Best Xbox mouse and keyboard games 2023

Pairing a mouse and keyboard with your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One can net you more precise controls and superior customization versus the standard controller, but it's also not ideal for every game you come across. With the list of Xbox games that support mouse and keyboard input growing every day, we've compiled a list of the best Xbox mouse and keyboard games you can play.

The best Xbox mouse and keyboard games

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A huge number of the greatest Xbox games and beyond actually support mouse and keyboard input, but not every single one is better when paired with one of the best Xbox keyboards. Shooter, strategy games, and titles with a plethora of controls and options directly benefit from the increased control of mouse and keyboard, and these are the very best.

Games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Halo Infinite feature fast-paced, frenetic shooting action, while titles like Gears Tactics and The Sims 4 possess complicated control schemes made easier to navigate with mouse and keyboard. There are plenty of reasons to choose a PC-centric input option instead of a controller when playing games on your Xbox, but the above games provide even more reason to vacate the norm and plug in a keyboard.

To make matters even easier, a sizeable number of the best Xbox mouse and keyboard games — on this list and beyond — are free-to-play or available to download through Xbox Game Pass. This includes all of Xbox's first-party titles, many of which also support mouse and keyboard. There's no shortage of amazing games to play regardless of how you use your Xbox.

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