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Community feedback - What’s missing from Windows Phone 8?

As the title implies, we’re looking for your input on what is missing from Windows Phone 8.  Yes, it’s a somewhat of an odd question because as you know, Microsoft has not “officially” unveiled the entire consumer features of our waiting-in-the-wings OS. But you do know what we’ve shown you from the leaked SDK. Moreover, we know for a fact that some people back in Redmond want to know your thoughts on what you’ve seen so far—otherwise we wouldn’t be asking.

So consider this an unofficial-official survey of the largest Windows Phone community on the Internet...

WP Central

Here’s how we are going to do this: Instead of tossing up a survey or poll, we’re going to let it be a free-for-all in comments. Simply write in what you think are the top-three missing features (or that we haven’t seen yet) from Apollo.  Try to keep the diatribes and debates limited, as we would like some clean, concise results. For example:

  1. Notification center
  2. New backgrounds for the Start screen (not just dark/light)
  3. Facial recognition for screen unlock

In 24 hours, give or take, we’re going to take a gander of the results and try to come up with what are the top 5 features which you folks think are missing from the new OS. Then we will put up a poll to measure the priority which items are the most important to the community.

Now granted, we know for a fact that there are things we just don’t yet know about this OS so some items you many think are missing are actually there. Thems the breaks though as we’re working with what we have in front of us. Remember, things like screen-capture, options for alerts, app backup, etc. have been pretty much confirmed already, so try to think of things we haven't yet seen (you can go through our coverage first to get an idea:

And yes, if you are curious our results will be passed on to Microsoft for consideration by their team and their engineers, so please take this seriously…but have fun with it too. Go!

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I still think folders is a good idea for grouping similar apps.
  • +1 on the folders, I mean when u think windows, u think folders. I think Microsoft could incorporate them into metro in a unique way. I know they are trying to distinguish themselves from the other two major players but I think WP is unique enough where a folder system would only increase the whole glance and go aesthetic. The only thing I find annoying about WP is having to scroll FOREVER!!
  • +2 on folders I hate not having them. Also the ability to save any pic by taping & holding. Seams easy on Android but wp7.5 impossible.
  • Oh and support for landscape on the home screen
  • Aren't hubs folders in wp8?
  • I agrre. Need folders.
  • They could put folders like they do with the Groups for contacts.  Create a folder with news apps and the live tile flips and shows all the icons for the apps in there, like it does on the "people" tile.
  • The letter system is ok but if u haven't used an app in a while sometimes its hard to remember a name. A category is way easier.
  • LIKE. I'm not a big fan of folders personally, but I also know each app I've got. My wife wants folders, because she has stuff she won't remember the name of, and doesn't want to scroll through a long list. You can call them hubs if you want, and make them not look like folders.
  • You might be on to something. Kinda like how you can use labels in Gmail or categories in mail.
    I rather be able to pin a category than just have an old-school folder. Maybe you could associate an app with multiple categories so it surfaces during several different keyword searches, that's something you couldn't do with the old folder metaphor.
  • Is it? I thought the ability to resize live tiles was the answer for "folders"
  • Exactly
  • I want the ability to sort apps by something other than alpha. Like put most recent and most used at the top..
  • I know I would like this myself!
  • Swipe again to the left past app list to find. "recently used" apps. As we all have apps we constantly use but don't really want to showcase them on the main start screen.
  • I think a seperate list for downloaded apps would be useful and help cut down on the scrolling.
  • Make the search button search for whatever app your in not deafault back to bing search,,,,like when your in the market place and want to search from where your at and not have to go back to the main screen.
  • Actually the Bing search does search the marketplace, but I see your point....would be a good addition
  • This used to be present in the first release of wp7 and they dropped it in the mango update.
    Your so right, the search button should be contextual. If your in your contacts list for example it should search your contacts.
  • But they added search icons on the screen for those instances you talk about. I think the change in the search button's function from 7.0 to 7.5 was a more logical choice. The problem with the contextual search is that it won't work consistenly in third-party apps/games since developers would have to implement something to be searchable in their apps (which may not make much sense depending on what the app is)
    Now maybe MS could add a device-wide search if you tap and hold down the search button, I think everybody could get down with that.
  • Maybe some sort of comprimise would work,,,contextual for built in apps like contacts and the market place,,,I just think its kind of frustrating hitting the search button while in in the market place going to bing lol
  • Agree
  • Dont think folders will be coming to wp8 or anytime soon.  doubtful MS will put something in the OS that allows you to dump a load of apps into one folder, that is not the purpose of metro. 
    Essentially, the 4 small tiles that make up one medium tiles will pretty much your "folders" feature. 
  • Yer, I agree. Whilst I can sorta see why people want folders, it should be:
    * Front page, stuff you actually use
    * App list, place where the occasional stuff gets "dumped"
    I've got Apps I use everyday - on start screen.
    And stuff I use rarely in the Apps list.
    I personally think thats enough. I think part of the Windows legacy is the need to file into folders (I blame explorer for years of brain washing)
    I try to explain to people, the future is _not_ having to file. Its the App putting Docs in the correct place, and decent search to locate.
    Time will tell :)
  • I want folders bc: If I have music I could store in diff folders, same with pics & not to mention access to apps library (that would give us access to start creating themes) but bc of that I don't see ms integrating folders.
  • Isn't that what playlist do?  I have a playlist for 70s/80s/90s/ music, R&B, Rap, Country, Rock, etc... or is there something I'm missing? 
  • Put your pics in Albums? The functionality is already there
  • I'd love the ability to have a tile which can be a folder. Example is those lists apps. I can pin a To Do list, I can pin a Shopping List of groceries and a Shoping List of hardware for a diy project... 3 lists tiles. I'd like to decide it's a stack of tiles in one tile space which I can unstack to see them. Yes it is a bit Explorer, but it is logical. I'd also like to be able to pin an individual setting item. Eg Bluetooth on/off setting pinned. I have wi-fi and 3G on/off via an app but it's slow to work and update the live tile.
  • I get what you mean on the "folders" concept, but I think that the 4 mini-tiles will do what you want without taking up too much real estate. I think the part to remember as far as folders go is that Windows Phone was the "OS to save us from our phones" and Microsoft doesn't want to start layering crap-stuff-etc... down inside as it would require more time to find-get to-use... it.
    As far as the request for Wi-Fi/3G/Bluetooth/Network Settings goes, there is a great free App that places a tile on the front that gives you one touch access to those settings... I think it was called Network Dashboard or something like that. It's a simple click to turn on/turn off live tile. Again this will be more useful when the smaller tiles come out.
  • I've always wanted folders. When I Chevron unlocked my phone and used the folders app, I got bored with it after a while. I think it would be mice to have as an option. Now, I use that app that essentially creates tile breaks in your list of tiles. Almost like a header for like tiles. So I have one for photography apps, travel apps, social apps, most used apps and tiles, etc.. What would be cool is if that option was built in. Almost like the alphabetized jump list to the right, but at the home screen. And you can sort these headers into any style you want. Whether be by alphabet or app/tile type.
  • What if you made the app page like the people hub? Still alpha but with the option to create custom groups at the top. I know that would solve my issues.
  • folders for sure, but i think a notification center is a number 1 must.
  • I'd love to find out more of what people want in/on wp8. But I'm not scrolling through over 450 comments to find out. Need scroll to bottom link desperately.
  • what about WIZTILES , doesnt it solve grouping of tiles , yeah not exactly folders :D :D
  • Howabout custom hubs? Make a hub and it would be like a second start screen inside of it where you can put your apps
    No but seriously, support root access, make it more open I.e. Read a book from android. Not that Microsoft would ever do that.
  • Launcher changeable, you should be able to choose the default application for certain actions like browser, email, ECT..
  • While I agree, I think the only default id change is YouTube.
  • Didn't it already leak that you could set what apps you use to open specific file types like images, pdf, video, etc. in WP8???
    I thought I read that as part of the SDK leaking a few days ago...
  • Erm, I suggest your next device should be powered by the fruit or the robot, perhaps, thelastfoitet
  • Root acess is a little too techy-nerdy honestly. Though that said, it seems like Microsoft has been busy putting a lot of Android-esque control into the system and that would make it more open but let's see what happens.
  • If you truly understood metro, you'd know why this will never happen.
  • Exactly. We have to undo our wriing, and the need to file :)
  • If they did that it would ruin the security and stablility of wp7 just look at android to see whats happened a lot of devices are unstable, cant run certain apps complicated stuff and look at iphone: stable, simple (too simple, not functional enough and boring interface) wp7 is the most secure easily available OS out there and microsoft likes it that way and so do i
  • I have a tiny thing that more related to the store than Windows Phone 8 specifically, but there needs to be a seperate medical section so my app isn't included with a bunch of things I consider fluff.
  • I was thinking something more like professional resources section.
  • I agree 100% I get lost looking for apps that may be useful while at the hospital.
  • While I understand this post and survey, we haven't seen Windows Phone 8. Thus, we cannot reasonably conclude what is missing as we do not have all of the information. That's like having an Algebra problem that says: 8-x = and being asked to solve for y. There's not enough information there to solve the problem.
  • The point is to say things that we "want" to see that we haven't seen yet, regardless if they're really there or not, I think.
  • +1 Plus Microsoft is the one who is curious, not just us. 
  • Obviously you commented before reading the entire article. Either that, or just didn't understand it correctly.
  • No. I was one of the first to comment. It looks like Daniel updated the text of the article to reflect my comment. Not that he did it based on my comment specifically, but it certainly didn't read this way at first.
  • Actually, this was the one case where I did not have to update the article ;-)
  • then ignore the article/blog
  • I don't use this feature at all, as i have nothing to hide (lol), but they should use the same security feature that windows 8 will have. Instead of entering a 4 digit pin, perhaps drawing a series of lines across your wallpaper will be more secure.
  • Good point. If that Wallet is ever going to get a look at my credit card numbers, there better be tighter security than a four digit pin.
    In addition to that, an audio password would be good. When I'm driving off from home, I don't want to match pictures or something. If I can turn on the phone and say, "Something's rotten in the state of Denmark" and it unlocks my phone...yeah!
  • voice unlock would be nice
  • Hell yeah!! Voice Print Recognition would be even better!
  • The 4 digit pin doesn't even adhere the the Microsoft password security standard for desktops which is 8 characters. And we're not even talking about special characters or case sensitivity or numbers. It should be the same and consistent with Windows 8. Especially on a mobile device.
  • Ya but imagine typing in 8 characters everytime you want to unlock your phone, no thank you
  • Picture password
  • 1. Any word from any manufacturer as to CDMA or specifically Verizon
    3. New backgrounds for the Start screen
    Seriously, just tell us trophy users if pissing in the wind hoping for a WP8 device.  Before, the word was if it is LTE, verizon would go for it.  Whats the hold up with another manufacturer having the 2nd WP at Verizon??  Look how many of us got on board with the trophy!  I'm not saying there are enough to start our own country (but maybe we should, and we won't invite any of those iKoolaide drinkers over for lunch).
  • Your first 2 are not missing features. That's between the carriers and OEMs, not Microsoft. 
  • true.. sigh.. I digress
  • BUT !!! Verizon DID say they were going to support Windows Phone 8, the only one with the big question mark is Sprint, as there CEO pretty much downed it (I believe it was about MS's marketing for WP).
    I do agree, would love to have any idea on what my options are with Vzw when they come out...
  • It really was only Verizon up until recently. MS and Nokia both wanted to work with verizon, they were even offered an LTE phone but Verizon didn't do it. They are, however, getting behind wp8 and I can almost guarantee that we'll see at least a Nokia wp8 device on verizon, if not also one from Samsung and HTC.
  • They were offered the Lumia 900, they turned it down because of the issues it was having at the time (the L900 was full of bugs) as I understand it
  • Verizon is confirmed for WP8 and they were mentioned by name at the Windows Phone conference. 
    +1 on new backgrounds for the start screen.  The whole light and dark thing got old within a week of owning my Trophy.
  • I'm in agreement with Wyn6...
    plus we don't know if there are any apps that are in the planning stages to take care of those "missing" features.
  • I have not seen any outlook sync for wp8 yet. It was definitely a bad thing in wp7.
  • A cloud enable device will never get this feature...
  • 1. Notifications center
    2. Photo password similar to windows 8
    3. Folders
    4. Universal search
    5.Ability to creative playlists on the go
  • +1000
  • +10000000000
  • And sync those playlists with Windows 8 and the xBox
  • You can already create playlist on the go. You simply add your music to now playing the save the playlist.
  • I must be stoopid. I can see that on songs, but can never actually find the "now playing" playlist!
  • 1. Notifications center
    2. Photo password similar to windows 8
    3. Folders
    4. Universal search
    5.Ability to creative playlists on the go
    6. Ability to search for songs inssde a playlist or your music collection.
    7. Ability to close apps quickly with a simple flick upwards or some other smart gesture.
    Best list so far.
  • +1 for the first two.
  • Add the ability to sync favorites through IE via the cloud.
    Delete multiple pictures/videos/songs at once on the phone
    notification center for sure
  • Notification center
  • I would like to have preselected text option with an "Ignore with Text" features as I used to have on prior phones.  Due to being on the phone for many hours of the day, it would be a nice feature to have to immediately alert the person calling that I will call them back as soon as I am off the phone. 
  • Excellent idea! That happened to me today and would have been great to be able to do that!
  • They have this on old Windows Mobile 6.5 and I like the function also.
  • Yes. Palm or WebOS had this feature. Excellent idea.
  • 1. a real notification center
    2. close apps with a simple flick upwards
    3. a function like Google now or a mutch better tellme function.
  • +1 I think swiping up in a similar fashion to webos would be a great addition, instead of jut pressing the back button a thousand times....
  • +1 notifications/ closing aps with a flick
  • Pressing the back button a thousand times is more of a pain when an app decides it has to resume and all you want to do is close it.
  • Agreed. I hope fast app switching is compulsory to make this less of an issue.
  • I agree. I think that the way that the app switching works right now is a half baked solution. Flicking up to close would be a huge improvement, and so would having the app continue to work in the background instead of "tombstoning".
    But the other thing I find annoying is that the way you navigate through a hub or app (say Internet Explorer for example) can get broken up depending on how you use the app switching feature.
    Say I go from the internet to the music/video hub by holding the back button to get to the app switcher, and then switch back to the internet from there. If I hit the back button, it goes back to the music/video hub instead of back to the webpage I was previously (like a back button would do in any web browser). That means that in order to get to a webpage I was on previously, I now have to type it back into the web broswer (unless I'm missing something)
    The point is, if you hit the back button you should go back through your history in that app, before it takes you to a separate app.
    I used to use webOS, and as someone coming from that os, I was really happy to see the fast app switching come to mango, but it needs to be improved.
    Improving the fast app switching feature in general would be my number one prioirty for WP8.
  • Agreed.
  • I like the idea of flicking up to close. And this might have been confirmed somewhere, but I hope they increase the background apps limit to 7 or so.
  • 1. Image-based backup. At the very least, backup start screen settings so I can restore my phone (across manufacturers) like it was before. 2. Better notifications than simple live tiles/toasts. Lock screen is a good start but it is still kinda limited. 3. Make capacitive buttons harder to accidentally get pressed.
  • I should have said "easy restore" above. Backup of apps and settings is nice, but it should not take me 5 steps to restore my phone to previous state. Make it easy to restore what can be restored (naturally, between OEMs there may be some stuff that cannot be restored).
  • totally agree on these 3. Backup is a must.
  • Yes on the capacitive buttons bit only during games for me.
  • Yes! I would love to have a total backup solution so if I brick or lose my phone I cab get all my text messages, apps and settings just my logging into my windows account on a new phone.
  • How about a "Select All" option in mail? I hate having to check each individual one.
  • +1 on this. And while they're at it, they should also include a "Delete all" for text messages.
  • Yes to a delete all text messages option!
  • Contracts (vis a vis Windows 8). Not sure how they left that out.
    Native XAML. Windows 8 does it...
  • Search Contract:
    I thought I read that the Share contract would be supported. I would like to see more contracts added, but at minimum, have the Search contract. I think that would provide universal search without leaving the search button's behavior left completely up to the developer.
  • Anyone else think is ironic how in this article, Daniel choose the 3 lumias which will not get WP8 despite that in theory they could...I cannot say what is missing from WP8, but I can tell you from where are they missing from. Current, fine, capable devices. (Still paying for my L800 month by month)
  • Recycled image from the Nokia survey ;-) I couldn't show WP8 devices because, well...
