Considering the price point of the Microsoft Surface 3

It happens every time a new device is launched. Phone, tablet, laptop, wearable, games console, doesn't matter. There's always the "it's too expensive" argument. It's not necessarily incorrect, but it depends on your point of view.

Comparing to Apple's iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2

Microsoft is no stranger to comparing its products to those from Apple. Between Redmond and Cupertino the desktop computing world is virtually locked up.

And then there's the iPad.

Whatever your personal feelings towards Apple products there is no denying the impact the iPad had on tablets. And even if sales are slowing down it's still the single biggest selling tablet in the world. In the U.S. the iPad Air 2 starts at $499. As does the Surface 3. We're not going to deep dive into comparing the two tablets in this post, but consider it on face value alone.

16GB of internal storage versus 64GB of internal storage with microSD card expansion in the respective base models from Apple and Microsoft. Not to mention one runs a full desktop OS and has actual standard ports that you can plug things into without needing a special adaptor.

Apple sells a ton of the base level iPads. At the same price, why isn't the Surface 3 an equally, perhaps more enticing device?

What about the accessories you 'need?'

Type Cover

Arguably, if there's a strong case that Microsoft is charging too much for the Surface 3 it's in the accessories and not the tablet. $200 for the Docking Station. $130 for the Type Cover. $50 for the pen. Add these on top of the base model and you're already up to $880. Which is a lot. But do you really, truly 'need' any of those? It's a shame that the Surface 3 doesn't come with a pen included at $500, but it's also conversely not a shame if it would have meant the price of the tablet went up. Not everyone wants a pen.

Question also the need for the Type Cover. Sure, it's a really nice keyboard that also protects the front of the Surface. But unless you're going to use it as a laptop often, what about a lower priced Bluetooth keyboard instead?

Microsoft is guilty of marketing the Surface primarily with the keyboard and pen. And in this case you have to pay for both. But only if you really need them.

Laptop, tablet or both?

Surface 3

The Surface 3 is a go anywhere do anything type of device. It's a tablet that also wants to be your laptop. It'll be great for working on just as it'll be great for chilling out and watching a movie on. It's not the cheapest device out there, granted, especially compared to some laptops on the market. But while it wants to be a laptop as well, the Surface offers a degree of freedom you don't get with a traditional laptop.

The Surface is perhaps better compared to something like Dell's Venue 11 Pro. Like the Surface 3 it's a standalone Windows 8.1 tablet with options for external docks and keyboard attachments. When you look at the price of a comparable (64GB storage, 4GB RAM) tablet in the UK Dell store you're spending £100 more than the Surface 3. In the U.S. an Atom powered Venue 11 Pro starts at $429 with 32GB storage and 2GB of RAM.

The bottom line

It's an argument that could go on forever with no real conclusion. For some people, $499 is too much. And that's absolutely fine. For others, it's a well priced device that's well within the market it finds itself in. The accessories are expensive, but compared to its peers the Surface 3 itself doesn't seem to be priced too high. And don't forget you also get one year of Office 365 thrown in with the price.

Regional price differences will always happen, and that's not necessarily all Microsoft's fault. But it's also not the only company that has to deal with it.

