Crazy Click, a tap frantic monster-hunter game for Windows 10 Mobile

The free game includes 30 monsters with ten worlds to explore. As you destroy the crazy critters, your hero earns gold that can be used to upgrade skills and weapons. There are also 25 warriors to aid your hero in battling the monsters. The graphics look good, the mechanics are intuitive, and gameplay is a fun test to see how strong your screen tapping skills are. Overall, Crazy Click is an entertaining Windows 10 Mobile game to spend a little down time with.

Once you tap past the start-up screen, Crazy Click sends you straight to the battlefield. You face an assortment of monsters that range from a giant skeleton warrior to a big blue blob. Attacks are simply executed by tapping the screen. The faster you tap, the faster the monsters are dispatched.

Along the top of the game screen, your player's level is displayed along with the monster's health and your gold count. Gold is earned by slaying monsters, tapping on fairies that pass across the screen during combat and through daily bonuses. You can then use the gold to upgrade your hero's abilities, weapons and hire additional heroes to assist with the battle. The heroes you hire can also be upgraded to improve their battle skills as well.

Crazy Click's menu options line the bottom of the display and include tabs to upgrade your hero. Hire additional heroes and buy diamonds that can be used to generate gold.

While the course of battle sounds monotonous, Crazy Click tosses in a boss monster after you slay ten minion level monsters. The bosses are harder to defeat, and come with a time limit to add an additional layer of challenge.

The gaming experience with Crazy Click was crazy fun. The Windows 10 Mobile game provides a great opportunity for mindless action for fans of tapping. The key to success is making sure your hero's battle skills keep pace with the monster's skills. Otherwise, it becomes nearly impossible to get past the boss battles, and your fingers will become tap-weary.

The visuals are vibrant, sporting a slight anime' style. It would be tough for the game's mechanics to get any simpler, and its gameplay is surprisingly addictive. While lacking in depth, Crazy Click proves itself to be an enjoyable time waster of a game.

Download Crazy Click from the Windows Store

George Ponder

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