  • I would like to see voice chat with Xbox live friends.
  • +1 hadn't thought of that but great idea
  • +1
  • Shouldn't there be a what's going on 7.8?
    If I had known buying WP7 was just beta testing for 8 I'd have kept my iPhone
  • Still laughing about the Smartphone Beta Test ads ;-)
  • Yeah. Kinda hypocritical, don't you think?
  • Seriously this and Ben The PC Guy make the whole update situation 1000 times worse for me.
    Glad my HTC One X will get Jelly Bean ;-)
  • Its not beta testing for 8! I really hope you get your iPhone back
  • WP7 is beta for WP8. Hitler says so
  • Browser IE10: Text reflow.
    Keyboard: Swype.
  • Pretty sure Text Reflow is an HTC patent, no?
  • Given that its on the Galaxy S and Nexus line I'm going to say its possible on IE10 even if patented. If Sammy can figure it out, MS has the brain power.
  • Pretty sure Swype is a Google patent, no?
  • The first device to run swype was a Windows Mobile device
  • Why did MS let Android take (use) it? Shame
  • No. Its an app like anything else. Just need the keyboard API's from MS.
  • •Mass storage
    •Lock screen widgets
    •downloading files from web
    I think these are some things that will attract and appeal to more people
  • Didn't one of the leaks confirm mass storage? Or was that just for SD cards?
  • It was a possibility but not yet confirmed
  • +1
  • 1. Amplifier for music!
    2. Yes, Folders!!!
    3. Fix the damn Marketplace! Its sad that I have to find the new/latest apps on here instead of the market.... So, thank you WP, without you guys, I wouldn't be able to find/dl the best apps for my WP
  • I agree, though I understand the simplistic look of the marketplace. I would like to see more on there, not just featured apps or the new apps...lets face it, half those apps aren't even worth scrolling through. If there are "big names" in the marketplace, those are the guys (or girls) that are going to bring people to Windows Phone, and they should be treated as such. I understand fair play, and equal opportunity...but if they are buried in deep with the rest of the are we supposed to know?
  • I know there are good apps in the market place, but finding them is impossible without WP Central (and btw thanks). It would be cool if you could tailor the market place to a genera (professional/business, family, kid friendly, technical, gamer, etc).
  • I like the look of the Marketplace. But I agree finding stuff is a pain. Also, the recommended and related apps categories need to be fixed. Also hope Xbox Music is more like iTunes on an iPod/iPhone that its a bit more organized and if its still done, that there is a section for free songs, lol
  • The marketplace does need a few improvements. If not for WPCentral and the AppFlow app, looking for good stuff in the marketplace would be a bit difficult.
  • 1. Notification center- which includes the Windows symbol lighting up for missed calls and texts. The notification center could be placed to the left of the home screen.
    2. More background colors- in addition to making the individual tiles any color I want.
    3. Ability to close background tasks when you have the screens showing after holding down the back button.
  • Lol! Same thing I meant. I have the galaxy nexus and love the notification center and notification light.
  • Lol! Same thing I meant. I have the galaxy nexus and love the notification center and notification light.
  • This was WebOs feature to begin with.
  • 1. Better voice recognition (siri-like)
    2. Search text messages (probably won't make it to top 5, but I really want this; you can open a thread and search for say "Tony's Pizza" and say a month ago it was mentioned along with info)
    3. Notification Center
  • right, Apple has siri, Android has Google Now but what does Windows phone 8 has?
  • Windows phone 8 has TellMe (and constantly improving on the technology).  No, it is not as 'personable' as Siri.  Yes, it was around before Siri.  No, I hardly use the feature.  Yes, I am waiting for the feature to improve to be almust human-like.  (...hey, you never know.  LOL.)
  • We have tellme. One of the leaks said wp8 will have tellme with extended features, if I remember correctly. And personally I like the tellme style more than siri.
  • As an Android and iOS user I miss the ability to grand apps access to accounts you have stored in the OS. Works with Twitter and iCloud on iOS and with literally everything on Android. Extremely handy feature. I hope you get what I mean ;-)
  • +1
  • Definitely notification center by far, but also new themes, not just different colored backgrounds (although I'd probably be happy with just that), maybe something similar to windows 8 metro themes or transparent tiles like on the app phone 8 or whatever. And probably most important to me is to be able to play music with tellme. Say artist, playlist, song, etc., to play without opening and looking through Zune.
  • Additional features I remembered that I'd love:
    Universal search (texts, apps, notes, music, contacts, etc.)
    Different volume controls for different sounds.
    A forward button in IE.
    Messages hub integrating more im services such as gchat.
    WiFi calling like Android has.
  • Perhaps they should do something about missing album artwork on lockscreen if the song is not present on market place. I should see my custom artwork on lock screen if phone cannot find the song on marketplace. Also, there is no landscape mode in Music and videos app. 
  • +1
  • +1
  • +1
  • Agreed!
  • one feature i would like that i had with nokia a decade ago is an alarm feature that will alert even when the phone is off. once you stop the alarm it will ask to keep the phone off or turn it on.
  • Excellent idea. I'd forgotten this from the Symbian days. Its even more relevant if you own a Lumia 800 as it won't go three days on a charge like my N8 used to. :)
  • If there has been one major issue with Windows Phone is that in many small ways I have had the impression I was going back in time many years. All my previous Nokias would wake on alarm and my E71 could do WiFi printing, tethering, open ZIP files and download podcasts over the air (via 3G). I hope WP8 covers all the gaps left by my switch from Symbian
  • BlackBerry days...
  • 1) Ability to search calendar. 
    2) Option to sync back up to one year's events in calendar
    3) Universal search
    4) Notifications center
  • Universal search +100000000000000000000000000000
  • Its called contextual search, when the search button behaves in an intuitive manor to search relative to what's displayed on the screen.
  • Universal search and contextual search are NOT the same thing. Both are great, though, and either one would be a better use of the search button.
  • I would love more options for customizing the colors. Way more than what has been shown will be in WP8. It would be really nice if users could use a color wheel to pick both the tile color and background color.
  • +1
  • Ability to deleted more then one picture at a time in picture hub, right now u have to deleted one at a time, when looking for someing in search mode, hp had a great search function, u just type a name( like contact person) and it would search in google, msn and contact folders...this was awesome...
  • Is the Option in Calendar to Display the weather Temp, like how it is on the PC..?
  • I would say a notification center.  I understand how Live Tiles work and what metaphor they stand for, but I would still like to have a view that shows me a big picture view of all incoming notifications on my phone.  It sucks to miss a toast on 7.5 now and not see what app it went to. 
  • I'll add one more thing that comes to mind... 
    I want the option to password protect indiviual apps. I don't care if I put a passcode on my phone, sometimes I let my brothers or friends play games and I'd rather not get a notification two minutes later from my FB status I posted where I announce how much I like meat. 
  • Password protection for texts, pics, apps, etc. would have been next on my list after my top 3.
  • +2
  • Yes. agree 100%.
  • +1
  • I can't remember all the leaked features I read about, but I don't remember reading about these: 1. Turn-by-turn voice nav like in Bing for WM 6.5. No more tapping the screen to get the next set of directions.
    2. VPN support
    3. RDP client
    4. Media control in voice command ala Hey DJ
    5. Fingerprint reader to unlock the phone and use as password safe for web sites and apps.
  • I believe your first 2 features have been addressed prior to the leaks. The former with Nokia taking over Bing maps which I believe included the turn-by-turn of drive. And I think MS announced vpn some time back for WP8.
  • messaging between windows phones built into the messages app.  basically, iMessage but for Windows Phones.
  • Really? No one has a Windows Phone, how do you want to use it? A partnership with Whatsapp would be awesome though.
  • Messenger already works for that, also works between phone and PC, web, Xbox, etc.
  • But that basicly requires you to be online and normal messaging like whatsapp doesn't need that.
  • No it doesn't.  Messenger has worked offline for ages.
  • I think he is talking about push. You need to be online to receive messenges.
  • Tell Microsoft windows phone 7.8 needs screenshots, IE10, new dictation, over-the-air updates, new languages, and office 2013, Skype VoIP (if possible), and datasmart.
  • Actually it needs all features that don't depend on improved hardware/new kernel.
  • If Microsoft doesn't do it, just hope and pray for XDA
  • Oh, I hope Microsoft ports over all hardware-independent features. It's only fair to us loyal from the beginning.
  • Would like to see more background capabilities. Its a bummer when one of my many start screen apps stops working due to "to-many" apps thing. Also would like the option to have WiFi active, always.
  • Do you think they'll fix that stupid behaviour of re-launching apps when they are already open?...its what annoys me the most in 7.5, and don't tell me about fast switching, some times I'm in the home screen and the tile is just there, so I feel like just tapping, instead of press the back button for half and hour and browsing through the "open" apps.
  • They should save the state of all the exited applications and just resume by default when apps are relaunched.
  • 1. Notification center. Damn, how much I hate when my phone rings because of a notification, and I don't manage to pick it in time to see what it was...
    2. Integrated flip-to-silence feature. Not everyone has HTC/Nokia phones.
    3. Close apps directly from the task-switching UI
  • Deeper Facebook and Twitter intergration
    For example (integrated): Twitter photos in the People feed open the browser but they don't for Facebook You can't view, get notified or responding to Twitter and Facebook direct messages Can't view or respond to Facebook events Twitter can't search hashtags Can't follow or unfollow people on Twitter Can't add or unfriend people on Facebook Can't delete comments or posts Liking photos Liking comments Better conversion view for Twitter in the notification menu. Half the time I can't tell what someone is replying too unless I use a 3rd party app   OH AND INSTAGRAM!
  • +1
  • +1 - The OS should be better, so we use the apps less. Build on current strengths
  • Oh yes I agree +1
  • Can't forget about sharing of posts. I hate having to go to the computer and scroll through tons of posts just to share something.
  •  - Bing maps suck a lot! Maybe, it's because they don't support Brazil, but it's impossible to use them.. They never find a street, a avenue, a place, etc.. just cities..
    -  Gmail support: I don't know why, but when I reply an email, it creates another thread..
    - Native backup for sms, mms, calls, etc.. In case, I want to reset my phone..
    - Calendar.. don't you guys hate the fact that, it is not possible to see a day and a month at the same time?
  • I wish I could backup and restore the whole phone via skydrive
  • The maps and message backups have been addressed I believe.
  • Screen capture
  • VPN (I have a corporate life) Ability to dismiss/close an app from the small tile preview (press-hold the back button) either by swiping it away like WebOS/Playbook or by providing a small X on it somewhere like when we remove a tile from the main screen. I really can't stand the fact that I need to back-back-back-back-back to close an app Tile Groups Link the Calendar location field to map apps. If I go out of my way to put a street address in the location field of an appointment, it would be nice if my phone allowed be to find it on a map without editing the appointment and copy/pasting the address into the map/navigation app
  • 1. I agree witrh VPN supprort...really supprised Microsoft didn't include this from the begining 2. TBH this is no biggie I never use the Windows button to get back to the main menu & so never press back more than about 3 times; but since Microsoft market this phone as a device for doing stuff in less steps I kinda see your point.
    3. If by tile Groups you mean "folders" I'm not that botherd I only have stuff I want to see on my "start" menu and with WP 7.8/8 you can make stuff smaller it is un nessassary to make folders as you can have a group of little icons which lets you open the apps in less steps than consoladating in a folder that would take up the same amount of space as a consolated tile.
    4. Good idea never thought of it =P
  • This may seem like a silly question but what's the point of closing those apps? They're saved in the background and aren't really impacting the resources so what's the point? I could see the point if you want an app to remain in the "5 most recent" view so that you can kind of multitask but that rarely happens.
    Instead, I'd rather have the ability to have more apps run in the background than just 5 - it's a little limiting at times.
  • One reason to want to close apps is that they end in some bad state, eg Spotify can't connect to network after wifi-fault, even if the phone has gotten new WiFi, in the end you need to reboot the phone.
  • Also i the mutlitasking swipe to close would be nice similar to WebOS and most new Androids.
  • I would like to be able to set a delay on the response of the capacitive buttons so I don't accidently hit search while in an app or game.
  • 1) notification center..for all different notifications..with reoeating alarms
    2) seperate volum control levels for the different notifications
    3). Repeat 1&2
  • Oh, and they should change the "multitasking"  (I giggled) launch button from the back button to the windows one, is way more natural. After several months it does not feel right.
  • I like that idea, and they should change the voice command to long-pressing the search button...that to me, would make more sense.
  • I like these ideas, they sound much better.
  • If you did would you launch search?
    Personally of all the "long press" launches...I use search the most, followed by the camera (Lumia shutter button), followed by multi task (back), followed by TellMe (Win Button)
    All of those make sense where they are...changing them would break the common sense link between the funciton those buttons represent and what your asking them to launch....With the exception of the windows button which could be ubiquitous for any function assigned.
  • 1. Audio Book support and the ability to adjust playback speed for getting through lengthy books faster
    2. The ability to backup all your apps/settings to your PC so you can easily restore when purchasing a new device.
    3. Voice prompts while navigating without constantly having to touch the screen. 
  • - Notification Hub
    - Landscape Orientation (Home Screen in particular)
    - Microsoft TellMe expanded to operate apps or commands throughout the core OS functions
    - screen capture
    - better way of resuming apps from you left off rather than loading it back up from the start
  • Not exactly a WP8 feature but a related hardware feature that Nokia should integrate into the Lumia 1000. Inductive charging ala the Palm Pre. This is THE only thing other than flick up to close that I still miss from my Palm Pre webOS days. I could dash mount a touchstone and just set my phone on my dash and drive. Charge and talk and then just drop it on the touchstone at home when needed. It's a killer feature that MS and Nokia should nab from HPalm as they are no longer in the hardware/mobileOS biz. That way Nokia Drive with drop and go dash charging becomes a ridiculously fantastic experience.
  • I think the WebOS cards features need to be implemented into the OS such as swipe up to close and/or maybe grouping
  • Folders
    Customization appearance options (custom colors / gradients / wallpapers)
    Keyboard customizations (such as 5th row including numbers)
    Landscape home screen support
    Discrete volume controls
    File explorer access
    MMS setting manual capabilities
  • Full backup capabilities at will with restore to a new device (including SMS)
  • yep +1000 :-)
  • Ability to view/edit multiple calendars. If I have calendars shared with me in Office365, I should be able to select and see them on my phone.
  • Separate volume options for ringer, speaker, headphones, etc
  • +1000 so much easier to set volumes for different functions.
  • +2 million
  • me too.
  • Also could use a family ZunePass
  • I know this isn't really a feature of the phone, but I would love to see this as well .
  • Better podcast support. I would like to be able to download new podcast while on the go. The current podcast support is pretty poor and 20MB isn't event enough to download any of my podcasts. Support for "Helper" apps like LastPass Parental Controls that are aleast on par with the competing platforms. if they could tie Live Family safety into the phone that would be great. VPN support Since I am an IT admin, I wish it had true GroupPolicy support for granular control to take over the failing Blackberry market that is ripe for the picking
  • Yup another good idea. I always have problems trying to download podcasts over my phone. Number 5 for me if I was doing a top 5.
  • Remote control of a Windows 8 device
    Favourites sync across WP, Windows 8, Xbox 360
    Movie rentals/purchases from phone, licence transferred automatically to Xbox in HD
    Builtin PDF reader, since Adobe doesnt give a toss.
    Return of Full screen in IE
    Bing rewards for using search
    Better playlist management
    Recycle bin
  • Way more accent colors for the tiles and I mean all colors that is known to mankind and for each tiles to individually have its own color.
  • 1) Keyboard customizations (such as 5th row including numbers)
    2) Folders
    3) Integrated flip-to-silence feature
  • I want top quality hardware, not talking just processors as the OS has proved to run successfully on low power but im talking about style, camera, screen, high quality front facing camera, (I use Skype a lot for family while at work) high quality materials, hardware that looks and feels better than the competition. Im already sold on the software, I love my 7.5 omnia 7 (apart from disappearing keyboard...dont think orange UK are sending me tango :( the fact that wp8 is gonna be a massive improvement on 7.5, I want the hardware partners to deliver......big time, better still, make us that Surface concept phone. Top quality hardware is the only thing stopping the masses coming to windows phone, time to deliver :)
  • I haven't read anyone elses comments so my concerns may be a repeat.  I want a SLEEP mode option for wp8 so my phone does not stay on all night playing music.  There needs to be a way to also go FORWARD, because there are times when I accidently press the back button when I am on the internet and I have to type the site again or go to recent to go back to where I was viewing.  Lastly (for now), it would be nice to have a native RECORDER.   The app recorders just don't cut the cheese, my friends.
