Chime in: Which Surface Book 2 is a better buy for $2,500?

Surface Book 2
Surface Book 2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Not only does the Surface Book 2 have different specs for different prices, it now also comes in two sizes with different hardware regardless of cost. Choosing isn't as easy as it used to be.

One member of the Windows Central forums is weighing up a business purchase with a $2,500 limit on each Surface Book 2, and that's where you come in.

13.5 Pros 1). Smaller more portable. 2). Weighs less. 3.) No fan quieter. 4.) larger SSD with faster write speeds. Cons 1). Weaker GPU


Personally, I'd go for the 15-inch because of the better GPU and the added freedom you get with it. After all, you can't add that extra real estate if you suddenly decide you want it later on.

The tradeoff is that it automatically costs more, and it's larger for a machine that will be carried around.

But we want to know how you would break down this dilemma. Hit the thread linked below and let us know.

From the forums: Surface Book 2 15 vs. 13.5 for $2500?

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