Crowdfunding campaign for Tesla Cybertruck-inspired keyboard raises $200,000

Cyberboard (Image credit: AngryMiao (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • An Indiegogo campaign for a cyberpunk-themed LED mechanical keyboard has raised $211,295.
  • All 1,000 units for the limited-edition run have been sold.
  • The campaign's original goal was $20,001.

An Indiegogo campaign promising to deliver the world's first custom LED mechanical keyboard has already sold out of the 1,000 units it was planning to build, raising $211,295. Run by Angry Miao, a Hong Kong-based startup founded last year, the campaign's initial funding goal was just $20,001.

The Cyberboard is inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck with an '80s-style cyberpunk aesthetic. It boasts a unique web interface for DIY configuration of the 200 LED lamp beads to program your own lighting effects.

The actual keyboard features a 3.4mm silicon mute mount resting between the printed circuit board and the plate designed to absorb vibrations while you type. The base features a conical dampener to further reduce noise by removing extra space between the components. The PCB can be hot swapped, giving keyboard enthusiasts the ability to customize their switches. Angry Miao say the keyboard works best with GMK's high profile keycaps.

Purple, yellow and green versions of the keyboard sold for $410 while a white one cost $490. The product is expected to ship in October.

Samantha Nelson