Our esteemed Community Manager James Falconer is trying to find the best new computer for his mom, who's no tech expert, but she's also no slouch when it comes to modern devices. For many people today, Apple's Macs are no-brainers when it comes to buying new computers, due largely to Apple's effective marketing (which seems to be everywhere) and the common belief that Macs "just work." Of course, that belief isn't necessarily accurate, but it still exists.

And PCs have come a long way during the past five years or so.

To help make a decision between the two platforms, Falconer posted a thread in our Windows 10 forums:

James Falconer
James Falconer

Hey folks - serious (for me!) question. My mom is looking at getting a new computer. She's no computer expert, but can get her way around most systems no problem. Question is - what would you recommend... A Windows PC or Mac? I know she's open to both - so if you have pros and cons for each it'd really help us make a decision!! Really appreciate the feedback in advance!


One of the main differences between PCs and Macs is the price. You get a decent PC for significantly less than a comparable Mac, so that's an advantage for Windows. Apple's macOS is perhaps a bit prettier and more fluid, too, (that's a win for Mac) though the Fluent Design System in the upcoming Fall Creators Update could very well change that. And PCs are infinitely more configurable by their owners, though that probably doesn't matter much to the average tech newb.

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Those are my quick thoughts. But what do you think? Chances are, if you're reading Windows Central, you might have some degree of Windows bias. But if you're honest, and if you had to buy a new computer for your mom, which way would you go? Hit the forum link below and let the community know.

From the forums: Windows 10 vs MacOS