Chime in: What's the best Windows 10 app for reading digital magazines?

Windows 10 tablets make, among other things, great reading devices. A lot of them are already the same size as print equivalents, especially magazines, and there is a variety of apps available that give you access to your favorite periodicals.

Windows Central forum member slamroc recently created a thread asking what apps others are using when it comes to reading magazines.

Hi all, Is there any usable app/service to read magazines on a Windows 10 tablet? I used to have a subscription to Texture when I had an android tablet and it worked great, but the Windows 10 Texture app is not really functional (and they have no timeline for update). The Nook app doesn't work well with magazines on high res screens - the text is grainy (I have a Samsung Galaxy Book 12), the...


It seems like some of the major options don't quite provide the same experience on Windows 10 tablets as they do on other devices, so slamroc is curious to know if there are some lesser-known apps that are better.

Do you read magazines on your tablet? Did you find an app in the Microsoft Store (or elsewhere) that you swear no one else is using? Stop by slamroc's thread and drop a suggestion and link to whichever app you think is best for reading magazines.

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