Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a beast of a phone. Its six-inch display packs a gorgeous full HD display at 1080p. Daniel’s been using it as his daily driver and really likes it. If Santa didn’t bring you one for Christmas, you might want to treat yourself with this deal from Fry’s Electronics.

What’s the deal? How about picking up the Lumia 1520 for just $79 for on-contract pricing. That’s not too bad, considering the same on-contract pricing is $199.99 through AT&T. You’ll need to go to a physical Fry’s Electronics location to take advantage of this deal. Try on the website and they’ll redirect you to their physical stores to grab the Lumia 1520 for just $79.99.

Lumia 1520 Fry's

Fry’s has locations in various parts of the United States. California has the biggest number of Fry’s stores with ample locations on both sides of the state. Texas also has a handful of stores for you to check out in major metropolitan areas. Others will want to check the Fry’s website for a full list of locations.

Anyone thinking of picking up the Lumia 1520 for just $79.99? Sound off below.

Source: Fry’s

Thanks for the tip Rodney!