The Dark Knight Rises now available for Lumia Windows Phones

The Dark Knight Rises app for Windows Phone is now available to all Lumia handsets. We last looked at the recently released app back when UK retailer Phones 4u announced availability of the limited edition Batman The Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900. Should you not be able to pick up the special Lumia 900, but own a Lumia Windows Phone, don't fear as you can download the app and enjoy the experience.

What's included in the app? Trailers, wallpapers and ringtones, as well as a countdown to when the film is set to premier. Coupled with the counter, the app displays the nearest theatres that will be showing the title, using the location of the user. Directions to theatres are available on-hand so it requires little effort to get planning for the big day.

Should you login and connect to your Foursquare account, you get to choose your side (Batman or Bane) and play a Foursquare-based mini-game titled Claim Gotham City. A map is presented to the user that enables locations to be taken over by either side (checking in), earning points and exclusive content. As well as taking over locations on your own, joint attacks can be performed with other players. It's a fun twist.

You can download The Dark Knight Rises from the Marketplace on your Lumia Windows Phone.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Nokia trailers app out too
  • How did you find it? Thanks!
  • Hellya got it :):):)
  • This sucks. I just upgraded and passed up the Lumia to get a Titan for cheaper.
  • Nokia has the better apps but you got the better phone.
  • He got the better spec'd device. The Lumia is a better PHONE...
  • 1 cent for Titan or $100 for Lumia with ATT I think I got the better everything. My wife wants the Lumia though so ill still get to play with it.
  • NO your wrong the Titan 2 is a better phone. There is a reason the guys at WPCentral use a Titan 2. The Camera kills the 900. The screen has more life like skin tones.
    Titan 2 $199 / 900 $99
    There is a old saying you get what you pay for.
  • To each their own. I have a Titan 1 and still prefer it to the Lumia. Not saying I don't want a Lumia down the line but if they can't build-in a camera better than my 1st gen Titan, what's the point? I know people with microphone issues on their Titan but I'm not one of them. I know people with other issues on their Lumia but anyone can rationalize away problems if their overall experience is beneficial. If Nokia can build a W8 device with a better camera and better volume controls, I might consider it. If HTC can't correct their MFR'ing and QA problems, they might be short for the WP ecosystem, which would be a sad loss. Every MFR has something to fix in their QA/build process, let's hope they step it up before their bad press becomes WP bad press.
    And for what it's worth, I *am* bummed I can't get the TDKR app on my phone cuz I'm very looking forward to the movie. But I'm happier with my phone than an app that will essentially expire by the end of the summer...
  • not availabe in india i'm getting sick of this region limitations now whats the reason that its not available in india?
  • Regional limitations are everywhere, even on windows PCs
  • I own a lumia 800 But it says not available for mu device.. Y?? Is it coz i reside in INDIA??
  • Excuse my ignorance, but is India a Foursquare supported region? This is basically an extension of Foursquare.
  • what foursquare thecheck in service in which we become mayor n all that stuff if you are talking about that then yes foursquare is supported in india
  • Okay. I didn't know. Thank you for clarifying!
  • same in holland kunwar_91...pains me
  • wheres the wallpapers and ringtones!?
  • Not availble in Germany
  • this sucks. also not available in belgium
  • Great app! Might use it now instead of foursquare
  • I leave android for windows phone and I'm rewarded with fragmentation? Man having an htc trophy sucks, if only rooting a wp7 was just as easy as android :(
  • It's not fragmentation it's elitism. Not saying it's better :)
  • It's fragmentation anyway you slice it. You can pick a good phone and get cool apps (Nokia) or a great phone (Titan 2) and miss out on some really cool app. I don't blame phone manufacturers for not pushing windows phone. Since Microsoft has its face squarely up Nokia's butt
  • Why would Nokia invest in pushing other manufacturers? Want the extra apps, get a Nokia. All the manufacturers have their own exclusives...
  • +1
  • @ Tbonenga Fragmentation? What about how HTC uses a 16MP BSI sensor with fancy custom software  in their Titan II meanwhile poor Nokia users have a lousy FSI 8MP camera? How's it equal that some Windows Phones have amazing cameras while others don't? Should HTC maybe share some of that hardware love with Nokia? Or what about how the HTC doesn't use AMOLED screens (Samsung, Apple and Nokia gobble 'em all up). Or maybe Nokia should share their ClearBlack screen technology so all Windows Phones have outstanding screens? Or how about some of that DLNA tech that Nokia needs? /sarcasm Just saying, there's hardware fragmentation too as OEMs try to outdo each other yet I hear no complaining about that. Just because Nokia makes a few high quality apps for their users doesn't make it a bad thing. Current Windows Phone owners are not so much the target as new Windows Phone users. It's really this simple: buy the Windows Phone with the support and hardware you want.
