So you want a T-Mobile HD2 but not sure about the price? (Even though we feel $449 is pretty good with no contract already).

Fret not as Microsoft's Bing is offering a whopping 35% off of the full $449 price which brings down the total cost to a nice comfy $292, give or take a few cents.

To take advantage, simply follow these directions:

  • Open web browser to
  • Type in "T-mobile HD2"
  • Select the "Sponsored Links" at the top with the 35% off info

Now to be clear, you won't get the 35% savings right away. Bing cashback works by refunding the difference after 60 days (read 'How it works' here, their FAQ here). The refund is either by check or, if you have Paypal, they will automatically deposit the money after the alloted time.

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Still, for customers who want this baby for a fair price without committing to a two year contract, is $292 your number?

And for those who don't mind a two-year commitment, WireFly is offering the HD2 for a low $99, which ain't too shabby either.

Edit: As noted in comments, if you do both Bing cashback + Wirefly, you can have a spankin' new HD2 for $50 + 2 year contract.

[Thanks, JB6464, for originally noticing this deal!]