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Crazy Justice picks up cross-play for Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

Black Riddles Studio, the indie developer behind "Crazy Justice," has announced that the title is on track to receive cross-play across Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Adding to the existing portfolio of features slated for the third-person shooter, its multiplayer component will allow players to team up with friends between all three platforms.

Crazy Justice was first unveiled earlier this year, promising to deliver a rich offering of both multiplayer and single-player shooter gameplay, in a vibrant cell-shaded style. The game's feature set focuses on delivering a flexible shooter sandbox, including a dedicated cover system, real-time building mechanics, and destructible environments.

The announcement of cross-platform support fits closely with Crazy Justice's vision, as a game that places competitive multiplayer at the heart of the experience. Jumping on recent trends, Crazy Justice is already set to offer a PUBG-style "Battle Royale" mode, alongside a team-based objective game type where players defend team coils.

While few details have been provided regarding the extent of cross-platform functionality, Black Riddles has confirmed players from supported platforms will have tools to easily team up with friends and play. It also appears that PlayStation 4 versions will once again be excluded from cross-play, assumedly due to Sony policies.

After launching a crowd-funding campaign via Fig, the developer has been seeking $30,000 to push the game toward launch, with multiple rewards beyond the initial goal. Having already gained a significant funding of nearly $26,000 as of publication, the game is likely on track to hit its goal prior to the campaign concluding on October 19.

With core mechanics now implemented, future development of Crazy Justice will see new content and depth being added to the experience. If the campaign meets the goal in the coming week, Crazy Justice is expected to release in 2018, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game are also in the pipeline, with a similar launch window expected.

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  • People need to support this. Let's leave Sony behind with their stinginess. People will learn who the greedy platform really is.
  • Looks cool.
  • All your base are belong to us.
  • No cross-play, no game bc/fc, no peripherals fc, no GamePass, no PlayAnywhere, no free unlimited cross-platform cloud sync, no store-region-hot-swap... ps5 might still be another same old PS generation...