What's your opinion on the price of the Surface 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Richard Devine
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  • $699 in Australia, with KB and Pen its $1000. Your argument "you don't NEED the keyboard, get a Bluetooth one" is a joke tbh. Nice try, but it IS too expensive (in Australia).
  • Who needs the type cover for the tablet constantly advertised as a replacement for a laptop?. I rarely whine, but this article had way too much fan boy for me. Sorry.
  • When all else fails, call someone a 'fanboy' who you disagree with. Stay classy, internet.
  • Good advice, for anyone. :)
  • It is basically the same as my $500 Dell Venue pro 11, but with a faster processor, a screen with 3:4 ratio and more pixels, and a better build quality. Price sounds about right. The accessories on the other hand...
  • I agree that the base price is ok, however I too think the accessories are too much. If you were to buy the keyboard and the pen, you are approaching the low end sp3 $range. I'm looking forward to a comparison of performance between the new s3 and the i3 sp3 btw. Regardless, I think either pricing the s3 WITH the cover for $550 and an extra $50 for the pen, or keeping it $499 but making the cover AND the pen for only $100 extra would have been more attractive imo.
  • Yes. It certainly is better argued that the accessories are too expensive. Perhaps knocking the tablet alone to$399, one could justify. Or price the accessories as that: Accessories. The pen for$30, the keyboard at $100. The dock is currently 3/5 the price of the tablet. Or, create bundles that really save money.
  • It's actually cheaper in Australia than in the US. If you do the currency exchange and add GST, we're actually getting it Au$20 cheaper than in the States. And I already have a MIcorsoft Universal Mobile keyboard so I absolutely wouldn't spend extra on a Type Cover and I don't need the pen, either. I actually appreciate that I'm not forced to pay for them anyway.
  • Honestly, I would tend to agree with the argument of "overpriced accessories", but in this case, it's just whining.  The fact that the accessories are really just that, accessories.  Do they improve or add functionality?  Sure they do, but so do the majority of accessories for every device.  Yes, the Surface 3 can be used as a tablet, effectively. If the Surface 3 is overpriced, the iPad is like highway robbery in broad daylight.  After you pay more for less for the tablet, a Smart Case is $80 - yep, $79.  It improves functionality by providing protection and stand capabilities, but $80 bucks?  And the same approach for the iPad is viable for the Surface - get a different, cheaper case; and with the Surface, you can get a cheaper Bluetooth keyboard.  I'm not going to even go into the iPad keyboard syndrome... We need to get a grip when it comes to Microsoft products.  I wish they were cheaper, and I think that would move product - I also think they could offer a bundle for a limited time.  But according to the market and the quality of the product, they are more than fairly priced.
  • i upgraded to the Surface 3 from a Toshiba Encore and I am really happy with it. I bought the top spec non-LTE model and it is running Windows 10 now. I managed to buy the keyboard and pen with a student discount and I think it is worth every penny. The touch keyboard is really special. I have carpal tunnel in my right hand very badly. The surgery did not work properly and I am unable to use a proper keyboard and mouse now. This keyboard is really light and the trackpad makes all the difference. It is smooth, with no adverse feedback running through the nerves on my hand. The keys are responsive and best of all, it is backlit. The backlit keyboard is about the only thing I really like about my MacBook Pro, that is packaged up and left for when my daughter attends College next year. It is the backlit keyboard that I think makes this cover value for money. I had a bluetooth keyboard case with my Toshiba Encore, which was branded IVSO. It was ok, but not as accurate at the Surface Touch Keyboard Cover and with this cover/keyboard I can actually keep my tablet in the padded case I bought. The Toshiba and its keyboard case were too thick when clipped together. Also the touch keyboard does not run off bluetooth and the whole transformation thing from tablet to keyboard mode in Windows  10 works with this tablet/netbook combination. The atom processor is decent and actually has turbo built in, which allows it to run at 2.4GHz when needed. I have the pen. Even with the carpqal tunnel, which means I can only use a fountain pen, this surface pen works for me. Sometimes it is more comfortable for me to use the handwriting keyboard than to type. It is also accurate to use for signatures in the built-in Drawboard pdf app supplied on the Surface 3. I have configired my Class 10 64GB Micro SD card to NTFS and run it as a D drive. I have pointed all the My Documents and Downloads and Pictures and Videos folders to this D drive through the properties menu. Therefore everything data-wise defaults to the memory card instead of my internal hard drive. The fullsized USB 3.0 and the mini USB 2.0 ports also expand use. I bought a powered hub that also has two charging ports oin it. This has allowed me to save on buying the dock. It gives me 4 USB 3.0 ports and I can charge my tablet at the same time using one plug socket. I bought this off Amazon for under £20, so this has been a terrific compromise. A USB on-the-go adapter also works on the micro usb slot. All in all, for me and people like me, this tablet and cover and pen combination has been a success and great value for money. I have Lumia phones and a Microsoft Band and the whole ecosystem runs together really well. It does what the Fruity company promised me but failed to deliver... an ecosystem that "Just Works". all my devices fully talk to each other and there is little to go wrong. It is no longer a tablet OS trying to speak to a desktop OS, which is where Mac OSX went wrong from Lion, and people extol things that work in the fruity ecosystem, but without the top hardware it simply doesn't. Microsoft has allowed older and budget phones to talk to budget tablets and Surfaces alike and this is its strength in my opinion. I don't know if any of this may make you view the costs in a different light; but it is worth remembering that when I bought a ZaggMate for my iPad One (which became obsolete less than a year after I bought it, failing to upgrade past IOS 5) it cost me $99 I paid £89 for a cover that has more features and is official. There is no competition in my opinion. If you want quality, sometimes it comes with a price tag.
  • He was right to a point Dan. And I'll repeat "to a point". There's no excuse to charge $50 for a pen. Not to mention that direct conversion some brands like MS like to do where $50 are magically €50 which is more expensive... Even people who do need a pen will think twice about it. Pens are a dime a dozen and I'm willing to bet fully comparable alternatives in terms of features will pop up in no time for less money. As for the type cover... The problem with it is the direct conversion I mentioned above. I find $130 acceptable... However €130, isn't. Granted, not everyone needs the accessories, but let's not limit options when the need arises. Personally, I wouldn't buy any of the three accessories should the need for them arise, because their prices are ludicrous.
  • Do not confuse $10 capacative styluses with true digitizer pens like those used in the Surface 3 line. $50 is a fair price for what you get.
  • Pens are a dime a dozen, active styluses are not. Head over to Amazon and price Wacom styluses, or even the 53 Pencil for iPad. Considering this 'pen' also sports BT connectivity to the Surface, it is a bit more than a Sharpie.
  • Heh, I would normally agree with you on the dollar to euro thing (with the caveats that lots of companies do it and I think it might be partly to do with VAT). But right now $130 is something like €120, so that's not too far off from the American price.
  • That doesn't explain why the base model of Surface 3 costs $499 in the US and €609 ($655) in Europe! I would gladly recommend it to anybody for $499, but not for $655. So, essentially, you pay $276 (156+120) for the cover if you only buy that accessory.
  • If we are gonna be throwing europe prices into the discussion, I think it would be alot more useful to compare to the europe pricing of the 64GB iPad Air 2.
  • Every wonder why everything is more expensive in Europe from just about every company compared to the America's?
  • I think.. It has to do with warranty.. And european charges. We get a default 2 year warranty on every electronic device.
  • Including Tax
  • In italy is 699euro ... Around 800 $
  • prices in the US dont include VAT, the ones in europe do, then you have different import custom fees etc etc so all techie things will get a lot more expensive then a normal USD = EUR like it used to be in the past mainly due to the weak Euro
  • And when your argument is under attack, redirect? Is it too expensive? Depends on who you are. And I would be the first to defend it as being basically at price parity with a comparable iPad (+$30, but that's without a decent iPad keyboard), if they advertised that price alongside the base. But as is, the capabilities you get out of the box are not what they advertise, and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's like sticker shock, man; not a good look for the company with "the largest war chest of all". It would be nice if they ate the price of the pen. That's all I'm saying.
  • OOPS!  I accidentally reported this comment when I really wanted to vote it 'up' multiple times!
  • Why are you so mean?
  • Better than G, where if you like a product, you are automatically a shill.
  • You know, Daniel does have some food for thought here :-).
  • A surface tablet without a type cover..... Hahahahaha
  • IMO it needs the type cover. The iPad gets by withought a physical KB because all of the apps it uses are made for touch. What makes this Surface attractive is the fact that it can run x86 programs, and you really need a KB for those. If the Windows 8 store had plenty of high quality touch apps(it doesn't) then a KB might not be necessary.
  • Seriously, think about this statement for a moment... "The iPad gets by withought a physical KB because all of the apps it uses are made for touch" When you are using a keyboard, you are touching the keyboard not the screen.  How would touch optimized apps allow you to get by without a keyboard? You need a pen to navigate better in desktop apps, but a keyboard has nothing to do with it.  Do you type any less in a touch app vs a desktop app?  Do touch apps have some kind of magic that allows you to type less while entering just as much data?  No, of course not.  People don't normally use keyboards with iPads because those touch apps aren't very productive to begin with.  Very few people want to try to do serious work on an iPad, but they can will the right accessories on a device like the Surface because it can run software that isn't watered down for touch workflows.    
  • "Do touch apps have some kind of magic that allows you to type less while entering just as much data?  No, of course not." Actually, yes, they do. Touch apps are for function, not work or data retention.  What do you ever type into Xbox Smartglass?  Nothing.  What do you ever type in reading the news?  Nothing. Does MS have touch centric apps?  Not many in their app store.  Does Apple?  Millions.  Apple also does a lot better in on-screen keyboards.  MS' on-screen keyboard is uninspired and quirky.  The on-screen keyboard in an iPad is ergonomic and flows well with the rest of the OS in the rare occurences when you need it.  Mostly just logins and passwords. I have a SP3 and an iPad Air 2.  When I have to use the onscreen keyboard on the SP3 I grind my teeth.  On my iPad, it's pretty smooth.  
  • @Novron, That really makes zero sense.  Touch apps require less typing because they tend to be low productivity apps, not because they are designed better.  If takes just as much typing to compose an email in a touch app as it does in a desktop app.  People rarely need a keyboard with their iPad because they are avoiding (perhaps without even knowing it) any sort of input intensive work on that kind of device because they know it's not a good tool for the job.  People "need" a keyboard for Surface devices because they know that they can use the device effectively for moderate productivity.  With the iPad, they are more likely to put it down and go do the work on another device.  That isn't an advantage, it's a limitation. Acting like the iPad's limitations as a device is somehow "better design" and then claiming that the Surface "requires" a keyboard in order to match the amazing design of the iPad is total retard logic.  The Surface "requires" the keyboard option to EXCEED the capabilities of the iPad.  The iPad's design doesn't include these capabilities at all.
  • Try use MediMobile app in iOS. You will need A LOT of typing. Giving notes of patient, typing handoff notes, texting next physicians who will handle the patient about early diagnosis, composing PCPDirect letters, etc. All those features need typing. And to me, as developer, iOS keyboard handling is the worse between three major platforms.
  • @Novron - I agree about the apps, but I have to disagree on the keyboard.  I prefer the Surface /Windows 8.1 on screen keyboards optiosn to the iOs one any day.  I think it works better and has much better predictive text.
  • You're going into the area of personal preference--which is fine, but it's still personal preference. "On my iPad, [the keyboard] is pretty smooth." That's fine, but I find the iPad keyboard to be thoroughly mediocre (especially given how reluctant Apple seems to be improve it or their autocomplete functionality), and its handwriting recognition options flat-out bad (at least Windows has it beat in that regard, if not the keyboard). 
  • "Very few people want to try to do serious work on an iPad"   Like I said before, the iPad is the most used tablet in corporate America. Even the NFL was using iPad's before Microsoft paid them to switch to the Surface.
  • Your examples of serious work make me think you have never had a job.  Do you think standing on the sidelines *looking* at data on a screen is a good example of serious work?  Do you really think that NFL players and coaches do a lot of serious work on their computers?  They are literally playing a game for a living. A better example would be the people that entered the data into the system that the people with iPads are viewing.  I'm willing to bet that the people entering the data didn't do it on an iPad.  However, they could certainly do it very efficiently on a Surface 3.  Especially with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  • How much work you can enter is not the point.  The SP3 is targetted at competing with Apple's Macbooks, particularly the Air.  Those are all machines you can work on.  The Surface 3 is targeted at competing with iPads, machines which are more in line with media delivery only. Holding up the Surface 3 as a "work machine" isn't going to go far.  It may have the input methods but it just doesn't have the horsepower to compete on that level.  So now, we drop back down to competing with iPads and their media delivery centric OS and match up on that level. Windows 8.1 just doesn't hold up under that lens.  It feels like a round plug shoved into a square hole. Add to that the dismal prospects in the Windows store for apps and it gives misery company.  Whereas, iOS on an iPad performs its function almost perfectly. Surface the internet, watch some videos, do email, Facebook, and pay bills is all that most people really do.  If they do more than that, they're going to buy a computer with the horsepower to do more, not an iPad or a Surface 3.
  • And the NFL wouldnt have taken the deal if it would have any way been WORSE.  In fact they gave them touch input that the ipad doesnt match, it gave them full app compatibility that hte ipad couldnt match.  It gave them access to raw data that most likely the Apple device didnt have.  The NFL took a deal because it was a good deal.
  • IMO ;) No, it does not need a type cover. yes, it's very nice but does not need it.Because yes the Windows Store has plenty apps for a lot of people. I dare to say to most 'normal' people. We have a Surface 2 and Android tablets in the house. And except for some games(hence the android tablet), the app situation is the same. Lots of quality apps. Even some often used apps have higher quality apps.   
  • My wife has been using the hand me down Surface 2 without a cover for a year. Has she been using it wrong all this time?
  • I was using a Toshiba Encore Tablet 2 Write 10" with just the pen.  I did pair a bluetooth keyboard as suggested by Mr. Divine but found myself rarely using it.  The point of a 10" Windows tablet was to be able to do things while NOT sitting, at least for me, whether it's on the couch or in bed.  For that, a pen was fine.  I already have a laptop and wanted a smaller, lighter tablet I could use to annotate pdfs. So I won't go into the details of my having just returned my Toshiba tablet because it stopped working, but I just ordered the Surface 3 with a pen only (no type cover ordered as of yet) because I really liked using a Windows tablet with touch and pen as my main input.
  • I have a Surface 2 with the touch cover love it. Will always buy a cover for a Surface whether pro or not.
  • Key word you used was tablet! How many tablets do you know that come with a keyboard by default? Answer: None
  • Acer w700
  • OMG55 - It doesn't matter what syntax he used. My wife calls her surface pro 3 a tablet all the time.  You're looking for and finding something that you can latch onto and trying to validate a weak point. Different people used these devices in different ways, some people, want a type cover. (myself included) When I feel I need to use a keyboard, I want it right there with my device, not having to go in another room or dig through my bag to get it and turn it on and make sure it's charged and what not. For those the don't need a keyboard, they can see the Surface 3's price as it stands, for others, they have to consider the price of a keyboard and pen if they are planning on using those accessories.
  • But if it was an iPad you would buy it even if it were $2000 right?
  •   I didn't come across as "fan boy" to me.  He was making a direct comparison between tablets as a starting point.  As a tablet, the iPad has an advantage in number of tablet optimized apps while the Surface 3 has an advantage in terms of desktop app support (some of which can be used without a keyboard if not too complex), USB3, display port, microSD, 4x more storage, kickstand, and a more capable processor. The keyboard CAN be an accessory at this price point.  Another way to look at it is you can get the Surface 3 tablet for $499 and for an additional $130 (for the keyboard) you get a laptop too.  In Apples world you can't do that. I actually leave my SP3 type cover at home most days.  It goes between home and work where it gets plugged into docking stations and serves as a desktop much of the time.  Most of the rest of the time it is a tablet.  I use it as a laptop the least and at one point I went without a type cover for about 3 months.  I really didn't miss it because I mostly use my SP3 as a desktop or tablet. There is a lot of flexibility in this kind of device.  It's odd to see people do all kind of mental gymnastics to make all of the additional options seem like disadvantages.
  • As people have said, it is advertised as a laptop replacement, aka with a keyboard.  While cheaper bluetooth keyboards are an option, they are not as simple and easy to use as the Surface keyboards.   I don't mind it being a seperate cost (allows for choice of color and type), but one should consider the price with a keyboard as the true 'Surface Experience' cost.
