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Concept artist reimagines Windows 10 Mobile with Fluent Design, breaks hearts

On Behance, designer Marko Malinović has created a stunning reimagining of Windows 10 Mobile (thanks Michael Gillett), showing how it might have looked with Microsoft's new translucency-heavy Fluent Design System. The results are quite gorgeous, and makes the heart yearn for what could have been.

Image credit: Marko Malinović.

Image credit: Marko Malinović.

Malinović's concept bleeds authenticity, incorporating the latest improvements seen in Windows 10 for PC, with some of his own ideas and planned mobile features, such as Force Touch, that never made it into production. Malinović has reimagined every aspect of the OS, from multi-tasking, to Cortana, while incorporating Android elements like rich notification widgets.

We'll never know what Windows 10 Mobile would have looked like if Microsoft had continued with it, but hopefully it would've looked something like this.

Senior editor Zac Bowden recently wrote a detailed piece explaining how Microsoft will leverage WinCore OS and CShell to produce a bespoke system for its widely rumored, not-yet-confirmed folding Surface mobile device. If you're listening Microsoft, maybe incorporate some of Malinović's ideas!

Be sure to view the full project on Behance below, you won't regret it (but your heart might).

Windows 10 Mobile Redesign by Marko Malinović

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  • Doesn't matter what they come up with. It will be set up to fail before it even launches with the clown currently at the wheel.
  • Lol.. Will you guys chill out.
  • But he's right...
  • I'm not completely convinced of new projects started under Nadella's watch being failures yet...... There's no evidence to support that, so I won't dwell on it.. If it is successful Nadella won't cut it. Maybe Satya will ensure this new product hits the grown running. We can't say that he has dropped the ball on any new products under his watch.. The things he has cut have be unsuccessful before he "was in office"... Should MS have tried harder to revive them? Maybe so, and probably not. Lol. We really just need to sit back, and see how this unfolds. Negativity is not progressive, so what can you do?🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽
  • Yeah...the cloud really has made this company a force to be dealt with. 😐
  • And the cloud generates so much money for the company that it can spend them for the other divisions. See what Phil Spencer said about cloud and Xbox. He said that they can spend more resources to Xbox because of the cloud success and money.
  • Yet they killed on selling music in the store and products that improve the ecosystem.
  • I'll tell you iTunes is not doing well either just Apple keeps it. Spotify is killing everyone.
  • Bebochek,  Lay off the drugs.   Apple music is doing just fine.   Take off the windows blinders.
  • Drake's new song was played 14 million times on Apple Music while Spotify had 10 million plays. Seems Apple is doing just fine if not better than Spotify. 
  • Apple Music and Apple iTunes are 2 completely different products even though they both have music.
    Music is for streaming soundtracks
    iTunes is for going through the catalogue of soundtracks/ albums and purchasing them individually.
  • I know what they are...since he was comparing spotify,  which is a streaming service,  I compared apples to apple so to speak.  Jesus fanboys. 
  • Yeah, but we're talking about Drake, which sucks... That's 13.999 million 16 year old girls, and you listening to Drake on Apple whatever. 😂
  • Why are you stuck with a Mac???
  • No, it just confirms better music taste for Spotify-Users ;-)
  • Yep. Thank you. No rhyme or reason for what he does. All over the map and no game plan unless it is a quick money grab.
  • I think the issue with the music is MS didn't own the backend. the company providing the music infrastructure servies was slow to the wheel which in turn .... MS slow to the punch
  • happen to know what that company was that MSFT was leasing the backend services?
  • Let's go ahead and dwell on it a minute or two... - HoloLens: It's not a 'consumer' product, but if anyone would have told you that in 3 years they would have sold "thousands" of units and there was still no commercial project in sight, I believe all of us would have considered that a failure.  - Windows 10: He is a bit off on his 1 billion goal.  - Edge Browser: Let's assume they are disappointed and move on.  - Surface Studio: Know anyone who bought one, then consider yourself lucky because extremely few people do.  (Please begin the "these are basically expensive prototypes never meant for huge commercial succes)  - Cortana Speaker/Smart Home, etc.:  Can we consider it a success if he missed the market completely?  - Surface Laptop:  It's the least creative, safest thing they could do (they made a laptop), yet probably his biggest commercial success so far. 4 years into his reign as CEO and still waiting...  The financial success was about revenue increases from previous CEO's investments in cloud; Azure, and Office 365.  Ah!  Now I get why you want to dismiss concerns and just not "dwell on it".
  • Yep
