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Dell discontinues Android-based Venue tablets in favor of Windows 10 2-in-1s

Dell has confirmed it will not be launching any new tablets in its Android-based Venue family. It will concentrate its efforts on releasing Windows 10 2-in-1 devices and laptops for businesses.

According to PCWorld:

"The slate tablet market is over-saturated and is experiencing declining demand from consumers, so we've decided to discontinue the Android-based Venue tablet line," a Dell spokesman said in an e-mail."

Dell also won't be pushing out any OS updates to the Venue tablets that are already sold to customers, although it will continue to honor any currently active warranties and service contracts. Dell also has stopped selling the Android-based Wyse Cloud Connect, a tiny computer that could connect to a big screen PC or monitor.

Dell released a number of Android tablets over the past few years, including the impressive Venue 10 7000 series. The company will continue to sell Chromebooks with Google's Chrome OS.

In a company blog post{.nofollow}, Dell further explained why it is making this shift to Windows 10 2-in-1s for businesses:

According to Gartner, only 17 percent of consumer respondents in mature markets intend to buy a tablet in the next 12 months – one of the lowest percentages in the past decade. And according to IDC, last quarter pure slate tablets experienced their greatest annual decline to date of -21.1 percent. Our take – the slate tablet market is oversaturated and is experiencing declining demand from end users. Additionally, 2-in-1s with larger screens in the 10 to 13-inch range are offering a laptop-first experience with the convenience of a tablet when needed. This is where our customers are asking us to invest and innovate.Dell is repositioning its mobile products portfolio to take advantage of both the resurgence of the 2-in-1 market and the continued growth of the traditional form factor laptop. With the release of Windows 10, our 2-in-1s and laptops are positioned to take advantage of the largest growth opportunities within the personal computing space. Detachable tablets (or 2-in-1s) reached an all-time high of 8.1 million devices in the fourth quarter of 2015. They have also more than doubled their shipments since the fourth quarter of last year.

