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Crimsonland will get Xbox Live achievements and leaderboards in Windows Store update

The Windows Store version of 10Tons' popular arcade top-down shooter Crimsonland will be adding Xbox Live achievements and leaderboards in a future update.

The news was revealed via the developer's Twitter page:

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Crimsonland was released for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 as a universal app in 2015, and was launched on the Xbox One later that same year. There's no specific date for when the Windows Store version will be updated.

Download Crimsonland from the Windows Store (opens in new tab) ($9.99)

QR: Crimsonland

  • This is easily one of my favorite casual games. Old school and just fun. I still play it on Xbox One and get wait until it syncs with my version on Surface Book. Good job, 10tons.
  • Wish there were more games like this, I believe they are called dual controller games or was it "twin stick controllers.
    But is there a way to search for shooting games with dual control like this?
    Microsoft could add this category in the store,
  • Hmmm, That cover art bears a striking resemblance to another game I've played. Is the gameplay by any chance similar to that of the game "Doom"?
  • I hadn't heard of this game until now. Will have to check it out.
  • Good idea.......