  • You can't say anything of those things are a failure, and that's only the tip of the iceberg of things MS does... Please.
  • And what these projects started under Nadella would be? Everything in the work started under Ballmer.
  • Exactly my point.
  • I agree with a lot of what you've stated, but while we're, "sitting back waiting" Samsung and even smaller OEM's will already release, the folding device with telephony, so by the time Microsoft's comes to market it'll potentially fail. Their problem is that their away playing catch up, so whatever new product chimes to market must be very different than what others intro yet appealing to its target audience. So far under Satya, the company hasn't become nibble or quick like he stated it would. They actually seen much slower.
  • You say chill out. I may be repeating the same thing....but it has been dead on 100% accurate since I started it when this idiot took over.
  • Lol. Stop!
  • Tell me what I've been wrong on?
  • Go back, and read my comment above.
  • It's pathetic that such ignorant people like you think you're smart and right about anything. You're not, you're just uninformed.
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  • Firstly, how to spell genuis....
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  • Lmao. All this, just to deny that this CEO is sinking the company.
  • I doubt he's sinking the company. Just as many MS projects, the same projects, didn't take off under previous leadership.
  • A company whose stock price has doubled the last few years definitely isn't sinking..
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  • That's really the problem....
  • because you're such an expert.
  • If an expert is someone that has called out a horrible CEO and has been dead accurate on him....yes, then I'm an expert.
  • Cool
  • Lumia 1520...
    I loved my Lumia 1520.
  • Surface Scribe...
    Actually, with Andromeda,,, the way W8 has that separate start screen could work. I've always said that if people use remote desktop apps on smartphones to view their PC, why would it be crazy to go ahead and add an optional desktop view on a "Surface Phone" like device? A modernized "Metro" start screen would of course be available as well. Please let Andromeda have the option to go full on traditional desktop view with pinch to zoom gestures. This is not a smartphone.
  • Desktop environment on phone doesn't make should be continuum only feature.
    Desktop apps can be provided similar to Windows 10 tablet mode in which every desktop programs present in app list and opens in full screen mode or snap mode only.
    Taskbar can be provided in form of taskmenu which can be accessed through dedicated navigation button.
  • Continuum is still a thing? How many people used it on a regular basis? I used it twice on my 950xl - once when I got it and once after there was an update to see if it was worth using.  
  • Continuum is just a fancy name given by Microsoft to windowsphone's ability to utilize external display.
    Future devices with Padfone or Razer's project linda like tablet or laptop shells will make it more usable.
  • Well, it wouldn't be "just a fancy name" if it were further developed, which it might be.
  • It must be developed in future for sure.with windowed multitasking & x86 apps support & portable tablet, laptop docks.
  • Unfortunately, they don't have an OS that would be useable. But Project Linda was what i expected Continuum would be. But HP screwed that up.
  • Justjun..... I can't believe you.. Nevermind, it's not even worth my time.
    Sure, you're right.
  • “On Behance, graphic Marko Malinović”. So, Marko is a graphic?
  • Yep, he's part the matrix. Actually he's just part of the VR matrix that we're creating fir ourselves.
  • Love the multiple design ideas in this concept. Unfortunately I don't see MS making any inroads with the supposed folding tablet/phone design. Been tried before and has failed. At this point, form factor is a distant second or third with users. Ease of access to their data, and battery life are the two main points users care about. Security and network integration ranks up there when talking to corporate users. MS offers nothing new for users as far as a "Windows" device, and yet they try to push people to Android, which is a resource pig and security nightmare, and Apple, which is so locked down as to make easy network integration for corporate users a headache unless you pay an arm and a leg for apps. MS had the golden goose 5 years ago and slowly starved it by ignoring it. Thanks Nutella.
  • Availability of apps are what people mostly care about.
  • This is bogus, of course, but I would think that by now they would have replaced the search button for a Cortana icon. Definitely not the action center.
  • Also, the mockup was mostly bad.
  • Why so???
  • Microsoft has made us loving loyalists and enthusiastic consumers, orphans. It's a hard knock life.
  • Not a big deal.
  • Concepts are great and require lots of work, but they usually are eye candy and don't think through actual use and manufacture. Like the 'surface phone' concepts for a 6" device with a keyboard like the Surface Pro. Looks great, but the shake wouldn't work practically. Now I'm not saying that about this specific one... Just that I'm shocked they WC would publish an article about a concept. They almost never do. That gives me pause.
