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Control for Xbox One loses mission, mods, and more to PlayStation 4 edition

Control is a supernatural third-person action-adventure that takes place in a universe similar to the one in Quantum Break. After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the new director struggling to regain control. Instead of taking place in a science fiction setting, Control explores mysticism in a modern light.

Earlier in 2019, it was revealed that due to marketing arrangements between 505 Games and Sony, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) version of Control will feature platform-exclusive content. However, this isn't just limited to cosmetic items, with the PS4-exclusive "Digital Deluxe Edition" packing the season pass, exclusive mission, and more. The PS4 version also grants early access to the game's two expansion packs prior Xbox One, although the duration of this exclusive period is unclear. The deal is now gaining traction on the Xbox One Reddit, with console owners seemingly disappointed by the practice.

As you can see from the image provided by developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher 505 Games, the Xbox One lacks a Digital Deluxe Edition.

The PS4 version gets in-game advantages like rare mods. It's unclear how beneficial these items will be, but further divides the two version's content offerings.

While exclusive content has existed for generations, Control's implementation brings a fully dedicated edition for those on PS4. Paired with exclusive bonuses and early access to updates, it's something to consider as its August 27, 2019, release approaches.

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  • How are these kind of deal legal ? Why not ship only half of the game to Xbox but the full one to PS4 to make the deal better ?
  • Unfortunately, it's legal. The way to fix this is for Microsoft to penalize developers or make it a clause that says the game will be $10 less if it's missing such significant content.
  • Consumer can fix this practice by uniting across platforms and boycotting said products. I'll be passing on this one.
  • @Dojo
    While I agree, gamers should unite against timed exclusives. The problem here is that it should work both ways. I see a LOT of hypocrites here crying about this, but they aren't saying anything if MS/XB does that.
  • You see alot of hypocrites? Can you give an example? What game did microsoft do this type of thing? The only thing i know of is call of duty timed exclusive back in the xbox 360 days and the tomb raider timed exclusive this generation. Developers are leaving out whole levels and stages. But expect us to pay full price? Im gonna pass on this game. I know alot of xbox gamers probably feel this way. Then developers are gonna say "See our game dont sell well on xbox!" And blame xbox gamers taste in games instead of blaming themselves.
  • "What game did microsoft do this type of thing?"
    Are you kidding? Or maybe you don't follow gaming?
    MS have been having these timed exclusives for years now. Games that comes as excluives that end up on other platforms later on.
    From the Ryse, DR3. From Rise of Tomb Raider, to Deadrising 4. Even recently they keep doing this Cities: Skylines, The artful escape, ashen, Session, Tunic, The Last Night, Tacoma,...
    They just keep doing it. Here is an hint for you. Whenever you hear the "console launch exclusive" at E3 or gamescom the game is a timed exclusive.
  • Not the same thing. I'd much prefer that I don't get to play a game for 6 months to a year then get missing pieces. They might as well just give the whole game to Sony IF these exclusive items hinder gameplay.
  • See? This is what I'm talking about.
    So now to defend MS/XB you're going to say that blocking the full game is better than blocking some missions? How about telling f*** Sony for what they are doing here and f*** MS for what they have been doing this generation?
    Why is it have to be f*** one company when it affects me and damage control/defend another one when it doesn't affect me?
  • Yeah, calm down. I don’t like the process either way but I’d rather not be able to play the game for months rather then get an unfinished one. Nier, What Remains. That Hell game, the old final fantasy games... I could keep going. It sucked I couldn’t play them when they came out but at least I wasn’t getting a lesser version
  • We are talking of a extra side mission here. And it'll probably come later for others. In this case, a XB1-only gamer can 1) buy the game at launch and wait for the extra content later or 2) wait that the extra content is available and then buy the game + the extra mission. In the case of delaying a ROTR, a PS4-only gamer can only do 1 thing. Wait one year to play the game. Looking at it this way there is really no reason to prefer delaying the whole game over delaying just a side mission.
  • I do follow gaming and your missing the point. These guy are taking away stages/levels. Meaning if I buy this game on Xbox I will feel like I don't get the whole story. Timed exclusives are different. Sony gamers get the whole story but at a later date. E.g. I don't mind buying call of duty on Xbox because I will get ALL the dlc at a later date. I won't even pick this up when it hits the bargin bin because I will feel Iike I'm buying an incomplete game with no way to buy or obtain the rest of the story. I do own a PS4 but I use that for exclusives like Yakuza God of war the last of us. But I prefer to collect games on Xbox. I'm passing on this game because this is just too much.
  • Did you seriously think they'll remove part of the story?
    Here the "Digital Deluxe Edition" for PS4 will have an extra side mission that's not related to the main story. I mean even I won't play that crap because I'll not buy the digital deluxe version of the game.