  • Agree completely with the sleep mode. Would be nice to set a time for when the music should stop.
  • 1. classic start screen option (with gutter)
  • * instagram ! My bf won't switch because we don't have that app and he hates his iPhone
    * being able to switch the background not just black and white
    * notification bar or something similar
    * Skype integration
  • 1. Notification Center
    2. Swype
    3. Closing the app with simple flick upwards like WebOS (pressing back button is driving me crazy)
    4. Music Equalizer
    5. Photo password like Windows 8
    6. RDP client/VPN
    7. Search Calendar
    8. Inbuilt Stopwatch or timer app
    9. Skydrive phone backup
    10. Better Voice Recognition (This is more for gimmick coz seems like gimmicks help sell phones)
    11. Forward button for IE.
  • +100 music EQ!!! just port the one from Windows Media Player.
    And a Zune screen saver for when music is playing. The one in Zune is awesome.
  • I want the Zune screensaver too!
  • All the phones need to be able to adjust BRIGHTNESS without having to go to settings and adjust.  While they are at it the brightness level should NOT just be high, medium, or low because there are times when the brightness level is still too high (on low settings) in a dark atmosphere.  I would love the choice to adjust the brightness manually (on top of the 3 brightness settings, if you must keep those options).
  • Totally agree with this one. It's a pain to read webs while all lights are closed (when im at bed), its just veeery bright.
  • I agree with this. A slider will be a better idea.
  • Notification center is a must. It sucks missing a toast message and its gone forever. Just let us swipe left to a notification center like we swipe right to the apps list.
  • 1. Notification centre on swipe left from start screen - despite having live tiles and lock screen notifications most people I have talked to won't buy a phone without a notification centre. I am happy with the current solution but I do want to see the platform grow
    2. One of:
    a) start screen backgrounds aka windows 8 (with some kind of effect to maximise contrast and really make the tiles look like they are on a 3d plane above the background
    b) More customisation for live tiles - individual colours for each tile, some colours could include a basic design so that the tiles are not all a flat colour
    3. Multitasking for at least 10 apps - not sure if this is in the leaked SDK, I didn't really check - also the ability to close multitasked apps from the multitasking screen in case the user wants to preserve an app that was opened a long time ago
    4. Release ASAP
    EDIT: And syncing of IE10 tabs between WP8, W8 and xbox
    P.S. MSFT please can we have more of the bing USA features in Australia
  • I love your ideas, especially point 1, 2a, 3 and Tab Sync for IE10 as well. It is so obvious that the user wants to swipe to the left side from the homescreen to see messages.
    But i don't like 2b, because I love the minimalist and uniform design of WP. That's the reason why I'm not shift to Android after Apple iPhone.  
  • 1) Password protection for marketplace purchases. This is basic common sense. 2) Ability to link multiple phones together WITHOUT having to use the same Live ID. Up to 8 devices should be able to be linked. 3) Desktop software for managing/syncing/backup across all of the linked devices in the family (see above). Something much more robust than what we have in the Zune desktop software.
  • At least have a on or off in the setting for password protection in marketplace
  • My top missing things: * Bing that f*king works outside of US!!! Im so tired of Bing giving lousy search results in Sweden
    * Music service that works in Sweden. I really miss the nice cover art that US WP7 phones get when they play music
    * Download podcasts direct to the phone without Zune software. Again something that works in US and not in Sweden ... do you se the dotted line here? Im so fracking tired of how all nice things that works in US just sucks in Sweden (like local Scout). Apart from that * Sync media to the phone through skydrive or stream from skydrive
    * Sync meda from phone to skydrive - the full media not any downsampled versions!
    * Backup of phone to skydrive - for when you switch phone
    * Some sort of password handler that sync with Windows 8 - Like lastpass but working with IE10 on the phone
    * Built in electromagnetic wave generator that kills iPones and Androids within 10 meter radius :-)
  • +1
    replace "Sweden" with "Austria" and i could not agree more.. i wish local scout would work here, too.
  • 1. Win 8 picture password
    2. Tellme enhancements
    a. Ability to play an album/song/playlist/artist(music)
    b. Creating alarms/calendar stuff
    c. AI conversations like Siri
    3.creating/editing playlists should be much easier
    4.shud automatically download all ur apps/settings when you sign in(or maybe have a software[Zune] which can store ur apps when u sync) after purchasing a new WP or resetting ur phone.
  • +1 to all three points.
  • Oh yeaaa, that is soo annoying. WP8 better have the ability to lock app cards.
  • -First it should be possible to leave a little horizontal gap between groups of tiles and then name that group
    - secondly it would be possible to zoom out (either by double tapping or by pinching and zooming) from the home screen and see all the tile groups from far and then zoom in on a particular group by tapping on it. This would replace the need for folders
    - swiping to the left to a notification screen would be great as well
  • +1 to all
  • Quick access to a Brightness slider would be great too.
  • 1: Universal search (like windows 8)
    2: Folder/file manager with webdav support (for my docs, pictures, videos ect
    3: Grouping apps
    4: Backgrounds similar to windows 8
    5: App Voice recognition which you don't need to specify specific phrases or words (The app interprets what was said)
  • 1.I would really like differnet notification sounds for each of my different email accounts. This way I can have it play a sound when I get a work email, but not a personal email, or know which is which if I have sounds enabled for both.  
    2.Better playlist management (though I think a lot of that type of stuff will be covered with the new Xbox Music).
    3.Better support for tasks/to-do items in the calendar. I especially would like to be able to see the categories I've applied to each task. Basically, I'd like to be able to manage tasks the same way I do using Outlook. 
  • +1000 for tasks/to-do, their should be a web app which syncs with the phone. To-do on the phone should be made much better.
  • 1. Multitasking needs to be more predictable. Too frequently an app closes when I think it should be paused and ready for me to return to when I hold BACK.
    2. Pass search terms to recommended app. If I search for a movie and Bing recommends the IMDB app, I'd like the IMDB app to go straight to the search results page for my query when I launch it.
    Those are my two biggies.
  • I like your #2 request here.  Makes perfect sense!
    I'd also like to add:
    -when declining an incoming call, have the option to reply with a pre-set text message or set a callback reminder for a specific time or location.
    -set a do-not-disturb mode so that your phone doesn't bother you, except for specific contacts, such as your spouse or boss.  It would be able to be scheduled between certain times or at certain locations (work, church, baseball games, etc)
    -share selected photos through Skydrive via the phone - just tap a few pictures, select share, choose a person, and full-resolution copies of those pictures are shared to Skydrive with those specific contacts.
    -integrate Like to the Zune marketplace so you can Like songs, albums, playlists, and artists and have that show on FB.
    -voice command like the TellMe YouTube video, with natural language queries, including movie times, ordering movie tickets, restaurant recommendations, and sport scores, stats, and upcoming games.
  • 1. Notification center with icons that switch WLAN, cellular, bluetooth and NFC on/off
    2. Ability to close apps from task-switching UI (arrow long press)
    3. More advanced power saving options
    4. Possibility to make folders (long pressing screen on app list to open "new folder" option, for example)
  • Option to delete multiple texts.  It aches having to delete one text at a time. Ability to copy/paste anything:  from the internet to certain app that allow contents to be copied. The pointer (when you're trying to correct something that is misspelled) needs to be improved.  There are multiple times when I cannot land the pointer in a spot where I need it.
  • Ah yes the pointer, it sure can get tricky at times.
  • +10
  • Setting aside what's leaked from the beta SDK and other known tidbits.
    1. Better international support. Things like Zune Pass, Local Scout, Tellme or even Podcasts are rendered worthless if you're in a non-supported country. It's the same on the Xbox 360, with the lack of multimedia apps and/or even Indie games. Nokia does a good job at making things work internationally, why can't Microsoft go the extra kilometer? And for the love of god, if you don't have voice recognition in my native language, at least let me use English.
    2. Clarity about XNA's future. Almost every single game in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace is built in XNA. And as we've seen from the leaked SDK, XNA is limited to 7.1 as purely backwards compatibility. XNA is great for Indie devs, but far to limiting for other uses, (mine included), but for people that already have a significant codebase in C#/VB could use some reassurance that there will be middleware (like Unity) or something else than native DirectX to take its place.
    3. (less serious) Why did you remove XInput, I would have loved to hook up my Xbox 360 controller to my phone!, like you can on Windows 8 Metro Apps ;)
    Other things like VPN support, better notifications, ability to configure wifi/dns more is important as well.
  • 1. Better Facebook and twitter integration, like basically being able to like comments.
    2. Notification centre, like maybe my phone making a noise when I get a notification, the me tile is pretty good already but maybe could change a setting to make the phone make a noise/vibrate
    3.maybe some more theme colours for tiles and background? there's prob loads more but i always forget,
  • 1) MSE mobile, family protection.
    2) Options for Messaging lock, people hub lock, picture hub lock, email lock, wallet lock, so you can pass your device to kids or friends.
    3) Native remote desktop, via bluetooth, wifi and internet.
    4) Whilw you're at it, please send notification if you want to shut our skydrive account if we happen to upload anything funny to your agreement, so that we can take our more preciuos data to other place, remember it relies heavily to your cloud, so you need better agreement.
  • + Music equalizer, i got myself a monster, most people don't, so you need this.
  • + local scout for any country on earth. No local scout on my country.
  • I agree with #2 for sure!
  • +1 on native remote desktop. Windows and Windows Mobile comes with it but not windows phone.
  • Startscreen background
    Sync/USB Mass Storace
    Apps switching improvements
    Background apps improvements
    RAM up to 1/2 Gb
    Windows 8 Integration (calls texts)
    Windows Phone 7.8 info
    Camera features (panorama Burst shot)
    1080p recording/playback
    TellMe improvements
    Processors upgradability
    WiFi performances
    Settings shortcuts
    Social Networks alarms
    Native Remote Desktop
    Messages and People API ( for whatsapp, viber )
    USB Host
    Default apps choice
    Alternative browsers
    Apps resuming from tiles
  • Music equalizer
    Picture password
    Swype to close apps
    Easy ringtones customization
    Bluetooth file transfer IE10 Metro:
    Tabs syncing
    Metro style 'Speed dial'
    Tabs Gestures
    Good looking Tiles for Pinned Sites Skype:
    New Metro style logo
    Windows Phone Integration
    Improved calls quality
    Improved IM service
    Integrated in 'Messages
  • Deeper Facebook Integration (share, like, friends requests, groups, lists)
    Deeper Twitter Integration (lists, in app links view)
  • Start screen groups
  • Notification Center by swiping to the right. Left of the Home screen Adding own ringtones (easily). Ringtone section in marketplace more background colors or ability to add own background Customize transparency of tiles Better Twitter and Facebook integration in People app (Twitter: able to accept follower request if you have a private account) (Facebook: Like comments) VERY DEEP WINDOWS 8 INTEGRATION Faster Bing Search App. The app takes too long to open when i hit the search button.
  • Ability to play songs in the music player. Is no gaps between songs
  • 1- Notifier
    2- Folders
    3- Background colors
    4- In app buy
  • Option to manually switch from portrait or landscape mode.   There are many times when I am reading an article while I am in bed and the phone is always switching between portrait/landscape.
  • Yeah, that would be really nice.
  • Bing allows you to collect rewards for searching. If you are a WP user, you are not logged in, and can't gain rewards.
    My WP searches should log me in to Bing to gain rewards.
  • Absolutely right. I forgot about that one. I use Bing so much. I want my damn rewards.
  • Totally agree.  I'm logged into my Hotmail account/LiveID on the phone to the point where I can't even unsync the phone from it without wiping the device, and yet I'm not automatically logged in when using Bing?
    Come on!
  • 1. Tools to migrate/backup/restore from WP 7.x to 8.0
    2. Notification Hub
    3. Dedicated back key in IE (the leaks so far show that you can choose between stop/refresh, tabs, and favourites to display on the address bar.  Back button should be a choice here)
    4. Setting to enable/disable gutter and app arrow on the start screen (yes I need this)
  • 1. Instant closing of background tasks.
    2. Horizontal start screen.
    (this isn't software, but) 3. More hardware-keyboard phones.
    4. Notification center. Swipe to the left from start screen is the most logical.
    5. Superior gaming. Yes, we're supposed to be getting this, but we need some gaming phones, and more big-title games, along with more games in general. Not as much for me as for the platform.
    6. Surprise us, Microsoft. I want to see features we never knew we needed but that are exclusive to Windows Phone and make it even more exclusive and enticing.
  • 4) Would love to be able to use voice-to-text in EVERY text field. 5) Ability to add custom words to the autocorrect dictionary. For example, when filling in login usernames or email addresses on websites. 6) Option to drop case or add case when highlighting a word in a text field. Sometimes I just want to go back and capitalize the first character quickly.
  • 1. Folders, in a unique metro fashion
    2. Allow easily close running apps by flick
    3. Easy restore of entire phone+settings to any new wp8 phone
    4. Allow more than 5 seats for app multi tasking
    5. Universal search, including text
  • -I know this wont be a common request...but it needs to be mentioned...pahlease! DEFINITELY NEED MUSIC RECORDING AND PRODUCING APP AND HARDWARE EXTENSIONS. condensor mic and a 8 track mixer app...something! even a cheesy recorder app to record my live gigs!
    -Stream music from Skydrive
    -Full backup
    -HDMI and USB output (plug into my tv for netflix or my stereo headunit etc)
    -sometimes its in the details...lockscreen interaction options. you know, like a water effect over the lockscreen that you whisp away to get to the start screen. etc
  • +1 for music streaming of SkyDrive
  • I use a third party App right now to steam music from SkyDrive and although it's buggy I definitely love it.
    However, I don't think you'll see that happening because from everything that's been leaked and talked about so far, they're introducing a streaming service for the new Xbox Music that will allow you to upload your own songs and stream from the Xbox Music application. It's not SkyDrive, but it accomplishes the same thing.
  • 1) When pinning a playlist to the start screen, have it cycle through photos for the artists in the playlist. It sucks right now that the Music+Video tile and individual artist/album tiles show a photo, but pinning a playlist is just an ugly blob of gray.
    2) Have the Messaging hub remember what your chat availability was after a restart. Kind of annoying when people start sending me Facebook chats when I'm at work because I restarted my phone.
    3) As othes suggested, make a way to close an app, a la webOS. I'm not sure what limitations there are on that now that webOS is going open source, but the multitasking on webOS was amazing.
  • A native "business card" that a phone owner can "hand out" to others.  I personally don't like to always call people I meet and have to wait to confirm my phone number, and then I have to confirm if they spell my name correctly.
  • Profiles Profiles Folders
  • 1: VPN Support. I have not heard one way or the other whether they are adding Native VPN support or even whether Third Party app developers will be able to make something for it.
    2: Still no good notification center. I don't see why they can't do something nearly identical to what Harmattan does on the N9. We already swype to the right to show all of our installed Apps. No reason we can't just swype to the left to see notifications. I don't see this one coming, but I think it needs to be there.
    3: This isn't so much the hardware or even software as its the entire OEM relationship. I'm hoping that with the move to the NT kernel we will see Windows Phone 8 better able to keep parity with the latest hardware developments. Resolutions, SoCs, RAM (some tablets and phones are moving tot 2GB and even using DDR3L instead of DDR2L) and anything else. Android phones are usually the first to get these things but they're usually also bleeding edge and not ready for prime time. Once they mature I want to see them added to Windows Phone devices. None of this using 2-year old hardware like with the current first and second-gen handsets. That was quite honestly unacceptable.
  • Location, time aware profiles which can control data, sound, battery saver etc
    Week view in calendar, and cleaner agenda view
    Notification hub
    Universal search on search button
    Hardware button for silent mode
  • 1 - Notification Center: As I said sometime before: you do not need to be necessarily a place dedicated to it. I thought in two ways: a. Expand the Notifications tab within the Me Tile, allowing notifications to any app appear there. b. In the All Apps list, could create other forms of organization in addition to alphabetical. Could create a "Recents Apps", showing the recently used apps (as is done with People within the Online tab on the Messaging Tile. And, in the same way as the Email conversations are organized in threads, notifications of these apps would appear in an expandable list.   2 - Foursquare integration to do check-ins within the Me Tile.   3 - More time tracks options to synchronize the e-mail accounts.    
