Chime in: What's the best affordable PC for VR or Windows Mixed Reality?

The VR industry continues to grow, and there are plenty of affordable mobile devices that can get you into a virtual world. However, most of the premier experiences are still reserved for the PC-based systems, whether Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift.

The problem here is that these systems cost a good chunk of money, and that's before figuring in the cost of a PC or laptop capable of delivering a decent experience.

Windows Central forum member Kram Devil recently created a new thread in our VR and AR Lounge asking for some advice on buying a new PC explicitly for Windows Mixed Reality Ultra.

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Kram Devil
Kram Devil

Meet Chuckles my friendly MR headset holder My Lenovo Explorer headset finally arrived. (Yippee YAY!!) It looks good, it feels good, it even smells good! :grin: This disclaimer probably invalidates any chance of me winning the oculus rift contest but in order to get advice you'd have to know where I'm coming from. I think Windows MR headsets are better in my opinion than OR anyway so no...


This question carries over to pretty much any VR system, and indeed Kram Devil's topic asks an important question; most people don't want to overspend, especially after dropping a lump sum on a VR headset.

Have an affordable pre-built PC in mind? Thinking instead of a powerful laptop? Have any suggestions for custom builds? Head over to our forum and share your opinion with Kram Devil!

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