The Dark Knight has Risen on Xbox Windows Phone 8

Was Gameloft’s The Amazing Spider-Man game too bright and cheery for you? Get ready to stalk villains from the shadows and do lots of brooding then, because there’s a Batman in town. The Dark Knight Rises for Xbox Windows Phone 8 is here! Not surprisingly, it requires phones with 1 GB of RAM, so lower memory devices like the Lumia 620 will have to remain crime-ridden for the time being.

The Dark Knight Rises is based on the 2012 Christopher Nolan film that is so good, it’s frankly unprofessional to criticize it (I kid). The masked mumbler known as Bane has taken Gotham City hostage, forcing Batman to come out of retirement.

Quick gameplay impressions

If you played Amazing Spider-Man a couple of weeks ago, you’ll feel right at home with The Dark Knight Rises. Just like Gameloft’s previous superhero game, this is an open-world adventure in which Batman can explore Gotham City at will, stopping random crimes in progress with his fists of justice.

Combat works as you’d expect – just mash on the attack button to pull off fancy moves. Batman does get a lot of wonderful toys to do battle with, such as batarangs, smoke grenades, and a grapnel gun. After completing a few story missions, Batman he even gains access to the Bat Pod motorcycle-thing so that he can travel the city in style. Considering the addictive nature of free-roaming games and the game’s leveling system, it’s safe to say that Batman fans should find a lot to enjoy here.

Time to clear some space

Like Gameloft’s other graphically intensive games, The Dark Knight Rises is a large download. Thankfully it’s not as large as the massive Android version as I feared. The Windows Phone 8 game is 774 MB, a fair bit larger than Amazing Spider-Man’s 565 MB but not as hefty as the 878 MB Asphalt 7 download. You’ll need about 5 GB of free space to install it due to Windows Phone restrictions.