  • 1) Deeper social integration - Add more features from current networks (Liking comments and photos), and add native support for social networks like Instagram and Pinterest
    2) Change search - Tap hardware search button once to search within the app, hold to open Bing. Add global phone search.
    3) App folders - You did it with contacts (groups.) Now do it for apps.
    4) Picture password and facial recognition unlock
  • 1. I know we can make playlists on the go, but the current setup is a pain and takes forever. A drag-and-drop format would be amazing.
    2. Xbox party chat/ability to listen to voice messages
    3. More storage. I hate messing with SD cards, but I would jump to buy a 32gb Windows Phone. I can make it work with cloud services, but streaming music and pulling documents depends on signal strength, which happens to be terrible at my workplace.
    4. I forget. Have an easier way to create ringtones and ability to assign text tones been confirmed? If not, those two things would be lovely.
    5. Folders.
  • Increase the amount of images Bing presents. Currently you only get about one page. I typically have to go to the full Bing site through the browser to get anymore. Also, why do I have to go to the web site to download the pic? I should just be able to long press on the search result to save or make wallpaper.
  • 1. Screen rotation lock and ability to rotate screen manually
    2. Few more build-in apps, like stopwatch and recorder
    3. Ability for phone to start itself from shutdown state to sound an alarm. Then promting to boot. Very usefull at night. (like in old Nokia phones)
  • i concur.
    also: INSTAGRAM...MS does have share in FB, which owns instagram, so this app should be available soon!  (p.s.  i finally just opened an account on twitter and linkedin.  i am really just trying to add more popular social apps and INSTAGRAM is a major social app these days.) GROUPME app that is owned by MS needs major improvement!  I tried adding my fantasy football league buddies but no one has received a message.  I have read it is now a part of Skype so please continue to make further progress with this app, as I actually like the concept. Create GROUP contacts in Messaging Tile.  I have created groups in the People Tile, but after I am done texting I usually delete my texts.  Once I deleted my texts the group in the People tile disappeared.  (Either way, it would be nice to be able to create a group contact in the Messaging tile.) Ability to select multiple text/photo/apps so users can delete.  Hoarders some times like to clean their house, too.  LOL Ability to select multiple backgrounds (I'm not sure I'm describing it correctly) when the user hits the back capacitive button.  This way the user can delete backgrounds, apps, history (still not sure I'm explaining it right) that has been accumulating during user activities. Ability to ZOOM in Calendar when viewing months.  The user cannot see specific activities for a particular day when viewing months.  Zooming will help to narrow the field down when searching through all the activities, reminders, etc.
  • I'd like to see a docking port for 3rd-party i/o expansion products
  • The start screen should reorientate itself to landscape when the phone is set on its side. This would aid in the transition from going and coming out of a game, movie or video.
  • 1. The option to hide toast notifications.(the way email doesn't have toast) Not everyone within eye sight of my phone needs to see who is texting me with a preview of what is said. 2. Also.. The option to not have the screen light up when texted.(just like email) Just an option for these things would be nice.
    Is this what a notification center would do? With a message alert light? Cause if so I'm with everyone else.. 3. Notification center!
  • +1000 on text privacy
  • Yup, I agree with these and the reasons behind them.
  • The ability to make a playlist on the phone.
  • 1. I haven't seen anything about the calendar yet, So better calendar features. 2. Option to save the home screen layout, like 3-5 different layouts to switch between.(with the options to have 3 different sized tiles this would come in handy, also allow you to to have different layouts for when at work, home etc) 3. like Windows 8 have to option to sign in to the phone with multiple Microsoft IDs without losing your setting and apps every time. 4. Halo mobile game with multiplayer game play, I think this would be a hugh selling point for WP8 and get the Xbox users to switch to WP. 5. ...
  • I know I already posted 5, but I would also love the ability to save settings for restoring/buying a new phone- tying it all to the live ID like contacts already are...
  • I concur.  
         Since WP7 users will have a microsoftID they should have save settings.  Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Xbox360 has that ability for their users when it comes to controller settings.
  • Not sure if this should be included, but for maps it would be nice to have suggestions for addresses as you're typing, kind of like how google maps work.
    2. Auto correct when you're searching on Bing using the search key would be nice.
    3. Custom vibrates for texts and calls would be good too, as far as I know there's currently no selection and the preset text message vibrate is far too short on my phone. These are all kind of just minor things, they may already be implemented in wp8.
  • 1. Larger font size in the phone book contact detail screen. It is simply too small to readily review address details or telephone numbers.
    2. Ability to save files (pdf, jpeg,word docs etc) from emails on to phone's hard drive and of course the ability to organise the phone's hard drive into folders to access those saved files.
    3. A hi fi audio reproduction chip to equal or surpass the hi-fi man or cowon music players to put iPhone in it's place. WP8 should not only be world class for imaging but also as a media player. Ability to play all essential file types (inc. WAV and FLAC, not only MP3) should also be present.
    No one wants to carry a phone, camera and music player when all these functions could be handled brilliantly on one device. For me, that would be the holy grail of smartphones and would pull users from all other platforms.
  • +1 also micro HDMI out would be awesome with a killer audio/video experience
  • 2. Already exists, attachments are downloaded locally in WP7... How else do you view them? You just can't copy them off without a file browser.
  • 1. File associations. Without a file browser this is pretty much limited to PDF, mp4, and YouTube URLs, but I hate adobe so alternatives will make me happy. 2. Xbox live voice chat, including listening to and creating/sending voice/video messages. 3. a way to move about the start screen faster (virtual pageup pagedown buttons?). Also, pin to top or bottom of start, as opposed to just bottom. 4. Check box playlist creation. Or similar function different implementation. 5. Better lock password. Alphanumeric, or windows8 style tracing pictures. delete all data after x failed attempts options.
  • 6. Tab button on keyboard. The keyboard often covers UI elements in apps, and a list of forms is hard to fill out because you need to navigate around the keyboard to get to the next field... Just make a tab button to jump to the next keyboard input field. 7. Everyone wants a notification center, but I think that defeats the purpose of live tiles. It would be better to have a system tile that lists the number of un attended notifications from things that are NOT pinned to start. For example, eBay push messages are lost forever if you didn't see them, and I don't even know if it does live tiles (I don't want it anyway). Moreover opening the app clears its notifications. So it's a compromise: "notification center" as a live tile which only displays things that are not already tiled. Otherwise the concept of a regular notification center essentially replaces existing functionality... Ios5 ran into a similar problem and is a horrible cluster **** largely because of this. The notification box on the average iPhone contains 500 notifications from each app and is largely ignored...
  • I concur for #6.
         The tab would greatly assist when filling out forms.  Many times I find myself clicking back on the screen because if I press enter the internet (or app) will move on without some of the fields being completed.
  • Highlighting my song just to know which ones I own a d which ones I've downloaded from Zune marketplace. Maybe make those tracks that are in my collection but that I haven't bought yet a different color.
  • Back ground wallpapers behind the tiles and the tiles too that's it :D
  • More theme/tile colors including black and white tile colors Quick access in notification bar to turn WiFi / Bluetooth on and off Best apps on other platforms
  • 1.Notification center or live tile that consolidates all notifications
    2.Download files from web
    3. Landscape mode for home screen
    And a nice Lumia on Sprint of course, but I digress........
  • More Xbox content (videos you see on Xbox in Xboxhub)
    On the go playlist creation
    Animated tiles for developers
  • Ability to make a playlist on the phone is also a big one imo. Landscape/portrait lock as well, although it would likely be more of a hardware button I suppose.
    Better multitasking as well. Can't stand the current multitasking.
  • 1. full bluetooth support
    2. support for adding calender items from outlook.
    3. a decent calendar app. Not like the current one, and with a decent weekview
    4. the option to put reminders on emails and link it ti the calendar for dues.
    5. A better people search for the phone app.
    6. full support of all windows phone 8 features for all non-US countries.
    7. full language support at launch of windows phone 8 for all non-us countries.
    8. ful landscape support, even for the startscreen
    9. improved powersettings in the settingsmenu.
    10. a simple video editing app
    11. support for purchasing apps through mobile banking
  • Landscape on home screen
    Notification center to left of start screen
    HDMI out (not micro)
  • 1. backup SMS (to SkyDrive would be nice)
    2. being able to block certain callers
    3. notification center
    4. webOS-style "swipe-to-close"
  • I would love a hub to set up context aware profiles. So if I'm going to work the phone automatically change the profile to silent or when there is a meeting in my calendar it does the same. Then when I am going home from work and out of a specified radius of work the profile changes back to my loud profile. I think symbians could do this with a third party application.
    Just thought of scheduling updates when it meets some criteria would also be nice to see. In general, automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Flash, Silverlight support so we can watch online television native remote desktop Support all popular movie formats, avi,mkv,flv and allow it to copy them to your device vpn support disable auto rotate privacy option to dissable showing of content for push messages(when using your phone as navigation everyone in the car can see your screen) ability to e-mail documents as an attachment instead of a Sky-Drive link *.txt file support Add FM-transmitter support, HDMI/Composite tv out and wirelessly charging as basic device features Open up the platform!! Let people install software outside the marktet without a developer unlock!!! Open up the registry so people (geeks) can fine tune / have fun with their device Let me add unlimited number of people to groups! And sync those groups with desktop / groups (now they only exist on my phone)! Detailed Call log, how long did the call take not only when it started! Native Facebook integration shoudn't be seen by Facebook as an app but as a native client (not all messages are shown, so unusable) Add USB host support so I can plug in a compact camera to upload photos made with a better camera or can use a fysical keyboard or mouse (for with RDP) closing apps in multi tasking screen Option to save office documents as PDF and attach them to an email or sent by messages as WhatsApp Finger print and face recognition screen unlock Photo password similar to windows 8 Add skype users by their phone number like WhatsApp, Tango and Viber
  • Video editing. If MS doesn't want to build an app, at least let 3rd parties have access to video.
  • 1. Notification Center with live information deilvered and retained with a timeline.
    2. Ability to search contacts not just by name e.g. if I use the search capacative button, search my contacts not just the web for a business also bring up names of anyone I know (in my address book) that works for that business. Have come across situations where I know the company I want to call but cannot remember their name!!
    3. background wallpaper below tiles would be cool
    4. hdmi out (any format)
    5. more social integration (adding/removing people, direct messaging etc)
    6. Create ringtone from music already on the phone (this may already be in wp8 not sure)
    7. more integration into every day things e.g. components for car stereo controls from the headunit not from the device (not really a wp8 addition, just an overall wish)
    If I think of more will edit.
    Edit 1: Learn to make me dinner and put the game on :)
    Edit 2: Bluetooth remote control for dare I say it PS3 (yes not everyone owns an xbox)
  • 1. Packet data (traffic) counter
    In summary:
    a. Be able to define the start day of the month when your phone cycle starts and set the monthly data allowance.
    b. The data management should then be able to at a glance tell you what data you have used during you current billing cycle (in mb) for both 3G and WiFi. Provide a live tile option to show this data in brief.
    c. Be able to drill down on the data summary to show a graph with a break down by day during the billing cycle to show your data usage both for phone data and WiFi.
    d. Extend the above features to show a summary of data consumption by application. Being able to drill donw by either day and appliation would be great.
    e. Be able to set alerts to let user know when they are getting close the monthly data allowance.
      Power management profiles In summary.
    1. Be able to define a profile. (Work, Home, Car, Outdoors, Meeting etc).
    2. Set the properties for the profile. Volume, vibrate (on/off), WiFi, Bluetooth, Screen brightness, screen timeout, Flightmode etc.
    3. Allow the profile to be triggered based on time or location. For example turn on profile "Night Mode" at 10:00pm and back to "Home" mode at 07:00am. Turn on profile "Work" based on a defined GPS or cell tower location.
    Each profile will have each of properties mentioned above set / defined by the user. Being able to have the phone set the profile based on a time or location would be great.
    4. Allow the user to always see what profile is currently active (perhaps via the top bar where the battery status etc are displayed) and maybe on the lock screen, or a live tile.
    5. Allow the user to be able to switch the profile manually by selecting from a list of defined profiles quickly and easily. Access to this should be quick, perhaps by pressing a live tile which loads the list of profiles. Single tap to select the desired profile to activate that profile immediately
    6. Perhaps a set of pre-defined profiles built into the ecosystem, that users can then simply select and set the properties and triggers for each profile. This would make it easy and fast for users to set up. Well executed the power management profiles could be a set once and forget type of solution.
    7. The user should be able to enable / disabled any profiles.  
  • i'm pretty sure they covered most of what you asked for with "Packet data (traffic) counter" in their data sense app
  • Improved Calendar with integrated tasks. Please include a week view.
  • +1 include week numbers
  • 1. Notification center
    2. No splashscreen in app
    3. Real multitasking (apps work in background)
  • Smart dialing...use the number keypad like the People Search app
  • the people hub / phone book is right beside the button for the dialer, i don't get why people keep asking for this feature
  • Way quicker to just start dialing out the name. You must not have a lot of contacts.
  • i have plenty of contacts, i just go straight in to the people hub and use the search button instead of opening the dialer. both are on my start screen.
  • Excuse me if I am wrong and some of these have already been announced for WP8, but here are features I would like to see in future WP products:
    - a creatively done notification center, complete with more quick settings than competitors have
    - universal search, and the ability to search within a specific app, like say do a specific search while in messaging
    - phone to phone or phone to device (eg laptop or tablet) bluetooth file sharing
  • 1. Notification center
    2. user customizable folders / hubs
    3. whatever it takes in bluetooth to work with the pebble smart watch!
  • What about a seperate volume for the ringer. Why should I turn the volume down every time I launch an app and then back up again when im done. Maybe its just me.
  • +1000
    Should have been build in from the start.
  • I forgot about that, such a simple feature, that should definitely be included.
  • Have a setting for automatically sending Camera Roll pictures to SkyDrive ONLY when connected to WiFi. If I take three new pics at a party, I'd like them to get sent to SkyDrive when I get back home to WiFi. Currently, to use to autosend feature, you have to leave it in all the time which means that you're sucking down data.
  • 1.) Notify page.  Swipe left for a page listing recent notifications is a great idea! 2.) Custom sounds/actions for EVERYTHING. 3.) File size option for files saving to SkyDrive (especially photos).  Choices per file could be: full, large, medium, or small 4.) Custom categories to house our apps.  Maybe if we don't call them FOLDERS....
  • 1. Completely reimagine the Music hub or whatever.  While I'm behind the Metro interface everywhere else I've used it to date, playing my music on xbox, windows 8, and windows phone 7 has not been optimal.  
    2. FM Transmitter.  
    3. Probably a stretch here, but native remote desktop.  Or at least a Remote app that intergrates with media features of Windows 8.
  • +100000000 for the FM transmitter, excellent idea.
  • 1. NOTIFICATION CENTER (<--absolute must)
    2. better keyboard (or a choice of a few different keyboards).
    3. Quick setting area or tile (like on android where you can quickly turn off and on your wi-fi, GPS, Airplane mode, mobile data, etc).
  • 1. I dont know if someone mentioned this already, but I want to be able to transfer files via bluetooth from my laptop to my phone and vice versa.
  • 1.Notification center
    2.More background colors
    3.better voice integration (I.e siri)
    4.Swipe password to unlock phone maybe something like android or windows 8 picture swipe to unlock
    5.better integration with Zune (Xbox music) so I dont have to manually download the songs I already have on my phone unto my Xbox
    6. Instagram integration
    7. Key board swype
    8.ability to back up progress in games
  • Since Facebook bought instagram, that would be a great feature.
  • 1- notification centre and recent/fave apps poss swipe left/ twice right
    2- multi colour live tiles like windows 8 with many colours and baxkgrounds
    3- camera recognises and tags friends in pics like s3
    4- select many text/pics to delete rather than one at a time
    5- kinect style gestures inc facial recognition using ffc so dont need to touch or talk to my phone, as said earlier gimmicks sell phones lol
  • 1. Notification center.