    Delaying a full game and make it sound as if it's an exclusive to mislead people is better than delaying an extra side mission?
    You can't be serious.
  • The Division and Battlefield 4 are two that I discovered in 30 seconds of research (which are specifically content related, not just an early release of the game, which apparently is ok by this forums standards). Sony has definitely done it more often, but Microsoft still engage in the practice, they just are far less willing to give money for exclusivity.
  • Neither of those fixes is plausible. The only penalty Microsoft can give to 505/Remedy is not putting the game on their platform. Even if Microsoft makes a clause saying the game will be cheaper for missing content…if 505/Remedy don't agree to such clause, then we're back to Microsoft not putting the game on their platform. Which again, is basically giving Sony a AAA game to promote as "console exclusive"
  • The way one company can fix this is by publicly saying they will stop stop doing this from now on. Instead they will use that money to make their own games for their customers. And every time something like this happen, talk about it and inform gamers about it.
    Let public opinion do the rest. MS can't really complain because they have doing a lot of timed exclusives deals throughout the generation. It would be hypocrite of them to complain about it.
  • Hi you're right that will be the best thing for Microsoft do. To obligated the developer to put the game cheaper for us on Xboxone being the we going to have not complete game.
  • The sad part about this, is that nobody will make a big deal about it. Why? Because PS4 is in the lead, so no one with a PlayStation will complain. If Microsoft did this, they would bring out the pitch forks and hate. I am tired of this exclusive content crap, if you are going to charge full price for a game, then I expect the full experience, no dumb content lock.
  • Microsoft did do this…In fact, it was last generation where Microsoft perfected this process of "timed exclusive content".
  • Xbox was under Don's lead.
    The guy who tell people to buy a xbox360 instead of a xb1 if you don't have a good internet connection.
  • This gen under Spencer MS did worse they delayed the entire games for other gamers. They had and still have so many timed exclusives...
  • Timed exclusive != exclusive content.
    Timed exclusive and timed exclusive content is more comparable. And deals, takes time to negotiate, to release the news. Deals don't happen over just 1 phone call overnight.
  • Exclusives period are a disgusting practice. Also, timed exclusives (although stupid) don't even remotely add up to another platform NEVER seeing the content. One platform should never receive a lesser game over another. All this does is hurt gamers.
  • There is a big difference between a full exclusive and a timed exclusives.
    When MS, Sony and Nintendo make an their own exclusive they are investing money into making games and that is a good thing. They are investing the money to make their platform more attractive for customers. Timed exclusives is something totally different. Here companies invest money only to delay games for other gamers. And try to mislead gamers with these timed or launch exclusives that I call "fake" exclusives. Often they lie about games not coming on other platforms and most of the time they don't want to even mention that it's timed or the duration...
    Instead of investing that way, it would have been so much better if they invested in making their own game.
    Bring games for their customers while not hurting players from other platform. So games like Uncharted 4, Gears 4 or Zelda botw are great for gaming. Timed deals like Rise of Tomb Raider, crackdown 4, Super Bomberman or this content aren't great for gaming.
  • I understand the need/benifits of exclusive games, especially 1st party studio games. However, I do believe that games should eventually be available on every platform. I see why this may be a contradiction, but I don't feel like I should have to miss out on Uncharted or Zelda just because I choose to own an Xbox and do not wish to invest in another system. The same goes for games only on PC stores. I understand that's the way it will almost always be, and there is little incentive for PS to allow uncharted to be on XB, other than the sales the game recieves which may not pay the costs to port. However, there is a big difference between a 1st party studio game to stay on a system and companies paying 3rd party publishers to delay their releases for a year or two. This is just a money grab by publishers and in poor taste for companies doing it. This only hurts the people who actually USE the product. This latest example is just disgraceful if it is true there is actually full on game story missions removed from a certain system.
  • Cool, hope people don't buy it then.
  • Oh the mighty have fallen, that's a bad deal
  • Don't plan on purchasing this... I thought QB was trash.
  • Won't be buying this, I have supported them on xbox all these years. I think this is such a disservice to all of there loyal xbox fans.
  • Shameful move by Sony, 505 Games, and anyone who condones this crap.
  • When MS made Rise of Tomb Raider a timed exclusive this is what a certain coip was actually defending MS and even saying things like:
    "Even more amusing than the PS4 fanboys b*tching about it is seeing all the "PC Master Race" fanboys crying."
    It's actually so funny to see comments of this topic.
  • Lol! Do you flag these moments in a history or do you just have an excellent memory? I hope I haven't said too many of these. I know I sometimes spout off idiocies without thinking. 😜
  • I'll wait for it to hit game pass
  • If this turns out to be a timed exclusive then Sony can **** off.
    Ive been trashing MS for this bs timed deals, I'm trashing Nintendo for their fake timed exclusives I'm trashing Epic for doing it on their store, Sony also deserves every bit of criticism if this turns out to be timed.