  • Good.
  • Thanks Nadella!
  • Ballmer. Thanks, Ballmer that invested in the first Surface devices and the Surface RT writedowns!
  • surface only got popular with windows 10.
  • Surface got really popular around surface pro 3/surface 3 line, which was before windows 10
  • Yes but after windows 10 surface 4 and surface book doubled the revenue that took years to establish with the windows 8 devices.
  • That had nothing to do with Windows 10. But everything with new hardware (6th generation intel core i chipsets) that made it possible to make a lighter and smaller (more tablet like) Surface Peo without compromising power. It would have sold like hot cakes with Windows 8.1 as well.
  • Nope.  The SP3 did very well during the W8.1 days.
  • Nah. The Surface Pro 3 really did very well.
  • I guess we can all agree that Panos and the rest of the surface team killed the iPad and the rest of the tablet industry.
  • What's good for that? you know that in a year or two android and apple will come up with the same idea on their os and will oversale windows because.... People's logic
  • They'll be as successful as Chromebooks and Macs "oversaling" Windows PCs...
  • Will they? People still think of the app gap when they think of buying phones what's the difference for laptops?
  • "People still think of the app gap when they think of buying phones what's the difference for laptops?" Are you really that new to the full Windows or did you mean to type "tablets" at the end? You do realize there are 16 million+ Win32 applications available for the Windows platform, right? Part of that collection is the Steam PC game library, all of which can be made touch friendly via Gesture Works Gameplay 3, and Android Emulators like AMI DuOS, if you're that desperate to run them bastardized apps on your Windows PC (I'm not missing ANY of them on my Surface Pro 2). Also, FYI there are more tablet optimized apps on just the Windows Store than on the Play Store, which merely full of stretched phone apps...
  • Not really, Apple isn't going to merge iOS into OS X anytime soon so a MacBook Pro that supports touch is about 3 or 4 years away.  Google has started something with ChromeOS and Android on same device, if you put that ChromeOS also supports Linux it might look like a killer combo, but unfortunately, Google will fail this experiment since they're not going to provide larger hard drives on ChromeOS 2 in 1s, thats a complete failure, imagine a Surface Book that costs more than 1 grand with only 32GB of storage, it has fail all over the place.
  • The word 'linux' always makes me laugh. By now, really, REAAALLLYY, if it were to be a success it would be out there in places like PC World on a machine that you can buy.
  • Lol I know right? I hope you're wrong but totally could see that happening.
  • "you know that in a year or two android and apple will come up with the same idea on their os​"... You mean 'Copy' instead of 'come up with', right? 
  • Killed the iPad, you're insane. Apple still makes a billion or two off of the sales of iPad, even though those sales are in decline. Even the ridiculous iPad Pro that everyone here laughed at sold more than the Surface line after it was introduced. The reason why the Android version of the Dell Venue got killed off is because there are already dozens and dozens of companies making Android tablets, and that Dell model was nothing special at all, so nobody bought one.
  • Dell model was also based on failed & cancelled Intel ships. Just like all affordable Windows tablets.
  • Atom chips for tablets or HoloLens were not cancelled, only Atom chips for mobile phones were cancelled.
  • I was Wondering still any OEM makes android desktop/pc
  • +1
  • Yep. 40 million tablets sold Q1. ~ 1 million surfaces and a couple of million other Windows devices.
  • Who's got an app gap now huh?
  • Windows still does
  • But only on mobile :P :D On all other form factors, the Windows ecosystem is unbeatable :D
  • In terms of laptops/tablets, windows doesn't. Mobile on the other hand obviously still has a gap to close
  • Windows...
  • Windows has billions of apps, if you include all the .exe ones. :D
  • Those are programs, not apps.
  • In the Apple world, there's no difference.
  • Programs and apps are the same thing
  • Somewhat. I've used many e-book reader .exe programs, and a true dedicated app is miles better even though they do the same thing. In my mind, a program is designed for productivity and is used on a desktop/laptop, while an app is designed for consumption and is used on a smartphone or tablet. And let's be real, using a desktop Windows program on a ten inch tablet (without keyboard and mouse) is beyond frustrating.
  • Not if it supports touch input and/or continuum like Office 2016, AutoCAD 2016, the full Adobe CC Suit, etc. For example, see how continuum works with Win32 applications like Word 2016, providing a touch friendly experience on my Surface Pro without needing to go the bastardized Windows Store app route: If your Win32 app doesn't support such, consider encouraging your dev to get off their ass and implement continuum support.
  • Office supports touch okay in their Desktop version, but the Adobe CC Suite? Not even close!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Adobe's stuff, but the Creative Suite is FAR from "touch friendly". 
  • That's why tablets fail as standalone devices, people already use smartphones for apps, if you have a Surface Pro you might use the tablet form in 25% of the time, but the rest 75% of the time is used for productivity using the keyboard cover and the full OS mode.
  • A friend messaged me on Facebook last night while I was watching TV with my Surface Pro 4 on my lap, he wanted me to alter an image for his website so I fired up the full version of Photoshop, edited it and emailed it back to him. I couldn't have done that on my IPad.
  • Re: Geo Hutchings,
    ".exe" programs should be differentiated from the apps type of software that is on phones and Apple tablets. Marketing people like to confuse them, as if they are the same and interchangeable. We should make a point of speaking clearly. Just my thoughts.
    Best Wishes
  • Programs have been called applications in windows since the 90's.
  • I was about to say that. Apps/Programs/Applications are the same thing. When people refer to Apps as different, they are usually referring to the touch friendly variants found on mobile devices, but really its all the same.
  • And on mainframes since the 60's.
  • Only a computer geek would ignore the difference and the confusion it causes. "Apps" do not equal "applications". They are not interchangeable in use. Only marketing people and computer industry people stubbornly maintain that common people should be told that they are the same. Strange groups to agree on anything.
    Just my thoughts.
    Best Wishes
