Corsair unveils compatibility for Xbox One mouse and keyboards (update)

Updated November 19, 2018: Microsoft reached out to us and clarified that most wired and wireless mice and keyboards are supported with this new functionality on Xbox One, but Razer is the exclusive partner for "Designed for Xbox" mice and keyboards. The dedicated "Xbox" button and "Xbox Dynamic Lighting" are reserved for Designed for Xbox products, for which Razer is the exclusive partner.

At Microsoft's X018 in Mexico City, Microsoft detailed its plans to bring mouse and keyboard support to select Xbox One titles. While a majority of wired and wireless USB peripherals are set to be compatible with the console, a partnership has been formed with third-party manufacturer, Razer, delivering bespoke sofa-friendly hardware for Xbox consoles. It now appears Corsair is entering an agreement with Microsoft too, serving as an "Xbox licensed hardware partner" for months ahead. However, it's unclear if features like a dedicated Xbox button or "Xbox Dynamic Lighting" will be available on these products. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment.

Taking to Corsair's official site, the firm discussed its compatibility with Xbox One consoles, highlighting aspects of its product line best-suited to console gamers. Positioning its K63 lapboard and Dark Core RGB mouse for the couch, this setup offers a seamless solution for the average living room. Meanwhile, it recommends the K70 RGB MK.2 and Glaive mouse for desktop gamers, alongside its HS50 headset.

While specific manufacturers are touting Xbox One mouse and keyboard support, most will offer full compatibility on Xbox One. However, support across games is limited to specific developer implementation, considering balance for competitive titles. It's up to developers to make sure that however they implement mouse and keyboard support, it's fair for everyone.

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Asher Madan

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