The Crew 2 gets long-awaited release date on Xbox One and PC

Today, Ubisoft announced that The Crew 2, the latest entry in the open world driving franchise, should launch on June 29, 2018. The game is expected to be available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

According to Ubisoft, The Crew 2 lets players experience the thrill of American motorsports inside a fully redesigned continent. The game's playground pushes boundaries to let driving and open-world fans test their skills in competition and exploration. Drivers will explore the United States and compete to become the greatest motorsports champion, by collecting a wide variety of exotic cars, bikes, boats and planes, and dominating the racing scene on land, water, and in the air.

The Crew 2 focuses on street racing, off-roading, professional racing, and freestyle. There are a lot of activities and vehicles to support all four modes.

Aside from the release date, the publisher unveiled The Crew 2: Motor Edition, that lets players get the game three days early, allowing them to gear up before their competition on June 26. If you can't wait until June, Ubisoft is offering gamers the chance to participate in an upcoming beta test of The Crew 2. You can head over to the publisher's website and sign up for an invite.

The Crew was a good game but it didn't live up to the mark due to its clunky controls and underwhelming visuals. Hopefully the sequel will be a polished experience when it launches later this year, starting at $59.99.

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Asher Madan

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