    2. Picture unlock like in win8.
    3. Ability to change defaults. ie make metro tube the default YouTube app.
  • 1. Podcast playlist
    2. Calendar search
    3. Use of italics/bold while typing emails or messages
  • also more reliable live tiles becuz all mines completely stopped working even thought I trying reinstalling my apps
  • Forgot to add the ability to change tell me language according to the language specified on the built in keyboard. I sometimes send texts in Spanish but I can't verbally write them cause my settings are in English. So tell me defaults to English.
  • I'm a fan of WP but there are some features which leave me frustrated by requiring me to constantly take two or three steps to access a heavily used feature. I want this phone to deliver on the idea of a phone that saves me from my phone. And how does it do that? By requiring less of me to do everything.
    pin any page on any app to the start/home page - Maybe I want to always jump straight to my friend's history page, the dialer of the phone app or the single page of a app I use frequently. 
    alphabet jump key - the ability to jump to apps according on the first letter of their name is a nice feature but why does it have to be in the seconday app list page? I want to pin that feature to the home/start screen.
    launch selected notification from lock screen - From the lock screen, you press on the desired phone/text/mail icon and swiped up (exactly how you unlock the phone normally) to take you straight to the selected application or even specific text/email if the lock screen only showed a single email or text unread. 
    tiny option buttons - take the bing search app for example. Why are the scout, music, vision and voice options all condensed at the very bottom of the screen when the rest of the page is filled with a functionless blackground image? Not very Metro
    calendar search - self explanatory. 
  • 1. Easy mp3 ringtones.
    2. Better battery saving.
    3. Video edit, and more video codecs.
  • 1. Easy mp3 ringtones.
    2. Better battery saving.
    3. Video edit, and more video codecs.
  • 1. Notification center. (!!!)
    2.better voice integration (like siri or askziggy)
    3. customizable hubs
  • Its not exactly a feature, more an improvement. Please optimise the WP8 software to make it as battery efficient as possible. This appears to be *vastly* overlooked these days.
  • 1. Assign a MP3/WMA to a contact's text/SMS messages (not 100% confirmed yet)
    2. Use a full MP3/WMA song to use as a custom ringtone, etc (optional 40 sec ringtones)
    3. Mute a YouTube video when my phone is muted
    4. All services outside the US (Local Scout, Zune/Xbox Music subscription, etc)
    5. Background / Multiple Tile colour options like Windows 8
    6. Toast / Notification review list
    7. Auto-rotation switch (on/off) especially for IE
    8. Backup & Restore feature (in case of bricking)
  • Omg no way im reading all of these. God bless you guys for taking the time. A few things I'd like to see though.
    1- folders. At least the ability to organize apps besides just the alphabetical list.
    2- landscape start screen. Never knew why this wasn't a part of win7.
    3- sounds like we'll be getting this but better Bing integration all around. The local scout thing is nice but it's still an extra step and often times the results are iffy at best. Plus why can't we zoom and save images from a bi g search!?! That was always especially frustrating to me. That's probably it for me. A lot of the posts I did read sounds like people should just buy an android or go back to win mobile. That's not windows phone. Windows phone is an efficient streamlined mobile OS. I don't want that to change.
  • Having a data vault on my phone that I knew was secure/encrypted. I lock my phone but often hand over to friends to use. Having that second layer would make me feel safer about storing sensitive data on my phone. Like wise allowing me to require a pin before my kid buys another game.
  • 1. Ability to recognise home location.
    I view this as being able to toggle wifi on after 10 minutes on external power, if home wifi accessible then allow synchronisation of music/photos etc without relying on the user to toggle wifi.
    2. Easy add to calendar function, ala windows live mail
    You can right click and add to calendar on windows live mail, why not on your phone?
    3. USB Host
    Even if only to access a SD card within the phone.
    Registered just to have these three, but as it stands, still happy recommending people to WP7 - and my HD7 still pulls interesting questions - its far from obsolete.
  • Root access.
  • A delete button, please.
  • And everybody keeps saying notification center but don't we already have that in the people hub? Its tied to Facebook, twitter, win live, link in, etc. I must be missing something.
  • I would love to see wp8 have the ability to change apn settings so I can get mms without the headache. I know my titan has the connection setup app, but for users with smaller indie providers (ie straight talk, simple mobile, h2o etc...) that'd be nice
  • I am agreeing with a lot of these posts, I think while in multitasking pane view you should be able to do a webos-esque flick up to close app.
  • Flick down like windows 8
  • •Xbox video for buying movies and tv shows
    •more control with creating albums for my pictures
    •swipe left notification center
  • In the music list (albums, songs, artist) a long press will highlight the item (I.e. Home screen) and swipe to the right adds to the now playing playlist and a swipe to the left brings up the delete option
  • Genius.
  • Nevermind while a nice thought it'll take away from the current functionality
  • *Direct sync via USB or WiFi for outlook and documents.
      There is an enormous user base who simply will not go to WP until this WinMobile feature is restored.  Many are going to iPhone or Android (or Blackberry, like me) to have a phone that plays well with a windows computer without indirect cloud solutions.  I know a military man who is holding on to his WinMobile phone hoping this comes back.  (no clouds during deployment)
  • I agree with that. I have been on Windows mobile 6.5 and I'll only change to Windows mobile 8 if direct transfer of Outlook and other data from my computer via USB or Bluetooth will be available/integrated. I don't even think of going through the cloud. Appropriate software must be included. What was that software called again under Windows mobile 6.5?
  • 1) Profiles
    I really want profiles to switch between my normal mode (ring and vibrate for everything), low volume (current ringtone and text sounds are too loud), quite mode for meetings and so on. Perhaps some pre-made profiles but at least some stuff to switch easily. Also making it GPS enabled so when i walk into class or into my home it switches so i don't have to remember that i've set my notifications to silent.
    2) Landscape support in more applications.
    Not only the home screen but also the listing of people, messages, mail and settings so you don't need to rotate back when you have just sent a message in landscape mode.
    3) Bing in The Netherlands that works (like other countries).
    Search results are practicly useless and almost never understands what i want. When i input an adres or a song i would like to see a result for a map or a youtube video, not some random news report that the artist bought a sandwitch at 2.14.
    4) Scout and Voice support in The Netherlands
    We don't have scout or voice support. Not even English voice support, so that makes it really useless.
    5) Notification light
    Showing off notifications on the lockscreen and as push is nice, but my phone isn't always on so a light or other means of notification would be nice so i know i have a notification
    6) Compatibility with Android and iOS benchmarks
    Currently a lot of reviewsites lack the means to compare phones. Getting a result with equal standards for stuff like standby and internet benchmarks are currently not possible, making sites like drop the benchmarks. This is too bad since the "Smoked by a Windows Phone" challenges suggest that it is the fastest platform, but we simply cannot see it.
    7) Quickly set Bluetooth/Wifi on/off
    I now use 3rd party solutions to get Bluetooth and Wifi off, but it would be better if it was a normal live-tile that changes it instantly (so it isnt a shortcut to the settings menu).
    8) Improve some default apps
    Apps like Weather and so on don't have usefull live-tiles. Also apps like weather, mail, phone and marketplace should do more with live-tiles. Let the phone show you the last person that called or what your connectivity is at the moment (3g/4g etc). Let the sms app show you the last message, last person that has messaged you or how many messages you sent this month. Any kind of statistic would be nice actually. Same goes for mail, marketplace, calender (multiple days in other livetiles?), settings, IE (favorite sites?), zune (last played song/artist?), bing (current location?)
    9) More marketplace options
    Filters like "Your Language only" or "best of The Netherlands" would be nice. Also more categories for optimal filtering and perhaps some kind of "apps suggested by famous people/users". Not only focus apps on the rating they get, but also look at what other apps are doing with marketplace suggestions. The marketplace is getting crowded, so new users should know what apps they should definately get.
    Perhaps "recommendations by friends" would be a nice and handy addition.
    10) Favorite apps
    In the people hub you can make groups for people, but there isn't anything like that in the application list. Currently i have a lot of apps that i want to sort by category or by rating or by favorite and i just cannot do that right now. Some apps are more important, but not start-screen important. You know, the apps you know you need some day but not 24/7. Stuff like recipies, some rss readers, Boete info (check the price of fines), todo apps, online tv, First Aid and so on. Sorting by category would also help as i now have almost every letter taken in the list and some letters have like 20/30 apps so the app you seek isn't that noticable.
    11) Pin people in the peoplehub
    Making groups is a nice addition, but i only need a few people on top that i call regualry. My parents, my sister, few friends. Why not make them pinnable to the top of the people hub (i don't need them on the start page frankly) or let them be on the other swipable pages (like the one with the 6 pictures)
  • all I want just --> Save webpage in IE so I can reopen later offline. Is good if MS can bring:
    - toggle on/off image show in browser
    - compressing webpage so user can save data cost MS has suggestion box app, but seems nobody care
  • 1.  Desktop mode - so that I can plug my phone into a monitor + bluetooth computer and work productively
    2. Notification Center
    3. Easy access to tools for Wifi, Bluetooth, flashlight, Brightness
    4. Optional custom launcher for those who wish to have a different homescreen experience
    5. Universal Speech Recognition input to convert speech to text
    6. Seemless music integration. The ability for Windows Phone 8 to recognize new sounds that are downloaded via Web, Bluetooth, or added to the file system and sync that to XBox Music
    7. Picture password unlock
    8. Folders to reduce scrolling
    9.  New homescreen themes (ala Windows 8) + Optional custom homscreen background.
    10. Optional on screen buttons for Back, Home, and Search
  • sure, it's miniscule in the grand scheme, but it comes up A LOT for me...
    1. More Snooze options (8 hours, and/or customizable)
    2. Seperate ringer volume
    3. Swype keyboard
  • I'd like to see some more functionality come as standard with WP8.  In many ways my old candybar dumbphone came with more features: world clock, timer, stopwatch, notepad, unit converter etc.  This is one instance I think MS could do with copying Apple with the type of pre-installed apps you see on iPhone.
    Also, dare I say it, the UI should be search agnostic and - not everyone wants to use Bing.
    A broader selection of social media integration wouldn't go amiss either; tumblr; reddit ...etc.
  • The most important thing? VPN Support. And by that I mean a full featured solution. SSL VPN specifically. WP needs this to be taken seriously be businesses... Beyond that, a notification center would be nice too.
  • This isn't really a feature lacking but it does Affect WP users. I would love for my Xbox gold membership to grant me access to Zune Pass (Xbox Music) for no additional charge. 1. Notifications center.
    2. Direct sync without need for desktop manager. (I'm sure it's already confirmed)
    3. Folders
    4. More desktop customization... Would love to see translucent tiles with wallpaper option for background.
    5. Alphabetized settings list. I hate that Brightness is at the bottom
    6. Allow different font sizes in Messaging Hub.
    7. Swype style keyboard.
    8. Windows logo pulses with missed call/text.
    9. Definitely needs to be able to close apps. I miss that in WebOS.
  • 10. Separate audio/ringer volume.
    11. HDMI or MHL anf DLNA support for video sharing
    12. Desktop mirroring
  • How about a swype type keboard. I really miss it from my WM6.5 device. I got pretty quick with that one.
  • COLOR CODED LED INDICATOR for text, email, voicemail and IM. This is the only BlackBerry feature I miss. You can give a contact a color. You could also give all your incoming notifications a separate color. If your in a meeting or leave your phone and come back you can know exactly who tried to reach you just by the color the led is blinking. You also know if you have a random text, email, voicemail etc. Just by the blinking color.
  • Adjustable font size
  • Instagram
  • Definitely if they want to be up to par with IOS and Android
  • 1. File associations
    2. Sideloading
    3. Lockscreen widgets
    4. Video Out
    5. Basic file manager
    6. More tile/background colours and patterns
    7. Allow built in search to use Google
    8. Swipe down for wireless on/ off controls
    9. Notification LED support
    10. Support for Intel/AMD processors so it can run on Intel powered phones
    11. Alternate browser engine support
    12. Better Facebook integration
    13. A calendar that doesn't suck
    14. Ability to block numbers
    15. Support for the system Rogers uses to check your balance via text
  • +1 to Notification LED support nd x86 support
  • Sharing a core with Windows 8 i would guess it will but just in case: I want the ability to connect to printers, PORTABLE printers. A real notification center, I like my tiles but I still think that I would like to have a notification center like the other platforms. Improve the multitasting, sometimgs hold the back button and reactivating the apps is slower than opening again an app the you have in the start screen Independent volume controls.
  • 1. Notifications Hub (swipe right from Start)
    2. Live multitasking (like webOS "cards")
    3. Better voice commands (beyond Siri's limits)
  • 1) Confirmation that VPN has carried over from the beta version.
    2) Calendar search. I know I have a dentist appointment...but I sure can't tell you when it is until the day before.
    3) Notifications/text messages on the lockscreen. I hear there's a toast notification. If I don't pull out my phone right away and catch it on the top of the screen, I don't know what did what. Live tiles don't always display a number. CNN's app for example. Those are the main ones I can think of at the moment.
  • 1: Use of Swype keyboard
    2: Notification center
  • Ability to add custom ringtones to certain contacts (so you know from the sound who of your familie is calling / texting)
  • 1. We should be able to highlight and move or delete photos.
    2. Be able to play music and shuffle from the cloud without having to download each song one at a time on whatever music hub we will be using. Also at least leave Zune as an option. I know I got used to it. Also Windows Media Player.
    3. We need folders with options to lock them with pass codes.
  • We also desperately need to get all the new hot apps as fast as IPhone and Android. Video caller ID would also be cool.
  • 1. Swipe left to have a customizable page. You can make it a notification center, widget page, search (similar to iPhone), or recent apps....all of these fully customizable in look and feel. 2. Gesture ability for all apps, including the home screens. 3. Make app list sortable, categorized, or hide certain apps. 4. Let devs use another browser engine than IE. I understand this can pose security risks but having their favorite mobile browser might attract more people. 5. Quick reply notifications. Lets say you get a text, the message pops up at the top, you tap it and it expands lower to allow you to input text to reply...not hard to implement MS!
  • Here comes my mega wish list. I'll start with the top 3: 1 No carrier or OEM involvement in Windows Phone OS updates. If the carrier or OEM needs to change something in the firmware, they can take their sweet time about it. Windows Phone software features and bug fixes have nothing to do with firmware. Also, modularize the OS so that all of the built in apps can be updated separately from the OS. There should be constant improvement of the built in apps just like 3rd party apps. Also, no PC tethering required for the update process.
    2 Siri competitor that integrates with every part of the OS. Let me dictate facebook chat messages and have them read to me. Let me ask questions in conversational english and have it query bing, wolfram alpha, google, and ask 3rd party apps for the answer. Also, let me create reminders and calendar entries with conversational english.
    3 Ability to use phone as a USB thumb drive. 4 Store app settings in the cloud. No one should ever loose their game status or data by getting a new phone or doing a reset.
    5 3D/Birds-eye/Street View modes for the built in map app. Also, include nokia drive in the maps app.
    6 Ability to search for places in the map by category, like you can with most GPS devices. What if I want to find a hospital nearby? List all of the hotels?
    7 Color wheel for selecting tile colors. The existing colors are crap.
    8 Group support for the start screen, just like in Windows 8. I like to group tiles under category names to keep things cleaner.
    9 Separate volume control for ringer and media.
    10 Add an option to show To Do entries on the Calendar live tile.
    11 Awesome notification center that shames iOS and Android. Add support for the hardware notification LED that the Android fanboys keep whining about.
    12 Universal phone-wide search across calendar, contacts, messages, email, music, videos, apps, marketplace, within 3rd party apps like in Win8 with the contract, etc, etc.
    13 Ability to view all of the apps you had installed on your phone and reinstall them all at once after a reset. Also, restore the positions of all of the tiles on the Start Screen. This makes it super easy to get up and running again.
    14 Ability to close apps by swiping down like in Windows 8
    15 Create a proper built-in youtube app with all of the bells and whistles. Pay off the developers of super tube and metro tube so they don't get angry.
    16 Add a "like/dislike" API into the media controls. Nearly every app like pandora, spotify, slacker, etc has the notion of "liking" a song or "disliking" a song. I shouldn't have to unlock my phone to get access to that functionality.
    17 Folder support on the start screen. Come up with a clever way to keep the live tiles for all of the apps in the folder visible on it's main tile. Maybe have the folder tile flip through all of the app tiles or something. I dunno.
    18 Background wallpaper support on the start screen. NOT just predefined images like in Win8 but ability to choose a custom background picture.
