Dead Clicker for Windows Phone 8, the undead meets whack-a-mole

Dead Clicker is a Windows Phone 8 arcade game that calls upon you to protect the gates of a cemetery from an army of zombies.

To do so you must smash the zombies into the ground, much like you would do in a game of whack-a-mole. The more zombies you smash, the higher your score. Should the zombies make it out of their graves and reach the cemetery gates, they will escape ending the game.

Dead Clicker is a fast-paced Windows Phone game that has decent graphics, challenging game play and is a fun way to pass the time.

Battling Zombie Hordes

Dead Clicker’s main menu holds options to mute the sound, visit the game’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as jump into game play.

When you jump into game play, you will get a courtesy “3,2,1” countdown and then the zombies start to move towards the cemetery gate that sits at the bottom of the screen. Zombies will come out of the ground where the tombstones are or meander down the paths between the grave markers.

To defeat the zombies and keep them from escaping the cemetery, just tap on them. Tapping on the zombies trying to get out of their graves will send them back into the ground. Tapping on those walking down the paths will shatter them into tiny little pieces. Should a zombie make it out of the grave, they will head towards the cemetery gate.

The goal is to survive as long as you can. The longer you survive the faster the game pace becomes and the game ends as soon as the zombies break down the cemetery gate.

Some zombies move faster than others and some will require multiple taps to take down. To add to the challenge, periodically a lost miner will surface from one of the graves. If you tap on a miner, the game ends.

To help you defeat the zombie incursion, Dead Clicker had six mojo boosts that will appear occasionally throughout the game. Mojo’s include one that will unleash an alien ship that takes out the zombies, one that will unleash an Elvis impersonator that runs the zombies off, one to set off a series of lightning strikes and more.

Overall Impression

While Dead Clicker may not stand up to lengthy gaming sessions, it is a fun Windows Phone 8 game to pass short bits of time with.

I wouldn’t mind seeing an online leaderboard with Dead Clicker but as a consolation, your best score will be displayed on the main menu. The ad-banner that runs across the bottom can get in the way when you are dispatching any zombies that have reached the gate. It's nothing detrimental to the game but it is something you'll need to be careful with.

All in all, if you are looking for a fun, fast paced arcade game for your Windows Phone 8 gaming library Dead Clicker is a good choice. The game is a free, ad-supported title that is available for Windows Phone 8 devices (including low-memory devices).

You can find your copy of Dead Clicker here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Dead Clicker

George Ponder

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  • Dead trigger 2 runs super smooth even on the dumbest android tablets (my bro played it on high on his cortex 1ghz, 512 mb ram useless tablet), so i should think it would give stunning frame rate on the 520 even. Also, my 520 runs (a slightly less intensive version of) asphalt 8 quite well !
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  • Oh really ? My bro played the non-tegra version on his single core processor tab, and it worked very well even on high graphics ! And the graphics were stunning too !
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  • Yeah there is a difference in the in the graphic's. In setting u can choice between low medium and high details. You will see a difference and on high it should be pretty sluggish. But that isn't always the case though. But when my fiancé plays it in her dual core Samsung skyrocket it will only play acceptable in low performance even then there is stutter. In high it is pretty much a stutter fest. I like android don't get me wrong but WP is the much better optimized OS that needs less resources.
  • As far as i remember, he used to play it on high most of the times, though i might be remembering dead trigger one. And i dont remember seeing any lags either on one or two. But it maybe because you might be having the tegra version, while my bro would've got the non tegra one.. Still the graphics were very nice !
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    Anything you can contact me on Twitter (@guilhermemanso) or via email: guilhermemanso at outlook dot com.
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