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Cut the Rope: Experiments coming to Xbox Windows Phone this week. Yum!

After last week’s Xbox release of the big-budget, hardware-intensive Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for Windows Phone 8 devices, many of us could use something lighter this week to cleanse our gaming palates. And heck, Windows Phone 7 gamers surely just want something new to play since their platform skipped a new release last week.

Thankfully ZeptoLabs has come to the rescue. This week’s Xbox release will be Cut The Rope: Experiments, a sequel to Cut the Rope (one of our picks for 2012’s best Xbox Windows Phone games).  Experiments will run on both Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices, so everybody can enjoy it. The only bad news: it will cost a bit more than the first game.

Cutting the rope again

Cut the Rope Experiments

If you liked the first Cut the Rope, you’re bound to enjoy Experiments as well. The lovable creature Om Nom returns once again, and it’s players’ job to feed him candy. To do so, you’ll cut through many a rope, causing the candy to fall, slingshot, or otherwise shoot into Om Nom’s mouth. Collect each level’s three stars along the way to unlock new level packs and juicy Achievements. The gameplay is simple to grasp and the short levels are perfect for on-the-go play. Check out our review for more details.

Don’t be surprised if that description sounds a lot like the first game. Experiments basically packages a large new set of levels as a separate product, much like Angry Birds Seasons. The first batch of 25 levels reintroduces the many props from the original title, such as hearts and magic hats. From there, the game adds new gameplay elements like a rope shooting device. Tap it to fire a rope straight at the candy. So while the core gameplay remains unchanged, the new props will keep the experience as minty fresh as ever.

Big fun, slightly smaller package

The original Windows Phone version of Cut the Rope features 11 level packs and 275 total levels – not as many as other platforms' 14 packs and 350 levels, but still a very good number. Experiments has always included fewer levels than the first game. From May 2012 until March of this year, it consisted of 6 packs and 150 levels. The iOS and Android versions recently received a seventh 25-level pack that adds ants into the mix. Not surprisingly, Experiments for Windows Phone will launch without the 'Ant Hill' pack. Blame the lengthy Xbox Live certification process once again.

Me, I’ll be perfectly happy with 150 levels of candy feeding fun. But the new game’s price introduces the question of value. Whereas plain old Cut the Rope costs 99 cents (you can find it here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store), Microsoft tells us that Cut the Rope: Experiments will cost $2.99. Given that Experiments sells for only 99 cents on other platforms, it’s curious that our version will clock in at a higher price point.

