Dark Lands

Dark Lands is an impressive, addictive, quality Windows Phone game and if you have been on the fence about picking up this game title, MyAppFree has a deal for you.

The fantasy game is a free app title, regularly priced at $.99, for today only through the MyAppFree partnership.  Dark Lands is a 2D runner that features fantastic graphics, challenging game play and a RPG feel to it with various character ability and equipment upgrades.

For those not familiar with Dark Lands, you race your character through a wide range of deadly obstacles while battling various ogres, goblins, and other dangerous creatures.  It is one of the many quality Windows Phone titles being generated from the Microsoft/Nokia sponsored AppCampus.

You can pick up your copy of Dark Lands here in the Windows Phone Store.  It is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and the free deal is slated to run from now until midnight tomorrow, December 27, 2013.

QR: Dark Lands