Review: Dangerous Golf for Xbox One misses the fairway

What this is, is "golf" in the loosest term. You play with a golf ball and… that's about it. Instead of gorgeous locations and crisp, green fairways, you've got kitchens and drawing rooms.

Dangerous Golf is about causing as much damage as you possibly can in the course of getting the ball in the hole. More damage means a higher score and more entertainment for you. No-one cares if you get a birdie, but smashing a pyramid of Champagne glasses will get you big rewards.

It's one of those games that's incredibly easy to pick up and play, especially if you don't want to have to think. Controls are simple to learn but tough to master if you're going for maximum destruction.

Dangerous Golf

In a traditional golf game you'll select a club, how hard you're going to hit it, where you're going to hit it, ball spin and so on. In Dangerous Golf you decide where you're going to hit it, and whether you're going to completely tank it or just prod it. You get to go through 360-degrees of the environment before you hit the magic button, as well as have a fly over of the hole.

The trick to Dangerous Golf is to project the ball on the most destructive path. Bouncing off walls, the floor, inanimate objects is all fair game. Off the 'tee shot' you'll then get a "Smashbreaker" which is like an explosion for your second shot before heading for the hole.

It's in this that I've had both good and bad experiences. In the early days the controls didn't work that well and I often found myself going in a straight line or nowhere. Things are better now, thankfully, and you use both sticks to navigate the ball around during the Smashbreaker to cause extra mayhem. When things settle, one button hit and you're in the hole. Hopefully.

I appreciate the simple nature of the game, because honestly, some of the big AAA titles get grinding. It's nice to just pick something up and have some fun, and that's certainly possible in Dangerous Golf. You just have to go in being aware of its limitations.

There's a career mode to play by yourself or a multiplayer option to fire up and take on your friends and it all takes place across a variety of locations set all around the world.

Dangerous Golf isn't really a bad game, as such, but it's probably too expensive for what it is. I was really looking forward to playing it but have ended up feeling a little unfulfilled. It's a great little time waster, but I think it would have been better as a mobile game than something sold for $20 on the Xbox One.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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