Pre-order the Limited Edition Batman Lumia 900 from Phones 4u

UK mobile phone retailer Phones 4u has published their pre-order page for the limited edition Batman Lumia 900. Available for pre-order today, the special Lumia 900 is set to be in stock online and in selected flagship Phones 4u stores from June 1st.

As well as receiving the limited edition Windows Phone, each purchase will be bundled with cinema tickets to see The Dark Knight Rises, with a chance to win a VIP experience at the premier. Phones 4u states this offer is also available to those who purchase standard Lumia 900s (in case black isn't your colour).

The device itself features a Nokia app for The Dark Knight Rises that packs wallpapers, trailers, ringtones and a location-based game using Foursquare. The limited edition Batman Lumia 900 is available for free on contracts starting at £30/mo on Orange and Vodafone, but should you wish to purchase one without a plan, you'll be set back by £599.95.

Selected flagship Phone 4u stores, which will all stock the Batman Lumia 900 are as follows: Merry Hill (Dudley), Newcastle upon Tyne, Metro Centre (Gateshead), Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Plymouth, Oxford Street (London), Stratford (London), Manchester, Luton, Portsmouth, and Cardiff.

Source: Phones 4u; thanks, Alex, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • We really need these promotions on the US. And, they need to advertise it on TV for Christ sake. WP marketing still sux here in the US.
  • +1
  • +2!
  • Also south korea. Here is only lumia 710!!
  • Tell samsung
  • Amen
  • Nokia marketing in the U.S. worked on my dad. He is the proud owner of a new Lumia 900 and I had absolutely nothing to do with it!
  • Yeah, I agree that it's better than ever, but that's not saying much. Have you seen att, and T Mobile commercials for the HTC One? And look at how often the HTC One commercials come on... Like every single break during prime time. Even those stupid Siri commercials have more impact than any WP commercial. We simply need better advertising. Thats why I'm always telling you guys to go over to the official WP Blog and put in your two cents about WP Marketing. On any given post I always tell how I feel about marketing at least once a week on the blog. I'm on there so much MS sent me a box full of WP shirts, and WP goodies. We have to make sure we are communicating to the correct parties people.
  • Go to the WindowsPhone Blog and look me up on the latest post "Rodney E. Jones". "@" me a comment and we can start a huge discussion about WP marketing that, trust me, the guys at MS will hear. The WP Blog is where we can make things happen. I'm not trying to knock WPCentral, because it fu$%&#g rocks, but we got to use all of our WP channels to make the damn thing happen!
  • I agree that they need to step it up a bit all around but I've seen the Lumia 900 ads so much during the NBA Finals I grew sick of them lol
  • I'll have to take your word for it as I stopped watching TV many years ago.
  • I think they should be using billboards alongside the highways at least in major cities. Do you think that's a good idea??
  • I really don't know anything about marketing and will leave it up to the professionals. I've always thought that MS et al haven't pushed WP because they knew it was half-baked. I expect to see a bigger push with WP8 since they will have caught up and possibly surpassed the competition in terms of expected and useful features.
  • Awesome. Please, please, please Nokia - release a limited edition Man of Steel WP8 device and I will love you long time!! :D
  • Gees - that's quite an uptick on the standard £450 price point, and for what exactly?! I could get the batman logo laser etched myself for less than that!
  • Lol! Good point!
  • I agree £140 more for a batman logo on the back. Someone's having a laugh. I bought the white lumia from phones4u on Friday for £459.99.
  • I want the IRON MAN edition..that be cool..
    I agree with the lack of advertising on tv
    But over all Nokia focus on the ground, like promotions, training the staff,twitter etc... And that's wp7 needs I think.. We will a lot of METRO PRODUCTS SOON.. PLEASE BE PATIENT...
  • The is the phone that people deserve, but not the one they need right now..
  • Interesting Discussion going in this forum. I also preffer to Nokia... :)
  • There is no option to buy it outright. All options are for contracts.