Custom NFL Xbox One controllers now available on the Xbox Design Lab

Microsoft already offers the option to snag a Surface Type Cover with your favorite NFL team's logo on it, and now you can do the same with your next Xbox One wireless controller, Microsoft has announced. Extending its partnership with the NFL, Microsoft has added NFL team logos to the list of customization options available on the Xbox Design Lab.

All 32 NFL teams are available to choose from, so there you're covered no matter which is your favorite. Each design includes a larger version of the team's logo on one portion of the controller, along with a smaller logo next to the buttons on the right of each controller. The logo positions are preselected by Microsoft, so they're set in stone. However, each controller looks pretty slick, so the positioning likely won't be a problem for most.

To keep things consistent, logos are also only available with a single controller color: Robot White. That limits your customization options considerably, but you can still add rubberized grips and a custom engraving, should you choose.

Xbox NFL Controllers All

The controllers definitely look pretty slick, and they'll likely appeal to the Madden fans out there in particular. The only potential snag is pricing, which comes in at $94.99 per controller. That's a decent step up from the $79.99 price tag that base customization cost on the Xbox Design Lab. Further, the price will head north of $100 if you choose to add in rubberized grips.

In any case, if the custom designs strike your fancy, you can order one from the Xbox Design Lab now.

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