    19 Instagram. Also, work tirelessly to bring 800,000 apps to the marketplace.
    20 Get rid of Microsoft points for Xbox Music, Videos, and Games purchases. That adds an extra layer of complication that scares consumers off. This goes for Windows 8 too.
    21 Ability to check an option to automatically install app updates for you. After the updates are done, notify the user what apps were updated and provide them with links to view the update changes.
    22 Ability to use custom mp3 files for any/all of the notifications/ringers in the system.
    23 Add a dedicated place in the app update screen for developers to describe the changes in the update. This way they don't have to manually type it in the description. Also, on the app's info card in the marketplace, there should be a tab for updates that lists all of the updates they have had. This lets users know how often the app is updated.
    24 Ability to turn on a percentage numerical display for the battery status.
    25 Improve reliability of messaging. Sometimes facebook messaging can be flaky on my wife's focus and she doesn't get people's messages. And, no, her phone is not in power saver mode.
    26 Think of creative ways to add more augmented reality into the OS and its built in apps. Ask Nokia for a hand, they seem to be good at it. Augmented reality is a wow factor for consumers.
    27 Ability to select all messages in the mail app. Right now there is no way to do a select all and mark them as read.
  • I'd love to see the following:
    1. Global search - ability to search for my emails, contacts, apps and especially text messages
    2. Ability to backup text messages
    3. Smart dialing
  • 1. Proper audio codec support. I want to be able to play my music on the phone regardless of its format, be it flac, wavpack or ape. I'm not interested in getting an extra app for this if there already is one pre-installed. 2. Sleeping screen info (Time, date, missed calls etc), as found in one way or another on pretty much any Nokia with an AMOLED screen. Look at the N8 or N9 for nice examples. 3. Smart dialing. This might even be present on WP7 already, but I miss it on my current phone so I'm adding it anyway. By smart dialing I mean that you can use the letters under the numbers to spell out names and get suggestions from the contact list right there in the dialer. After getting used to it on my previous phone, looking up the odd number in the contact list on my current phone has gotten quite annoying. And with that I'd be pretty satisfied! Oh and a proper file manager with SMB/CIFS support, but that's just gravy as long as MTP or USB Mass Storage Mode is present.
  • 1. Notification centre
    2. Better Tell Me recognition\results
    3. Phone screen stays on option when on charger
    4. More sound profiles ie loud, normal,vibrate,silent etc...
  • Not sure I need anything else other than what we know. So im going to pick minecraft. Not pocket minecraft, real one with Xbox controller support!
  • 1. Universal search
    2. Notification center by swiping left
    3. Built in smart dialing.
  • Also 4. Wifi stays on even when phone sleeps
  • 1. Notification center. People want it, give it to them.
    2. More customization. I know the reasoning behind solid background colors, but give people the CHOICE. Kind of like they did with the tabs/refresh button in IE10.
    3. Better multitasking. Infinite "cards", and allow people to simply flick upwards to close applications. Or better yet, they could an make entirely different way of multitasking. Just don't limit us, we are not kids. (Infinite cards is possible on current hardware, FYI.)
    4. Universal search.
    Those are my top 4. 
  • Despite the lack of ceirtan apps I would buy a WP8 at launch if it had :
    1. Support for third party keyboard apps (give me swype NAO)
    2. Notification Center by swiping left
    3. More gesture controlls like WebOS (like closing the app with simple flick upwards)
    4. support for automation (like tasker)
    5. sound profiles like blackberry
    6.Universal search
    not priorities, but would be nice:
    a better music app, that makes making playlists easy like an ipod classic, folders and WM app support.
  • I'm back and I thought of more :)
    - Sideloading for hobbyists. - Ability to quickly toggle bluetooth/wifi/cellular/etc. - Expanded social networking support (tumblr, pinterest, google+, etc). - Make the existing social networking integration deeper. Why can't i add new friends without going to facebook? - Profiles for ringer/media/notifications. Built in GPS support. For example, when I get to work, my phone profile switches to Work and the ringer is set lower. Also, integrate with the calendar. When I set up a meeting date/time, it should automatically switch to the special "Meeting" profile at that date/time. - All Bing/Marketplace/Music/Videos/Podcast/etc features in all locations. I hate hearing about how non-US people don't have a feature I love. That is BS. - VPN support with SSL. Businesses should have no excuses to not deploy Windows Phones. None.
  • +1 to: Profiles for ringer/media/notifications. Built in GPS support. For example, when I get to work, my phone profile switches to Work and the ringer is set lower. Also, integrate with the calendar. When I set up a meeting date/time, it should automatically switch to the special "Meeting" profile at that date/time.
  • NotificationCenter on the left side of the startscreen.
  • Wifi-direct feature is important feature which I guess is also missing.
  • Mini HDMI connection. Being able to save images on Bing searches. Zune videos. Better battery life like IPhone. Being able to file apps on home screen with an option to search for them that way. Better games (graphics). A space at the bottom of the screen from left to right that shows open apps, settings, volume (ringer and phone separate) just like the windows home screen.
  • Sound equalizer for music
  • Better multitasking(better than ios & smarter than android) Better notification center background wallpapers themes ala(windows 8) Availablity off all apps found on US marketplace to other countries orientation lock landscape support on the start screen Charms if possible(swiping from top) Fb,twitter messaging integration profiles ala symbian grouping of tiles picture password Vibrate option when typing ala meego grid view  option on app list A smarter way to close apps  
  • 1. Better looking tiles for playlists (they look kinda ugly while they could be like contacts hub album photos flipping around), radio stations (the same, look gray and ugly, maybe let us put a custom image we download from bing) and same for websites (I currently use wiztiles to put the logo's website in the tile, otherwise it looks pretty bad). 2. Picture w8 unlock, maybe touch some part of the screen and it unlocks. 3. Unlock with direct access to missed calls, messages or emails. 4. Complete integration with whatsapp and messages hub. This would mean a lot of buys imo. Same with skype and other very used apps. 5. Completely new experience with ie10. On the explorer start screen we could have in metro style some of the websites we visit the most.
  • The ability to hide apps from the appdrawer ala Launcher 7 for android. And to reenable visibility through setting. If i download an app strictly for a live tile or to pin it to start i should be able to hide from my drawer to minimize clutter. Also the ability to toggle visibility of the letters quick scroll in the drawer. It is silly for them to only after the absurdly high app count.
  • Music equalizer, and shortcuts to jump to top or bottom of page. It took me forever to scroll down the comments. LOL
  • VPN VPN VPN!!!!!!
  • I dont mind the 4 pin used for the wallet BUT I would like something stronger for the lockscreen like picture password.
  • 1.Windows phone has custom ringtones for calls now and it looks like they are Getting it text and email ECT. What about individual text ringtone so the important people/ groups can get it and other can get the stock one for everyone . That's the only Idea i missed from my old LG vx8300
    2.a way to get back to the music hub ex. When I am listening to and hit the volume and click on the song .there is no way to get back to the music hub to change the song .if it only one song
  • CLIPPY!! Bring him back! ;-)
    Seriously, windows phone gets praise for its speed but yet lacks simple things like the option to delete multiple texts and pictures. I get frustrated when I have to delete one by one. What's the point of being fast if you have slow options...that's all. CLIPPY, text Microsoft! I can see it!
  • Xbox live games, or even Xbox 360 games
  • 1- using the lock screen wallpaper as Notification wallpaper with a screen flash twice so if there is a new massage wallpaper will change to as an notification wallpaper with big Massage icon and a big Number of new massages and brief of massage text
    2- More than 7 apps on multitask screen
    3- Notification center on the left side
    4- xbox live games should be affordable  for every single market
  • 1) notification center
    2) integrated instagram
    3) landscape support for home screen and marketplace
    4) make the search button work within and outside of the app for search results
  • 1. folders.
    2. choose any color I want for my Live tiles.
    3. Stop charging for Xbox Live Gold.
    4. Zune (xbox music) to back up my songs in the cloud and upgrade my songs to better sound quality if available just like Apple and Amazon does.
    5. Notifications for apps that are not pinned to my start screen.
    6. Full resolution back up of my pictures.
    7. Pureview technology in all Windows Phones.
    8. Multiple Start Screens with different themes.
  • Notification center, navigation for cyclists in Bing maps.
  • 1.
  • Also the ability of phone manufacturers to include buttons for play/pause and skip buttons. I would love a music phone from Nokia.
  • 1. Quick close of apps (either swipe up, or change it to work like tabs in IE)
    2. Select and delete (or send) multiple photos / videos
    3. Integrated Xbox Companion / Games / Smart Glass app
  • A BIG IDEA I thought the other day was to improve the keyboard experience. It wasn't anything like swype. I thought of a feature which would detect the letter you missed while writing, based on the words around it, specially if you hit the edge of a button for example. So i want to write phone but i press p h i n e, it automatically detects that i pressed the "right" edge of the letter i so it corrects automatically. I think you catch my point even if I don't write very well english. :)
  • They already do that. Read this article, it's pretty cool:
  • Oh and folders we dont longer need them as we can have 4 little tiles grouped as a normal one. I think that will do the trick.
  • No folders, no folders, no folders. It is honestly a tacky solution. Yes, it can be useful when organizing a lot of various types of data and great quanities of files (on a desktop), but I think it's an utter failure on phones.
    I would much rather pinch to zoom to various groupings that I've created than tap to open a folder, oops wait, wrong folder... ok, let me close that one and try this one... oops, wrong folder again.
  • This are more the 5 request, I know but this should be, for me, every missing features from what we know of WP8.
    Thank you for this initiative!!! :)
      Notification center swipe left (asbolutely) with this an Easy to access tool bar Folders for Start screen and app list Picture password and facial recognition Improve multitasking: Quick way to close open apps and ibernate already open apps like Windows 8 (don't reload app by zero like now) Different volume for system, apps and ringtone (profile should be wonderful) Lock Auto-Rotation Personalize every tone (notification included) VPN/RDP support!!! (very important fot business) Background image for Start screen and menu Universal search More notification icons on lock screen (8 at least) Redesign IE, only on button it's not enough add an hide lateral tool bar for back/forward button, refresh/stop, tabs, find on page. And hide the address bar. Download files from web. Syncing tabs/favorites. Mail improvements: Select all option; Add new outlook feature such as Send email through Alias, search email in Hotmail (like now for Gmail), option for marker for email, enable notification for other folder (not only inbox), add options to add an email into categories. Delete multiple messages Deep social integration with twitter/facebook Detailed call log (ie show call duration) Manage apps: show in marketplace My Apps and permit to select what we want to reinstall in a new device; Manually check app updates; Remember Tile Start position when restore app on new Phone. Add and manage photo album  
  • LED notifications for eMail, Voicemail, SMS
    (Thats glance and go!)
  • My titan already does led notifications. So it is mfg related.
  • I would like an equalizer for non HTC phones with at least SRS WOW, I would like a higher limit than 7 "frozen" apps to do almost true multitasking, I would like a MS provided cloud service to help push notifications for apps that don't have huge data centers instead of the back end assist they have now that results in delayed notifications (think of those 15 minute late Facebook messages vice whatsapp), I want the tombstoning screen to be more fluid and stop on the app I want easier, and I want a notification center that is modern and not like ios or Android. Thanks
  • 1.)Options for FULLY customizable start screen, message screen (except for Live Tiles)
    2.) Someone mentioned Voice-Password! That would awesome.
    3.) Add more MS Office features!! Access? Better WORD features?. Full format features for One Note
  • Uninstall app from app store.
  • Adobe flash. That is one main reason android is kicking butt.
  • Adobe is a stopping mobile flash looking it up 
  • Adobe is a stopping mobile flash looking it up 
  • I would be very very happy if we were allowed to access our Zune video library (Xbox video), or the video marketplace for that matter. I understand the concern on data usage, but Netflix works just fine on WiFi, so would Xbox Video. I don't like having to download and then transfer, that goes against the purpose of what windows is becoming.
  • "My apps" section in market place
  • 1. Notification center
    If an app is not Pinned to start , there is NO way of finding any notification, unless you go inside the app.
    Need notification center.
  • -Universal Search with TellMe commands (eg "play Shinedown top songs with Spotify")
    - Landscape home screen (+other native apps) option for users who landscape dock their phones
    - Improved external devices support. Wired (docks) and wireless (eg Bluetooth Pebble Smart Watch)
  • 1. I miss a pc to phone program alla Nokia Suite, to write, search, manage and backup my SMS.
    2. Who came up with the idea of only one volume level for the whole lot. If I turn down the sound of a game, for instance, I have at the same time muted the call tone.... I miss differenciated volume adjustment.
    3. I miss a keyboard in landscape mode that is filling the screen all the way to left and right, and a Crlt key like Nokia E7 has. Crlt + A for marking all.
  • It needs a screen capture app.
  • I think folders will take away from the live tiled start screen but do really want them. I have come up with a solution.
    Its old school but wait for it....
    I would like to for example select a work profile. The start screen would completely change colour, all my apps would be relevant like calculator, email, office, people hub of work contacts and my phone could go silent.
    This way i could have a completely different feeling start screen depending on the context.
    Then to take this a stage further, these profiles could be automatically switched when i change my location.
  • 1. Adobe Flash player please! Integrate full Flash! millions of websites still use and require Flash!
    2. The calendar tile is bland and lifeless and takes up so much space. In order to make it a true live calendar, please integrate weather, alarm clock, clock, news, upcoming events, etc.. So much could be done to make the calendar tile better and more useful.
    3. Separate volume settings please, not one setting for all.
    4. Landscape and portrait mode with lock
  • I think cool little live tile animations like the Picture tile would be cool. For those who do celebrate, a little Xmas animation displayed on the calendar tile around the holidays or a summer/beach animation during the summer months.
  • Contextual search.
    It was there in NoDo why change it to always use Bing!?
    If im in my contacts list and I press search I expect my phone to behave naturally and search my contacts.
  • OK enough people are stumping for contextual search that I'm starting to wonder if people don't see the soft search buttons that are in the people hub, market place, app list, etc.
    It's right there on the screen, you tap it, your searching through contacts only, or the marketplace content, etc. The functionality you want is in the place you want already, why does it need to be on the physical search button? 
  • I feel like they should do something similar to that of charms on Windows 8. Like if you swipe from the top left to the top right (similar to that of meego) shows you notifications. If you swipe from the bottom right to the bottom left, you get settings to change the brightness and toggle connectivity. Also, if you don't like to swipe from the bottom right to access settings, then you can flip it to where you can swipe from bottom left to bottom right.
  • 1. Notifications Center : I know live tiles provide us with notifications, but I would also like a notifications center. Sometimes I miss the toast and I don't have all my apps pinned to the start screen.
    2. Lock Screen Widgets: The homebrew ones look really nice.
    3. Improved Tell Me: I would like to see Tell Me surpass the fuctionality of Siri. Add a lot of usefull new features. I especially would like to be able to set alarms and timers using Tell Me (speaking of are we getting a clock app?) It would also be nice if you could talk in natural language, just like with Siri.
    And one last comment. We need something big, something that will make our ecosystem unique.
  • And dear me: we need an integrated and easy way send and receive contacts or business cards. Like the good old symbian. Strait to and fro the contacts list. Essensial for business.
  • Lumia 900. It's missing.
  • And the ability to send attachment other images from outlook. I know I can send docs from the Office hub, but I would prefere all from one place. And that natural place would be Outlook.
  • Notification system, textured or shiny metro tiles, better lock screen notifications
  • Keyboard/Predictive text enhancements: If you type a word or part of a word, you can select from the predictive list. If you then need to change the case, it's a very fiddly manual process to highlight the letter or try and place the cursor, delete the letter and re-type. It would be a huge time saver if you could highlight a word and the predictive list would always show the alternate sentence case for the word in the list.
    Secondly to that, trying to place the cursor where you want it is a pain. We need soft cursor keys for moving to the left or right. These could be icons added to the "..." options bar only visable when typing.
  • I wonder if there will be a way to save photos to created albums in the Photo Hub. It would be nice to create a album just for downloaded wallpapers so I don't need to worry about them being erased when I empty the Saved Photos album
  • When choosing names for a group I want to pick all in one go. Not like now when I have to search for a name, and for the next name I have to start all over again.... :(
  • 1.App hubs rather than folders
    2.Exit via quick select menu for apps
    3.Photosynth integrated into camera for panorama mode
    4.Ability to download from IE
    5.better security protocols
    6.deeper integration of social sites and xbox live
    7. Speaking of xbl how about syncing of files between the two. This would free up space on SkyDrive from music, videos, and photos. And would allow SkyDrive to be used for office and projects.
