Are you one of those who always ask about the availability of a Windows Phone 7.x version of a particular app? One quick way to stop worrying about whether or not an app works is to make the jump to Windows Phone 8. There are inexpensive paths like the Nokia Lumia 520. But if you’re yearning for a device with slightly higher specs you might want to take advantage of the following deal for the Samsung ATIV S.

Over at Expansys USA, they’re selling an unlocked 16GB version of the ATIV S. It’s a device that we really loved when we reviewed it, but we just wish Samsung put a little more effort into marketing the device to consumers. Instead, the limelight was really split between the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 when Windows Phone 8 launched last year. Either way, Expansys is selling it flat out for $259.99.

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Expansys ATIV S

It’s a solid device and not a bad price at all. In fact it could be considered a steal.

Grab the deal at the link below. Have a Samsung ATIV S? Sound off below with the pros and cons of the device to help your fellow readers out.

Source: Expansys USA

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