Customatic will add many new features to Windows 10, seeks funding on Kickstarter

A three-person development team is seeking funds on Kickstarter to help support the creation of Customatic. It's an upcoming add-on for Windows 10 that is supposed to add many new features to the OS, along with ones that have been requested by hardcore Windows fans.

The Kickstarter page has the details of what the Customatic team has in mind. One of the planned features is the addition of themes:

Themes are an important part of the user experience on a computer. While the default Windows look is fine as it is, it gets boring and annoying as you spend more and more time on your computer. Sadly, theming capabilities have been reduced to a point where it is almost impossible to change the overall look for recent Windows versions. Customatic brings full theming back on Windows 10 with seven included themes and you can make your own with our Theme Editor.

Other new features planned for Customatic include adding showing Live Tiles on the Windows Desktop, ustomizable App Launchers, theming on UWP apps and more. The team also explains why they are using Kickstarter to help fund their project:

Customatic has long passed the proof-of-concept stage and every single feature listed here is working, today. But we're enlisting the help of Kickstarter to ensure the success and long-term viability of our software. We want to make sure we get the funding to finish development on Customatic so we can deliver our very best, cover software development-related costs and have funding left to deliver constant updates to support newer Windows versions given the current nature of Windows updates (one major update every 8 months, or so). You can also help us by spreading the word, sending feedback and any ideas/comments you may have.

The first copies of Customatic are scheduled to ship to backers in September. The team is looking to raise $4,988 to fund their project. Backers can get the final version of Customatic for as low as $10. A $20 pledge gets users access to the beta version ahead of the main release, and a $40 pledges throws in a free Theme Editor.

See Customatic on Kickstarter

John Callaham