    8. Microsoft Project and Visio would be nice to have also. Maybe not full functional but for quick editing or reviewing.
    9. More features for office These are some things that would allow windows phone to dominate the market imo
  • First and foremost IMO is a notification center. This is a big deal and a huge mis-step by Microsoft.
    Second, I would say is more of an opinion, but one that alot of people have. Tile transparency + actual wallpapers. This would go a long way to customizing the phone and making it more familliar for alot of people. Especially since they've already introduced "icons" to intersperce with your tiles.
    Third, and this one isn't really necessary but would be nice, is a horizontal tile layout for when the phone is flipped sideways. It would be useful in many situations, the biggest of which IMO is when placed in a car dock it is extremely anoying to fumble around the UI sideways to open your navigation app.
    Finally, this is a wish but something that would not be capable on WP8, however may be doable when Win9/WP9 come out. It would be amazing to have a seperate "desktop" UI build in so the phone could be used similar to the Motorola laptop docks. Not necessarily exactly the same, but say you have an accessory that you can plug your monitor, keyboard, and mouse into at home, and when you get home just pop your phone onto it and you have a Windows 8/9 UI taht you can use as a desktop PC as well. Again, this is wishful future thinking, but I hope that we get there someday.
  • Better Xbox Live integration.
    The ability to remotely make marketplace game/DLC purchases, queue them up for download, and then have your Xbox 360 turn on at a designated time (set only on the console, for security reasons) and download+ install them.
    Also, give us FPS fans a Call of Duty ELITE app that's on par with Halo Waypoint, and us WoW fans a legitimate WoW Armory app.
  • Week view in calender. And a month view where you can actually see what is written in the calendar.
  • Nothing!
  • Favorites sync with IE10
    Playlists on the go
    Advanced TellMe features
    App backup and mass reinstall
    USB accessories
    Object search with camera and Bing I.e. Point camera at a flower and Bing identifies it
  • HDMI-Out.
    Miss it from Android.
    Would like to have it back.
  • Better multitasking.
    Folder tile.
    Flash support or Silverlight.
  • I have 000's of apps installed, I can't always remember what they all are. When browsing the marketplace, any apps that are already installed should be easily identifiable with a small graphic like a green dot or a tick in the corner of the app icon to indicate that they are already installed. Secondly, when you press and hold an app icon in your phone's app list, you should get an additional menu option to view app info. That info should include the install date, the publisher details, the installed app size, the last used date and finally the app status e.g. trial, free, paid.
  • Not trolling you, but why do you have so many apps installed? Are you a reviewer? Are you actually using all of these apps?
    I just got don't restalling apps on my phone and I left about 25% of the ones I had off because I knew I wasn't going to use them in any significant fashion. So I'm sitting at 90 apps+games after trimming the fat and I'm STILL really only using a dozen or so on a regular basis.
  • It's fair to say that some of the apps, I haven't used in a while but that doesn't mean that I must use all of them all the time for them to be relevant or useful.  Some of the apps installed were a special offer whereby you got them free for a certain amount of time so if I was to remove them, I would lose that entitlement.  I think the same goes for apps that are no longer active by the developer, if you uninstall, you lose them for good. 
    But I digress, I think the point about knowing what applications are installed without having to tap each one and enter another screen to find out if I already have it is still valid.
  • Rumors suggests notifications already being addressed. Why people keep asking for it?
  • I would like to see:
    -. A better but simple user authentication, either photo, gesture, voice, or phone motion...
    -. VPN support for corporate use (I.e. junos...)
    -. Extended notification screen with customizable application support...
    -. Bi-directional scrolling of the tile screen with rotation support
    -. Support for content 'hubs' ... I.e news, weather, tools... Etc.
    -. A phone migration tool, some process which will seamlessly move most customization and applications as I loaded on my lumia 800... I would hate to loose al progress on games, relationship on contacts, settings...
    I truly look forward to WP8...
  • Be able to rename an app that you pin to front.
  • 1. Dual-SIM functionality: I want to see Windows Phone scale down. Dual-SIM functionality is the single most important feature of phones in India; and will soon be the case across China, Africa and other developing nations. Otherwise, consumers are only left with Nokia Series 40 or Android.
    2. Pressing the Phone tile should immediately launch into the dialler; not history. The dialler should also allow for alphanumerics - i.e. '5' or 'JKL'
    3. A proper and central notifications centre. Perhaps just by pressing the hardware Search button - a simpler action than even iOS and Android - and then just pivot to the left/right for Bing Search as it exists today. Also, long hold Search for screen capture instead of the supposed camera + Windows.
    4. More functionalities built in, just as a courtesy for all: a weather app, a stocks app, world clock, unit converter, stopwatch/timer, shopping list/reminders.
    5. Ability to charge without the phone being on - something I miss horribly from Series 40/Symbian
    6. Complete the People Hub - i.e. to a point where installing Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn apps is redundant - e.g. liking comments, favourite Tweets, view Timeline cover photos.
    7. Give us choice - let us install Google as the default search engine. Bing is awesome, but I still prefer Google Search.
    8. 'Save as draft' for text messaging
    9. Split ringer/music volume controls.
    10. More colour choices for tiles - the first thing people say when they use my phone is - 'thats a lot of blue!' I kinda wish that developers were prohibited from using the theme colour - lets make the beautiful AMOLED of my Lumia 800 shine!
    11. Implement an 'X' to close in the multitasking view.
  • Yeah I have to give you a hard time on your number 7. :) Does Google let you switch out Google search completely on Android?
    I remember when one Verizon android phone swapped out Google search for Bing and people were livid. There are Google search apps for WP not to mention you could go straight to the web with IE. It seem like if that's what you want your are using the wrong OS. Completely swapping out Bing for Google on WP just seems... wrong IMHO.
  • As much as I hate using it, Google's algorithms (for Search and News) are far, far better than Bing. Local Scout results are also largely non-existant for me, as I live in Australia.
    The Google app is better; but its a pain that I have to locate the app, let it load, then enter my search query - whereas Bing is just a button away. I would prefer if Microsoft made Bing the default, then allowed people to change to Google if they so please.
    I refuse to purchase an Android device, but I can have an opinion on search engines, TYVM.
  • Many great suggestions in here that I agree with and would like to see implemented. I want to see much better blue tooth protocols on the phone. My old HTC TP2, my wife's 2 yo bottom of the line Android, and daughter's iPhone 4s sync/pair up with many devices (including MSTF programs) that WP7 phones cannot connect with. En-Tune with Toyota for 1 example.
  • What about SMS Sync? Windows Phone 6.5 had it and Windows Phone 7 dropped it. It was a nice feature to be able to text from outlook on your computer.
  • Landscape on homesceeen
  • 1) notification center
    2) universal search OR contextual search through the search button (either would be better than the current straight-to-bing option, which could instead be a live tile on the home screen)
    3)different volume levels for different functions. Music volume should be independent of my ringer volume setting, for example.
    4)now that webOS is open source, start working in some of their best features. This can cover items 1-3 on my list, really.
    5)better multitasking/better way to end an app... Hitting the 'back' button a million times is pretty annoying and feels like some sort of tacked-on solution, honestly.
  • I think a notification center would be nice.
  • What about SMS Sync? It was available on win phone 6.5 but was removed from win phone 7. Being able to text from outlook was great.
  • Active Battery Metering.
    Those of us who install aftermarket larger capacity batteries. 
    False warnings on low battery level can be annoying, especially since you don't really know for sure how much time you really have left for usage.
  • Yes please add the Adobe Flash Player
  • • folders akin to how the Music + Videos app handles entertainment apps with the added option of which apps are lauched from these "folders" and the option to hide the app from the app list for a more minimalist experience (that is what our favorite OS is really about after all)
    • context specific search where upon being pressed it allows a search of whatever is currently being displayed and when held directs you to Bing search (with better Bing integration back into the phone to search for apps, music and video marketplace, items already stored on your phone, linked email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SkyDrive, etc.)
    • a fifth button, found between volume up and down, that when pressed functions much like the camera button but instead would launch the new Xbox Music + Video app (the button would still appear as a seamless single rocker style but would respond appropriately when pressed in the centre. Press and hold to launch, press to play and pause)
    • portrait and landscape modes for everything (certain things like games would be the exception) but even the Start Screen, Xbox Hub, Music + Videos all should have a landscape mode, with the option to disable
    • a more developed messaging hub that communicates with other Microsoft services like Xbox's Message Centre and allows you to see who's online via what service
    • better Xbox integration.  I know SmartGlass is on its way but what about game save storage to the cloud so that if I have to reformat my phone (something I've had to do 5 times now with my HD7 in just under a year) I can pick up  where I left off
    • a bigger and broader commercial push. Living in Canada I remember the initial adds that ran where the focus was "in and out and back to what matters" and the newer ATT adds for the Lumia 900 but nothing else
    • fight to retain the Metro UI brand
    • a Microsoft WP8 handset named the Infinite.  The two brands write their own ads. Camera pans along an infinity loop and as it does so shows off the features of both the OS and the handset.  During this pan around the infinity sign the shot zooms out slowly to the full infinity sign in the frame.  The voice over says, "Infinitely beautiful (dramatic pause) infinite possibilities."  The infinity sign rotates so that it stands on end to become an eight while a beam of light starts from the left of the screen towards the eight allowing a shine in effect for the "WP"
    ... sorry for going over, I really do love my Windows Phone and desperately want to see it succeed in a market full of yuppie possers who use their iPhones and Androids as nothing more than a social status booster.
  • 1. Auto silence during appointments on my calendar 2. Profiles that can be switched manually or activated by location or time. The profiles should be able to change settings such as wifi, bluetooth, ringer volume, email sync toggle, etc. 3. Screen orientation lock 4. 3-way toggle for Ring + Vibrate / Vibrate / Silent from the volume key menu 5. Resume suspended apps when launching from Start 6. Make the text selection + search button feature work from everywhere, including apps 7. Ability to "Play on Xbox" from music / video / picture apps. For music, support song / playlist / album / smart DJ. 8. Better Lync integration with hooks for VOIP, calendar, email, messaging 9. Native GTalk support in the messaging hub
  • Everything everybody mentioned in this comments section I agree
  • 1. Bring back basic phone features (call duration, smart dialing, etc). Make it a solid phone in the first place, not a basic one. Feature phones are more of a phone than WP7.5 is right now.
    2. Headset support needs to be better. Plugging in a headphone should have its own volume settings. The same can be applied to bluetooth, when I have it on bluetooth in my car, I have to put the volume all the way up manually to even hear the people on the call.
    3. Context sensitive search. The search button should know what app is open. Ala, Search in Windows 8, you can easily start searching within the app, but also easily change to global search.
    4. Windows 8 Sync. Settings such as lock screen wallpaper should have an option, so users can have a more unified experience going between Windows. Settings could be extended to wifi networks as well.
    5. Profiles. Nokia feature phones have this.
    6. Built in basic video editing. Photo editing is there, why can't we also snip videos apart and together and apply some basic transitions. You have the stuff in Windows Live Movie Maker.
    7. Local app backup! It is worrisome to buy an app, have it pulled without notice not being able to get the app back on a new Windows Phone! I can't justify spending anything more than 5$ on an app now because of this fear.
    8. Mandatory LED notifications. Just make the friggin Windows button fade in and out to let a user know about any notifications!
    9. People have been mentioning folders, but I think that can get messy, and is very un-Windows Phone experience. I think what would be nice is to be able to selectively filter the app list. Instead of going back letters by the index, we can be like "Photography" and it'll pull all the photo apps we have on the phone into the list we're looking at. It can be categorized by the category that it is listed on in the marketplace.
  • - IE favourites sync
    - International podcast marketplace support
    - More background colours, preferably via a colour wheel
    - Better background audio APIs so a scrobbler can 'scrobble' whilst listening to music. Built in support would be even better.
    - Option to have contextual search when search button is pressed & double tap (or something better) for normal Bing search when within an app.
  • 1. Dual volume controls (one for Ring, alarms and notications the other for media/games)
    2. Smart dailer (miss this from 6.5)
    3. MORE visual customization !!!!! (more colors dont count)
         -Custom background images (behind the tiles)
         -How about transparent tiles ?
    4. Better Twitter/facebook features
    that is my main ones...
  • 1. notification centre. It would be interesting if the home screen had a hub design with 3-4 screens, like many other apps. In other words, the homescreen is an app. 2. landscape support in home screen and core apps 3. Better multitasking screen, like a way of showing all open apps besides the cards for just the last 5 accessed ones. Might not be possible but I can wish. Perhaps the last card can be a list of all the other open apps in tile form, as a sort of homescreen only showing running apps 4. Alternate log in methods, like an alphanumeric password or the Windows 8 picture log in 5. Multiple select and a select all option for images and wherever applicable 6. Forward, backward and find functions in IE. Right now the back button doesn't go to previous sites if I switch apps. I also want a chromeless browser because I've been getting screen burn in where the address bar is. If IE won't support this id like better support for 3rd party browsers 7. Support for pentaband phones 8. This isn't an OS feature, please, somebody, put out a flagship device that is 3.7-4" like the Lumia 800. Powerful phones don't have to be giants - see the iPhone 4s. 9. Separate ringtone and music/games volume 10. Profiles, like normal, silent, etc. so I don't have to mute the phone manually and set vibrate
  • App list view options (includes folder and notification center functionality) A) Group (basically the folders feature):
    Grouping support in WP's app list. The intent is to make it easier to find apps that we use infrequently (whose names we have fogotten) but know what we use them for and thus how we've categorised them. It is simply a grouped list with colapsable sections without folder icons.
     WP should include a few predefined groups like "Finance", "Maps & Travel", "Accessories", "Communications" and "Games", which apps can assume always exist.  Users should have the freedom to rename, rearange and assign apps to groups as desired.
    NOTICE: In a way, WP7's app list already has one group, namely the games group, a.k.a the XBOX live app. I feel we shouldn't be managing our installed apps in two different places and would suggest ripping all app management functionality out of the XBOX live app and keep it focused on high-score sharing and social gaming.
    B) Sort by number of unviewed toasts (notification center):

    If an app supports toasts, this view would display the number of unviewed toasts at the right edge of the screen next to the apps name, by which the list may be sorted in descending order.
    Apps witout toast support may remain hidden in this view. I understand why Microsoft has resisted the notification center so far, but think this would be a good solution as it is light weight and doesn't really add much to the OS that isn't already there.
    C) Sort by installation date (newest first)  
    D) Sort by name (this is what we have now in WP7)
    More personal and cleaner start screens (includes a variation on start screen grouping)
    Many consumers find that WP lacks good start screen customization options.
    Furthermore, it feels to me like app developers are vandalising my start screen. Many developers don't respect metro's minimalist UI style guidelines... instead their apps use detailed and colorful live tiles with almost no white space. To me, most people's start screens look like a 100 different people with competing tastes and attention deficits spray painted all over them! My suggestion:
    Mandate that each app provide a metro style live tile icon and have the market place test kit inforce this requirement (monochrome with at least a certain percentage of white-space). Then give developers and users the following options: A) Developer options: may specify a default live tile (which may or may not be metro styled) may specify a default background color (i.e. the Skype app may specify that it prefers a light blue background over the user's accent color)
    B) User options:
    Force metro style [true/false] Activating this insures that my apps are represented by a metro style live tile, irrespective of what the apps default live tile may look like. It also opens up access to the following sub-options: Force accent colored backgrounds [true/false] Wallpaper [filename] Animate Wallpaper [see below] Sub-option (1) overrides the developer's prefered background color. The Skype live tile would then be displayed in the users accent color instead of the developers prefered light blue. Sub-option (2) replaces the accent color with a wallpaper image. The Skinery app exeplifies what this would look like, although it wouldn't limit live tile placement options as Skinery does. WP should include a few images to choose from, in adition to supporting user defined images. Sub-option (3) specifies when and how to animate the wallpaper: when ringing, when playing music, etc ripples, swirls, pinching, alternating, etc.  
    After long-pressing a live tile on the start screen, WP8 adornes the live tile with two handes. One to remove it from the start screen and one to resize it. I suggest the addition of a third handle to set its background color. This color setting should override any/all of the general settings mentioned above. This could also be used to color-code apps which may be considered a kind of grouping functionality for the start-screen.
