Dell announces durable Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme tablet

Dell has unveiled the new Latitude 7212 Extreme Rugged, which, as the name suggests, is a beefy tablet offering built with durability in mind. The tablet is actually a replacement for its predecessor, the Latitude 7202, designed to offer improvements while maintaining backward compatibility with docking and vehicle systems that are already being used with the 7202.

Dell says that the new Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme features a new 11.6-inch FHD display panel with better outdoor readability. The touchscreen on board can also be used with a glove. The tablet is also a bit lighter, with its weight now coming in at under three pounds. That's combined with a rugged shell that's rated to survive tough operating conditions and the occasional drop. A new rigid handle option is also available, along with a new external battery charger and kickstand that can rotate 180 degrees.

On the inside, the Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme can be equipped with up to a seventh-generation Intel Core i7 processor, up to 16GB of RAM, and up to 1TB of storage. Optional fingerprint and SmartCard readers can also be added for extra security, along with optional cellular connectivity. The tablet can be equipped out of the box with Windows 10 Pro, but it can also easily be downgraded to Windows 7 Professional if compatibility is of concern.

The Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme is now available directly from Dell starting at $1,899.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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