  • The sanitation workers arrive Wednesday of every week. I'll tell them to bring two trucks this time, to be able to pick up all that trash.
  • I couldn't agree more. Any company that does this crap should be called out, I don't care if it's the platform you love or not.
  • Ah, great! Another game I don't have to buy now.
  • I guess Remedy is giving Microsoft the finger, which is the wrong way to go about it. If anything they are just setting themselves up for failure. I rather have a game be platform exclusive than content. This is a terrible type of practice that just needs to go away. If your going to charge me $60 or some other amount for a game, then I better get everything the other platforms are getting. I understand if it was Nathan Drake skin or something specific that is Sony, MS, Nintendo related but not this BS. I was really looking forward to this game, but I cannot support this type of practice. I have all consoles and even PC, but I choose to vote with my wallet for these type of business practices.
  • I was excited for this. No longer buying unfortunately.
  • Same reaction. No need to play a game that "plays hard", speaking in terms of marketing. Let's give out money to someone who makes it simpler to buy, play, and enjoy their product.
  • Yep. CD Projekt Red is looking better and better all the time.
  • These things are effin' awful. Things like this and Epic store moneyhatting really make me lose interest in a game. There's a million games out there, no need to play this one.
  • This is just a disgusting practice. I hate exclusives period, and this this the WORST example I have seen directly that would have effected me.
  • I was so disappointed when I heard about this. I'm torn, because Remedy is a studio whose content I have no bad things to say about. From Max Payne to Quantum Break, I've enjoyed every second. I want to support them.
    But I'm not going to be buying a game if I know that significant parts of it are missing.
    I guess I'll just have to wait in hope that a 'GOTY'/definitive edition is released in a year or so which includes the PS4 exclusive stuff and pick it up then.
  • Even then it just supports their decision and business model. When they release it with what it should have shipped with in the first place it will sell. They got their money from Sony then an uptick in sales again when the "real product" ships. If we want to stop this type of activity then they need to understand that the exclusive money isn't worth it. Then again, maybe it is. It's all up to how we speak with our dollars.
  • Ok. While I agree that this disappointing and awful/disgusting practice by Sony on this occasion, I got to say some of the comments are really weird. Boycott a game? I didn't boycott Rise of Tomb Raider because I was delayed for me. I cursed at MS but I still enjoyed the game. I would love to know how many people here boycotted ROTR, DR4... The problem here is that it should work both ways. I see a LOT of people here crying about this, but did these people say anything when MS/XB did it? MS have been doing these timed exclusives for years now. From the Ryse, DR3. From Rise of Tomb Raider, to Deadrising 4. Even recently they keep doing this Cities: Skylines, The artful escape, ashen, Session, Tunic, The Last Night, Tacoma,... I don't think I saw anyone crying about these games being timed. MS keep having games as "console launch exclusive", I'm waiting to see these people boycott the games and trash MS. They'll probably keep doing it, announce it at E3 and MS will talk about these games having some type of exclusivity.
    I would love to see what these people say then... For all those who are complain here, please show me a link where you criticised MS when did something similar. If you can't then I'm sorry you're an hypocrite.
  • It still would be better to let Sony have it for 6 months to a year then releases pieces though. What they did to Xbox owners with Destiny was a giant FU. Exclusive content for Destiny was made available to X1 users when they released Destiny 2.
  • You know what your reply looks to me? It looks like you tried to see what's different between what MS to Sony. Just so that you can defend MS and still trash Sony.
    F*** that. Just criticise the both of them. I'm sorry but your comment doesn't really make sense. Here they are adding an extra side mission for those who buy the "Digital Deluxe" Edition on PS4. It is likely to come later for others.
    And you're saying it's worse than blocking an whole game for 1 year and making people think it's a full exclusive to XB? In the case of MS, a PS4-only gamer can only do 1 thing. Wait one year to play the game.
    In this case, a XB1-only gamer can 1) buy the game at launch and wait for the extra content later or 2) wait that the extra content is available and then buy the game + the extra mission. How is the later worse than the former? Just doesn't make sense.
    If we are serious about sticking up for gaming/gamers, we should ALL criticise companies whenever one is doing it NO MATTER which company it is.
    Just a question, did you ever criticise MS for timed exclusivity?
  • Ok. I owned a PS4 thank you and didn’t like it then either. I don’t care who the company is you are using whataboutism. The fact it’s happening right now is the problem. We don’t know how vital that mission is or if there is other things too that will be added later.
  • err I'm using whataboutism?