The Dark Knight Rises costs $6.99, just like the iOS and Android versions. Console-like games such as this don’t come cheap, but at least they offer lots of bang for your buck. Get it here at the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks to Rocket Riot and Mark Tepper for the tippage!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Sweet! Downloading right now.
    Edit: Shark Dash is out too. Costs USD 0.99
  • Do you have the download link for shark dash?
  • Spanks mate
  • This looks epic for a windows phone game!
  • Just install it from the Windows Phone Store on your PC and you won't have the need for 4GB free issue.
  • Thanks for the tip.
  • Hi man. How to do that? Access the Store from browser and "Install" from there?
    I will get a Lumia 920.. its impossible to let 4Gb left in an 16G device =( (impossible for me)
  • Be thankful you don't have an 810. I'm not sure my phone has *ever* had that much space free.
  • Hey, thanks! I'm gonna give it a try. I may end up liking it, but I'm gonna eventually have to uninstall it. I cannot live like this: having a phone with a few apps I like. I had to uninstall so many apps just to try this game.
  • Anyone know of you can install games on simcard. Need more space
  • I guess you meant memory card - not possible at this moment, perhaps you could suggest this to the WP team or Joe Belfiore on Twitter?  I'm guessing it's a security thing though.
  • Sigh, another game that runs extremely laggy.  I wish Gameloft would optimize these games more...
  • Really? Runs a lot better than Spiderman does on my 920.
  • It runs better than Spiderman, but when you're outside in the beginning, it's really laggy (almost as much as Spiderman, bad enough to not be enjoyable).  Luckily there is a trial, so I'm not complaining that I'm trying it free.  Once you get into the sewer part of the game, it runs a lot smoother, but before that it's a lagfest.
  • That's because there's a lot of geometry in open world games. In closed spaces, the system doesn't need to work nearly as hard.
  • Looks like somebody has experience working with shaders! Cool :-D
  • It's a bit laggy.  Not as smooth as Asphalt 7 or the other Drift game.
  • Forget about lag, my battery charge took a nosedive. 20 minutes of game play and my battery went from 38% to 11%. My phone is "red" hot now.
  • Hopefully WP Users will receive the occasional discounts the other guys get. It's a decent game. Played it on my ipod touch when it went on sale for $0.99.
  • Yeah, google play had it for 99¢ on Christmas day. But right back up to $6.99 the day after. But I don't mind paying the same as the others as long as I get Xbox achievements.
  • I love Spiderman so this is instant buy.
  • Wish this was for Windows RT/8. Yeah, I know. I'm never satisfied.
  • Maybe they'll surprise us.
  • "Console-like games such as this don’t come cheap" Sorry, but if Asphalt 7 can come at 0.99€, so could Batman and Spiderman. Since they don't, well, I wish them luck selling the game. I for certain ain't wasting 6.49€ on a cellphone game, specially when the same company has other good games at way lower prices.
    I'm not asking for these games to be free, obviously. I'm asking for a fair price. And for a cellphone game, 2.99€ is the highest acceptable price. Anything above that is just a stupid attempt to rip people off. And I'm certainly not stupid enough to fall for that.
  • Aspahlt probably makes money off in game advertisements, u have to pay licenses to use comic characters that's what's causes price hike
  • I did thought about the licencing aspect. But Asphalt also had to get the licences to reproduce the cars in the game. So it can't be that reason alone. They probably think they can milk more money out of customers with Spiderman and Batman than they do with cars. I bet that reason is closer to reality.
  • Cars can actually make money from being in popular games it gets the name out plus in game purchases batman itself is one of the biggest movie series of all time
  • There's IAP in Asphalt - not cumpulsory to progressing the game, but at least its there to offset the cheap price. Also, I bet the movie licenses are a lot higher. They actually also use character likenessness from the film, and voice acting. Those are not cheap.
    I have no problem with the price. Game development is not a charity.
  • I sure get tired of all the nickle and dime griping, usually more of this from android folks.
    First, you probably blow more on stupid crap like Starbuck or McDonalds in an average week than this game costs.
    Second, software developers cost money, they don't work for free and you will get crap if you expect them to work for peanuts.
    Man, for a really good app or game, I am willing to pay a more than $5 or whatever.  I have enough cheap crap in my life already.
  • So true... But these complaints will never stop. The abundance of 99 cent phone games has simply spoiled many customers.
  • My dear friend, fortunately there's world beyond America. I actually DON'T waste money on Starbucks nor McDonalds because both are crap stores who sell disgusting imitations of food. I, not being American, am used to eat good food. So I don't visit those places. (I actually can't even enter a McDonalds without feeling nauseous because of the smell) That said, your points still don't justify why Asphalt 7 costs 0.99€ and these 2 cost 6.50€. Has Asphalt 7 not amazing graphics like these cartoon-based ones?
  • " I, not being American, am used to eat good food."
    Collective eye roll/groan.
  • Yes, yes Daniel. We all know you're part of those 2% of Americans who don't eat junk food.
  • So to solidify your point about people over-generalizing and assuming in the comment section, you over-generalize and assume.  Nice.
    Happy hypocrites, I swear...
  • What country are you from?
  • He's from Smugsylvania. They think they're better than everybody else, but they're also really cheap. ;)
  • I have a friend that is from Portugal. He tells me that it is common for everyone to make their own wine. You go over to someone's else house, it is polite to drink the wine that was made. You go somewhere else, drink some more. And so on. And it is strong as hell.
    Anyway, his tag is foreverdrunk.