    Better text highlighting My fingers are too big to efficiently select/highlight text. I have given up trying. I suggest that the line denoting the start of a highlighted selection be extended to the area above the text-box. The line denoting the end of a highlighted selection should be extend to the area below the text-box. Manipulating the range of highlighted text from outside the text-box would prevent a lot of frustrations like inadvertantly changing or removing selections.
    More Keyboard options Keyboard variations with all possible permutations (fifth row with numbers, arrow keys to place the curser) Swype Allow apps to deactivate characters that make no sense in a certain context. Entry #1 in this post over on Nokia's conversations website explains why the last feature would be nice.
    Rotation aware task switcher In the app switcher a button below each card  (similar to the ring | ring+vibrate button) should allow the user to specify rotational behavor of each app: automatic rotation (this is the default behavior) force landscape force portrait The rotation settings should be persistent.
    Quick settings access
    Swyping to the right from the start screen should bring us to the quick settings page where users can: cycle between ringer settings (ring / ring+vibrate / vibrate / off) toggle between car/airplane/normal mode (car mode would reconfigure the start screen for in-vehicle use) toggle on/off the devices various radios (WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.) Apps should be allowed to register their own own quick-settings
    Give consumers a consistent user experience in every country!!! Damn-it!!! WP outside of the US or the UK is missing a lot of what makes it worthwhile. Nokia is certainly helping with Nokia Maps. It is fantastic that this is replacing Bing Maps which was a total joke outside the US. However, Microsoft is still deactivating features based on the consumers location while Nokia is duplicating functionality that already exists (like Local Scout and Zune Pass). As a result, non-US consumers never know what their money is buying them before the device is activated. It leaves consumers with an inconsistent user experience that differs from what they read on the internet. If Microsoft hasn't got enough data to populate Local Scout for all countries that is fine. Don't remove it!!! Just show us an empty list but offer us online services allowing the world-wide WP community to fill in the blanks themselves (Concerts, Events, Restaurants, Mapping corrections, etc).
    Don't let OEM's dupplicate functionality the OS could already provide. That is wasted effort that should be invested elsewhere!
    Better Calendar Week view Week numbers Searchable calendar Integrated tasks Time to next appointment  
    Give us something like Siri, but a lot more fun! Siri is a toy. Apple just isn't admitting it. If we wan't the same kind of toy for WP then lets at least be clear about its purpose and aim it squarly at being fun...
    It should remind me that tomorrows weather might interfere with my scheduled jogging session. it should remind me that I should leave the house within the next five minutes if I wan't to make my appointment down-town. It should track my social networks and tell me when something big is going on (lots of comments etc). It should learn my habbits and optionally act either as my angelic or devlish advisor. Every once in a while it should crack a good joke and it should do this all in a conversational style.
    In IE 10 tabs and favorites
    Swipping accross a designated are of the screen (i.e. accross the very bottom of the display) should bring me to my tabs (swipe left) or to my list of favorites (swipe right).
    Various: Seperate volume control levels for different notification types. Ability to paste a number into the phone dailer Unify Skype, IM, Google talk, WhatsApp and KiK messaging and itegrate it Pressing a live tile shouldn't re-launch an applicaiton if one instance is already running. Switch Tell-Me input language on-the-fly Have contacts list support outlook groups Ability to change search provider... google is just better, particularly outside the US
  • AWSOME! Good ideas, particluarly reusing the app list as the notification centre! Wpcentral... forward this to MS with my vote attached.
  • In terms of improvements to what we have already seen with Windows 8 (Start Screen)... I think  the greatest improvement would be to have a Grouping/Semantic Zoom/Landscape View.
    Some people refer to the Groups as 'folders', for better organisation and management of the home/start screen. Please see the following screen shots.
    1 - Start Screen with Grouping (Portrait) 

    2 - Start Screen with Grouping (Landscape)

  • I just don't see it. If you can't find your music apps without the labeling I'd assume the user has bigger issues to deal with.
  • 1. Notification center and quick settings for WiFi, bluetooth, cellular data, etc that is left of the start screen.
    2. Folders
    3. Still shots during video recording
  • #1- Not so much a folder but a hierarchy. I don't Want folders on my Start screen. I want it so i can move maps, marketplace, calculator etc into a collapsible category in the app list.
    #2- Bake in the Toggle app and add a short cut for internet sharing.
    #3- 100% full Outlook sync. Contacts, calendar, etc all done over secure WiFi or LTE
  • - Use custom album art for lock screen
    - Make the minimum storage for phones be 32GB then we don't even need to mess with SD cards
    - Voice controls for music - (ie. Play Artist/Genre/Album/Song)
    - Hardware Search button works within current application
    - Better gaming - Xbox live exclusives and buy once play anywhere xbox live arcade games that sync to the cloud so you can pick up where you left off (Windows 8, Xbox, WP8)
  • Instead of swiping to go to notifications, just list them in the app switcher. Also, call me old school, but a standard T9 keypad in portrait mode would be great. I have my Rezound set up that way and I love it
  • WP8 wish list
    1.0 Better backup and restore feature 
    2.0 Expanded voice commands. 
    3.0 Decoupling of Bing from the OS
    4.0 More prominent Battery Saver
    5.0 Toggle for start screen icons
    6.0 Phone-wide search
    tldr errata:
    1.1 (just got re-downloading all my apps after merging an address. yikes...)
    2.1 I know we are getting the ability to have "conversations" with our apps but I want basic stuff like being able to control audio playback with my voice. 
    I bike and exercise with my phone in my pocket while listing to podcasts. I have headphones with a mic in them, when I my mic button I should be able to tell the phone to play a podcast by name, fast foward by an interval I determine, rewind, pause, etc.
    I want a "Map" voice command that ties directly into the new turn by turn directions. And more voice commands within the Map app like "find the nearest gas station on the way" etc.
    3.1 Does it make sense that the Bing apps on other platforms get all the bells and whistles first while the faithful WP users have to wait 6 months to a year to get new functionality?
    4.1 Battery Saver is burried in Settings right now. It should be directly pinnable or better yet part of the icons at the top of the start screen. One of my most used features.
    5.1 I'd rather have those icons that drop down on the Start screen ALWAYS be visible. The ability to press and hold certain icons to short-cut to settings like wi-fi, Battery Saver, Data Smart, etc. should be added as well.
    6.1 Pressing and holding the physical search button should bring up a phone-wide search instead of Bing search.
  • Swipe to the left of the start screen for notifications and upcoming appointments/to-do list items. Or swipe to the right a second time (past the app list). Message count is good but I'd like snippets of each message so i know if i need to reply right away.
  • A location based wallpaper would be cool. Different pics for different locations would definitely be a stand out feature. I change my wallpaper all the time. My desktop switches wallpapers every few minutes and I like not having to dig through pics all the time. Ahhhh, first world problems.
  • 1. More gestures.  For example: make a circle gesture on the screen while in Internet Explorer to refresh the page.  Swiping diagonally from top left to bottom right of the screen brings up the music I'm playing in the background.  Then when I swipe in the opposite direction, bottom right to top left it returns me to the app I was in before.
    2.  Changelog in the Marketplace.  Require devs to publish a changelog when they update an app.  Also, when an app need updating I'd like to click on it to see the changelog before updating.
    2. If I have a text message or email, I'd like to be able to click on it from the lock screen and open it.  Or maybe, swipe in a certain direction to open an application when I unlock my phone.   Ex: swipe left to open Internet Explorer, swipe right to open the WP Central app.
    3.  Give us the option to keep the battery and signal icons always showing at the top of the phone.
    4.  Make everything pinnable.  I adjust the brightness all the time, but it's not pinnable to the front screen.
  • 1. Notifications centre
    2. Missing bits from Windows 8: Direct2D, support for combo of XAML and C++, more contracts
    3. Support for horizontal layout of the Start screen
    4. Pinned apps in app list (pin to the top of the list)
    5. Better use of Search hardware button (aka not Bing, or allow to customise it)
    6. Built-in ability to pin separate pages from settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc)
    7. Scrobbling support for music
    8. Remove preferential treatment of XBox Live games in the marketplace
    9. Flexible Store options: paid version upgrades, coupons, migration from one app to another
    10. Week view in Calendar
    11. Full-screen view in IE + at least two customisable button on toolbar
    12. StreetView in Maps (or whatever that Bing equivalent is called)
    13. Ability for third-parties to add new social networks into the integration (I'd like to see Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, Tumblr, etc)
    14. More flexible SkyDrive policies - I'm an adult and I want to be able to use it to move porn to/from my phone :)
    15. Speaking of adults: I want 18+ apps in Marketplace (after age verification I'd imagine), and I don't necessary mean porn - just don't be so damn puritan! I'm tired of being treated like a kid in Disneyworld
    16. Custom albums in Pictures (with ability to create them on the phone!)
    17. Complete PC-free experience
  • Would be nice to print. And get on the domain wireless at work that requires a user name and password to use it. other phones
    Can be configured to join the domain wireless.
  • 1. Folder Options - this will give the users more control and easy acces on their apps and files.
    2. Better Notifications - this includes the lock screen and the live tiles.
    3. WiFi Options - I've noticed that when my WP gets under the lock screen the wifi disconnects from its source. I think that is a bummer for WiFi users. Windows should make an option wether to keep the WiFi running under a locked screen or not.
    4. Screen Orientation Option - this should be a priority, I hate it when I'm on my bed and I'm trying to text someone, then the screen keeps on rotating. LOL i gotta get up just to keep it from rotating. (I know many people would agree with this)
    5. Deleting Option - the ability to delete multiple items at the same time. (ex. text messages, photos, videos, etch. )
    6. Volume Issue - Whenever you play a track on your music app or a video and decides to close it, It doesn't really closes causing the RING TONE VOLUME to be minimized, to a point that you can't even notice it. Please do something about this. :)
    7. Better software (Zune) - It would be great if you could arrange your music, videos, photos apps and etch. in your desktop then just sync it to your phone rather than dragging every damn tracks manually.
    8. Better support - It sucks that WP's potential is not achieved in countries outside the USA. I think they should give users outside the US more support regarding their services. :)
  • Cydia!! It would be beast if we could hack like that... I don't want a iPhone again... But the ability to do things cydia and hackoulous...
  • 1. Better photo/music/video organization. Folder may be a good idea.
    2. Build-in flash light function
    3. Build-in timer function
    4. Build-in sound recorder
    5. 3D GPS navigation problem (never use Nokia drive, can't justify this one)
    6. Native support of Quick Chinese input method
    7. Multiple selection/profiled reinstallation for apps. (so that when I reset my phone, I don't need to select apps one by one)
    8. Close program in multi-task windows, just like Android, but keep the "back" button =close program. iPhone and Android are stupid on this.
    9. Keep carriers out of the loop in software update. Microsoft should do it yourself. Even, Microsoft builds her own phone is a nice idea. Sick of being hold up by carriers.
    10. For irresponsible partner company such as Dell, since they abandone Venue Pro, Microsoft should allow rooting to make existing WP users happy.
  • The biggest feature I would like is wireless backups to SkyDrive (similar to the way iCloud works) and then being able to restore to a different Windows Phone device (like if I get a new or replacement Windows Phone). Currently restoring only works for the exact device that made the backup.
  • Sorry I have more than 3 (descending priority, highest first)
    1. Text reflow (I know its a HTC patent but I miss it as web site text is too small and it is painful swiping up and across just to read text. If Samsung can do it why can't MS?)
    2. Smart Text (see below)
    3. Local Scout Search (see below)
    5. Email editing (allow the original text in an email you wish to forward or reply to to be editable)
    6. Smart dialling - allow entry of a name by permitting alphabetic characters so it matches against a your contacts list
    7. Arrow keys on keyboard, because tapping within text is difficult I end up having to retype the whole word as it often gets autoselected and sometime I just want to insert a word!
    8. Calendar richness (as you have in outlook) to WP8 calendar e.g. more granularity (decent week view) and more options when booking a meeting
    9. Wireless control quick access (its a pain constantly having to go out of the app you are in when you realise you need Wifi or Bluetooth. Just tap at the top of the screen and have ALL the icons appear
    10 Set default orientation or disable auto rotate (e.g. when reading when laying down the phone switches between portrait/landscape).
    11 Multimedia Universe (see below)
    12 Close app (it's annoying to have to perform multiple back arrows just to close an app)
    13 If you choose to run an app that is already open don't close the old one, just switch to it.
    14 Forward button in IE
    but greyed out when off. Tap on an icon to switch it on
    15 Screen brightness slider
    16 Multi select when deleting pics from picture hub (and videos)
    17 Driving mode - set the phone to display the most frequently used apps when driving with big button controls see
    2. Smart Text
    As someone said here ...."Link the Calendar location field to map apps. If I go out of my way to put a street address in the location field of an appointment, it would be nice if my phone allowed be to find it on a map without editing the appointment and copy/pasting the address into the map/navigation app"
    For me I want choice of which app to be launched Nokia Drive? Nokia Maps, Bing Maps....either be able to set a default from the list of mapping apps I have or choose one each time
    But this is about SMART text and should include autorecognition of text and association an application I choose with that text i.e. url, addresses in free flow text areas and telephone numbers.
    I know this won't be possible with all text as it will be difficult to recognise free flow text in standard fields but it shouldn't be too hard to give it a go and certainly location fields in apps such as an outlook invite should be easy. Infact there should be a navigate to button next to these fields.
    When it comes to phone numbers (and I know the telco's won't like this) but if I have more than one way to voice call someone installed on my phone e.g. Skype and the standard phone function I should be able to on the fly choose to "dial with" skype or phone etc.
    3. Local scout Search
    When in local scout there is no search function ! So if the local collection doesn't show up something you are looking for you have to come out of scout go to Bing, then search and then when you have found a web site which contains the address copy the text, exit bing and open a mapping app and paste the address!!! Also a way to expand the area classified as "loacl" i.e. within a range of distances <5km,5-10km, <20kms etc.
    11. Multimedia universe
    Combine all multimedia library and play functions into an uber Zune or whatever. It would greatly simplify people's use of an ever growing consumption of multimedia if it were consistently catalogued and served. Don't have Nokia Music, Zune and all these other apps without offering at least one core app that serves the following with an ability to search, catalogue and sync across all of these Radio Music Music and other videos Video channels - youtube, TED Your own video collection Your own music collection Podcasts Electronic books Add to this a gig booking and gig guide offering (as in Nokia Music)
  • 1. Toggles for Bluetooth, WiFi, and brightness with out leaving the current app.
    2. Equalizer!!!
    3. Notification Center.
  • Fix the alarm in the Calendar.  If i have an appointment or something I'd like to be able to set the alarm for that time instead of a short beep like it is now.
    Some type of USB Mass storage mode would be nice.  I hate having to go through Zune to add things .
  • The support of VPN is missing too
  • App groups, a la People groups (do not call them folders!!!). Simply copy a feature you already have elsewhere. Extensive sound and notification options, no feature too small (do not disturb settings? Toast Notifications history? Individual notification volume controls?) Refinement and polish EVERY core app, that IS a FEATURE! I hate using calendars, so give me good reason to use it!
  • 1. Notification center (swipe to left from home)
    2. Separate volume controls for notification and ringers and alarms.
    3. Zoom in on calendar full month view
    4. Swipe toast to the left to read more (like the whole text message). 
    5. Customize snooze options for alarms and appointments.  (5, 10 min is unrealistic). 
    6. See 2 appointments on calender tile.
    7. Weather on lock screen.
    8. native weather.
    9. ability to skip track on head phones.  (like double click the  botton on the head phones).
    10. Long press hardwear bottons to skip songs when screen is off. or long press volume bottons.
  • Universal orientation lock. Dont know if that's been said yet?
  • 1. Folders
    2. Being able to create categories,  nothing drives me crazy when I can not remember the name of the app that I am looking for!
    3. When switching from device to device any of the "free" apps that were on special are not considered as a boughten app, therefore having to actually purchase it.  I changed from an HTC HD7 to a HTC Titan 2 and I wasn't impressed when I went to redownload the apps that I currently use on my HD7, the MarketPlace prompted me to purchase these apps since they were no longer on sale.
  • 1. The ability to make a backup/restore point on your computer at anytime, not just when updates roll around.
    2. A true cloud backup system similar to iCloud, where it backs up everything on the fly.
    3. Some apps