  • Because they have made it clear in the article that this won't happen with Windows 10 Mobile (Well, Andromeda aside).
  • I hope someone actually bakes this into a rom! With Windows phone internals, we can now have custom roms on Lumias :D.  
  • If someone starts baking roms for wp,  I am getting a new 1020 and loading up!   That looks great!
  • I still got my 1020. Still works, just a bit of a shattered screen but besides that works flawlessly
  • @Steve Adams although the 1020 is amazing device in it's own right, I'm not sure how the SOC will hold up running a custom rom after all there won't be much in terms firmware optimisations to get it run smoothly on the 1020 unless of course there is a community drive effort on XDA to get it working smoothly. Your best bet would be a device running Snapdragon 800 and above but there-in is the paradox. Due to lack of optimisations it could mean the devices will get pretty hot due to usage.
  • The past greats had passion in the benefits of their products.
    If their was that kind of passion and marketing for the W10M platform, it may not be where it's at today.
  • Yes, it makes me so sad that I want to curl up in the fetal position and cry while chugging several pints of Guinness and text ex-girlfriends (with the iPhone I reluctantly bought) to find out how they're doing.
  • Personally i don't see why Microsoft is focusing on Vista era visual effects when the touch experience is still so abysmal on Windows. Nor why anyone would be excited by these pointless effects either.
  • They're not Vista era effect though? No sphere like effects found anywhere :P
  • It does have that aero theme which was introduced with Vista though, so I can see that.
  • I found this to be very interesting, wow.
  • It's amazing.. Loved it!!
  • My Surface RT, Zune HD, and Lumia 928 shout Dilley, Dilley!
  • Now, you sound like this guy I work with.
  • Cellural
  • It hurts 😖 so beautiful
  • Downright gorgeous and a natural evolution with Fluent Design started with Creators/Fall Creators Update. Too bad they didn't bother.
  • That surely breaks my heart. In fact every time i see my Lumia 950 in my drawer it breaks my heart into pieces.
  • wow!...that is a classic, legendary, futuristic, super awesome reimagination of a short lived OS but perfect UI masterpiece!!!!! wish MS would not b so insouciant n give THIS concept a shot!!!!!...hey... who knows may b!!!!! in one word...I'd say is LEGIT!!!!!🤙🤙✌✌
  • UHMM no
  • I love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • How do you access Cortana on this concept ?
    Since there's no more search button...
  • This is why professionals who work for MS end up being the ones to do this, and not a random guy on the web doing this for kicks and to "make it look good"
  • "Hey Cortana"
  • Or you can tap and hold the 'Speech bubble' to launch Cortana?
  • Maybe a long press on the Action Centre button?
  • Even in that short clip it was anything but fluent. Hitting a button for the action centre then another button to expand should have been a swipe up from the bottom to open the action centre then another swipe up to expand
  • Then you would lose the swipe up to hide the navigation bar. But I agree, it's too many button presses when swiping down from the top works better.
  • I appreciate the effort and it's a really good effort. Replacing Cortana icon with action centre looks like a step in the +ve direction. However, there are few things that I would like to add from my side. For instance, we need some blank spaces on Start screen. WP7 looks better than W10M because of the blank space along the right edge. Otherwise it looks way too busy.
  • Can someone from Microsoft just recruit this guy ?
  • Anyone can do a mockup design. Not everyone works for Microsoft. And do you honestly think that it's as simple as MS paying him and instantly deploying his vision of the UI? It wouldn't be this. So this is mildly entertaining, generates a few clicks for the guy and sites, but it's useless.
  • I'm still sad that W10M has died 😢 This is so pretty.
  • I'm more sad about WP8.1, and Lumia, than W10M.
    W10M never did anything for us fans.
  • Is this hardware (the smartphone) part of the concept? Or does it really exist?
  • That's just a 950 like mock device.. This is only about the software.
  • Needs a bezel less 18:9 screen and a glass back.
  • No, thank you. I much prefer 16:9 over the garbage ratio of my Note 8.
  • BEAUTIFUL! Microsoft should have hired people like him. Apart from replacing search button, everything else is excellent!
  • They should get him to work on Windows since that where phones are going.
  • Best OS ever. The only operating system that actually was (is) forward looking. Pls Microsoft, if you are unable to advertise and commercialize your products give this job to an external partner.
  • Two features needed to add to this concept - 18:9 (or even 18,5/19,5:9) aspect ratio support and removing the navigation bar. In 2018 the modern operating system should be based on gestures - they knew it when they were making windows 8/8.1 but they abandoned it and it was a mistake! should it be like in iPhone X - swipe from bottom - quitting an app, swipe from up - notification center, swipe from left to right - back, from right to left - forward 
