Surface Special Edition NFL Type Covers now on sale for all 32 football teams!

Microsoft has had a long-standing partnership with the National Football League (NFL) where the teams, coaches, and analysts utilize the popular two-in-one PC.

That partnership looks to be going further with a treat for the fans: Surface Special Edition NFL Type Covers (Surface Pro 4). Starting today, you can order your very own NFL Type Cover for your favorite team right from Microsoft online or from a Microsoft Store.

Surface Special Edition NFL Type Cover

The covers run for $159, which is a $30 premium over the regular Type Cover at $129. Consumers can pick from any of the 32 NFL teams for a logo emblazoned across the back and a new gray color.

Microsoft sent me one ahead of the announcement and even let me pick the New England Patriots (Sorry, Seattle, but I do live in Massachusetts). The logo is impressively done as it is not painted or even stamped on the cover. Instead, the fabric itself that is used to wrap Type Cover is colored for the team's logo. That means there is little chance your team's emblem can be worn off from regular usage. The new Type Cover features two logos – one large, and one small – along with the smaller NFL | Microsoft wording.

New England Patriots Surface (Image credit: Windows Central)

The NFL Type Cover is exceptionally well done, to say the least, and it feels like a quality product. I expect nothing less from the Surface team.

Truth be told, I'm not a big football fan although I do watch the Patriots religiously (translation: I root for my home team, but don't watch non-Patriot games). I think this idea is great as we all know US football fans – like international soccer/football – can be very enthusiastic about their team. Seeing as the NFL is already using Microsoft Surfaces why not extend that to people who want something a little more unique? As usual, you are getting top quality design and hardware, and I think it does look rather cool. Granted, it's $30 more than a regular Type Cover, but if you're a fan of a team and the Surface that probably won't deter you.

Now that Microsoft has demonstrated it can print semi-personalized Type Covers, who knows where it can all go if the Surface becomes even more popular. Either way, I think this is a great way for the Surface to go more mainstream.

Anyone here tempted to buy one? Also, feel free to tell me why the Patriots are terrible in comments. I love the smell of fail in the morning. #FreeBrady!

See NFL Edition Type Cover at the Microsoft Store

Daniel Rubino

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