  • It is advertized to show off it's full capabilities and sure, most people are going to want those capabilities.  I just don't see how that is considered a strike against it.  If you think that it's unfair to compare the $499 iPad to the $499 Surface 3 without the type cover because most people will want the type cover, then I would argue that the Surface 3 + type cover at $530 should be compared to the iPad + MacBook pricing which is easily $1300+.  After all, the same people that would be interested in using the Surface 3 as a laptop are going to want some kind of laptop if they go the iPad route.  Conversely, anyone that only needs an iPad and no "real computer" would be able to get by just fine with a Surface 3 without the type cover.
  • I didn't say it is unfair to compare those.  I just said that people get a Surface because it is "the tablet that replaces your laptop."  For that slogan to be true, you need a CONNECTED keyboard/trackpad. I would argue that the iPad and Surface solve two different sets of issues for people.  I do very specific things with my iPad and other things with my laptops.
  • Lots wil but lots will also get a Surface 3 for other reasons then 'the tablet that replaces your laptop'. Just think about the pen and note taking. Or drawing. Or home automation. Think outside the boxes.
  • But a bluetooth keyboard and mouse would do just fine. I have a tablet, Levono Lynx to be exact.  When i am out and about, i rarely need a laptop, what i need is a quick input device.  Which is what the ipad does well, quick inputs, quick data reading.  But you wont be doing 'serious' work.  The serious work people do on ipads are apps built to fulfil a quick input need.  Till they can do more later on a mac or pc. Same with my Lynx.  I do quick stuff.  Then the real work is done when i get home, i pull out the wedge keyboard/moust and i am off to getting work done.  So for me the surface 3, without cover would be perfect, i have a keyboard that i really like, i would only want the pen.  I hope within a few months MS desides to the bundle the pen with a half off like 25 off or something.
  • Then simply add both the Surface and Type cover to your shopping cart and complete the transaction, bingo, the Surface comes with Keyboard. It's really no rocket science!
  • The actual slogan is "The tablet that can replace your laptop." and it's for the Surface Pro 3, not the Surface 3. If you look at the website, the Surface 3 uses "The perfect balance of performance and value." as a marketing slogan. It also says it "The best of a tablet", "Works like a laptop when you need it", "Runs Windows and Office perfectly", and "Great Pen Experience". All fit with what was described above. I personally love the fact that I can use it as a tablet for the majority of my use cases and use it as a laptop when I need to without opting for my heavier, bulkier laptop (I have an iPad Air 2 as well that is becoming stagnet since getting the Surface 3). I would go through some price comparisons, but others have already done it. I'd say, since I have both devices, that they really don't compare. You couldn't use a mouse or touchpad with the iPad even if you wanted. That has been a major issue with me and others for a while. The fact that I can use the Surface as a real laptop for the few uses cases where it's required and as a tablet for the other use cases is a huge selling point fits perfectly in the market where it's being marketed, for the student, home, and light office use markets. I actually have Visual Studio Premium 2013 installed and I use to do emergency builds and publishes. Works just fine. It of course doesn't have the horsepower that my laptop has or that a Surface Pro has, but that's not what the Surface 3 is for. I own a descent mountain bike that I primarily ride on urban streets. Not because it was made for street riding, but because it was made for the occaisonal off-road single track riding that I ride. Why get a bike that you can only ride on one type of surface? Why get a tablet that can only function as a tablet? For the price of the 128GB iPad Air 2, Cover (not case), and Zagg Invisible Shield Glass screen protector, I now have a 128GB Surface 3, Type Cover (keyboard/touchpad), Surface Pen, Wireless Display Adaptor, and Zagg Invisible Shield Glass screen protector. There is a $30 off instant discount promotion now when buying 3 or more tablet accessories. Cheers.
  • No it is advertised first as a tablet, then as a possible laptop replacement. Not as a laptop replacement.
  • It is advertised as "The Windows tablet that can replace your laptop."  It is pretty clear they want you to think of it as a laptop replacement.
  • Yes, the type cover is an accessory. I have an SP3 and I use the type cover the least compared to the pen and on screen keyboard. While it's nice to have, for me the type cover is not a necessity. In fact, I already have a Microsoft Wedge keyboard and mouse that could easily replace the type cover. Plus the article is comparing it to the iPad Air, which the last time I checked, doesn't come with a keyboard or pen either.
  • This app alone convince me other wise that I may not really need a type cover after all.
  • Not even close to the same experience.  More of a quick fix for a tiny, very specific need.
  • I use it on my lynx and a good quick fix for when touch input doesnt work right on poor sites.
  • Same story here in the Netherlands, $499 (US) is a very good and fair price, but €609 is just ridiculous! But the same is treu for the Surface Pro 3 here, compared to the US prices they charge obscenely high prices here in the Netherlands (and the rest of Europe). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's a little less: 599 Euros in the Netherlands. Looking at dollar2euro conversion rate + taskes 599 is not ridiculous. Just think again.
  • Pretty sure the EU-prices include VAT, while the US one doesn't, and with Euro being the weak nowadays, it translates to relatively expensive stuff.
  • still, if compared to the ipad air.  499 with 16GB Surface 3? 499 with 64GB and all the ports... It's a pretty good deal.  And if someone is look for a $300 windows tablet, there are other options in the market.
  • To be fair the surface pro doesn't come with a type cover either although it includes the pen. Daniel is spot on comparing it to the likes of its main competitor the ipad which doesn't have the option of a proper digital stylus either. This is hardly a 'fanboy' style article like I see over on another mobile nations website. Give Daniel a break for providing the facts that you don't agree with.
  • @iyae - "Who needs the type cover for the tablet constantly advertised as a replacement for a laptop?." That's the slogan for the Surface Pro 3, is Microsoft coining the Surface 3 as the tablet that could replace your laptop? I haven't seen that ad yet.
  • I will buy the Surface 3- 4 gig model and the Pin and use it with my USB wireless mouse and keyboard. later i will but the keyboard/cover. I still think the sweet spot for a 10 inch Atom tablet is 375$ to 450$- Microsoft's Surface 3 is priced above the sweet spot but not soo much it wont sell well. I think it's a winner product for Microsoft. if they drop the price 50$ it will be a super hit product.I think it's worth it's 500$ price for 2 good reasons 1= it appears to be a very well built device with a metal case not cheap plastic. 2= you get a device that gives you the full Microsoft Windows experience with no bloat ware and will have software support for many years to come. Microsoft still needs to sell an 8 inch Windows Tablet with the Surface 3's pen for about 375$ to complete it's Tablet line up  
  • Honestly, it sounds just as fanboy to say Surface demands a stylus and a keyboard, when iPad--by its own definitions at the forefront of tablets--includes neither and is somehow perfectly acceptable.  Is it because the Surface runs some 20 years of legacy software, like any Windows 8.1 machine? Or are iPad users just expected to do without? 
  • I don't have the keyboard with my Surface Pro 3. So no, I don't think you do need it. I get on just fine with mine without the Type Cover and £109 better spent elsewhere.
  • You are the first person I have ever heard say that.  The point of having a Surface device is that it can fill your laptop needs as well as tablet.  Without the keyboard, it loses a big portion of the advantage.   I owned a Surface tablet before and always had the keyboard connected.
  • Well, for some people any bluetooth keyboard and mouse would do the trick..
  • I would agree, but that is far from the norm.  Also, the more items you have to carry around (not connected to the device), the less portable it becomes.
  • Not necessarily so. I also have a Wedge Mouse and the Wedge KB. I tend to use the onscreen kb (emails/internet) a lot and when I have to do work - excel/ppt/etc - then I just connect the Wedges. They stay in my bag until needed and I travel a lot, and I don't see any issue with my tablet lacking portability because of that. Granted, I don't have a Surface and, mainly due to the pricing of the Pro line, the Surface 3 looks like it will be more affordable for me and once I get it, I still don't see a need for the touch cover as my Wedges do a good enough job and cost me a lot less.  Yes, the touch cover is a nice to have, but why get it when I have decent alternatives.
  • I agree that it's a valuable accessory and I wouldn't recommend something as expensive as the SP3 without a type cover because why pay that much for the device only to cripple it.  However, for the Surface 3, the price is inline with an iPad which doesn't have a desktop interface or a native keyboard option.  If people are willing to pay this much for an iPad that doesn't even have the option to act like a real laptop then why would it make any less sense to buy a Surface 3, use it as a tablet (mostly), and not bother with the type cover?
  • Aren't options great? He gets along fine without a Type Cover, because he uses it as a tablet on the go, (presumably) a desktop w/3rd party keyboard and mouse at home. I see nothing wrong with that, to be honest. Does that fly with most people? Nope, I personally would go through withdrawal of you asked me to use my SP3 w/o a Type Cover, but again: Options are lovely.
  • I have the type cover on my SP3, most of the time it serves as a base for the unit rather than a keyboard.
  • Always?  I drop the keyboard all the time around the house when just browsing or controlling the SONOS or whatever.  Thinner, lighter, usually all weekend.  
  • Everything's expensive in Australia mate
  • No it not. Is a rip-off.
  • Every body a crybaby. Why don't you guys. Complain at work and tell your boss to stop being a cheap a##. Pay you more money so you won't complain about technology being expensive
  • I'm a Microsoft fan but this Tablet is priced exactly right. The idea that this might be too expensive for some (then they turn around and get an $800 Apple Paperweight) just blows my mind.
  • I think many consumers get more out of an iPad at this point tbh, not all, not necessarily the most, but a great many none the less. While people here don't want to hear it, the ecosystem with Apple tends to be better, from apps to the "just works" -thing. That said, I don't feel that, for this specific device, lowering the cost would affect a buying decision (unless they dropped it like 2/3rds), the people looking for the consumer -experience will choose Apple if they can afford it, others might go for the Surface instead based on their needs.
  • Well yes, consumers will get more consumption. More mobile upstarts spoonfed into their consciousness as 'cool' that will inevitably burn out and disappear, along with whatever time and effort invested into them. Now, I'm not looking to discredit Apple and their success — they have an outstanding consumer-oriented ecosystem with the best developers writing for it. The problem is that when you take a step back and consider what the platform and its users are demanding, you realise that it's all basically pointless. Anyone who claims that they aren't held back by iOS for anything other than pure consumption (and even then...) is kidding themselves. The iPad is an absolute joy to use, until you put it down and realise that you could have completed that task you just performed — in such a beautiful, intuitive way, mind you — in a fraction of the time on your boring old PC. It makes technology approachable and likable, but it doesn't make users better at technology. It is great for consumption, but a synonym for inefficiency in every other regard.
  • I bought the original Surface Pro with the keyboard attachment, and honestly, I never really use the keyboard, so no its not a necessity for everyone, period. And especially if this devices reaches mass appeal, it would be even less of a necessity for the average person.
  • You're right; it's not a necessity for everyone. That said, the vast majority of Surface users want to use the tablet as it's been advertised, and the fact is, they have to pay extra to do that.
  • Personally I'm excited about the $499 starting price. Granted the pen and keyboard, both of which I would want, would bolster the price a bit. But the device itself would certainly serve my needs primarily as a tool for writing and leisure. It shaves off a few hundred dollars from the Pro which I of course want but is a bit beyond reach right now. I think this is very competitive pricing for what one gets. Would I like 20 dollars off of both the pen and keyboard. Sure! Who wouldn't. But my initial reaction when I saw the price was genuine excitement. I think Microsoft will do well with this device. And as Rich shared, Office is bundled free for a year. That is of course additional value to be considered.
  • $20 off the pen and $50 off the keyboard.
  • Blame your government and VAT
  • Not for argument sake but what is the actual cost of iPad Air with 64GB internals in Australia??? Also what is the cost of Dell Venue Pro 11 with the similar internals? If Surface 3 is comparable in terms of price with these two, then we can say Surface 3 is relatively cheaper. If not, we could safely assume that Microsoft pricing is off the mark and may lower in the future.
  • $700 + $180 + $60 = $940, not $1000 (all prices from JB, slight rounding) iPad Air 2 is $738 (at JB) so $699 is a good price for the base model.
  • $700 Aud is $531 USD. Also that price includes 10% GST (Australian VAT), which brings the base price to $483, which is even cheaper than the US price.
  • I brought this up one time in a article about the $150 discount promo on the SP3 here in Canada and people didn't want to hear the truth. But the only reason why the S3 in Canada is priced at $640 is because its aligned with a 75 cent dollar rather than a 95 cent dollar like the sp3 was. The current market offerings from the other windows manufactures are all from last year when our dollar was higher and that's why this at $640 looks like an expensive option. For $100 more you can buy a lower quality ultrabook fully equipped with an i5 8gb ram and 120gn + ssd. Once the new versions of all the manufactures come out later this year with a price point aligned with a 75-70 cent exhange rate (28% difference foe the us vs cad pricing on the s3) it wont look as bad as an option but for now, compared to the market its overpriced in Canada imo.
  • The current exchange rate puts $699 AUD at approximately $530 USD. It's really not that much more expensive. The exchage rate isn't Microsoft's fault...
  • 599 euro in Germany (64gb/2gb ram) and 719 euro (128gb/4gb ram) and also no keyboard and pen
    the one with 4gb ram with pen will be just 30 euro cheaper than the surface pro 3 with 4gb ram (64gb ssd).... it's just too close.....
  • I suggest that you read up on the GST and how our dollar currently compares before complaining.
  • It's actually cheaper in Australia than in the US. If you do the currency exchange and add GST, we're actually getting it Au$20 cheaper than in the States. And I already have a MIcorsoft Universal Mobile keyboard so I absolutely wouldn't spend extra on a Type Cover and I don't need the pen, either. I actually appreciate that I'm not forced to pay for them anyway.
  • How much is a new iPad Air 2 64GB with a quality keyboard like a Zagg PROfolio+ in Australia?  I know things are expensive there, just wonder what the equevilent is.
  • People always need something to whine about. That about sums it up.
  • Exactly, if it was cheaper, they'd complain that "Micro$oft" was undercutting their OEMs.
  • It wouldn't be the same people, bud. The people complaining right now would be congratulating Microsoft on putting a pro-consumer deal on the market. Now, you can think folks are just being contrarian if you want, but you certainly aren't entertaining a fair caricature of their reasonable complaint.
  • Think of it this way: Let's say I pay 500 dollars each for an iPad Air 2 and a Surface 3. I am getting MUCH much more with the Surface 3.
    1.) Ability to run x85 desktop programs and games
    2.) 64gb vs 16gb (and better specs across the board).
    3.) Far more interesting design and better build quality.
    4.) Added benefits of the future Windows 10 ecosystem that will easily eclipse Apple's in nearly every way.
    5.) USB 3.0 and other ports
    6.) Built-in amazing kickstand
    ....given this, which one should you buy with your $500?
  • ...the one with the applications the user wants to run? The facetious comparisons aren't doing anybody credit. For a lot of people, the iPad is the right choice.
  • Ahh but the intelligent technological consumer would pick the Surface 3 because of the reasons above.
    And to me, I see it as best of both worlds because Win8.1 has a lot of mobile apps like the iPad but just a whole lot more programs - which are far more valuable to businesses and power users, or tech enthusiasts.
  • Plenty of "intelligent technological consumers" pick the iPad, don't kid yourself. There are reasons to pick a Surface, but iPads are far more than a reality-distortion field. There's a ton of legitimately fascinating apps that the Surfaces simply don't have.
  • The argument that ipads have "more apps" doesn't hold water if comparing to an x86 machine, now does it?
  • Still does. Can your x86 machine deposit checks online?
  • I'll shut up when you can use an official Snapchat client on Windows, or any of the other hundreds of examples that reasonable people care about nowadays.  
  • I may be wrong here but being that it is an x86 machine can't it run bluestacks and thus have all Android apps as well?
  • Agreed. The iPad may have more "apps", but it does not have the ability to run an x86 program such as the full PhotoShop, AutoCAD, Dreamweaver, etc. This is the benefit of the Surface 3 with full Windows. You can use any app or program you wish as long as it doesn't exceed hardware requirements. This "app gap" thing people keep complaining about is ridiculous and misinformed. The REAL problem is app support from the developers. They'll either release the very first version of the app that iOS and Android had and never update it for like a year whereas the iOS/Android versions are updated almost every other week or so, or they'll just pull the app altogether because it "doesn't make enough money or is not popular enough." I know not all devs are like this, but it's as if they are not committed to the Windows platform like they should be in order to make quality apps and have people interested in it. They just throw out half ass apps and expect them to sell. If they listened to their customer feedback like Microsoft does with Windows 10 and just update/improve their apps they would see more downloads and better popularity, but instead their way of thinking is "better throw it away." This is not a good way to encourage other devs to the platform when you only have like 40 to 50 percent of them actually dedicated to the platform like they should be.