  • BlackBerry 10 has had beautiful swiping gestures since 2013.
  • My heart wept.
  • Well no matter what then I keep my Lumia 950 XL I LOVE 💘 that phone 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤
  • I don't know why Microsoft doesn't add a third UI to Windows 10. It would be PC, Tablet, Phone. How hard would that be since the phone UI would be similar to the tablet UI?   Does anyone have a reason why this wouldn't work?
  • RIP
  • Slide shows are really easy to do, aren’t they?     But frankly, I don’t see anything “heartbreaking” about this, unless you pine for a black and grey color scheme.  The reason all this translucent stuff (Aero Glass) went away on mobile is because it is very GPU intensive, and therefore eats battery life.  It’s like you are constantly playing a video game.  It’s just not practical at this point.  
  • Exactly.. and on the Behance page, the WP 7.5 home screen looked more attractive than the concept.
  • Still... Windows Phone 8.0 was better than this.  
  • I still love 7.5 and it 7  
  • I read up on the fluent design examples during build and I thought they looked good.  In action, we got the One X and the Fluent Design gave a me a very poor first impression.  It looks more like it was put together quickly by amateurs.  It is less appealing to me then the 360 UI.  One exampls is when I earn an achievement, the achievment icon is missing and we just get plan text and rectangles.  I can't get excited by these concept images either.
  • Not Nadella the issue here, is an early assumption, Microsoft has always failed to deliver graphics platforms that perform the same way graphically in it's own platform, The glass effect in iOS or even a simple Dropshadow devoured a lot of resources on any processor when they built WPF as an standard for desktop applications UI, when the Adobe Flash Player could do that using fewer resources and optimized graphics pipeline. 
    Of course, back then computers, had GPU and qualcom processors had their early adreno GPUs, and Apple their own chips, so graphics for Windows have always been a big failed challenge.
    Every application runing hog resources in unefficient ways, they all block the thread and make the OS lag, yuo can actually see that happening with Window son desktop, with powerful Intel processors, What MS needs to do is to renew it's commintment to graphics performance and better touch experiences in their OS and UWP apps, unfortunately the commitment with Fluent design instead of becoming a guideline to stress the need for better universal efective experiences, it has become a cheap excuse to add clutter, those blurred tiles, drop shadows, and superficial chrome on top of failed and/or incomplete (****** margin and paddings on semitransparent buttons that shine! great!), very basic UI ideas that hardly reflect the direct needs of users, or a general sense of consistency among their services, Windows should be, and it's slowly getting there, to become a window into the services they offer it should have open sourced the front end of the OS and make it an API for their services.. maybe the community would find the right balance of function and beauty before their hired UX designers.
  • This is torture, WP is the most beautiful OS, with these changes I would unlock my device just to look at it's beauty!!
  • Super idea but windows o's more different change me I am small request..
  • Not giving a straight answer until almost 2 months later, not acceptable! That isn't fair, people on that program including myself put a lot of effort in and you don't get "paid" for it.
    I think it's time we did as much as we can to lower their share held over the market.
    Such incompetence! And selfish ,again doing what they think is best for their users, they weren't doing anything new long before this 🙄
  • There is a strong visual consistency in his design and some evolutionary ideas for the existing Windows Mobile UI/UX. Having the Action Centre come up from the bottom (and be expandable) makes so much sense! I had someone in my office buy a super-cheap, old Windows Phone 7 (WP7) device for calls and SMS, and I was moved once again by the absolute simplicity and effectiveness of the original concepts. She was even able to log in to Facebook (since there was no functional store) and view her feed, post status updates, etc. I was tempted to find a WP7 phone of my own just for nostalgia sake.  
  • “Having the Action Centre come up from the bottom (and be expandable) makes so much sense!” Of course,  because that’s the way iOS does it.  You think this guy invented it?
  • Awesome
  • Wow
  • A family member uses Instagram and they just came to me wondering why in the Photo app the Share button no longer works. Sure enough. It does not work on the 640XL and I tried it on my 950. SHARE button DEAD. The work around (to post a photo on Instagram) I tried using the OneDrive app, select picture, Share, Instagram. That works.
    Reboot my 950 phone. Now Share works.
    Reboot family member 640XL. Share button is still not functioning. I believe the 640XL is off the list of supported phones for latest build.
  • Funny and lovely
  • Instagram has seen many updates since. All works well here on my Lumia 950 XL.