The Xbox One X offers some of the best visuals on the console market, with cutting-edge hardware and a strong library of content accompany it. At its $499.99 price point, the console might not be cheap, but you'll be getting one of the best overall gaming experiences that money can buy.

If you're paying out for a high-end console, you'll want a premium TV to accompany it. With 4K resolutions and High Dynamic Range (HDR) outputs major selling points, compatible displays will ensure that additional overhead doesn't go to waste. But with a variety of choices on the market, it can be hard to find the best TV for you. This discussion recently surfaced on our forums, with one Windows Central user wondering which TV was best for them.

James Auman
James Auman

Will be buying a new TV this year for my XBOX One X (for games/streaming TV) and XBOX 360 (for my XBOX Media Center Extender!). Are some TV's more friendly to the Microsoft ecosystem than others? Or are they all basically running some manner of Android in the background with Google services needed to take full advantage. I thought about Samsung, but they show it pairing with their Samsung...


As always, we want to hear your thoughts. Which TV do you recommend for Xbox One X users? Is a 4K TV worth the upgrade? Drop into the forum thread linked below to share your thoughts on the topic.

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