  • Yeah apps; the straw excuse which illiterates keep grasping. Here's a touch of reality; loads of apps (including games, ports of websites, etc.) on the AppStore are to counter-act the fact that you don't have a web browser with the ability to run flash content, you don't have a central file manager, AND you can't try an app before purchasing it (hence loads of lite and pro duplicates). Windows tablets come with Internet Explorer, which has full flash content support. So, there's no need for apps of websites (like engadget, spotify, instagram, youtube etc.), nor is there a need for ported flash games (like Commando by Miniclip). Loads of flash gaming websites (like miniclip com/games/en/) are easily accessible and there's probably a lot more on just that one website than there are on the AppStore. On top of that, you have a central file manager, File Explorer, that allows you to transfer media/documents between your local storage and external storage. So, there's no need for proprietary apps for proprietary storage solutions AND no need to connect to some other PC with iTunes just to give some app access to a file. Also, no need for different kind of apps for managing FTP shares, Samba shares, etc. It's all handled by File Explorer. Finally, you have the ability to try out paid Windows Store apps before paying for them, all through one installation. So, no lite and pro duplicates making up for the numbers. Take all that into consideration and you'll realize that that app excuse is BS.
  • No, it's not.  Native apps offer better performance; they also allow developers to utilize the OS.  You are deliberately misrepresenting the differential between platforms if you think a web browser with flash makes up for the lack of thousands of extremely popular and useful apps.  You're giving Microsoft too much credit. And Bluestacks or Andy the Android are not excuses.  If you have to run another OS to get access to a program, then you're missing the damn point:  that program isn't native, it's not in the ecosystem, and a majority of your userbase won't bother to jump through ridiculous hoops to do what they could do in a snap on another platform.  This is like saying OS/2 was superior to Windows because it could run Windows on it, or OSX, if you prefer a modern example. The truth is, a lot of users look at Windows and say, "The apps on that platform aren't good enough.  They're either old, janky, buggy, or too difficult to use."  If Microsoft wants to cede the casual consumer market then that's a fine state of affairs, but I suspect they don't.  And a consumer doesn't give a flying shit if it's Microsoft's fault or the fault of a legion of developers.  They want a product that makes their life easier, not one they have to justify to themselves.
  • The iPad is way lighter though which does make a difference on a device this size.
  • Here here!
  • Count me in for the LTE T-Mobile version
    I will be buying it!
  • Am disappointed there isn't AT&T that's true LTE
  • They also said they will be "adding carriers". All that can mean is the deal with AT&T is not yet signed.
  • It would be cool if they had one version that had bands for all the carriers....that was also unlocked.
  • Only the iPad can pull such feats.
  • Nexus 7 2013 FHD...
  • True.
  • Remember AT&T had the Surface 2 with LTE but online only not in stores or available at MSFT store as well. So they will defiantly have it. I think I'm in on 2 of these.
  • The Microsoft store did have the LTE version in store. I know because I sold them there.
  • Att stated on twitter they will offer it
  • The surface is for productive people, not for people who only want to watch Hulu and Netflix as most of these tablets are used for.
  • Productive people don't all need a pen. Or a $130 keyboard. I have a Microsoft keyboard that works just fine with mine and didn't cost nearly that much.
  • A pen is integral, especially for a full Windows device. The pen should be included, and it's not for no other reason except to get more money.
  • Disagree. I have a Surface Pro 3 and I never use the pen. It is hardly "integral". It is left out because not everyone wants or needs a pen. If they included a pen, they would also have to include the cost of the pen. Nothing is free. Your argument implies that somehow, when something is included with a device, it negates its cost.
  • Daniel. How is it that Asus can release something like the T100 CHI for $399 including a keyboard, whilst Microsoft need a combined $625 for the same functionality?!
    Yes, the Surface has an improved processor....and it *may* have an improved digitiser for pen input. But seriously, only someone heavily skewed towards MS products would consider Microsoft to be offering good value for money in this instance.
  • Couple of reasons: 64 GB model is rather $450 Ships with only 1 GB memory T100 Chi is using the older Atom CPU, not the next generation Cherry Trail USB 2.0 instead of USB 3.0 Web cams are lower resolution Digitizer? T100 materials are bit cheaper
  • 64GB/2GB model is $449 with the keyboard. Surface is $625 with the keyboard....
    According to liliputting, the CHI has a 256 level pressure sensitive screen for stylus support.
    I would say it is a pretty compelling alternative -- and will hit lower price points much quicker (because Asus always do!).
    If it had the same Atom processor as the Surface, there would be zero reason for the Surface existing. The keyboard looks better, the laptop setup IS better (no kickstand compromises). I'm pretty sure I read that it was USB 3 as well.
    If only MS had priced the Surface at $399, or $499 with the typecover and pen. That would have been a great move - and given the Surface line some real momentum
  • You're right error above: it's micro USB 3.0 rather (you may need to buy a adapter cable unless it's included) with 2 GB. We'll have to wait for full reviews but you have to compare all component quality and the screen is smaller 10.1" compared to 10.8" with a 3:2 aspect ratio. If you look at all components the difference is really not that big since it all ads up. But either way you have options.
  • Having 2 Surface RTs a SP2 and recently purchasing a HP Pavilion X2 for my son over the T100, I have to respectfully disagree with you. The kickstand is far more stable than most clamshell designs. Every laptop style convertible I've tried wants to tip over with the screen open more than 100 degrees. It's the main reason he is using the X2. The kickstand style cover is much more stable on both tables and laps.
  • It would awesome to have both options for different use scenarios.
  • It's pretty simple... 1) Microsoft is trying to provide premium products in their respective categories.  2) They aren't trying to race to the bottom or make it impossible for thier OEM partners to have sucessful competing products.  The ASUS T100 Chi is a nice product, but it's not on quite the same quality level as the Surface 3 from what I can see.  It's great to have options though.
  • The Surface is constructed of metal, and has a precision and build quality that is unmatched. Most ASUS devices are made of plastic.
  • I've used the Chi albeit briefly. A Surface quality device it is not.
  • I would agree the pen isn't for everyone.  Nice to have but not needed for everyone.
  • Full stop, that's wrong: THEY could negate the cost by eating it. It wouldn't be the first time for the company. That aside, they probably unbundled it for the same reason why they don't bundle the cover: so people could pick the color they want. I'm certain there's a more artful way to do it, but people should also understand their reasons aren't arbitrary, outright greedy, or tin-eared.
  • I agree. My hand writing is terrible. I would much rather type than michael j fox all over my screen.
  • @Daniel - I agree with you. I DO use the pen, but only in OneNote. If I didn't have a pen I'd just type everything in there instead (as I sometimes do anyway). Sometimes it's handy in tablet mode (keyboard tucked away) when I need to touch something small on the screen, but after installing "TouchMousePointer" I don't need it at all. I like having it, but it's definitely not essential or integral.  "What this laptop is really missing is a pen!" - said no one ever
  • Invaluable option when I am editing photos, the pen is a per user thing, but this user loves his.
  • Daniel, the pen is integral because the legacy stuff is is not good with touch, with the touch points being way too small, and a lot of people use the pen as a pointer on the desktop. If you have a touch based app store that is not fleshed out and you're relying on the millions of Windows software that is not made for touch, you want to use the pen as a mouse/pointer. That's especially important because the trackpads on these devices are not great. Then pen should be included. The nickle and dime crap completely nullifies the point of the low price. If you have to spend $180 above and beyond the $500 for the device, then you're devices is not low cost at all. The existence of a 2GB model is also ridiculous considering how cheap RAM is. Make it 4GB and get rid of the 2GB model.
  • I have a dell venue 8 and I bought the pen... Big mistake, pen is an option and not completely necessary with these devices
  • Bought the pen for my DV8P too and its a bucket of junk. Basically threw out $40.
  • The pen that comes with the Toshiba Encore 2 Write is great. Yes, not everyone needs the pen, but it is a true value add for those who are interested in the idea of taking notes on their tablet. Moreover, with Microsoft actually investing in making the pen a bigger part of Windows (e.g. inking in Spartan), it's becoming very difficult to think of a Windows tablet without the pen. In the absence of apps and stuff, the pen and the associated functionality (thanks to Microsoft and 3rd party developers) that comes from it truly give Windows an edge against iOS and Android, at least in this area.
  • Already have a Microsoft Wedge I'm one step ahead of the game. Just need to convince myself I need to upgrade from the DV8 Pro.
  • Would that (foldable) Bluetooth keyboard, MSFT recently released, work with the surface 3?
  • Yes
  • I use my Surface Pro 3 for Netflix and YouTube all the time... That's kind of what makes it awesome: It's a great tablet and a great laptop. Hell, even a great desktop when you hook it up to an external monitor and/or the Docking Station.
  • Imagine a budget friendly Surface.. Awesomeness
  • Microsoft is not interested in making cheap, generic crap. Although the pen not being included in that price is just wrong.
  • 4,000 different Lumia models would like to say hi. ( : Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumias are far from generic.
  • They aren't providing anything original anymore.
  • You are comparing oranges and apples. One, the PC is more established and Microsoft has OEMs selling their stuff in great volumes. For them to make a budget tablet it would drive OEMs to not make their products for that price range. They have to keep the price high.  Microsoft selling phones is different. Windows Phone has very low market share and until recently had very few OEMs to sell products. We will see if Microsofts strategy changes on phones (which are actually very good quality) once Windows 10 for phones takes off and OEMs start entering the market with some cool devices.  Until that happens, comparing a mature, long standing market for Microsoft with a new one is not fair at all =). 
  • I want one, but my better judgment tells me to wait for the launch of Windows 10 when Microsoft will surely launch a Surface Pro 4 alongside it. If nothing else, then prices for the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 may have dropped by then.
  • There will probably be some good bundles at that point, at the least.
  • The Surface Pro 3 can already be had on sale.
  • Eh I don't know. I think they want to keep the numbers consistent. I wouldn't expect them to announce the three now, if they have a pro 4 coming in a couple months.
  • Since the Pro 3 was released, the tablet launches have not coincided. It's entirely possible we'll see a SP4 this summer, and not see a S4 until next year.
  • Wait, when did the Surface 3 come out? What is this? Why is this announced so close to a Surface Pro 4? Will there be a Surface 4 released alongside that? Why shouldn't I just wait for that?
  • Then wait.. No one is forcing you to get the surface 3
  • It was a surprise announcement this morning. Caught most everyone off guard.
  • You won't see a surface 4 until next year.
  • I doubt there will be a Surface 4 announced along side the SP4 considering that it's probably only a few months away.  There is no reason for the version numbers to align and be released together.  The team building these devices probably shares a lot of resources and having the releases staggered would allow them to focus on one product at a time.  Apple does the same thing.  iPhones, iPads, and Mac releases are very often done at different times of the year.
  • I'm a proud owner of the i7 SP3, so I'm not complaining about price. However, in the case of the S3 I think they should have started at $459, just to beat the iPad. Having a lower price point and advertising better hardware certainly worked for Sony in the case of PS4 vs Xbox One. I think here it was a chance for Microsoft to appeal to people in a similar fashion and steal some sales.
  • It'll drop in a few weeks... You know how these things go...
    Of course Apple will have an all new iPad out sometime soon.... That deserves consideration.
  • iPad is seriously a toy even compared to the cheapest Surface option..
  • As a tablet the iPad has a much better experience- Casual users not needing the physical keyboard are better off with an iPad.
  • Better experience in the terms of apps?
  • Yep
  • Only  
  • Dififerent users different use cases. How about a stand, Multi user, ports and list goes on and on. You need an excuse? You can buy a Surface 3 ;)
  • Most people don't take advantage of the devices they have.  iPad does A LOT of things really well.  That said, these items' sweet spots are in different markets, though there are obvious comparisons to be made.
  • The iPad is a toy? it's the most used tablet in the corporate space, and much of congress uses them. I love Surface tablets, but the "iPad's are toys" comments are weak.
  • Just because everyone uses something because of it's popularity doesn't make it not what it is.....
    And, yes, I stand by what I say.... COMPARED to the Surface the iPad is a toy..
  • Most ppl probably buy ipads for mostly web surfing and games. The Surface is trying to be both for work and play, but I think the Surface 3 offers less value because it probably doesn't do either very good for it's price value. Apple's ecosystem its much better than the Windows store which makes gives the impression more value after your purchase. Yes, Surface 3 could run tons of older x86 games and programs but most ppl won't hunt for them like ppl using the app store. Also, those legacy programs probably need pretty decent hardware to run smoothly for a good experience.
    I love my first generation Surface, but the Windows store selection is horrible and it does run a bit hot when using the pen.
  • Congress is infamous for doing almost nothing.  Especially our current congress that can't manage to compromise on even the most simple things.  I think that is probably the worst example you could have come up with.  I can see the commercial now... "The new iPad!  Helping Congress accomplish absolutely nothing since 2009." As far as the corporate space, tablets in general really haven't been very successful in enterprise environments.  I work in IT and most companies I have worked with have tried to shoehorn tablets (usually iPads) into their workflow, but the success has been very limited in my experience.  My current employer has quite a few iPads stored on a shelf and in peoples desks collecting dust.  Most of those projects have been considered failures.  On the other hand, I have seen Surface Pro 2/3 devices being deployed into the workflows very successfully (although in limited volumes so far).
  • We now have iPads at work. Ten of them to be precise with specialist equipment attached to them with software that can only be had on the iPad atm. Don't get me wrong, I have had Surface's since RT and I'd much rather have one over an iPad but you can't just say that the iPad is a toy in comparison.
  • Sure, but it takes a lot of effort to make an iPad into something like that because you have to work around so many limitations.  It could easily take months of work on special hardware and development time to make an iPad into something like what you are describing.  I don't think he literally meant that the iPad can only be used as a "toy", but it is extremely limited in comparison to S3/SP3. The Surface 3 on the other hand could be deployed into most workflows with no more effort than any other Windows PC.  Desktop computer for most normal workers?  Just plug in an external monitor, mouse, keyboard.  Laptop?  Type cover.  Warehouse inventory workflow?  Just plug in a USB scanner and install the same inventory software used on the desktops.  Cash register?  Install the software and connect the USB cash drawer, reciept printer, scanner.  I was using my SP3 to program embedded circuit boards recently, I'm using it right now as a triple monitor desktop, and yesterday I was doing a presentation to a projector at work with it.  It can be all of these things pretty much right out of the box. 
  • This is exactly my point..... These guys are basically comparing a iPhone's smartphone OS to a PC in terms of capabilities.... It's ridiculous.
  • Nails on especially at the same price range your still in the weak processor market when its in the Ipad comparsion field. Once they start entering into i3 to i7 territory the price just goes through the roof. Why dont people realize the ipad or surface is a toy, its meant to play movies on a camping trip without dragging the whole laptop system with you. Its meant to check the scores, the news stories, to check out hot chicks. Its not meant to do work.
  • Agreed, even compared with the Surface RT
  • Why the RT❓
  • Cause with Windows RT you can be a lot more productive than with an iPad: keyboard + mouse support, use of external HDD and flashdrives, full Office, drag and drop files, download anything from the web, etc.
  • It also includes a $99 Office 365 subscription and will get Windows 10 free letting it play Xbox live down the line and have Cortana..
  • Damn, yeah, forgot to add that in!
  • That's $200 right there...
  • Almost forgot about the Xbox One playback capabilities...nice.
  • Remember that you can get the Office key off of Ebay for ~$35. So it isn't really $100 of value
  • Also, most people wil be just fine using the free web versions.  I own 2 copies of Office and still use the web versions 90% of the time.
  • Legal key? It comes with Office 365 1 year subscription plus 1 TB OneDrive storage. Amazon is about $80 which I think is typical retail.
  • They are just the Office keys that users have extracted from all the cheap tablets that are on sale at the mo.
    Fully legitimate....I bought 4 years of Personal licences for $80, then converted the whole lot to Office Home for another $9...
    No one needs to pay full price for Office these days :)
  • Uh, there aren't any "illegal keys" for sale. Duh
  • Nor everyone needs it, I'd rather have the type cover or even the pen, instead of MS Office, as I use other open source options
  • Everything Microsoft makes is 25-30% too expensive for ME and most ppl I know to be competitive or a good option. No question about that, and I think the success of the original Asus T100 proves that's true for many people. Especially keeping in mind that they are trying to beat the current standing champions.
  • See... MS just can't afford to sell a product that isn't premium.... Well, not including phones..
    But, they are in direct competition with Apple.
  • I disagree. I dont think Microsoft competes with Apple much anymore, nor do I think Apple with Microsoft. They are both competing with Google now primarily.  But they are competing with their OEMs so they cant sell PCs are super cheap prices. They have to hit the premium market. Until recently hardly anyone was selling a WP so they had to hit all markets. 
  • Good point, but as far as tablets go I can't agree that MS isn't competing with Apple...
  • MS needs to be a little more agressive, especially when Apple is the king by far, look how the XBO sales went up when they started the "agressive sales" trend.
