Chime in: What's the best charger for Microsoft's Surface Pro?

Surface Pro
Surface Pro

Microsoft's Surface Pro is an outstanding 2-in-1 device that has found a place in both the professional and casual tech worlds. Battery life is impressive, at about eight hours of continuous use from a single charge, and its design means it can be comfortably used as a notebook or tablet.

Windows Central forum member rchapman80 recently started a thread about the Surface Pro and AC adapters. rchapman80 received a 65W charger with the purchase of an i5 Surface Pro and is now looking to purchase a second adapter for a travel bag.

So I purchased an i5 Surface Pro (2017) during the Christmas sales and so far i'm loving it. Probably my favorite device in a long time. it replaced a MacBook Pro and iPad. love having only one deice instead of two. Anyway, I'm looking to get a second AC Adapter for my travel bag. I see that Microsoft sells two versions. A 65w ($75) and a 102w ($100). My Surface Pro came with a 65w. is there...


rchapman80 goes on to ask if the 102W Surface Book charger (about $100) is worth the extra money over another 65W charger (about $80).

There are already plenty of replies, with many other forum members offering up buying options that they've already purchased. Do you have any words of wisdom for rchapman80? Is there any benefit to going with the more expensive charger from Microsoft, or is there a third-party option that works better? Head over to the forum and let your voice be heard!

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