Concept artist reimagines Windows 10 Mobile with Fluent Design, breaks hearts

On Behance, designer Marko Malinović has created a stunning reimagining of Windows 10 Mobile (thanks Michael Gillett), showing how it might have looked with Microsoft's new translucency-heavy Fluent Design System. The results are quite gorgeous, and makes the heart yearn for what could have been.

Image credit: Marko Malinović.

Image credit: Marko Malinović.

Malinović's concept bleeds authenticity, incorporating the latest improvements seen in Windows 10 for PC, with some of his own ideas and planned mobile features, such as Force Touch, that never made it into production. Malinović has reimagined every aspect of the OS, from multi-tasking, to Cortana, while incorporating Android elements like rich notification widgets.

We'll never know what Windows 10 Mobile would have looked like if Microsoft had continued with it, but hopefully it would've looked something like this.

Senior editor Zac Bowden recently wrote a detailed piece explaining how Microsoft will leverage WinCore OS and CShell to produce a bespoke system for its widely rumored, not-yet-confirmed folding Surface mobile device. If you're listening Microsoft, maybe incorporate some of Malinović's ideas!

Be sure to view the full project on Behance below, you won't regret it (but your heart might).

Windows 10 Mobile Redesign by Marko Malinović

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