Crackdown 3 features a roughly 15-hour long campaign

Crackdown 3 was supposed to launch many months ago, but was pushed back to February 15, 2019 to polish up the experience. Luckily, it looks like this release date will stick because it's available for digital preorder now through the Xbox Store. You can buy it for $59.99, or you can grab it with Xbox Game Pass, for $9.99 per month.

Recently, creative director Joseph Staten sat down with GamesBeat to discuss Crackdown 3. When asked how the campaign was designed, Staten said the following.

It'll certainly train you in how to play the game. It'll get your skills sharp enough to be competitive in multiplayer. It'll also just give you fictional context for the world... The way I look at it these days, the reason you put a campaign in any game is because players are different... Crackdown has a decent menu. Bigger than some, not as big as others. If you want to play by yourself or with a close friend, if you just want to have a relaxing story experience, great. We have this really cool fifteen-hour-plus campaign. If you're in a mood to bash in people's teeth, be super competitive, we have that mode for you as well. You don't need to actually bash anyone's teeth, but you know what I mean. That's the reason we have the campaign. We want to make sure that when millions of people jump into this game in Xbox Game Pass... they'll fall in love with Crackdown that way, and other ways as well.

Fifteen hours isn't that long for a campaign when compared to an experience like Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Hopefully multiplayer will keep everyone hooked!

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know.

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  • "The reason you put a campaign in any game is because players are different..." Is it just me, or is that complete nonsense? What exactly is he saying? We created a single player campaign for the few "different" people who still want it? I only play single player, I don't have time for epic multi-dozen-hour campaigns. I realize I'm apparently in the minority these days, but I surely hope single player isn't dying. Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Last of Us, Batman, even Halo and Gears...I hope developers continue to believe single player experiences are worth developing.
  • I guess they designed Crackdown 3 as a multiplayer-first experience? I mean, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 removed the entire campaign so it seems like that’s how multiplayer games are going.
  • I totally agree... I only play single player as well. The only game that I play multiplayer is Battlefield. I work. I can't spend hours online :P
  • "I play multiplayer Battlefield". Not quite how making an absolute statement "I only play single player" works I may prefer to play single player as well. However, I always find it a silly excuse to say "I can't spend hours online". When I do play multiplayer I can easily spend 30 minutes and get a couple of matches in compared to how, in most cases, it takes quite a bit longer to get anywhere of any substance in a single player type of campaign.
  • you can...but you dont....replace sleep time with game time you have PLENTY of time to play games. or multi task watch tv and game at the same time. eat and game at the same time. **** and game at the same time
  • Saying some people like single player campaigns while others like online multiplayer is not nonsense. That's literally what was said.
  • I am glad it is on Gamepass, so I do not have to pay any money for such a short campaign. Pretty bummed to hear it's sole reason for existing is to "get you up to speed for multi-player"
  • 15 hours is not short. Wtf? Seriously 5 hours like COD or BFV is short.
  • Honestly, 15 hours is about twice as long as I want my campaigns to be. Seven to eight hours is a good length. Beyond that and most games suffer from filler instead of being meticulously edited. INSIDE is the perfect example of a game edited to perfection, with no fluff to artificially pad the game's length.
  • *laughs in the witcher 3*
  • 15 isn't really that short, it is not Fallout or Witcher.
  • Lol 15 hours is considered short? I might have to backtrack on my initial disappointment of this game(due to an article from another editor on this site). After watching more video's online it could turn out to be a pretty good game after all.
  • Collecting all of the orbs, which was a big part of the original Crackdown, will make this much longer than 15 hours. That's most of the fun...Leveling up the character, so you can jump higher, run faster pick up heavier objects, etc. I'm actually looking forward to this game solely for the campaign. Even with the massive destructibility, the multiplayer looks far too generic. The multiplayer maps don't even look like the city, just random walls meant to be destroyed.
  • Don't care. We should stop asking of every game to be everything and more. Open world, endless content, multiplayer and Battle Royale, over 100 hours, fishing, etc. Not every game needs to be a multimillion budget. Not every gamer wants to play 100 hours of a game with endless content. Let's go back to having fun playing videogames.
  • I agree with you, man. I've purchased Mass Effect: Andromeda, Witcher 3, and Fallout 4 in the past, and I start em, but can never finish them because they're seemingly never ending. Many people seem to want that, but I just don't know how they make time for that stuff. Especially when you add in streaming series and movies...Very overwhelming.
  • Agreed. I like games that begin, are fun to experience, and then they end. These days the last part seems to have been forgotten.
  • Those games do begin and end, you just need to play longer. 😜 I could have played TW3 another 100 hours.
  • I'm okay with that. I hate super long campaigns.