  • Yup, especially the European prices for the S3, the damn keyboard and dock are even more expensive than those for the SP3! Here I was hoping to replace my T100 and it's cheap, crappy plastic with a sleek, metal Surface that doesn't break the bank as much as the SP3 and it ends up being almost as expensive if you want 4Gb of ram and a keyboard...
  • T100 CHI is what you need. 1080P screen with an active digitiser for pens...and an aluminium body. Most importantly of all, it is cheaper, yet has the keyboard included!
  • The chi sure looks a lot more interesting than the original T100, but I'm not sure whether it's a worthwile upgrade from one, still a BaytTrail with 2GB.
  • The 64GB version of SP3 with a keyboard can actually be found cheaper than the 128GB version of S3. You'd lose storage but gain almost everything else, including a Wireless Display Adapter and save about 80€. In that sense, the pricing is weird.
  • That's good. They want to be the Apple of PCs and let their OEMs (Lenovo, Asus, etc.) make the budget stuff.
  • The good thing that I like about windows is that you have options for windows, where as with apple you only have apple
  • So I can't use Logitech or other 3rd party keyboards & accessories with my iPad?
  • You failed to unstand his post. Hint: it's NOT about accessoiries ;)
  • Lol..... And, lets not mention legacy apps!!
    But, yes, you get o choose your own hardware... You can even build it yourself.... Suprised MS didn't come up with the modular phone idea...
    Things like modular phones are what I always hoped for WP... Some more PC like things for high-end smartphones.
  • That's what we all like... Hopefully MS can leverage that same idea with WP.... At some point.
  • The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 is also much cheaper, has a much better stand with unlimited positions, and has a 15-hour battery. It also includes the bluetooth keyboard. Best Buy sells the 10" version of Yoga Tablet 2 for around $350. The device is incredibly thin as well. The Yoga Tablets are exceptional devices that I can't recommend highly enough.
  • Good product, but the stand isn't fully flexible. It does give out at certain angles. Older atom processor, no full USB(need adapter), less storage, no pen capability. It is a great device, but no SURFACE 3.
  • In my opinion Surface is no Yoga Tablet. The Surface 3 is significantly thicker with much worse battery life and really uncomfortable thick edges to hold. The tablets weigh about the same despite getting 5 hours more battery from the Yoga tablet 2. Adding pen support for $200 more is not worth it to most people looking at this class of device. Unless your tablet is broken or you're putting a lot of weight against it the Yoga stand props the screen up at almost any angle between the 3 main positions. The Yoga stand is also better than the Surface stand because it works in both top and bottom orientations. The Surface 3 stand can only work the top up direction. The new Atom processor is better, but how much better? 
  • Of the keyboard was included it would be an excellent value. As it stands its a bit pricey for atom. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Atoms, especially the fastest ones, are not the crappy chip they used to be. They are damn good, and this one is much more so than the already very good BayTrail from last year.
  • It sucks that in Canada the price is as different as it is compared to the iPad
  • It is not an iPad. It is better!
  • I feel your pain, even though I'm American.
  • Lowest option vs. Lowest option, yes. 64GB vs. 64GB surface is $20 cheaper.
  • 16GB vs 64GB same price
  • Not in Canada; iPad Air 2: 16GB=$549CDN, 64GB=$659CDN, 128GB=$769CDN Surface 3:                                 64GB=$639CDN, 128GB=$769CDN
  • It's forex timing. The iPad prices will go up. Scary thought, if the $ plummeted over the next 6 months the way it has the previous 6, the 16GB iPad would cost $833.
  • It's funny how many - marks I get on posts answering why its so expensive in Canada. Like people don't like the truth that the exchange rate is a real thing!
  • If exchange rate is a true thing I expect the surface 3 to costs around £350 in the UK.
  • Exchange rate is one factor.
    Another is supply vs demand. Canada can piggyback on the US and be included with its demand, with price then primarily affected by exchange rate and local taxes.
  • I have the surface pro 2 and I never use the pen.
  • Same here. Maybe that'll change with a 10.8 inch, as it is less awkward in size. We'll see!
  • The aspect ratio combined with the lightness compared to the 2 makes you want to use it like pen and paper.
  • Not that it's absolutely relevant but I have a Lenovo ThinkPad tablet 2 and I use the pen for everything. I went for that one over a surface pro 2 just because of the amazing price and battery life but had it been the other way, I'd probably still use the pen daily. I sketch, I write notes in OneNote, use it as the pointer on the desktop... You name it. I even used to use the pen with PhotoShop before Microsoft defender started taking up a large part of my memory at all times.
  • Any chance there will be a trade in option for us Surface 2 owners? This would be a solid good faith gesture from Microsoft! After all we will most likely not get much with the W10 upgrade.
  • I never used the pen on my 2, loved it on my 3, until I lost it. :/
  • I also have the Surface Pro 2 and I don't use the pen either. I will say that if Best Buy hadn't had that sale with the SP2 256 GB with 8 GB RAM for $599 a couple of months back I would have been all over the Surface 3.
  • Even without that sale, I don't see the advantage of the Surface 3 compared to a 128 GB Surface Pro 2. The only reasons I could think of is a slightly better battery life, weight and camera, but I think trading off the processing and graphics capabilities of the Surface Pro 2 is a bridge too far. I am not even sure that the Surface Pro 3 was a worthy upgrade.
  • They repurposed the same frame from Surface RT 2 so less engineering costs hence savings are passed down to consumers.
  • Isn't the aspect ratio different (16:9 vs 3:2)?  Can't exactly be the same frame.
  • Where are the savings?
  • Same basic look, but while I'm not an engineer, I do believe it's far, far, far more complicated than "the same basic frame" considering how much they oomphed this thing. Looks similar, but I'm sure it was quite the engineering trekking from the 2 to the 3.
  • Did the put the frame into a magnesium alloy stretching device? The two devices are totally different sizes and aspect ratios.
  • The device is not to expensive. The problem is the nickle and diming nonsense by not including the pen at no extra charge. The pen is $50 extra. Also, there should be no 2GB version. It should be 4GB and only 4GB, and you should only have to pay $50 more for the 128GB of storage, instead of $100 for the extra storage and RAM. Other than that, the device is great and well priced, and Microsoft has the right idea. It sucks for people who want from outside the US but have to pay so much more because of VAT and exchange rates.
  • Are you joking? I know personally that I definitely wouldn't need 4gbs of RAM or 128gbs of storage on a 10" tablet. The 2gb 64gb option is exactly what I would want at this size. It would be a supplementary device to my laptop
  • At 128gb it's$100 cheaper than iPad air 2 and has twice the ram.
  • In fairness, for the marketing point, nearly all of Apple's iPad and iPhone commercials in recent years have featured third-party apps and accessories, which often cost extra. So Microsoft isn't the only one guilty of marketing their devices with additional accessories. If anything, it makes sense, because it does show how truly capable the device in question is, thanks to other accessories and gear.
  • Not to mention I don't know anybody who has an ipad without some sort of case or "smart cover" which is at least an aditional $50...
  • This, oh my god, this. It irked me so much when the Surface devices first went on sale, the media decried them, saying no one wanted a keyboard on their tablet. Meanwhile, 90% of the iPad I see in my daily life have a Bluetooth keyboard cover of some sort... I'm not saying it's a bad thing, at all. Again: Options are good. It's just annoying how they claimed no one wanted a keyboard, when clearly iPad cases show that people do want one.
  • The smart cover case for my iPad mini cost £3.99 off Amazon. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's true, they are a lot cheaper. My point was how everyone, when the Surface first came out, said no one wanted a keyboard, when clearly a lot of people do.
  • It'll be available worldwide? Or just in certain countries as always? Because if its equally priced to the iPad the Surface it's a no-brainer, by the way I still want a Surface mini!!!.
  • Worldwide, try to visit and change it to your region
  • 26 or 27 countries.
  • It isn't necessarily overpriced, but it isn't competitively priced. It may be a better value than the iPad, but as a tablet it doesn't offer a better tablet experience than an iPad. As a laptop it is far more expensive than comparable models. Even as a hybrid I think it is overpriced, compared to offerings from Asus. I think the sp3 is different in that it offers power and compactness with no real competitor (hybrid, pen, etc).
  • Asus T100 CHI looks to be a direct competitor, but cheaper. Apparently it has pen support too...
  • Exactly  I'm not saying the S3 is a bad device or anything, I own a SP3, but it's kind of positioned in a strange place.  It's a premium but midrange device.
  • But the Asus will have a cheaper, last gen processor (which is probably fine for browsing, netflix, etx.) and how well the Pen works is largely unknown.  I opted for the Surface 3 because I really don't need the keyboard anyway.
  • There's a lot of reasons why you save that money, and "geneosity" ain't one of them. Compared to the T100, the Surface offers the following (as someone posted earlier): A full USB 3.0 port, thus no need for adapters required unlike the chi ) Universal Micro USB Charging. Yea I don't need to buy a specific adapter unless I really wanted to. This in itself is a savings of at least 50 bucks if not more for specific chargers like ASUS. The kickstand doesn't need the keyboard to adjust angles accordingly. It has better pen capabilities. N-trig > Synaptics. Faster Processor It is lighter and more portable. (I Believe) More SS storage. That's not even taking into account the fact that the Surface has a much better build quality.
  • We know Apple products are overpriced, so let's not make that comparison. Instead look at the price difference to the pro. Yes you get a year subscription to office but on the pro (base model) you get an i3, higher res screen, a better kickstand and twice the RAM. I would argue the small premium to the pro would be worth the extra. MS are giving away office subscriptions with every breath of fresh air anyway.
  • The i3 comes with 4GB of RAM. And you'll still need the keyboard and have less storage so the difference is not as small as you think.
  • I would argue that Apples products are fairly priced an that everyone else's prices are underpriced. That is why PC manufacturers are not making much if a profit and many are losing money. I also wish MS had stuck with RT as I would prefer a tablet that has sandboxed apps for security rather than a tablet running full windows that will need anti virus software installed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It should have come in at $399 with the option to bundle a keyboard for an extra $50.
  • And they should just give you $500 while they're at it. /s
  • And for his troubles a free Lumia 830 just for being a bi$$$.
  • No need for sarcasm. We're all (I think) grown ups here.
  • In Mexico we just have the Surface, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 1.
    And the Surface Pro 1 is just almost $10,000 mexican pesos, about $655.30 USD. The Surface are about the best Windows tablets out there, but are trully too expensive for the average user who also needs some power to do other things than hearing music or watching movies on the go. I know you get what you pay for, but, in some places of the world, these things are just nowhere to see (like the Surface Pro 2, I was hoping to see one of these one day, so the Surface Pro 1 could get a price drop, but not really). On the other side, I'm considering to get some budget tablet but with, at least, 2 GB of RAM, but, again, here in Mexico are overpriced and hard to find.
  • Don't you have a postal service where you can order stuff from the US?
  • Lmao I dont think you realize the state Mexico is in
  • I do. Tech is still unreachable for most people (and by tech I mean good stuff, not some bad Chinese stuff with worse quality than the Atari E.T. Game) because prices are over the actual acquisition point for most people (the economy here is not that good; actually, it's pretty bad), and most people buy Tech in monthly pays (8, 12, 18 months, and by that time, their stuff is going to be almost obsolete, or not working anymore).
  • Yes, just as you can use a service that sends the package to US, but then they import it cheaper than international shipping, especially if it's "free shipping". BUT some people buy it on the country becuase of the warranty. some products have to be returned and take several days and they can get lost because from country to country anything can happen. so while you think buying it from Microsoft or Amazon is a good idea, it's sometimes not the best. my sister has bought Windows Phones on amazon, and now she decided she will only get them on the country, sometimes they come defective, sometimes they don't come in good condition, sometimes they are strangely built, like they are not original parts and stuff. so while it can be used, it's someitmes not the best thing
  • Effectively, the warranty is really important. I take care of my stuff, but sometimes things just happen, and when you throw that much money, you really want to have the safety of the magical warranty service.
  • I think I should wait till a hands on review.. :)
  • For 880$, might as well go full retard...."developmentally challenged" for those of u who are reference sensitive... and get the pro 3.....
  • I won't say that the tablet is overpriced. It's accessories are. I mean, $130 for a keyboard and $50 for a virtual pen is pathetic. In an year, we may be able to see the price fallen to $250-300 without the accessories at least, for the base model on eBay. Just the same story as the previous generation Surfaces.
  • The Pen is made from brushed aluminum and has active Bluetooth and N-Trig technology, so hardly the cheapest thing to produce. I'm not saying it's not expensive, just saying it's a premium product for a premium price.
  • Especially when you consider HP is selling the lousy Synaptic pen for $50 & Dell has it for $35. $50 for the N-trig isn't all that unreasonable.
  • Hopefully they'll go down in price once Amazon and eBay are flooded with them.
  • This article makes a fair point about the Surface 3 being a bargain next to the iPad Air 2 when you consider that one is a full computer and the other is a toy chest of apps. I completely agree with you on the accessories though. The pen is acceptable at $50, considering that Wacom tablets sell for around $400 and their replacement pens go for around $80--this is a precision device that detects not only location but also pressure sensitivity after all. But $130 for a keyboard with magnets on it? That is a rip off. It doesn't even have USB ports or additional battery charge in it. A decent wireless keyboard and a cheap eBay protective pouch can probably be had for $30 total. The dock is a nice feature to allow the tablet to become your desktop at home or work, but at 40% of the cost of the tablet itself, that is pretty steep. It's basically a very specialized plug that matches up to the tablet's power, USB, video, and audio ports so that you can leave all those cables plugged into the base and only have one connection when you dock the tablet--but it is still just a plug. Even Apple only charges $80 for their USB 3 type-C splitter for the new Mac Book.
  • Too much, paying for the name!
  • What name?
  • My concern is more about if getting the surface 3 or the surface PRO 2 which at least were I live is still around and priced similarly.
  • The price is just right what I find expensive are the keyboards.
  • Go for that foldable microsoft keyboard ;)
  • This site is full of cheapskates, that's my opinion. And these are the same ones crying for a "flagship", which they'll inevitably also say is "too expensive". Get a job, and if you don't have one you shouldn't be buying this stuff anyway.
  • Ridiculous comment. There has to be a compelling reason for MS to charge $225 more than the Asus T100 CHI. The only difference being the improved processor.
    I would argue that the CHI design is far better than the Surface (it actually works as a proper laptop rather than the kickstand compromised Surface).
    Perhaps you should stick your head above the parapet and see what the competition are doing before berating us for wanting MS to price their products properly.
  • Why because it's true? The Surface 3 has pros and cons, but I still think for the price it is well worth it. It has a full USB3 ( No adapters required unlike the chi ) Universal Micro USB Charging. Yea I don't need to buy a specific adapter unless I really wanted to. This in itself is a savings of at least 50 bucks if not more for specific chargers like ASUS. The kickstand doesn't need the keyboard to adjust angles accordingly. It has better pen capabilities. N-trig > Synaptics. Faster Processor It is lighter and more portable. (I Believe) More SS storage. I honestly don't know why people are complaining so much about the price. The Surface 2 was 449 when it came out and didn't have half the capabilites as this.
  • You're absolutely right. They want premium products at budget prices. This isn't Apple-Land. If you want these magical budget/high-value-for-your-money products, go grab the junk from those OEMs. Microsoft is only giving you ANOTHER hardware option, not the ONLY hardware option (like Apple stuff). If you like HP, ASUS, Dell, Toshiba, etc. go throw your money in their direction and Microsoft will gladly support your software.
  • I have the original surface and would recommend them to anyone but you NEED a type cover
  • I had the RT and have a Surface 2 and I do NOT feel the NEED for type/touch cover.
  • Unless you are using only touch and the touch keyboard with the limited applications from the Windows store, then you would likely use a normal keyboard and mouse for legacy applications which technically add to the cost. You could also opt to use the pen, which costs $50 for Surface 3, or have a horrible time navigating legacy programs. If you mainly use touch apps then an iPad could seem like a better choice. Also the Surface is heavier than an ipad which makes it less comfortable to type on the touch screen.
  • I have a Type Cover with my SP1 and it pretty much stays in the dresser. I'm glad to have it when I need but usually if I'm on a flat surface, I throw a USB keyboard in (I have a Plugable dock laid out). If I'm on the go, the touch keyboard is more appealing. The Type Cover works best as a COVER for my use.
  • I think the Surface 3 has a good price IN THE US ONLY. Because when you cross the pond and see the prices Microsoft Europe is asking for the devices, starting at 609€ is way too much. Sure it's the same price that Apple charges for their 64GB iPad Air 2...but just because a company likes to overprice things, Microsoft shouldn't be following suit.   Also, the lack of the keyboard included is a problem I think the Surface line has since it's inception. You CAN'T market it as "a tablet that replaces your laptop" and then cut out half the laptop. 'cause the last time I looked, laptop's all had keyboards included. Sure this may present logistical problems due to the colours...but that's easily solved by adding to the package of the Surface a voucher for whomever buys a Surface to get a free keyboard.   I would never buy a Surface 3 for 609€. There are equally as good devices selling for much less. It's overpriced in Europe and honestly makes me question why would anyone buy it over the Pro 3...unless you REALLY need the LTE...which isn't even widely available.  
