Razer Xbox One mouse and keyboard set for CES 2019 reveal

Microsoft has taken to its X018 event in Mexico City to unveil an upcoming partnership with Razer, delivering a new and keyboard designed for console gaming. Complementing a hefty lineup of games, the third-party manufacturer plans to release a wireless mechanic keyboard, "designed from the ground up" for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

Speaking on X018's Inside Xbox live broadcast, Razer CEO, Min-Liang Tan, discussed the manufacturer's established PC product line, and plans for its Xbox partnership. Details on the sofa-friendly setup are thin, though expected to share similar philosophies to its existing Razer Turret "lapboard." (opens in new tab) Razer Chroma, a staple of Razer design, translates via Xbox's dynamic RGB lighting support too.

Razer is promising a full CES 2019 reveal, which kicks off on January 8, 2019, in Las Vegas. No release date has been provided, but expect an arrival sometime next year.

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  • Honestly thought this would have been something more useful... like Razer Synapse on Xbox One. Maybe Sony will partner with Logitech or Crucial and offer something like that, then. Really don't want pre-defined peripherals. I want the Synapse software so that I can pick and choose which peripherals I prefer. I play everything on PC with a Tartarus and Naga. I wouldn't want to go to a keyboard on a console for that (controller really is the worst thing about consoles for me - particularly Microsoft's bulky XB controllers). WASD movement? Thanks, but no thanks.
  • Synapse already exists on Xbox One. But only for the Razer controllers, which, right now makes sense.
  • If I plug in a Bluetooth dongle that's already paired, could I use my Surface Keyboard and Mouse? A completely Microsoft set up would be a nice bonus.
  • Whatever they do, let us hope we can go from living room to desktop and just take mouse/keyboard along to switch rooms. I do not want a set of device(s) that is Xbox Only. This should not be the case, but companies do strange things to make you buy more.