College interns have made many of the apps from the Microsoft Garage program

The Microsoft Garage program has released a number of apps for Windows Phone, Android and other platforms. Many of them are the work of college students who have worked with the company as part of the Microsoft Foundry program.

Microsoft says that 65 students are picked to attend the Foundry programs, which are held in the company's offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; and Hyderabad, India. Some of the apps that have been released from this program, via Microsoft Garage, include the now discontinued Tetra Lockscreen for Windows Phone, along with Floatz, Nova Bacon and Lost Turtle. Students were even in charge of the free Xbox One game Voice Commander.

Microsoft says:

"These kids are no slouches when it comes to technology. About 80 percent of them have backgrounds in computer science while the other 20 percent are skilled in design-user experience. The students come from universities such as MIT, the University of Michigan, Simon Fraser University, and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.""The interns use the full three or four months of the program (depending on location) to make a high-quality, smooth, and appealing game or app. And developing one from an idea to a story-ready product requires a variety of skills."

Even after the apps are released, Microsoft says the students continue to release updates based on feedback from users. Microsoft compares the interns' experience to working at a tech startup. Lucian Lui, the senior director of Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge, states:

"We want them to learn what it takes to get from concept to ship and experience the journey in a very accelerated way. They understand how difficult it is to take an idea and make it usable and available to people. We guide them along, but they need to own the solution. This is real-world experience."

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}

  • I always suspected that the Garage program was made up of interns.
  • Yeh, no offence, but some aren't very efficient to be honest. Totally understandable though too, I'm 16, I make exclusive apps for WP and I know I could do better but I just learn along the way and do the best I can, same with these interns no doubt
  • You'll do great don't worry :) going from 16 to 20+ is like day and night in knowledge.
  • Hey buddy...i have seen your real interest in app development and also your enthu in these stuff. I suggest you should try to get into this intern program when you go to college. You can show them your creations and experience in development and they will surely take you in
  • That's a really great suggestion, I honestly would love to. I will look into it. For now: Bring more needed apps to the best platform ever ;). Thanks for support my friend :).
  • Hey, I see you on WP quote often and I would like to know which apps that you created.
  • Damo579 - sure thing my friend! Here is a link to my website in which lists the applications I have built and links to the store:
    Hope you enjoy and thanks for your interest in my apps :).
  • Nice website man... keep up your hardwork. Seems you are quite interested in music related apps. I am waiting for windows 10 to come then I will start developing apps. I have learnt 2 years back for windows 8. But the app never came to public. I amwaitingfor fullrelease ofwindows 10 apis. 
  • Thanks Srinath! It needs work but its just a Wix template. Yes sir! I want my apps to be strictly music based, however, I may go another way in the future. For now, since music is a big part of my life, I bring strictly music based apps that are needed :). That is great! I am sure Windows 10 will open more opportunities. Hope all goes well and I'm excited to see your apps :).
  • Don't take this the wrong way, but viewing your site in IE mobile makes me want to gouge my eyeballs XD The screenshots widget looks nice but it is scaled tiny on my phone, impossible to view the images. Good luck on your projects!
  • Yeh I noticed, its just a Wix template, easy to fix, just haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for pointing it out though.
  • High school is the best time to churn out apps while you still got free time before college :)
  • There's lots of free time in college
  • Alooot.. Believe me :D
  • Well I am going to a trade school for software engineering, so its all ill be doing :).
  • Honestly, I don't have a problem with their inefficiency, because they're interns, however, I have a problem with most of them being does Android;' they must carry those as their personals or MS is making them focus on Android
  • Why would they be focusing on Android? They are building Windows Phone apps. Did you spot some Microsoft Garage applications on Android?
  • Yup there are lots of em over at android...probably a few more on android than windows...
  • Miss some lockscreen customization tho :( Hope Win 10 will bring some.
  • I don't know where is tetra lock screen :(
  • I am not talking about the app, it wasnt smooth anyway. But they should add it as a feature of OS. More customization to our lockscreen, dont tell me its not possible. If Win 10 is the same OS both on PC and phone and you can customize it on PC, you should also be able to customize it on your phone design-wise.
  • A lot of stuff to take in to account I guess. Different hardware, battery performance etc. But hopefully we get something in the final build
  • Looks like Microsoft has silently killed off the Live Lock Screen feature. :/
  • Great for microsoft and the students
  • Actually, college interns are in charge of marketing too ....
  • I had really hoped of getting into the internship program in Hyderabad. They have a damn good R&D centre there. Pity I wasn't into app development and all. But I would have certainly kicked ass in hardware design and development. Pity they don't do much of that work here. Primarily done in Finland and China
  • How about putting some concepts out there for its to see unless your already have some. If so, post the link please
  • Ok... But where are they ?? The apps I mean
  • Same here, I always hear about this garage thingy but have never seen their apps
  • let me Bing that for you:   :)
  • These apps are great, but some native Lock Screen functionality options would be nice in W10..... Especially, if they are optimized for minimal battery usage.
  • It would have been nice to have integrate tetra into the OS and add music and even options to add almost anything to the lockscreen
  • Hell, yeah... I want tiles on my lock screen.. Seriously❗ Music controls used to be on the lock screen, and we need them back❗
  • We def need music control back on live screen . I dont want to the see the song title everytime I hit the volume button. Or maybe have it also on the notification center? I dunno just give us damn options MS.
  • Well, the current music controls wouldn't be so bad if they didn't disappear so damn fast...
    ......... Options
    We need options for how long they stay down, and I mean a slider, not MS's crazy 1min-10min-30min times with not much in between.. Lol❗ Also, they could attach a little button to the control box that would hold it down indefinitely, or for a given amount of time, when pressed, and hide it after another press... ⬅ That's a no brainer.
  • Really didn't like squad watch.... But then I found life 360.
  • I want the Tetra Lockscreen back.
  • Why is Tetra Lock app removed, it was the nicest lock screen app so far!
  • Yeah... It really worked great for me, when It didn't work It didn't interfere, It would just instantly show the basic lock screen and move on.
  • I don't really like or use Android, but the lock screen that Microsoft Garage built for it is flat out beautiful. 
  • Good, you should hire them, I said that kids are more talented nowadays. Face it. Their ideas are flawless, just needs more optimizing in the OS it self.
  • Kids everywhere, that's our future...
  • Too bad Tetra was pulled. MS should go that direction. It was clean and useful. Right now... Not so much.
  • Hmmm as someone developing my first app I hope things get easier and better
  • College interns also appear to be working on Xbox Music and the Windows 10 design language and UX. ;)
  • Def on XBM. That app is a huge joke.
  • This^^
  • I was totally scanning the comment list hoping to find THIS! Lol I agree, XBM screams college interns.
  • That explains it
  • Cool, good way of quickly expanding the number of exclusive apps for the windows platform ☺
  • Ativ s
  • Well, I've always suspected that college interns were the ones left working on Windows Phone.