  • True. European prices are beyond ridiculous. 610eur for the non-LTE tablet alone, 155eur for the keyboard and 55eur for the pen. 820eur is an obscene amount of money, and an LTE version would probably total an incredible 950eur. Really, there'so no arguing. The pro3 was expensive but worth the money, you didn't feel insulted by its price. This new surface is a whole different story for us, whether our American friends get it or not.    
  • If you buy this thing for that price you should be locked up.
  • But the whole selling point of the Surface is the ability to use it has a laptop, with the keyboard and even the pen. If I want just a tablet I think I can find cheaper devices that fulfill that purpose. At least it should include the pen...
  • Sure but not with the same quality. And build in stand ...
  • Given the massive number of indie games coming to the store, this could really be a stand out device against the iPad, especially as a tablet its already much better specced, and you have the option to turn it into a laptop replacement with ease :)
  • $680 USD 64gb model including type cover and pen. That's only $80 more than 64gb iPad air 2 for a much more useful service
  • Perhaps the Surface 5 will come with the Type Cover in the box. Until that day, I'll be baffled by MS's insistence on making it an additional accessory. And this is coming from a Surface owner.
  • The iPad comes with nothing... Nobody complains about that.
  • I think its because the iPad offers an optimal experience without the accessories, the same can't be said with desktop mode on Windows. And with the Windows app store lacking the apps compared to the competition there's not enough value compared to the cost (even if the hardware super cool). I feel it's how one uses the hardware which really matters.
    I have a Surface Pro 1 and mostly use desktop programs. This means that cost wise a laptop would make more sense me, but was interested in the optimal Windows 8 hardware at the time and it was super useful for Onenote (the pen) as a student.
  • When they invent color-changing materials that give them the ability to have a single SKU with 8 different color options, then maybe...
  • I'm just impressed that the 4GB RAM/128 GB ssd version exists at all, never mind at a pretty good price.
  • I get the point honestly Microsoft should push $50 off from the price to push customers to the products over the well establish iPad whatever. Make a mini version of this priced at around $249 and you have yourself a complete apple-esque lineup for the surface products. Including a pen would have allowed this thing to have an upper hand or even a bundle thing. But Microsoft has marketing problems honestly. In walmarts and targets, apple has an entire case for them. Microsoft needs the same with their lumias and surfaces line to show how their products really work
  • When Windows 10 for small tablets and phones comes out. You may see a cheap plastic device... But I doubt it. It will be pricy still.
  • ive read so many times ppl wanted microsoft to sell there products extremely cheap, but these Surface tablets are premium devices not a chrome book. i would like someone to find a comparable laptop/tablet device with same specs (size and hardware) wise at a cheaper price and i would definately agree MS is too pricey. not arguing with you but im just tired of hearing that, its like some ppl dont believe MS can make a premuim device.
  • Seems reasonably priced to me
  • Peple pay 900 dollars for 1 iPad.....
  • Surface is better ...
  • Any chance of a trade on option for us surface 2 owners? This would be a welcomed good faith gesture from MS. After all we will probably see very little of Windows 10.
  • Is anyone saying it's expensive? Funny that a 16gb oversized iPod is a steal at $499, but a 64 GB full PC tablet is a ripoff. Oh apple fan boys.
  • Because people with different opinions must be fanboys.  I think the Surface tablets' price should include the price of a single keyboard.   That said, while both are tablets, I would say they still serve different purposes.
  • The iPad has actual worthwhile apps.  Enough said.  Windows has GREAT 1st party apps but using a surface as a tablet is a lousy experience because 3rd party apps either completely blow or don't exist.  
  • You can get a better laptop for $500.
  • The problem with the iPad comparison is that Surface is not the only Windows tablet. For $700 with the Asus T300 you can get a slightly more powerful Core M 2-in1 tablet that includes the attachable Bluetooth keyboard. For the same price of $500 you can get the Asus T100 Chi which also includes the keyboard. The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 also has similar specs, much better battery and includes the keyboard for $370. Where Surface 3 stands out is the new Atom processor, full size USB, and active digitizer. But are those worth the premium? Maybe to some. Personally I am very happy with the much thinner designs of the Asus Chi and Lenovo Yoga tablet 2. I'd love if they'd add a full size or USB-C to the barrel of the Yoga Tablet 3. There is no question that the Surface 3 blows the iPad Air out of the water both in hardware and software capabilities, but Windows tablets are a much more competitive market.
  • If it came with the pen and type cover included, then I would buy it.  I don't have a new iPad or other tablet either; price being one of many reasons.
  • That's what I paid for my 32g RT 2 1/2 years ago.
  • I think the point is they should have a premium tablet with an entry level price (Google's Nexus 7). I think everyone was expecting a Surface mini at $250-$300. That would have been perfect. At $499 you might as well spend the extra couple of hundred and get the pro. 
  • The pricing and advertising remind me of car commercials. They say the price of the cheapest model but then show a car loaded with all the options. As long as MS is clear about what's really included then it's fair. I do think the keyboard is too expensive, should be no more than $100.
  • Welcome to just about all commercials.  It is never about being perfectly honest with people.
  • The Surface Pro 3 doesn't start at 499 far from it. And it is expensive especially with the keyboard and stuff, it's far from a laptop replacement honestly. Around 200 for an add on keyboard is too much. It should come standard Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You guys are really milking the Surface 3 news for all it's worth today, huh?
  • i think the prices are perfect without the acessories, im currently running Surface v1 and its still alive and kicking. the reason i would definately get this because i can run my IT practice software for my studies and other programs. if you guys remember that the S2 32gb was for $500 and was rt, this runs full programs without the extra power of SP3's. this article is needed because even though this site is windows it needs to be compared to other devices, especially the ipad because thats the first thing people will compare any Microsoft manufactured device. just like when the original surface came out it was compared and the surface was always known for giving more for the same price ipads were for but yet its still to expensive. it seems to me that people only believe that Apple is the only company that makes a premium device and there price is worth it, but hey atleast we wont have that app gap problem ipads honestly if you can find a device with the same or better spec at  cheaper price bymall means have at it, im buying me a S3
  • Honestly, I think the price is in the right area for the Surface 3. As mentioned above, I do agree that the accessories could be a little lower priced/affordable.
  • Sometimes windows 8.1 desktop bugs out and you need the keyboard this is a fact. If this never happened you could maybe get away with it
  • Nope because theres a virtual keyboard in the desktop and even in the UEFI
  • So tired of hearing people who probably can't afford it cry about it being so expensive. Seriously the iPad is an expensive peace of shit. Yeah, I said it. I can rightfully pass my opinion being that I owned (until I sold it earlier this year) an iPad 2 and I still own and use the Surface RT,I also use an iPad Mini daily. No that that's out of the way. Besides what was already pointed out in the article. The solid build quality of the Surface is better than the iPad. The fact that you can use a pen that is designed specifically for the tablet as a OEM accessory is better. Not having to buy a separate case just to prop it up is better. The expensive case on my Mini sucks I believe it's a Targus one. Had the same one on the iPad 2. Infact the screen on the Mini cracked this week because (1) the build quality isn't solid. (2) the case sucks.
    Before you say something about that. Take my old Lumia 920 which was dropped numerous times in the same parking lot getting out of my truck,took just over a year to finally crack the screen and I never used a case. I can still use it with it's severely damaged screen today just as nothing ever happened. So to you cry babies,go suck a nipple.
  • Considering a decent laptop costs around 700-1000 bucks, this pricing is quite reasonable. And it's running a full OS.
  • The prize problem is not that this device is too expensive for what it can do, but that there is no cheaper Surface tablet for those who only want a tablet and not a laptop replacement as well. And don't forget that the Surface RT and 2 had a full version of Office included! Worth about $150. For the Surface 3 you will have to pay starting next year if you need the full version. The Surface 3 is good but also a bit too similar to the Pro. A new Touch Cover for only $70 dollar would be a nice start to sell even more devices to the iPad audience instead of cannibalizing their own Surface Pro territory.
  • This isn't even a debate. It's expensive. I would never recommend someone pay $700 for an Intel Atom convertible tablet--or even $600 for an Atom tablet with a pen. (It's close to $600 with taxes). That's expensive for the vast majority of Americans. Some expensive items are worth it. This is not. It's about $100 too expensive. Given the price, most consumers will choose a traditional laptop or a tablet with a pen, such as the Toshiba 2 Write and save hundreds of dollars. As far as the iPad comparisons, the Surface without a keyboard or pen doesn't come close to the iPad in terms of value or usefulness. 1) The touch UI is not nearly as good and will get even worse with Windows 10. 2) The available apps pale in comparison to what the iPad offers, not to mention the lack of updates, the fact that apps can be pulled at any moment, and that it often takes 6 months to a year for something to debut on Windows after it is made available on iOS. 3) iPads are more than casual consumption devices, they have the Office mobile suite (including OneNote) and can be used with a capacitive stylus like the Bamboo stylus.
  • I have to jump in and say that a bamboo stylus isn't even remotely as good as the surfaces pen. It's fine if you want to do light writing but, for artists like me, a capacitive pen without pressure sensitivity is a bad joke. Also, the iPad has more touch- centric apps but nowhere near the number of programs and games on Windows and it has no ports which is a lifesaver on Windows tablets. To put it another way, I don't find the Surface line a ripoff. As always, we have options.
  • I think the answer is, yes, the Surface 3 is a little too expensive--especially the peripherals, but the biggeer story is how exorbitantly overpriced the comparatively worthless iPad is.
  • Yea I don't find it worthless nor do the people that buy the product. Just because it's worthless to you doesn't mean it is worthless to everyone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I find the Surface 3 is far more valuable than the comparably priced iPad. But that's not the right comparison. There are many other 2 in 1 windows devices on the market that better compare with the Surface. For me, the Surface Pro 3 looks like a small bump in price for a lot more PC.
  • Ok, so for us Kiwis its $800, $200 for the Keyboard, $80 for the Pen. That's a fair chunk of change, and oddly not a lot less than the low end Pro 3.  I'll probably still head along and check one out though. It'd be a straight sale if they bundled the keyboard.    
  • To be fair, the iPad is overpriced... I think $499 is fair for what the S3 give you. Assuming the CPU performs well. Would be nice if the keyboard came with it, but oh well.
  • Made it a little way through the comments, and figured I would share... We deployed a bunch of ipads in our business a couple years ago. We needed to include a case and keyboard with them to make them "productive" devices. We went the cheap route with soft cover folio cases including a small Bluetooth keyboard. $80 or so. These didn't last. The folio cases disintegrated over time, and the keyboards needed to be charged separately. Once the cases fell apart, the keyboards generally went with them. Then came the mad rush for clam case pros.... At $200 a pop. Thus made the iPad feel more like a laptop, and more than doubled the weight. Of course there were always the questions like "why can't I get a mouse for this thing?".... Mostly from the more tenured staff, but you get the idea. Then there were all the adapters and whatnot.... And the real kicker. We were never truly successful in getting back all of the laptops that the ipads were supposed to make obsolete. Hmmmmm. Certainly, we had the additions of MDM and the like to manage the ipads, and the trick of making them connect to corporate resources such as file shares and line of business web applications that weren't totally designed for tablet use. We made it all work, but it was more than I think management had bargained for in terms of actual cost. All this said - and yes, MS has been slow to market with this stuff - but the surface line of devices is quite the achievement in design, function and...... PRICE.
  • They need to undercut the iPad not match it.
  • I agree 100%. For far too many people, if they're given the choice of a Surface or an iPad, both priced the same, they will mostly choose the iPad. Microsoft should lower the price just a little to entice the public.
  • If you don't like the price, just wait until the Surface 4 comes out in about a year. Then, the price of the Surface 3 will be more affordable. Problem solved!
  • The problem is that a majority of consumers are only looking at price. They will see the Surface 3 and iPad are both $499. They arent looking at storage, RAM and ports. They know the iPad has all the apps and that all their friends and family have them. The Type Cover costs around $16-20 to manufacture depending on who you ask. A bundle with a Surface 3, Type Cover and Pen for $499 would have been a huge hit. The more reasonable approach would have been to launch at $399 with 32GB storage. Windows 10 allows the user to install apps on the SD card so base storage isnt as critical as it is in Windows 8. Still likely to get one myself as I already have the first 2. Going to wait to see the benchmarks first.
  • I bought a 1st gen Surface RT for more than this, this is worth it's price doubly and then X 3 + pen and ➗ keyboard
  • iPad Air 2 64GB with Apple Smart Cover = $640
    Surface 3 64GB with Type Cover = $630 That's the best way to think of it IMO
  • It isn't expensive due to its power capabilities' and versatility's in my opinion... But considering I am always broke... Just isn't for my pocket...
  • If they MSFT launches the Surface 3 in India and bundles in the Pen and Type Cover with the base model, with a price of around ₹45-50K mark then its a good buy, anything above that is a bit too expensive for me.......
  • After typing with the Type2 Cover, the experience doesn't justify the price. The only positive is the integration with the Surface in form factor and keys. By comparison, I am happy with the old HP TouchPad BT keyboard. *for that price, I'd take a desktop OS device over a mobile OS any day that won't get outdated by updates
  • I'm actually interested in the LTE version, I think the price is comparable, I work with people that have the pro and they're happy with it, can't wait to see a fully stable W10 on these things
  • guys, lets be honest... this device is not expensive at all... Not bundling it with the pen was a good option to reduce the price, at least we, customers will only have to buy what we need... in other words keyboard and the tablet are enough... i'd have find it very expensive if office was not pre-loaded on it.... and remember that for most users, having a surface 3 is enough, no need to have another computer on top of it... comparing it to spending at least $500 on an ipad, and at least $600 for another pc on top of the iPad, i think this device's price is reasonable
  • This article was written very defensively. The fact is that iPad is the top dog in the tablet world. Speaking of market share not specs or usefulness. The top dog gets to set the price point. The problem is Microsoft is selling a tablet at a laptop price. As a tablet, the Surface falls behind the iPad in the all important "app ecosystem" category. The fact that a Surface can potentially replace your main computer makes it intriguing, at the iPads price. The problem is that the Surface isnt laptop or PC replacement without a keyboard. it wouldn't be as big of a deal if the keyboard from my previous Surface would fit on the new one. ​ ​
  • Well, the term "expensive" is such a subjective thing anyhow. People claiming that this is "expensive" are likely doing so from their "overpriced" iPad/iPhone with one hand and their Starbucks gourmet coffee in another. I hate the term "expensive" because it is used so callously without any that's for value. There is really only one judgement on this: Do a lot of people buy it at the suggested price? Then it's not expensive OR overpriced.
  • its too expensive cause I cant just go to the store and buy one whenever I want lol, but yea the price is just right considering the competition and what it offers, and if the battery lasts just as long as the surface 2 then I'm sold, I wish it was 12" too or at least the same res as pro 3 but whatever, it fits my needs just fine, only disappointment is not having a new fancy front facing camera for Microsoft hello
  • I think the price is good,it has great build quality. The problem is that the pen and the keyboard pushes the price pretty high but for me the tablet alone is well worth 499.00.
    This will be my next tablet.
  • Wow. A business thread in the comment section here. I just wanna see a simple review on games, browsing and youtube.
  • Wait till you see malaysian Price. SP3 64GB is MYR2729.00 without tax. About $725. Nice one MS
  • I'm glad that Microsoft has created this surface 3 which will definitely become a replacement for my net book (Sony VAIO that now rings windows 10 technical preview)... Unfortunately I'll have to buy it from Europe or the USA. Do you know why? Microsoft Surface products are not available at any store here in Qatar. There are dealers that sell surface products but they sell them at unimaginable and unreasonable price. It's really expensive. I had to buy a convertible PC considering the lack of stores selling the MS surface pro 3 and the exorbitant price point. MS needs to look into this..... MS is not doing well here in Qatar with both it's surface line of products and it's phones....
  • I see tons of iPads with much do they end up costing on top of the $499 iPad?  The other day a co-worker was showing everyone a video on YouTube.  Instead of paying attention to the video I kept wondering where she got her nice looking little laptop.  Then I realized it was a case/protective shell for her iPad that had a keyboard and protected her tablet.  How much was THAT? Apple sells a (non-attachable) wireless keyboard for $69.  I realize the price difference but it doesn't attach.  So why is everyone bitching?  I don't see a review saying, "...but then you have to buy the iPad keyboard for an additional $69 and..." NO ONE HAS to do ANYTHING when they buy either of these $499 devices.  It's a choice we make allowing these devices to be more convenient after we purchase them. For the record: I used my Surface Pro 3 today outside my home, without the keyboard but with the pen, while I researched information and talked to a contractor about a bedroom and bathroom addition.  Right now I'm enjoying typing this post on my convenient typecover at my desk. Don't see a waste of money for me at all yet.
