Could Jade Empire 2 happen? EA trademark sparks speculation.

Jade Empire is one of the most celebrated BioWare games ever created. It's so popular that it keeps on getting new versions even to this day. For example, a few years ago Jade Empire launched on iOS as a special edition. Last year, the backward compatible version was even upgraded to 4K resolution for Xbox One X and looks better than ever.

Recently, we reported that EA may be preventing BioWare from making another Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game. However, the company might have a trick up its sleeve. Today, numerous reports surfaced that the publisher trademarked Jade Empire again. While this is a common practice which allows companies to make sure only they can use the name, it could also mean that there is a sequel or potentially a remaster in the works. It could also mean that the team plans on launching the game on another platform.

From the team behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comes Jade Empire, an action role-playing game set in a vibrant, living breathing world. Are you the hero who will save the Jade Empire or are you destined to leave a trail of death and destruction in your wake? Through a rich and engaging story, you'll interact with the captivating world by speaking with a wealth of characters and engaging monsters and enemies in battle. Magic and martial arts come together in thrilling real-time combat on your quest to become the hero the empire needs or the villain that will bring pain and suffering to its people.

How do you feel about this news? Did you play Jade Empire back in the day? Let us know. If you haven't experienced this cult classic, you can currently pick it up on Xbox One for $9.99.

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  • Some time ago I said to myself that I would not poke an EA game even with the longest of sticks. Their approach to the gaming community is abhorrent, and I'm surprised people still pay for EA preorders. As much as I'd love JE2, having it published by EA would mean we get a buggy game with forced multiplayer and micropayments. So thanks, but no, thanks.
  • Same here. Last EA game I bought was Mass Effect 2, and I don't see that changing.
  • You are one ignorant person.
  • u might wanna look at EA's past behaviors.
  • Honestly, I’d forgotten about that. I can’t even imagine a Jade Empire 2 in the current gaming climate where microtransactions are the normal and borderline pay-to-win.
  • Ditto 👍🏾loved playing it. No buy under EA.
  • last EA game i bought was battlefield 2. lol. i hate this ****** company. they swallow up devs like DICE and abuse their workers. Microsoft shouldve bought DICE. Rallisport Racing was amazing.
  • Nah, won't happen. It's not as if we live in an era of remakes, reboots and sequels to things from 20 years ago that should just be let lie. And I'm sure a company like EA wouldn't release a poorly thought out, Shadow of its former glory sequel to a beloved game just to milk people's nostalgia for profit. Brb, going to watch a tone deaf advert for a piss-water lager featuring the Dude and that woman from sex in the city, and then stick my head in a bucket of sand.
  • One of my favorite games of all time, still have my PC disc in original packing