Cozy is a brand-new Nest-sanctioned app for Windows Phone 8.1

If you are like us, joining the millions with a 'connected' home, then Nest is likely on your list of devices. Nest is a smart thermostat that not only learns your heating and cooling patterns to predict changes, but lets you remotely check in and alter your home's temperature from a PC or phone.

Previously, developer Rohit Rajendran had an app named Nestle on Windows Phone. The app was a Nest app, but due to user limits with Nest's API and naming issues (Nestle was awfully close to Nest), the app was pulled down. The good news is Cozy is an all new app from the developer of Nestle, and it is entirely rebuilt.

Cozy Nest client for Windows Phone

I have been using Cozy for the last month and half and can vouch that it is one of the best Nest solutions for Windows Phone. Besides the bright, clean and modern design, the app is very fast and fluid. Here is what's new.

Cozy 2.0 – Nest client

"Cozy lets you change the temperature or check the status on your Nest Protect device from your Windows Phone with some of the perks only Windows Phone users get. You can check on your devices without opening the app with beautiful live tiles which you can pin for each of your separate devices. Changing the temperature on your Nest Thermostat is also easier than ever with Cortana integration."

  • View your Nest Learning Thermostat™or Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide™
  • Change the temperature, HVAC mode, or fan timer on your thermostat
  • Support for multiple structures
  • Set away mode on/off
  • Cortana integration for changing temperature and changing away status
  • Individually pin live tiles for each of your devices
  • Toast notifications for Nest Protect warnings and emergencies (not push notifications, so it is not instant)

The app is free to use with ads near the top. Users should be able to remove ads from the menu, although currently the link to the Store seems to be non-functional at this time.

Overall, Cozy is super fast and looks great. If you have a Nest thermostat or are thinking of getting one, pick up Cozy. Officially, Nest may not have an app for Windows Phone, but this third-party one has their blessing, and it is well worth it.

Download Cozy for Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)

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