ContaSconto - Review

Kitendo Labs is offering an interesting Windows Phone 7 application. ContaSconto is a simple, straightforward application that calculates cost discounts.

Italian for "Count Discount", ContaSconto is a handy application for your Windows Phone if you need a quick and easy way to figure out how much your savings will be. ContaSconta is presented in a clean, easy to navigate manner.

Follow the break to read more on this Windows Phone app along with some screen shots.

Calculating the Savings

The ContaSconto Hub lays everything out nicely.  The first page, which was added with the most recent update, has shortcut buttons for the various styles of calculations.  You can either tap on one of the buttons or simply swipe your way around the hub.

The remaining pages of the ContaSconto Hub will calculate the discounts in three ways:

From Full: Enter the full price and the discount percentage amount. You'll see the discounted price and how much you've saved.

From Final: If you need to find out what the full price was, just enter the discounted price and the discount amount. ContaSconto will show you the full price and the discounted savings.

Find Discount: Enter the original or start price, then the discounted price and ContaSconto will tell you how much of a discount you've received.

The last page of the Hub contains the applications credits and a feedback link where you can make suggestions and comments to the developer.

The application uses a keypad that is a slight deviation from your Windows Phone keypad to enter values. As you enter digits, the application automatically begins to calucate the discounts. The only thing lacking on the keypad is the ability to use it as a calculator.

While there are no settings to ContaSconto, the application does have an adaptive background for the current selected theme of the phone (black or white in the system settings).

Overall Impressions

I liked ContaSconto. It's an easy to use solution for determining discounts and the savings they bring.  It would have been nice if the the keypad could double as a calculator but as is, it's a very nice app for your Windows Phone.

I found ContaSconto to be a stable application with no crashes, bugs, or glitches experienced. There is a free trial version available and the full version is priced at $.99.

If you need to calculate discounts quickly and easily, ContaSconto is worth a look at. You can find it here (opens your Zune desktop) at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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