Chime in: Picking the right desktop tower PC for you

Alienware X51 R2
Alienware X51 R2

When buying a new pre-built PC, it's important to choose a configuration that will handle everything you throw at it, as well as lasting into the future so you won't need to spend even more for some time to come. Factors to consider include the power of the processor, the amount of RAM, whether it has a dedicated GPU, available warranty, and what type of storage is included.

Windows Central community member mobster011 took to our forum to ask others their opinions to help build a desktop tower shortlist.

I'm looking to replace my current PC with a two-monitor setup for a new tower with a three-monitor setup. I'm not an expert in this area and would love some feedback on which would be best for my needs. I'm self-employed and the bulk of my work is done in Outlook, Excel and several web-based applications. I don't do any video editing and do minimal photo editing, where I used Pixlr. If any...


What towers are better suited for a particular purchaser depends entirely on budget and what they need to achieve on the PC. There's no best option for everyone. What are your thoughts on the selection? mobster011 narrowed down the search to the Lenovo IdeaCentre 720-18ASU, Dell XPS 8920-7922BLK-PUS, and Dell XPS 8930-7401BLK-PUS.

Head to our forum and join the discussion by hitting the link below.

From the forum: Which of these towers would you get?

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