Community adventure 'Death's Door: Aftermath' launches on Mixer

Today, Shiny Shoe, the studio behind the live game played at Madison Square Garden, launched Death's Door: Aftermath. Oddly enough, the game is available exclusively on Mixer. You read that right! It's an interactive title coming to Microsoft's streaming platform.

According to the studio, this social game offers role-playing gamers (RPG), Dungeons & Dragons fans, and those looking to play or chat with friends a unique interactive experience. You can join the Death's Door: Aftermath community on Mixer starting today from 1 PM EDT. Streaming Tuesday through Sunday during those hours, the game will continually evolve with each community vote and new content updates.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Death's Door: Aftermath is the only livestreaming community-driven game of its kind where, through a timed-voting mechanic, players determine the path forward across a branching map. Each vote by you, such as "flee or fight", guides the "Revenant" through the adventure. A designated player or moderator known as the "Dungeon Master" will add unexpected twists to the gameplay.

Mark Cooke, the head of Shiny Shoe, issued the following statement alongside the game's release.

We're excited to greet the Death's Door: Aftermath gamers on Mixer today who will determine how this new episodic experience will evolve. Part choose your own RPG adventure and community gathering place, the dynamic Dungeon Master events are sure to shake up the gameplay in fun and sometimes controversial ways.

Hopefully Death's Door: Aftermath will be a success now that there are around twenty million Mixer users. This is definitely an interesting approach to gameplay and we hope it gets a thunderous response from the community due to its unique nature.

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Asher Madan

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