  • $499 with keyboard would be an instabuy but now not so much.
  • They should have learned from last time to bundle the accessories and keep the price point. They are advertised all the time together, people assume they come as one unit. I wonder how many sales have been lost because people get hung up on the $130 price differential?
  • I believe the Surface 3 is priced well. Personally for me, I don't need the pen. I would fork over cash for the type cover however. I guess work the combo price of both this could fall into laptop price. But the size and flexibility of the tablet would win me out in the end.
  • It is too expensive for what it is, a solution looking for a problem. Where's the distinction between the Surface and Surface Pro tablets now as they both run the same OS, can both run the same applications and, frankly, if you're looking to spend this much on a tablet then just spend a bit more for the Surface Pro.
  • In Italy cost the same....
  • Comparing overpriced tablet with an overpriced ipad
  • The problem is that with Windows 10, and to a lesser degree 8, you do end up needing a keyboard. If they were to release Windows 10 with a "permanent" tablet only mode where the desktop was completely hidden, then yes, you could do away with the keyboard. Apparently they are not going down this route however and are instead releasing a Windows "mobile" version for smaller tablets. But only for new ones, so those of us hoping to run, what is basically Windows Phone on our HP Stream 7's and 8's are screwed. As are those wanting a tablet only experience on an iPad sized tablet.
  • It really comes down to how people use an iPad vs a Surface. This means "Apps!" Something that Microsoft has struggled with and seems to be losing ground on. So this is comparing Apples to Pears...its kind of the same, but different. I like the simplicity of apps for some things and a real desktop for others...Microsoft is promising that they can do both, but without proper app support they can't fulfill that promise. Maybe that's why they are trying to run Android apps in Windows 10. That said $499 is a great deal with the specs...but they can't market to the "App" addicted masses.
  • Should have discount provided on the keyboard and pen when users buy surface 3
  • Folks I still hink the sweet price for a tablet 10 inch is 350 to 400 dollars the Surface 3 is affordable but not in the sweet spot. I think Microsoft will sell a lot of them. I wish however Microsoft would sell a non surface 8 inch tablet like the Dell windows 8.1  8 inch Tablet with a Pen.for about 350$. this tablet would be affordable to everyone and useful. The Surface line of tablets still cost over 500 dollars when you consider the fact the Surface 3 costs 499$, and it's type/cover 129$ and the Pen 49$  total cost 677$ for the whole Surface 3 system. Microsoft still has not got a budget concious Tablet. Although I will buy a Surface 3 LTE version when avaiable I wish Microsoft had a less expensive line of Tablets. I do want MS to be like Apple have expensive gear
  • Given the sales figures for the iPad, $499 is the actual sweet spot for the tablet marketplace. Pricing a tablet cheaper than the iPad has never worked. Apple has conditioned Tablet buyers to pay more for the perception of "Betterness".
  • Does Samsung charge you for the s pen with its not devices. Why not? The fact that the keyboard doesn't come with any surface devices is an issue. Every journalist not on this site has stated that. The marketing is all wrong and no one would buy this if they need mobile apps cause the ecosystem for that on Windows is terrible. they buy them as ultra portable PCs that can run full Windows desktop apps. That's the only reason to get one. And Windows apps aren't designed for on screen keyboards covering 40% of the screen nor are they designed for touch. They had to port office mobile apps to Metro because desktop office is so terrible on tablets FFS. If I'm not running desktop apps, then I'd get an iPad over this any day if the week and the user experience there is not crippled by the lack of a keyboard and trackpad. Uses detarched keyboards is a portability nightmare and not something those of us who already have a lot of things/equipment to tote around d have to deal with. You can get iPad covers for less than the price of the pen, which I don't think is that necessary. It's the keyboard that should be bundled. With out it, this is a crippled laptop and a terrible tablet with few and terrible tablet apps. It's a solution looking for a problem.
  • Does it not depend on the end user? Most people who use an iPad just want to browse the web, banking, or put music or photos on their tablet. The Surface is very much capable of doing that for a good majority of users. The app gap is honestly the only thing it can't compete on, but once again it depends on what apps one would NEED. I can say most apps aren't a necessity, but can be nice to have or good time killers with games. You're really going to compare the S Pen to the Surface Pen? It's nowhere near the same quality and doesn't give you the same features either.  S Pen doesn't feel like a pen in weight or writing. Isn't comfortable to hold for long. Doesn't have an erase button or select button. Doesn't quick launch note taking apps. Isn't as accurate along the edges. Doesn't have a built in pen clip.  Let's not discredit the Surface Pen here.
  • In italy, the basic model of surface 3 cost the same of the basic model of surface pro 3 (660 euro with pen)....what's sense?
  • Something. Must. Be. Wrong. The "ships by" date is the same for US and Australia? I know it's April 1, but surely MS aren't even comically suggesting they've found an atlas?
  • "16GB of internal storage versus 64GB of internal storage with microSD card expansion in the respective base models from Apple and Microsoft." That sentence needs to be rewritten. There is obviously no MicroSD expansion in the iPad.
  • "Arguably, if there's a strong case that Microsoft is charging too much for the Surface 3 it's in the accessories and not the tablet." This cracks me up considing your compairing it to an Apple product.  The cables alone cost 50-70$!  After that, most of the accessories are 3rd party.  Apple's to Apple's, the Surface 3 blows the iPad away without the accessories.  You just get more! 
  • No one I know pays $50-70 dollars for iPad cables.
  • Just compare Surface 3 to the New MacBook, problem solved.
  • The trick is with "too expensive" is that you inevitably start competing on price, not quality. I'm happy that I see Microsoft and Samsung's more expensive competing on the high end against the iPad, and not the "lets see how cheap we can make this" range. They have to compete with quality and features, not price and whatever features can still be left in after cutting corners. And, frankly, by being this expensive, Microsoft's OEM partners can't really complain about direct competition. I do think that Apple should release an iPad with Wacom support, though. It'd be a natural fit for them, and I beleive they cross-license patents with Microsoft. Add in whatever bits work, and there you go (I'm assuming MS has better handwriting recognition these days).
  • Apple should've partnered with Wacom long ago when Apple was (still kind of is) for the creative graphic design or CAD user. They dropped the ball and now that Microsoft owns N-trig I feel like Apple and Wacom are both losing out on the creative market.   While Wacom is great. THEY are overpriced and have no competition. I feel Microsoft/Ntrig can easily give them a run for their money.
  • I don't think there is any point in arguing who needs a pen and a keyboard. If it comes withthin the same price, everyone would have loved it. If it came with just a marginal increment in price (say around $50 for both) then probably those who truly don't need those would not buy, rest everyone would. However, making them this expensive means that only those who desperately need those will only buy. Not to forget there are third party covers/keypads that are available at much lower prices. Pricing of the tablet is right, but not of the accesories. 
  • The only thing that I find truly expensive is the Keyboard covers. I always thought they should be cheaper even if they were 99 dollars. The stylus is actually very reasonable when in comparison to other styli. The sucky part about it though is when you keep losing them....
  • I won't argue about the build quality of the tablet you are getting, Microsoft builds excellent quality devices, my problem is, I think its to costly for specs you are getting - 500$ for an Intel atom and 2gb of ram. Even if they throw in the pen its to exp. Then there is the 4gb version for 600$. With the same Intel atom. A surface pro 2 with 8gb ram 256gb of storage costs 700 on amazon not to mention it also has the core i5 processor. That is better value for money. The surface 3 should have been priced at 399 and 499 not 499 and 599
  • It is quite interesting why one would like to claim that ANY Windows based tablet, including Surface is a better deal than iPad. Maybe in terms of raw power and some hardware details, like usb and hdmi ports. But that is all. The everyday usability of Windows tablet (and I had three of them and still do have one) lags behind iPad's. There is no consistency and appeal in function of so called "modern" programs, no real screen keyboard appearing on demand, without searching for it. There is no real touch oriented apps yet! Years after introduction of first tablets! Microsoft, is fooling us and themselves that tablets are useful. They are not. They are good as a replacement for desktop or laptop when used with external mouse and keyboard.That's the only true point of that promotional document. As a standalone tablets, they are simply clumsy. Clumsy starting from the moment you try switching them on, groping for the correct button located in the most unpredictable place on the tablet. Let's try to do it in the darkness, forget it! Windows button is usually hidden as well and its function is hard to tell. One would expect it should be the switch on/of and start menu button, but it is not. hardware sound buttons are usually hard to manipulate because of incredible small sizes. How do you switch the sound off when all of sudden unexpected web program start blasting music at 1 am in the night? Windows does not present software button for sound anywhere on the screen, unless you are in the desktop mode. Same with time!  You need to have MS Band or apple watch on your wrist to tell how long did you work with yur tablet... So, why making those big claims? iPad is maybe limited, but logical in its construction and operation. And I am the long time user of Windows, starting from version 1...
  • I do not see how at all this is too expensive in USD. Name any other product with similar form factor and attention to detail, support from its manufacturer, and quality in materials in this price're left with very few--if any--alternatives.
  • So much stupid talk about Surface 3, and nobody talks about the pen tech... is it Ntrig? and is it better or worse than Surface pro 3? I mean, Microsoft bought Ntrig so they should have been working with them closer than when they released SP3, so it might be better? or the same? nobody talks about the important but stupid crap. always stupid crap... and comparing crap, and talking more crap.
  • They should lower the price both surface 3 and its accessories too.. Quite expensive for Intel atom chipset.......
  • Sadly price is a bit high for my liking.  Then again, not many stylus enabled tablets running on teh new Atom chips.  Wish they'd charge a bit less on keyboards though.  Still... overall.  My next computer will be a Surface of some variety. 
  • It is not expensive... you just can't afford it...
  • Since MS bought the company which make Surface's pen I expect more from the pen and the way it will be handled.
  • In my opinion, it's well priced, but also expensive enough that the money would be better contributed towards something better.
  • The pricepoint is not offputting, however the screensize of 10.8 inches is to small to be used practically as a laptop replacement device. 13.3 inch is the ideal size as still portable and useable as a laptop, even the surface pro 3 is just that bit too small to be a laptop replacement.  
  • One buys surface bcoz of its kickstand, hardware beauty and surface pen. One can simply go for any other windows oem tablet like ACER, Lenovo etc.
  • The price of the tablet, keyboard and docking station when taken separately are all reasonable however buy them all and becomes a very expensive yet competent tablet.
  • Overpriced. Glorified netbook in tablet form. Priced at $299 would make this more fitting. There are sub $300 dollar laptops with 4gb and quad atom/celeron. Even $350 would be decent price.
  • If I look at the price of the Surface 3, I do not see an issue. This is priced appropriately. If I look at an iPad Air 2 16GB, I'm looking at the same price, with less features that fit my needs. Now, everyone want have a use-case for the Surface 3 and could very well chose the iPad for its apps, but there is no questioning Apple's price. Maybe its this idea that Microsoft for some strange reason should be "racing to the bottom" on prices. Anything associated with the Surface line has been followed by the same complaints about, not including keyboards, being $100 too high. Of course, people can say, "Well, Microsoft should listen and they'd sell BOATLOADS more!" Would they really though? Would Mercedes offering their cars at a Toyota Corolla price, all the sudden take them to the top, as the biggest auto supplier? Lowering and lowering the price to win the hearts of those, who may honestly not even consider buying one, is like me talking about Ferrari prices while I'm in Hyundai. These prices have been the same since the Surface was introduced. Even with a near billion dolls write off, MS bounced back to create another billion dollar revenue stream for the company. This is with the SAME prices. The keyboard is STILL separate, albeit the pen is included, these tablets are still priced at the upper spectrum. So, in reality their plan is working. This is premium level product. Thus the price reflects that. Dropping prices and losing more money on each unit, when your current model is working, is dumb business. Unless, it tanked and took a major hit, only then would a price drop be appropriate. They've proven that the price hasn't scared away those who truly are going to buy this product. Of course, anything in this world you van buy, would be great cheaper, but its not the same usually. The quality has to take a hit or he company does. Either way, the longevity is at risk. The Surface line wouldn't maintain ita accolades of high quality by having a price in line with something plastic built. That's not even mentioning the fine balance they must play with OEMs and not directly competing in their respective classes. We all want cheaper and quality, unfortunately, rarely does it include both. In the tech field that's even moe apparent. You could easily take McDonalds Mcdouble for all your cheeseburger needs, but is it really on the same level as the Kobe beef one? Both do the same thing; satisfy hunger, but still many opt for the latter. I'll happily take thus new Surface 3 and have mo complaints. IMO they have it right.
  • Please use paragraphs. I want to read what you are saying, but I just can't.
  • Tell you what though. It won't come bundled with loads of crapware like a comparablely priced piece of hardware from another Windows OEM.
    In a price war against other Windows devices, it wins hands-down just because of that :P
  • I am a very happy owner of the Surface 2 (RT) and have been using it for about 1,5 years now. I didn't buy the Type Cover first and had the tablet as it was. After a few weeks I realized one thing (which still has not changed): Even though you don't need as many apps as Android and Apple tablets because of the possibility to just use the browser (flash included) for most of the websites (=making the Surface an awesome tablet even without all the dedicated apps), still most of these websites are not touch friendly! There are many, many "hover over" problems and also other issues accuring when being used with touch only. Actually, at least for me, for most of the things I do with my Surface as a student I definitely need some other input device except the normal touch. The Surface is constantly being advertised as a student tablet because of the note taking capabilities (full office package and so on) which is definitely true. As I said: I use my Surface for quite a lot of things. BUT: because of the Surface being a "productive tablet for students" I think the Type Cover should always be a part of the Surface experience. That is how MS advertises it anyway...  Just as a tablet... I don't think the Surface is going to win. It is not a simple tablet, at least that is not how I see it (which can, of course, be wrong). It is too big for a simple does not have all the touch friendly apps a simple tablet would need (compared to Apple and Android. note: personal opinion!). The real "awesomeness" of the Surface is the great package with all the amazing things it CAN do "normal" tablets can't. It has the amazing kick-stand, it has an usb 3.0 port, it has a video-out port, it has a windows file explorere etc... I use every single one of those every day and love it. Quite a few times these were able to "save lives" from fellow colleaques of mine, because they were able to use my Surface for all the things they would have used a normal laptop and were not able to because of having "just a tablet"... BUT: All of this only works because I have a Surface  + Type Cover combo and can use it as a note taking/productivity device (laptop device as advertised by MS) and as a simple tablet with the cover attached at the back part. I tried a BT keyboard and other input devices for e few times and it was not really a convenient experience... You need extra batteries, need extra space for carrying the keyboard, need a table or something like that for placing the Surface and the keyboard on it (if using the Type Cover, you can use it on your lap without any issues) and so on... But if you have a Type Cover, you just flip it (works as an awesome screen protector) and put it in your bag... bam! Sure, you can use bt devices if you need it just for 10% of the times you use your Surface... For a few notes or maybe an email or two... but if you use it the way it is meant to be used (again: personal opinion) then you will need something more convenient...  Very long, long story short: I think the Surface is awesome because of the whole package. And one of the most crucial parts of that package is the Type Cover without the need of extra batteries, extra pairing and so on... If you want to have that package here in Germany you will have to pay: Surface 3 = 599€ (~645 USD) 
    Type Cover = 150€ (the Type Cover for the Surface Pro 3 costs "just" 130€) combined: 599€ + 150€ = 749€ o_0  The Surface Pro 3 costs 799€... Although it does not have the Type Cover included (which would cost 20€ less than the S3 Type Cover), it still comes with the pen...  I think it is totally ok that the pen costs extra for the Surface... Unlike the Type Cover it is not something I would call "crucial" for the Surface experience...  As I said: I am a very happy Surface 2 user and see the Surface 3 as my next tablet... but for that price... sadly I will have to pass...   
  • On the face of it £410 ($499) seems expensive but the specs are far batter than the iPad equivalent at that price. Though I would point out you could do what I did and get a barely used Pro 3 for around the same price on eBay. I do agree the accessories should be cheaper (at least if bought as part of a bundle). Cool MS logo on the back.