  • Wow, that sounds way better than Smugsylvania. I'm not a huge fan of wine but I'm all about being a team player.
  • Actually that is only true in the rural regions of the country (mainly in the North). If you come to the Capital you won't find people doing their own wine.
    But we do have some of the best wines in the World and they are most definitely not the kind of wines you find in America or in Northern Europe. It is strong. But then again, so is our Beer and our coffee (hence my hate for Starbucks who sells disgusting coffee to anyone who's accustomed to the normal Portuguese coffee). But yes, it is tradition and good manners here to offer guests a drink and food. And normally it's a good drink (and in the North, yes it's wine) and good food (normally bread, cheese, and what in English is just called sausages but it's a variety of meat based products).
  • Why the hate for Starbucks?... To your point on Asphalt 7 cost that game is the same price on ios and android as are these it was kept cheap for 2 reasons 1. to Create an online comunity 2. they expect in game micro transactions to make extra cash.
    These free roam games require time and effort to produce so if you want to see games other then quick puzzlers and match three clones then pay up, you get what you pay for and i for one am happy i bought it.
  • I used McDonalds and Starbucks as examples.  Insert culturally relevant equivolent money wasting place.  And I am not opposed to this, I blow money on stuff all the time, it's in my budget.  I'll spend $10-$12 on a good book that I might enjoy for a few days, so I am not opposed to paying $5 for a good app that I will enjoy a lot longer.  Just silly relative to the contracts and data plans we pay for.
    I have been to Europe, multiple times.  You don't eat better food than us on average (or worse really).  McDonalds does seem to run a successful business there, though.
    I don't accept that the price of Asphalt 7 some how justifies or not another apps cost.  What has that to do with it?  I really don't want low-grade shovelware, which is what we will get with this android freetard mindset of everything must be free or cheaper, regardless of how much work is behind it.  I don't work for free.
  • You have to consider the amount of modeling that goes into games like The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises. Since these are free-roam games, the "entire" city has to be modeled.  That is much more work than modeling "just the streets" of a few cities in games like Asphalt 7 Heat.
  • We already covered this topic with Spectral Souls
  • While i agree you get a lot for your money with Spectral Souls i do beleive it should cost about the same as batman or spiderman aven though it is an Rpg its essentially a port of a ps2 game not built from scratch.
  • Finally. Been waiting all day for this. Keep it coming Gameloft.
  • Anyone else think £5.49 is a tad too expensive?
  • For a game like angry birds or shark dash yes, for this free roam batman game no.
  •  Its very expensive. Shark Dash and Angry Birds are 100% free now on appstore.  I got Dark Knight rises in discount for 25 cents (selective apps and games)  on Google Play 25 billion android sale something (in my nexus 7) in the summer. Hope they do some discounts here too. It sucks that it lags even in 920....
    Otherwise its great that more mainstream games are available. We need more. ,
  • I am not sure if I see any lag. People experiencing lag must have mail syncing or something in the background.
  • C'mon mc4 and nova 3...
  • yeah i cant wait for nova and mc4!!
  • wondering how many glitched achievements in this and shark dash:S sense spiderman has 2 fully glitched and one that is 50/50 that it unlocks
  • No glitches in achievements in shark dash, I've already gotten all of them. Not sure on Batman, but I've gotten 4 so far without a problem.
  • Paul, The Dark Kinght has risen in The Brazilian WP Store also! :)
  • Good news! I should stop trusting MS about which regions games will release in - this isn't the first time they've been wrong.
  • hahahaha. Brazil is getting some games now, at least.
  • I find it funny that the Sexy shot to make you read the article is almost always  shown on a Samsung ATIV S.  Yet in the USA, you can't find THIS Phone, and I want it.
  • Dan likes to show off his phones.
  • Can he send me the unused ATIV S?
  • So phones with 8gb storage can barely get this game installed. Doesn't matter if you have an SD card. This is a problem
  • Was that photo taken with a GS4 using the dual-camera feature? neat! :-)
  • LMAO
  • Good review Paul and nice to see you never used any of you personal opinons ;-) the game is decent i even think the voice acting is pretty good alfred i can convince myself is Michael Cain.
  • Thanks man! Just to be clear, this is only a quick impression piece. I'll have a full 1200 word review in 1-2 weeks.
  • Sweet i will look forward to reading that hopefully by then i will have had time to give it a good play myself and we can compare notes :-D.
  • Name a quick Review pls:)
  • I want to buy the game but not at full price. The game is too laggy to justify the price.
  • Game is worth it because its BATMAN!!!!! but I will have remove asphalt and probably do a phone reset on my 820 just to play this game. So, no batman for me :(
  • ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ thumbs up
  • knock knock
  • How on earth am I supposed to download this when my other storage is eating up 10 gigs and music 13 gigs. This is so much bull sh*t my apps use 2.4 gigs and I cant download any more games. This blows, really! I cant show how upset I am with this other storage from the development team. An update should be out asap to fix this and not just wait for "blue"
  • Sounds like you need to download the Shrink Storage app. Also, sadly a reduction of music might be in order if you're interested in playing larger games like this.
  • IT IS HERE !!!!!!
  • As much as I love this game, I sadly will not be getting it as its simply too big for my phone. I reset my 820 a couple of weeks ago to make space for Asphalt 7 and umm already down to just 1gig.
    Its weird that when MS controls almost every aspect of WP's hardware, they still allow 1GB memory phones with just 8gigs of storage.
