The Dark Knight has Risen on Xbox Windows Phone 8

Was Gameloft’s The Amazing Spider-Man game too bright and cheery for you? Get ready to stalk villains from the shadows and do lots of brooding then, because there’s a Batman in town. The Dark Knight Rises for Xbox Windows Phone 8 is here! Not surprisingly, it requires phones with 1 GB of RAM, so lower memory devices like the Lumia 620 will have to remain crime-ridden for the time being.

The Dark Knight Rises is based on the 2012 Christopher Nolan film that is so good, it’s frankly unprofessional to criticize it (I kid). The masked mumbler known as Bane has taken Gotham City hostage, forcing Batman to come out of retirement.

Quick gameplay impressions

If you played Amazing Spider-Man a couple of weeks ago, you’ll feel right at home with The Dark Knight Rises. Just like Gameloft’s previous superhero game, this is an open-world adventure in which Batman can explore Gotham City at will, stopping random crimes in progress with his fists of justice.

Combat works as you’d expect – just mash on the attack button to pull off fancy moves. Batman does get a lot of wonderful toys to do battle with, such as batarangs, smoke grenades, and a grapnel gun. After completing a few story missions, Batman he even gains access to the Bat Pod motorcycle-thing so that he can travel the city in style. Considering the addictive nature of free-roaming games and the game’s leveling system, it’s safe to say that Batman fans should find a lot to enjoy here.

Time to clear some space

Like Gameloft’s other graphically intensive games, The Dark Knight Rises is a large download. Thankfully it’s not as large as the massive Android version as I feared. The Windows Phone 8 game is 774 MB, a fair bit larger than Amazing Spider-Man’s 565 MB but not as hefty as the 878 MB Asphalt 7 download. You’ll need about 5 GB of free space to install it due to Windows Phone restrictions.

The Dark Knight Rises costs $6.99, just like the iOS and Android versions. Console-like games such as this don’t come cheap, but at least they offer lots of bang for your buck. Get it here at the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks to Rocket Riot and Mark Tepper for the tippage!

Paul Acevedo

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