some free space on OneDrive. I might get ny business email hosting moved to Microsoft So i can get some free onedrive space if I've no option Any suggestions??


Compared to Google Drive, OneDrive is cheaper for the 50GB and 1TB, but Google offers options to move up to 20TB and 30TB, should you need a ridiculous amount of space.

See OneDrive pricing at Microsoft

Do you use OneDrive? If so, sound off in our forum to share the plan you rely on, and why.

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