    Sigh, time Joe's team relooked at the security thing with installing apps on SD card.
  • What else should MS, Nokia, HTC or any other phone OEM do to make it so more devices are affordable for more people?? I have an 810 and I hate it too, but there's a reason for it.
  • Low fps game again :-( Why gameloft could not add Some detail / Resolution Settings for those, Who prefered smooth gameplay, not just very nice slideshow..
  • My Lumia 800 is sobbing right now!
  • Where is nova 3 gameloft? Thats the only game I'm buying!
  • Maybe you should ask gameloft directly...?
  • I'm glad to see some big app names come to WP. The best mobile OS in the world!
  • Way too much complaining going on here...
    This is the problem with WP users. You get a couple of things you've been asking for and you still create reasons to cry.
    To me this is why the whole instagram thing is a joke... as soon as you get something you want, you nitpick it to pieces and focus on things to shed tears about.
    As soon as instagram comes along you all will either cry that it's not 100% like the ios version, or move on to the next thing to cry over.
    Sorry for bringing instagram up here, it's just an example.
  • Instagram isn't a joke. Its a status symbol in mobile world. We should mention instagram in every post until MS do something about it. 
  • Ugh, 4.5GB of free storage space and not enough to download and install a 774MB game.
    I wonder how many lost sales are caused by this. If I was Gameloft, I would be demanding MS to fix this storage problem now.
  • Guys, it takes about 8 gig (maybe less) of free space to download this game. My advice: delete old games, move your music to your pc and be grateful some decent games are showing up instead of complaining! Also some more user phone reviews would be nice!
  • Its a ridiculous bug though. I have 3.8 gig free space and 9.8 in "other storage". Cant get the game because of this. Plenty of reasons to complain there, both for me as the user and for the retailer who are denied their money
  • If any 620 owners need a crime fighter I will step in and do the job since batman can't.
  • Can it be possible that they ported this game with a very low refresh rate cause my friends 8x runs really smooth and on my Lumia 920 lags It feels like android. Maybe its kinda stupid but well the Lumia does have 60 MHz.
  • The 8X outperforms the 920 at most things. Its a far more stable and solid device, which is why its such a shame HTC don't have the same interest in the platform that Nokia does.
  • I bought many games on IOS with gameloft..$7 bucks?? Nah.. I'll wait for a sale, even the fps hardcore gamer ones had brief sales.. Im not cheap and have learned how to shop wisely with these big name dev's.. No disrepect. Glad to C the win love from gameloft..
  • This game is beautiful! I didn't experience lag at at (maybe that's because I didn't keep the game long enough, due to storage issues). WP needs to work on adding the feature where we can download our games on our SD cards!! Not many WP owners can even get it, and I hope Gameloft doesn't take Spiderman and this game away from us because it seems like no no one wants to download them. We do, it's just that our phones won't let us. What a shame...Microsoft.
  • For those of you with storage issues. Try Shrink Storage. This app fills your disk and then fragments it, losing unnecessary cache space. Just click fill space. A must have!
  • That app sucks gained a few megs my other Nokia had 11gb of other after I shrunk it down
  • ...and don't forget to delete browsing history on IE, there's a lot there too. ;)
  • I will NEVER be able to download and play would have to be my only download on my Lumia 810 =(
  • I honestly have no problems with my Lumia no lags no blur no restarting nor force restarting. Only difference I've seen between the 8x is that L920's screen is brighter and miles faster. The 8x is what the HTC one x should've been even the tegra 3 lags.
  • I just read that I need to clear 4 gigs. WTF I've been deleting all day and I still can't DL it. Well at least I'm getting close to 4. This restriction is a pain
  • You need to change your article. I needed 5 GB of space just to download
  • Yep me too, on a 920.
  • I cant install this game because I have no memory.. everything is ruined by the other section. My phone is hijacked.
  • 2.65gb still cant download doing my freaking head in, think i will move t android:'(
  • Need to sort this out QUICK couldn't downland spectral souls now this. Come on, Microsoft.
  • It my new favorite game. I love Batman - worth all of my pocket money :D
  • Lag means one thing: minimal optimization. Lousy job.  Microsoft should step up a little the quality standards. We're not second class customers. 
  • Play Grand Theft Auto III on Playstation 2 and tell me that Sony and Rockstar considered PS2 players second-class citizens. The frame rate in Dark Knight and Spider-Man is an unavidable result of their large open worlds. They'd have to drop the detail significantly to create a better frame rate on the hardware at hand. Yes, the frame rate bothers some users, but the vast majority won't mind it.
  • Maybe these type of games shouldn't go Mobile then. A couple bucks is a couple bucks but it's still a couple bucks and I don't want my games lagging after paying a couple bucks. 
  • I really cant play games on the 920. I can for about 5 minutes, then it starts to heat up. After another 5 minutes it's burning my fingers and my battery has dropped 20%. Amount of heat + battery loss depends on the games, but all of them give me the same routines. The only games I can play are short ones and there is probably no way in hell I can play an RPG. Hell 1 round of Asphalt 7 has my phone burning like an engine. When Nokia said they've designed the 920 to feel "warm in the hands" I didn't think it would really heat up.  I love my 920 and it is one of the best smartphones I've ever used but the games-heat-battery issue really kills the experience a bit. 
  • Soon we'll see smartphones with fans
  • I can confirm that installing the game via the windows phone app on windows 8 gets around the space issue. I did get a warning about insufficient space later.
  • Excellent Game Gameloft!!
    Keep up good work :)
  • just push those 'cool' games/apps to Malaysia fast please!!