    I'm not defending Sony here, they can f*ck off for doing it. What I'm talking about is the general hypocrisy here. So many of the people complaining here don't say a word when MS does it. I would LOVE if there is a backlash whenever a company does it. This coip guy, who told me that he isn't a MS fan, was seen celebrating the ROTR time exclusive deal. He was seen mocking Sony, PS and PC gamers just because they were getting the game late. The same guy is here crying about what Sony is doing now. E3 is coming, MS should announce timed exclusives, I hope the people boycotting and trashing Sony will do the same if that happens. Looking at history that's unlikely to happen, but we'll see.
  • Forgot Yakuza recently got released on PC:)
  • I guess if they only charge $50 for xbox one version that's fine since it's not the full game
  • I'll be passing on this game. Thanks Rem...
  • I think the industry is changing while this might have been accepted in the past it is becoming increasingly difficult as time moves on. I prefer that exclusive be based on exclusive features of each console to promote that feature, for example I think it would have been better to have the game have exclusive VR functions for PS4 and X enhancements for Xbox. I do agree with most here that it isn't right to charge similar for a lesser product
  • What's the big deal? Maybe they are doing this because only a handful of people bought their last game on the xb1. Xbox folk gets some games a full year before ps4 folks. Don't start crying now because it is all sugar and rainbows when it goes the other way. I'm sure when the next timed exclusive is announced on the box at e3 the x folks will be back to gloating and carry on and whatnot about a non exclusive and spouting RIP sony nonsense.
  • Seriously guys? Are we in carebear land? We are talking about companies here to make money and if they can have any advantage on the competition pleasing their own customers it's fair game... They are not comiting any crimes, everything is legit... You don't like it don't buy it.... But don't be all up in arms like it's criminal... It's irrelevant and childish... Business is business period... I can't stand Sony I don't buy anything from them unless I have no choice... And I do make fun of crybabies when it happens to them... Now you guys all planned to buy the delux edition? Because for 60 bucks you get the same on XB and PS so all your drama about wanting the same content for the same price is actually moot.. Cause that's exactly what you are getting...
  • Well, yes it's business. But you know what is also part of business? Clients or consumers. There is such a thing called consumer rights. There is such a thing as client satisfaction. There is such a thing called reviews and criticism.
    We have every right to complain when these big companies tries to screw us. Most people who criticise companies do it for the good of gaming and for the good of fellow consumers. What's really weird is when we see a fellow consumer mock other consumer who fight for gaming when they criticise major companies. Whose side are these people cheering for? gaming/Gamers or these big companies who only think of making more and more profit?
  • I buy a lot of games on the Xbox. This is absurd. I don't believe in exclusives on either side. Why would you want to limit your sales to one side or the other. I will not be buying this game or any game like it. Can the payments they get from Sony really cover the lost sales on the Xbox? I would guess no. I will spread the word on this game so my hundreds of friends on Xbox so that they know not to buy it as well. Don't support this BS!
  • So Beastlee2u, did you boycott Rise of Tomb Raider or Dead rising 4? Did you support that BS? Or is it ok to support the BS if MS does it?
  • You know he didn't. He celebrated and gloated. This is only an issue when it affects the box. Everyone else can go hell, but now they want to do what they do best and play victim. Always playing the victim.
  • Your friends aren't going to listen to you cry, man. You're crying isn't going to change anything. Do you think these decisions are made in a vacuum? Do you not think that their product team didn't run the numbers and take into account the l lost revenue? These companies have teams of analysts to study market data that examine what would happen if no one on the box bought their game. They read the data and moved forward with their decision. Honestly this game should be an exclusive on the x1 but the install base is minuscule and their other game no one bought it. Now you want to cry about them trying to get the ps fanbase on board with their games. Stop crying. You'll get the content later and probably cheaper when you do get it. Cry, cry, cry. That's all xbox people do when stuff doesn't go in their favor.
  • 'All Xbox people do is cry, cry, cry?' Ok, so it sounds like now you are the one who is generalizing someone based on the platform they play on.
  • hi to everybody what I take from this. remedy is punishing Microsoft by removing content from the game I'm very sorry to hear the remedy doing something so dirty like that and the reason is because you are out of Microsoft payroll and you will taking forever to do a game because of course you will get in pay anyway so Microsoft do something about it and now you turn around on Microsoft and punish then. You know what I was about to buy the game but remedy keep in mind I will not support your company if you guys are dirty like that. Yeah Yeah remedy Blaine 505 because of this exclusive with PlayStation. The big proof is you take too long to do Quantum break but didn't take you too long to do control yes you do was trying to suck all the money out of Microsoft and Microsoft realized and they pulled you out of the payroll. deal with it and learn how to do business.
  • I'm still going to buy it on Xbox because that's where I game mostly. And given other games that have done this generally the optional missions will end up on the other system eventually.
  • True... No matter how I feel about exclusives, I will still play this eventually, and on Xbox because that's what I like playing on. I will probably really like the game, because I have with every Remedy game since Mad Payne.