Cut the Rope: Experiments launches for Windows Phone 7 and 8 this Wednesday, April 17th. Puzzle gaming fans won’t want to miss it!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Xbox live title, hence the higher cost? Not that I am complaining. 2.99 is nothing.
  • Yeah, $3 isn't a huge deal. But the first game is also an Xbox Live title, so Live can't be the reason for the difference.
  • Could the development of the first game have been partly funded by MS? MS could have helped zeptolabs port the game to windows 8, which is why it was free on launch, and bringing it to windows phone was a little easier since they might have reused some code. Now, this port may have been done solely by zeptolabs, thus explaining the increased price.
  • They should make the first version, the original Cut the Rope, free now :D
  • Lol not going to happen. Keep dreaming bud.
  • indeeed, they should make those old WP games for free in a limited time!
  • Looks awesomely fun!
  • Xbox integration? Yes! Will get this once I run through Plants Vs Zombies.
  • It is not that $2.99 is a lot of money for a game with 150 levels because it is not. I think there needs to be purchasing power parity across platforms to make people feel that they arent being penalized for living in MS ecosystem. That being said, developers are free to charge what thet want and I will be buying it as soon as it hits the store!
  • Are we back to the weekly release of Xbox live games?
  • We have been since February, yes.
  • Holy hell I was just begging for this because my mom kept asking me about more games like Cut The Rope. This is really the best news I read this day. Thank you, Acevedo.
    Is there any plans to release the "Coming Soon" DLC for the first game? Kinda sad we still didn't get those.
    And I wish they would improve the game on Surface RT. REALLY laggy performance there.
  • Not much consideration from Zeptolab... I'm stressing them for the missing levels packs from the Windows Phone version on Twitter but no answer there...
    And this release with less levels and higher price it's another sign of indifference... After that when we will see new games such as Monster Puddies and the new Cut the rope Time Travel....? On 2014?
  • I think the Live certification makes updates too costly. Whether or not this is worth some achievement points is for you to decide. I've recently been leaning towards not.
  • Well if Blue merges Live Achievements and such across Windows/WP/Xbox platforms, then it should be more attractive and less of an issue.  Let's hope that's what's coming.
  • Will there be any chance that the first Cut the Rope gets update to 14 packs?
  • I got ALL stars on the first game and then the game suddenly just deleted all my progress... If this happens again in this new game Im flippin some tables!
  • I wasted time like no other on the original Cut the Rope (except maybe Plants Vs Zombies). I got bought it on my WP7 and ended up having to start over to complete the game on my Lumia 920. I was never really into the Angry Birds games, but this game really clicked for me. I will definitely be getting this game when it releases.
  • You know I thought I was into Angry Birds but it came too late. I was into Cut the Rope and even though I have All of the available Angry birds games I never played them.
  • Awesome! Any word on a Windows 8 version?
  • Ha, I just emailed Zeptolab asking about this. Hopefully we get Time Travel closer to the iOS & Android release date.
  • I can't wait for this! Cut the Rope is one of the few games I fully completed on my 900.
  • Late again.......  I feel like a Betamax user in a VHS world.  Superior device, but when I go to the video store all the new releases are on VHS.  :(
  • Great! Another Cut The Rope game! My favorite one!! Now, just give the Pudding Monsters and I will be fulfilled happy! :)
  • <p>What about Real Racing 2 for windows phone 7.x? When? When?</p>
  • Sweet. With quality titles the past month+ I will wait on this one....for now. I hope dotw gives us final fantasy on the cheap!
  • 2.99$ for a game that costs 0.99$?And all this in windows store with the most OUTDATED games?No thanks i will not buy it.
    This is profetiring at its best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Then don't buy it. Your opinion isn't going to prevent me and others from buying it day one.
  • I already said that i will not buy it in my previous comment -_-
    I just say my opinion.I haven't told the rest of you not to buy it neither am i preventing you.
  • They never told anyone else to not buy it.
  • Yes!
  • Looks nice, but I'll wait for a price drop even though I liked Cut The Rope.
  • Anyone who buys this game is stupid. Why? Because they will never update it...
  • No, no they are not. A good game is a good game. You can buy NES cartridges for more $ then these games. If paying the developer a measly 2.99 supports them to make/port more games like this then i don't mind paying less than a coffees worth...
  • Well said mate.This is the main reason i've stoped to buy games from WP store.
  • Don't call me and so many other gamers stupid; that's just obnoxious. It's a shame that it will likely not be updated (or infrequently so), but 150 levels is still plenty for me.
  • just 1 xbox game release this week???/
  • Let's not get too greedy, now...
  • Won't buy a new game 'cause they didn't complete original cut the rope like on android and iphone
  • The first game still has a bug that resets your progress to the beginning. Happened to me twice and I ended up uninstalling the game because of it.
  • Not gonna pay 3 times the price for and 2 year old game. i made the mistake once, now im done with it.
  • Really enjoyed the first one, but I'll probably wait for this one to drop to $1 before I pick it up.
  • There should NOT be a price increase simply due to a game having the Xbox Live achievements. For windows Phone users this should be an extra for FREE.
  • Its not just becuase of the achievements. Smaller market, same production, higher cost.simple.
  • Gonna give it a try looks cool!!
  • I will be getting this day 1!!!
  • YAY! Welcome to August 2011 Windows Phone!
  • What Xbox Live certification process? Microsoft charges more to put Xbox achievements in Windows 8 / Windows Phone games? I don't see Apple or Amazon enforcing stuff like this with GameCenter (iOS) or GameCircle (Kindle).
  • If you'd like to learn more about the Xbox Live certification process (and its many negatives), check out this series of editorials: How Microsoft can save Xbox for Windows Phone Live certification is much, much different from Game Center or Game Circle. Its closest analogue is PSN, and even then, Live is regarded as much worse by developers.
  • Good thing I have a PS3 then. It seems Sony is more lenient with developers, considering how well they support indie developers like "thatgamecompany" (creators of flOw and Journey). Even Nintendo is becoming a popular choice among indie developers, since they removed the high barrier of entry for making eShop games.
  • Yes, Sony and Nintendo are definitely leading in developer relations right now. I still wouldn't buy many digital Nintendo games since they're tied to individual consoles and can't be migrated, which is totally archaic and boneheaded. Anyway, hopefully Microsoft has a change of heart and some point and goes back to being developer-friendly as they were, way back when the 360 launched.
  • Well what made Microsoft change in the first place? Also, the 3DS does have a "system transfer" feature where you can transfer content between systems, but you have to have both systems on hand to do the transfer. Everything (games, save data, music, apps) is transferred at once, and the host console is wiped clean afterwards. The same applies when transferring content from the Wii to Wii U. I want to get a 3DS XL eventually, and I don't know if the system transfer is reliable.
  • Changes in leadership are the main thing; many of the bright minds who helped make the 360 a success have left either the department or the company. Even on Windows Phone, an important exec left the department and Xbox support decreased significantly after that. As a labyrinthine organization, they also suffer from an inability to react to changing marketplace conditions and needs in a timely fashion. Individual employees may see a need for change or improvement, but nobody knows just how to get it done.
  • That's sad. I guess those people didn't have much faith in the Xbox brand, but it's proven to be a success, so why jump ship? Even Sony, with their big managerial shakeups recently, is doing a better job with PS3 development (they just need to work on making the Vita successful).
  • Is it up yet??
  • Not yet... We'll post an article when it goes live, probably within the next 3-4 hours.
  • Cheers Paul, still not up though!!??
  • I keep refreshing this page: as well as the marketplace straight from my phone every 5-10 minutes. Patiently waiting!
    Also I've been checking Zeptolabs' own website for a link to Windows Phone store but nothings up yet.
  • Cheers buddy, bit odd it being so late in in UK and most of the time the xbox game is up the night b4!!??
  • Exactly what I was thinking. Usually they get released in the morning or when I'm at work. It's now 8pm in Finland.