  • I am not a fan of apple but, the iPad air 2 is sold for the same € as $ dollar price namely 499! I really wonder why MS is not willing to do the same.
  • Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if MSFT offered trade in value for those of us who bought the Surface 2 (mines less than a year old). Since they have chosen to kill RT, but worse still have not come up with a way to offer full Windows 10 (or at least something which emulates it fully) If they at least did that, most of us would be happy, and they would retain customers.
  • But Windows 10 doesn't work as a tablet, so you're comparing a touchscreen laptop with a tablet.
  • Can wait here just take my money !!!! Was waiting on the pro 4 to come out so i can get the pro3 but this works great for what i want to do with it. Best part they kept the premium look.
  • $499 in US and €609 in Netherlands? Yeah, good job MS! For those who insists the comparison in the same contry, the price of Surface Pro 3 at €799 in NL WITH the pen. The Surface 3 with pen will cost €658, the price difference is €141, which is too small for Surface 3 worth considering. While in US, this price difference is $251! And that's a reasonable differentiation.
  • Me too think the price is adequate enough... I'm an owner of a Convertible laptop that also has Pen capability, but seeing that Surface is now this cheap, I'm willing to just buy the device and pen only.
  • I see that somebody is missing the point: MS sells its OS to Asus, Dell, Acer, Lenovo.... What they could think about a Surface at 300$? Do you want a Surface? 499 $ as minimum. Do you want something different/less expensive? OEM are there for you...MS does not need to compete with its partners.
  • Thank you much for saying this. I can't believe all of these complaints
  • Very true. The Surface line is, I think, to be a premium product without any crapware installed. The best Windows "signature" experience on leading edge devices. There are plenty of lesser machines for less money.
  • £350 for the vanilla and £419 Including the Type Cover would have been good. In UK its announced at £419 for vanilla which seems a tad too close to the Surface Pro 3 entry level price. Ill get one with Type Cover and Pen, but i think i'll wait until MS starts knocking some pennies off.. Not in any hurry to replace my Surface 2, so Microsoft are going to have to tease me to open my wallet again anytime soon.
  • Bezels are quite fat   How about the connectivity? Does it have 'connected stand-by' or does it hibernate after 4 hours like the SP3'?
  • The price is too high here in Finland. Price for surface 3 is 619€, but for 100€ more you get a surface pro 3 i3 (that has the pen included, which costs 54,99€).
    Surface 3 or pro 3, it's a no brainer in that case.
  • Not bad pricing, I'd honestly like to see a $399 price tag.
  • If I look at what convertibles I get for €400, then €600 ex type cover without any deal anytime soon is too much. Compared to the cheapest SP3 the price is just ridiculous.
  • Too expensive! Surface is not going to sell with this kind of crazy price points! Apple iPad has already established its brand and reputation. MS need to make Surface cheaper in order to attractive buyers. If this goes on, W10 will not be popular and so much for Universal apps.  
  • Oh, please, stop comparing stuff to iProducts; they are all extremely overpriced and everyone knows it. Why not complete it to an Asus T100 Chi? It costs less including a keyboard and has own input (you just have to buy the pen)? The only difference is the professor and we still have to see just how good an x7 will be compared to the 3000 Atoms.
  • People who say that the Surface 3 is overpriced seem to only take into consideration those features they want to use as opposed to considering the devices as a whole and comparing them feature for feature. The pitchfork and torch bearers *really* want to be relevant on this issue, but they are mostly just loud and wrong.  
  • Well I have the 2025 even though its RT it's a dog. The touch screen is awful. Now stacking that next to my original surface its like night and Day. I'm not sure I would ever go with a watered down tablet again.
  • A tablet that can replace your laptop, then ask of the sudden who really needs a keyboard. What a shame. Here in the Philippines, the keyboard costs more than the zenfone 5. Woooow. Thank you microsoft, no one buys your super duper monopolizedly overpriced surface here in the Philippines.
  • Me personally, I wished they would've kept the price of $450 which they launched the previous Surface 2 tablet at. But $499 is not too bad. Its a premium tablet device. And the fact that it runs full Windows 8.1 also solidifies its price. However, i do believe the accessories are a tad bit too high. The type cover, while not an absolute necessity, is pretty much part of the total package as Microsoft advertizes. But honestly guys, I think y'all are getting worked up too much over this. We all know that third party accessories will be made for the device. I'm sure you can get quality third party keyboads, covers and even digitizer pens that will be compatable with Surface 3 once this thing get out into the wild. OEM branded accessories almost always carry a premium price. This is nothing new.
  • As an owner of the 3 pro I actually consider the type cover to be a far more useful addition than the pen (which is very handy when I'm using my lighting software or need pinpoint accuracy without the trackpad). Bundle it with the cover for an extra hundred bucks and I think this would fly off shelves. Long story short, I could live without the pen, but the type cover? That shit is 100% a benefit.
  • I think the surface pro three price is okay. I still do not understand that the type or touch cover is not part of the deal price. I frankly think its shortsighted. I own a surface pro one. The reality is that you do regularly use it with a keyboard. Sure the argument can be that you can use your own bluetooth, wireless or usb keyboard. But by design the surface pro is made to a a cover design. Not providing one is like selling an incomplete product. And yes, then its easier to see that the price is too expensive. In that regard I think the stylus could be debated, but I think selling a seperate keyboard for 130 dollars that can only be used on a single device line is really overpriced and frankly inexcusable. My experience is even that it is almost next to impossible to sell your surface pro on the second hand market with a touch or type cover. So you're left with a device that in the real world is seen as overexpensive and has issues with resale because no one wants half a product. If microsoft wants user choice and real world sense they would have never designed the magnetic connectors at the bottom and just build a surface case with matching bluetooth keyboard as an accessory. Then I would understand a 130 dollar price tag better, and I would understand choice better. But the reality is most people will want, by design a cover keyboard. If the surface was designed like an ipad it would have made sense to me to buy a microsoft or other third party accessory keyboard. But again, the cover keyboards and surface were made to be together out of the box by design. It should be included in the price. Okay, that's my opinion on the surface + cover keyboard price thing.   Other question: Is the 500 dollar pricetag also for the 128 Gb model? If not, what is the 128 Gb model price?  
  • $599 for 4/128. $699 with LTE.
  • I think the proce point is way too high.  A Lenovo Yoga2 11" with a pentium quad core processor at BestBuy for 449.00 is a way better buy.  I was stupid enough to buy rge Surface 2 RT that will probally lose support with the Win 10 deployment.
  • Similar devices are sold for 200€. But if we consider the 64GB, the pen support, and the production quality, i could (generously) add another 150€ up to 350€ as a base price. Still I got 149.99 missing. What is this extra 150 for? (mind you in EU the entry level device is @599€ which makes it even more absurd.)  Yes, it is overall better than the iPad for the same price, but it's not cheap compared to similar Windows Tablet PC offers.
  • If the Surface 3 was $499 with the type cover and pen, that would be more reasonable. I've been waiting for an atom based surface for a while specifically for price reduction. $499 is not enough of a reduction when you can spend a little more for an i3 powered pro model. Should start at 299-350.
  • the price really isn't competitive. Comparisons aside, at the end of the day you're paying for a atom powered tablet. The biggest culprit for me is the type pad, in what universe does one look at that and say: yes this looks like a $130 piece of hardware.
  • this article ignores the central point in comparing the surface 3 to the ipad 2: microsoft is NOT apple apple has a fanbase and a market name that allows it to heavily overprice their products and still find a ton of fans to buy everything (even a watch that is incapable of lasting a day on one charge ...) microsoft does not, that is a simple fact. i own a surface 2 i like microsoft, i do not like apple, mainly because of their "we are oh so elite" approach, but the fact remains that microsoft does not have the marketing power it needs to successfully rip off customers the way apple does. in the phone market they understood this and actually went a bit overboard in my opinion, since now you can't put a foot down without treading on a low end lumia. in the tablet market the surface pro is a nice business variant, highly priced and a very good product for its nieche. the surface 3 however is consumer oriented. yes it is a tablet with slight laptop aspirations but it still is clearly a consumer product and as such it has to compete with whats already out there, which are other windows tablets (and many of those also have keyboards to attach). frankly the real competition does cost half of what the surface 3 goes for at the moment with similar specs. thats why people say it is overpriced.   don't get me wrong, i do think that microsoft can charge a premium for a surface, it is well built, has nice accessories and sells the high-end feel, but they can not go all out apple, so it does not make sense to compare a surface with an ipad. those two have different customer bases.   the price has to drop heavily or they will write off the next billion in a years time.
  • If the unit wnats to replace my laptop, it needs a keybaord, the one that fits the unit best is the MS type keyboard. (I have one on my surface 2 and I use it way more than the touch keyboard) My biggest concern may once again be with the super high resolution that I find makes all of these new devices, (surface pro3, Dell XPS13 and now this surface 3) difficult to see the text due to the super high resolutions. Demographics may be working against the super high resolutions. (Were all getting older)
  • When talking about he price point for me you need to differ between US and EU very much because the Surface 3 is place competetiv against teh iPad air 2 in the US but not in Europe.
    Considerung the US wher you have (all officel MS or Apple prices) iPad Air 2 16GB $499, iPad Air  64GB $599 vs Surface 3 64Gb $499 its much worse in Europe: iPad Air 2 (US)
    Surface 3 (US)
    iPad Air 2 (Ger)
    Surface 3 (Ger) 16GB $499
    16GB 499€ (~$538)
    - 64GB $599
     64GB $499
    64GB 599€ (~$645)
    64Gb 599€ (~$645) 128GB $699
    128GB $699
    128GB 689€ (~$742) 128GB 719€ (~$775) The worst in a way is comparing Surface Pro 3 vs Surface 3 from price point here in germany: Surface Pro 3 (US)
    Ger core i3, 4GB RAM
    64GB with pen
    799€ (~$861) Surface 3
    difference $250-300
    difference $162-216 atom, 2GB RAM
    64 GB without pen $499
    ($549 with pen) 599€ (~$645)
    (649€ with pen*) (~$699)  
      *price for pen estimated $50=50€ since ther i no price for the Surface Pen in german store. Final germanprice is likely to be more than 50€ Contacting MS Sale Support didn't help in understanding this. Maybe you guys fom WindowsCentral can get some infos or pass on this critic.
  • I think this tabel shows very good that the Surface 3 is place competetive in the US but not in GER and this applies for other europenan pries top: iPad Air 2 (US) Surface 3 (US) iPad Air 2 (GER) Surface 3 (GER) 16GB $499 - 16GB 499€ (~$538) - 64GB $599 64GB $499 64GB 599€ (~$645) 64Gb 599€ (~$645) 128GB $699 128GB $699 128GB 689€ (~$742) 128GB 719€ (~$775) The worst in a way is comparing Surface Pro 3 vs Surface 3 from price point here in Germany: Surface Pro 3 (US) US GER core i3, 4GB RAM $799 799€ (~$861)
    64GB with pen Surface 3 difference $250-300 difference $162-216 atom, 2GB RAM $499 599€ (~$645)
    64 GB without pen ($549 with pen) (649€ with pen*) (~$699) *price for pen estimated $50=50€ since there is no price for the Surface Pen in German store. Final German price is likely to be more than 50€
  • I don't use my Surface 2 with a touch cover.  I use it as a tablet for media consumption (not gaming) and honestly it works and sounds better than my iPad.  Not to mention the screen is larger and I can stand it up on the bathroom counter into he morning while I get ready for work. I pretty much use the iPad for tablet gaming.  They pretty much own the surface in that category.  
  • A bit too high for me to consider it but compared to the iPad, it is great value. $50 cheaper would've been more compelling.
    Actually, from a straight hardware POV there is no comparison, this tablet is a lot better than the iPad Air 2 or the Nexus 9.
    Sure, the app ecosystem and 'polish' is a lot better on iOS (and even Android to an extent) but with more quality Win devices on the market that will change.
    Generally iOS feels more polished but I prefer to use my cheaper Win tablet due to certain features that iOS lacks. My only concern is that with Windows 10 Microsoft isn't polishing the good touch features of Windows 8 but getting rid of most of it. 
  • Funny how this launched the day before April 1st.
  • I actually mentioned in the forums a day or two ago that the only thing keeping me from a Surface Pro 3 was the absurd price point once you add the keyboard (which is virtually not negotiable, you need it). For the price of the lowest tier SP3 you could get the entry level Macbook Air or Dell XPS, all of which would be far superior choices. This Surface though? It alleviates a ton of the pricing problem, even with the keyboard. It's basically a proper tablet size/price, but you get the benefits of full size PC applications for just a little more in price than an iPad Air 2. This is, IMO, the product the Surface should always have been... A tablet that has its roots in being a PC. The technology to properly accomplish it just didn't exist until now. My iPad mini is already on eBay. More than happy to make this switch... Maybe I'll even consider a Windows Phone again once they resolve the app gap.
  • Do people who want or need a possible laptop replacement hybrid device require a keyboard???? Hmmmmmm REALLY? The device is priced fine. $130 for the keyboard,  (which of course doubles as a very nice cover) and $50 for the pen is RIDICULOUS.  Constant advertising as a 'laptop replacement' with an 'oh-by-the-way' approach to pricing on OPTIONAL major pieces of the complete package can only further leave MS behind the curve when it comes to actually marketing their fine hardware. smh      
  • The type cover should be $100 tops, also to me the iPad is expensive, and, while the Surface 3 offers A LOT more value, it's still kind of expensive, they should lower the prices by $50, that way the starting price will be on par with the Surface 2 at launch. Also with the US Dollar going up it becomes more expensive.
  • The price is for the Quality....
  • Surface 3 is neither a tablet nor a laptop, its a confulet (confused tab+laptop). Stop competing with Apple and start fighting with android tablets/phones. $500 for Atom based PC? No way. It will crap out for sure if you run anything more than web browsing after 6 months. If you are selling it as PC replacement then people will compare with other PCs and it will get bad reputation. $500 for a tablet which is heavier than other tablets and had stand which tablet (ipad) users don't really care for. Windows fans will buy it but I don't see it gaining popularity. You can ask premium pricing if your product sells like a HOT cake not like surface.
  • The only problem with this argument is that you're basing it off in the USA only and not everywhere else where the prices are hiked for the Surface 3. In Canada the Air 2 costs 549$ for the base model while the Surface costs 639$ a 90$ difference for two base models. If the Surface 2 was priced as close as the Air 2 here then heck yes this thing would sell but it's considered way to expensive.
  • It's a shame Office is only for one year.  On Surface RT and Surface 2 the Office was perpetual.
  • start at 600€ in germany, I'm going to study abroad in germany and i cried when i see the price
  • this tablet can run both android emulator and DUAL BOOT with android too
  • The price is what it is. Many have commented on something that some folks don't seem to understand: Microsoft wants to help create and define product markets and show OEMs what can be done within those markets rather than continue the race to the bottom on price by building devices with cheaper and cheaper components. Some competition with these OEMs can't be avoided when Microsoft (wisely, in my opinion) started down this path, but they aren't going to do cheap devices because then they are contributing to the very problem they are trying to address. I also want to address a second point. I see lots of iPads in the wild but I rarely see one that is not attached to some keyboard cover of some type. I know Apple doesn't advertise the iPad with these attachments, but they certainly do encourage this "productivity" use case during their in-store sales pitches. People are using the iPad for things it wasn't designed to do by forcing it into accessories it wasn't designed for and yet I rarely read of complaints about the added cost to use an iPad for productivity, or even find reviewers of Surface devices who honestly compare the Surface with keyboard and pen to an iPad with comparable accessories.   
  • Here is what is missing from this story the fact that there are 15 makers of Windows based laptops that make $300 laptops with i3 processors. On those laptops they have usb ports, network ports, hdmi port, much more memory, better graphics processors, bigger screen. It is not a laptop, and its not meant to be. Its not even a twiner device. Its a gloried tablet with windows and office. This sold with an i3 at 400 I'd buy it. They would destroy the competitors. A tablet is a glorified toy, if they want to blow away apple give me all this for an i3 at 100-150 profit max. Stop trying to sell a lame laptop for $799 no they can forget it.
  • In Canada the iPad Air 2 starts at $549 CAD and the Surface at $639 CAD.  While some may argue that the Air 2 is 16 GB and the surface is 64 GB, and thats not a fair comparison.  I would say that while I see your point the Surface 3 is marketed as an iPad competitor. So without a lower statrting price can make it hard. I would also like to see just a basic screen cover without the keyboard as an option.  Because the keyboard is another $159.99 CAD. Add the pen For $59.99 for a total of $848.98 CAD.  That's a lot of money.  
  • Personally I'm excited about the $499 starting price. Granted the pen and keyboard, both of which I would want, would bolster the price a bit. But the device itself would certainly serve my needs primarily as a tool for writing and leisure. It shaves off a few hundred dollars from the Pro which I of course want but is a bit beyond reach right now. I think this is very competitive pricing for what one gets.188bet Would I like 20 dollars off of both the pen and keyboard. Sure! Who wouldn't. But my initial reaction when I saw the price was genuine excitement. I think Microsoft will do well with this device. And as Rich shared, Office is bundled free for a year. That is of course additional value to be considered.