Chime in: Is the Surface Go too expensive?

Microsoft recently unveiled the Surface Go, a compelling compact portable PC built for the masses. Starting at just $400, Microsoft is hoping to make up for lost ground in the education market, which has seen cheap ChromeOS laptops and iPads become commonplace both in schools and at home.

The Surface Go compromises on its processing power and size to achieve its svelte price point, but does it go far enough? We'd like to hear your thoughts.

The newly announced Surface Go starts at $399. Do you think the price is right, too high or too low?


Personally, I think Microsoft could have done more to get the cost of this thing down even further. The cheapest iPads are still cheaper than the Surface Go, and have a far more diverse and supported touch-based ecosystem. To get the most out of the Go, you'll need to throw in a Type Cover, which inflates the price even further, and rely on Win32 apps, which are completely unintuitive for touch-based devices.

What are your thoughts? Jump in the forum thread and let us know.

From the forums: What are your thoughts on the Surface Go price?

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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