  • @paul hardware? Really... Nokia has purevue. Nokia chose to go with a cheap camera. I have no problem with different manufacturers making their own apps (Nokia drive, HTC hub, etc). Just not mainstream apps or games like CNN, ea games etc. Microsoft should be helping develop these apps not Nokia (even though Microsoft did give Nokia about a billion dollars) if you truly wanna grow windows phone all apps and games should be available everywhere. If not what's the incentive for Samsung, LG, HTC and even Sony to develop and push phones if Nokia gets preferential treatment. We all like different phones. Nobody likes the same thing. With other manufacturers straying because of Nokia's preferential treatment it just hurts windows phone.
  • I have an HTC HD7 and I get all the Nokia apps. I used dreamspark to get a student app hub account and got Nokia collection app. And tbonenga, stop blaming Microsoft and look at the facts. Any manufacturer could do what Nokia is doing, but Nokia is the only one that went all in and dedicated resources to WP. Get after Samsung and HTC to take care of business. If anything, its the phone manufacturers you should blame for not putting forth the effort to do what Nokia is doing.
  • ^ This. I did the same when I had an HTC. Now I have my Lumia 900 unlocked.
  • @Duffau your wrong. Nokia was a sinking ship with Symbian. So was Microsoft soft with windows 6.5. Microsoft gave about a billion to Nokia and now other phone manufacturers are shunning windows 7.5. I can't say I blame them. Microsoft should make sure all mainstream apps are distributed equally to truly grow the os. Some people like Nokia, some like HTC, some like Samsung, etc. That's just human nature. We all like different things. With that said we should all have the option to get any mainstream app with any phone we choose. If not you get a small cult following and will never grow the os.
  • Easy with the assumptions tbonenga, I believe I am absolutely right. It always comes back to resources and priorities. MS gave Nokia the money because they're exclusively WP. Do you see HTC or Samsung doing that? Both companies had the ability to as they were launch partners, but they won't give up Android (and they shouldn't). Nokia came in late and took it all by storm. This was possible because they dedicated all their resources to WP (which undoubtedly had much to do with the failure of Symbian). If HTC and Samsung did something similar, you better believe they would have financial support from MS. And as far as apps go, MS is pushing like crazy for apps, and they're doing a great job. MS can't get everywhere though, and Nokia is building relationships to help their brand and new image. If Nokia is paying these Devs (regardless of where the money is coming from), why would they share the apps? If HTC/Samsung had these apps, no way in hell they'd give them up. The alternative would be for Nokia to sit idle like the other two and let things happen. This way at least many of these apps will eventually lose their exclusivity. Don't blame Nokia for trying to grow their brand and don't blame MS for helping out a dedicated brand.
  • Defend it batman..
  • I chose bane, he will have Atlanta!!!
  • The foursquare integration seems like an awesome side game to it. Gonna be fun!
  • Wow! They really put a lot into this app. Especially considering the fact that the promotion will be over in two months. I am impressed that Nokia was able to get this kind of exclusive collaboration with DC Comics.
  • Uh, app is no longer in the Marketplace.  The link you provided in the article shows not found.  I go to the Nokia Collection on my Lumia, and it's not there.  If I search for "The Dark Knight", there are 3 indie apps.  What happened?
  • Weird, if I use the QR code above in Bing Vision, the app comes up.  They may still be publishing the app to all regional servers.
  • Link works for me. Just downloaded, working great. Use our app or scan the QR code. See, it pays to have our app on your Windows Phone ;-)
  • Can't find them in Marketplace but the QR codes worked great.
  • Who cares of this. Just use IMDB app it shows you latest movies and movie trailers. Also batman movie sucks
  • Bitter much?
  • This app is awesome! Also Batman is the best, but haters gonna hate.
  • Batman movies suck? Have you seen the dark knight?
  • Not avaible in italy
  • Not available in Denmark :-(
  • Not available in Mexico :(
  • Not available in Ireland (lumia 800) :/
  • Not available in AUS :S
  • Damnit come on tmobile!!!! Get some better fuc#&$g Lumia phones!!
  • Sounds like a cool app, kudos to Nokia for getting the big names on board for its device...I have no issues not getting it on my focus s, they are trying to push their brand amd app exclusives is a good way to go...the more you complain is essentially the more your a building up the need for these apps, and once your next upgrade e is due, who are you gonna go with? Me...ill stick with the device I love...apps are the last thing i worry about...
  • Nope. Don't think its a foursquare thing. Not available in Australia also!!! Will that mean TDKR won't release here???
    ..i kid..i kid!:)
  • Dark Knight app is impressive road tonight to defend Batman in NC
  • Worked great in Indonesia!
  • Not available for me...=/
  • I just downloaded this from the wpcentral app. I am in Canada and could not get it from marketplace. Only Here...thank you!
  • Cannot get this app downloaded... Lumia 800 using Dutch marketplace... Come on Nokiaaaa
  • Lumia 800 (Movistar) not download. :'(
  • No downloadable vor German lumia 800!!!!:-(
  • I can't donwload it in Lumia 800 Italy -,-
  • What is the specail thing about this useless app. Nokia should concentrate on improving its main apps such as Nokia drive by giving it more options such as alternative route options and traffic alert
  • Really? Drive is already a killer app.. And free.. So we can't really complain much... It's 10x better then anything else available on phones
  • I need some more help on Team Batman in my city, one too many on Team Bane!