Decay -The Mare Episode 2 closes out this week's myAppFree Halloween Deals

This week myAppFree has been spotlighting Halloween themed games for the daily deals. We started the week out with Count Crunch's Candy Curse and wind things down with the horror adventure game, Decay: The Mare Episode 2 for Windows Phone.

Decay: The Mare is a psychological horror game in the Windows Phone Store where you find yourself being admitted to a rehab facility. During your first night of residency, you find yourself stuck in a nightmare and have to search the institution for clues to help you escape the insanity.

Decay: The Mare Episode 2 normally runs $2.49 in the Store, but through the myAppFree Deal you can pick up the Windows Phone game free. It is a creepy game that is best played with headphones and with the lights dimmed. Just be warned, some scenes can be rather shocking causing you to jump out of your seat or develop a bad case of the goose bumps.

Decay: The Mare starts you out with a tutorial that you can skip, but if this is your first time playing the game, it will prove beneficial. The tutorial will cover navigating around the institution, how to search for clues, how to collect items and how to use the hint button when you need a little help.

Decay: The Mare

In many ways, the game is a scavenger hunt where you find clues for objects that will help you solve a puzzle, which in turn will help you escape the nightmare. Decay: The Mare sets the atmosphere rather nice with shadowy graphics and a soundtrack well suited for a nightmarish venture.

Decay: The Mare Episode 2 is available in the Windows Phone Store and has support for low-memory devices. Normally priced at $2.49, you can pick up the Windows Phone game free over the next twenty-four hours courtesy of the myAppFree Deal.

Decay: The Mare

The game is rated at only 3.3 Stars in the Store, but that is a little misleading. Two of the three reviews are positive with the one negative review that stated the game was too easy and predictable. In the short time playing Decay: The Mare, I'd place it in the neighborhood of 4 Stars.

If you have given Decay: The Mare a try, let us know what you think of the game in the comments below. Please note that while there is a Windows 10 version of this game, it is not a universal title, so the deal does not apply to the Windows Store.

Download Decay: The Mare Episode 2 from the Windows Phone Store

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