  • stop this stupidity!
  • Application programs. Epic fail man!!
  • you have awoken the apps vs programs debate.... good job ​JK :), but seriously I understand there's a difference, but they are so similar that there needs to be a better way to distinguish than arguing whether it is an app or a program.    
  • Cmon dude.. Are you kidding me? Since when Program n Apps is different? lol
  • There is a difference, but not really anything that you could tell by calling them programs or apps.
  • A program is a predefined series of events. ;)  Apps are things which are interactive.   Hit start and search for an exe it'll label it as "Desktop App". 
  • No. Application is a term going back over 50 years. The correct term is application program, referring to a piece of software used by an end user - as opposed to a system program.
  • The average person doesn't know the difference. And frankly, it shouldn't matter.
  • Umm, those programs have another name and it is called application.
  • App is short for application which is a program.
  • Android has too many OEMs and developers for the money that their target market is ready to pay. It is a big problem, but it is never called the app gap.
  • An app has to follow application model while program is a wild software
  • Hmm, interesting point!
  • Windows10Mobile. But, it is nice to see some good nes for a change! 
  • I'll never buy an android/apple tablet.. I can't believe the huge program gap there... It's just beyond terrible!!!
  • Re: raycpl,
    Very nicely said. I would guess, that everyone understood exactly what you said, because of the words you choose. Good point made.
  • so there's no "programming" in apps because "appgramming" is what you think it should be called? /foresight says this will be your next claim.
  • Good. Those android tablets sucked a$$.  I bought one, and it was horrible performance, constant freezes, took forever to load anything. and it just lagged like crazy..even in scrolling on a webpage...
  • Should have bought a Samsung, LG or Asus tablet that had at least 2 GB of RAM and a good mid-range SOC.
  • Even tablets with 2GB of RAM are doomed for failure, thats why IDC, Gartner and other analysts are predicting the tablet market will keep shriking, the reason is pretty simple, a tablet with 2GB of RAM can't replace a laptop or a desktop, however a Surface Pro 3 or 4 can and thats why the Surface Pro is a multi billion dollar business for Microsoft, while tablet industry is giving less profits to other companies like Apple and Samsung, even Samsung launched a Galaxy tablet this year that is also a 2 in 1 that is able to compete with Surface Pro.  
  • I have an Android tablet with 2gb ram, 1.8ghz Quad Core ARM Cortex A17 and Mali T720 powering an 8inch QXGA(2048x1536) screen and its smooth and powerful a mid ranger tablet can get but that is all there is on that tablet as its currently gaining dust after I bought a relatively weaker but more productive Windows 2n1 tablet. Just more productive since I can switch to full desktop anytime I need to do some heavy work but away from home or lazy to open my work laptop or desktop on the other hand I just can't do that on an Android tablet and beside I can pretty much do anything I can do on an Android tablet on my phone and its apps are way more optimized for phone size. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "And according to IDC, last quarter pure slate tablets experienced their greatest annual decline to date of -21.1 percent." Tablet sales have had double-digit declines for about 2 years in a row now, yet I haven't read anywhere that "Tablets are dead" - however the PC market, which has never experienced a drop this sharp, is constantly labeled as "Dead."  
  • Haha, if it takes this long to 'die' then that's fine, keep selling tens of millions while 'dying'!
  • The iMedia would never dear label anything as "dead" until herd master apple finally catches up...
  • True. What'll Apple do now about iPad? Just wondering..
  • Uhh.. they'll keep marketing it. After all, Apple! ;)
  • Call it an iPad pro and add a keyboard!
  • Precisely; the 10 Aniversary iPhone will be a recap called iPhone 7+ Pro Mini!
  • They'll increase the size of the screen by half an inch, add a keyboard (not included) for double the price of the Ipad itself then will claim it's a "revolutionary original idea"
  • Perhaps add a permanently attached, hinged keyboard. iPadBook. Genius.
  • iPadbook Air Plus Pro Mini...
  • "We call it, iPad X..." (Huge Clapping)
  • Truth be told, Dell didn't put much effort into their tablets anyway. They included a weird camera setup that no one used, and they took forever to push out updates.
  • Garbage OS = Garbage tablet. My Venue 8 Pro is fantastic for the price, and had no issues upgrading to Windows 10. My friend's Venue 8 however struggles to run Android itself, let alone any useful apps.
  • This^
    Windows has become so efficient now that there's just no point having the Android tablets, except maybe a dual boot machine. But windows first..
  • I'm actually thinking about getting a Windows 10 / android dual boot tablet. And right when it arrives, deleting Android, because it's so useless, and for some free space :D The only reason why I'm thinking about a dualboot is because it's cheaper than a pure Win 10 tablet :D
  • That's interesting, a dualboot is cheaper than a pure Win 10 tablet. Does that mean the manufacturer is paying you to use the Android OS?
  • I don't know. But I only found dualboots with decent specs at a reasonable price (for me). My dream is still a Surface Book, but sadly, I can't afford it :/ :D (at least yet)
  • Look on the bright side! By the time you can you'll get the latest and greatest model...
  • Or an older one for less money :D Who knows :D
  • Try check out the latest model of Dell venue pro 8, with 4GB Ram running win10 pro 64bit and Wacom pen. And USB-C for video out and other good USB-c features. That would be my next tablet to replace my current 3 yr-old venue pro 8 (first gen)
  • I have a first gen as well and just realized its three years old already lol
  • Ads are paying!
  • When they release it on an older version of an OS and then don't upgrade it for another three months, that's them making a garbage tablet. It debuted in January 2015 on Android 4.4, even though 5.0 was released October 2014. It finally got the 5.0 update in April 2015, then Android 5.1 in July 2015 and nothing since then.
  • Yeah, garbage OS. The developer of the OS is to blame for this, nothing else. Dell delivers hardware.
  • Dell also delivered software. For their tablets, they delivered it much later than everyone else did.
  • Ha ha. A fan of the company that gave us Windows XP with no security features, Windows Vista and Windows 8 criticizing another OS. The problem was never the OS but the lack of productivity applications for it.
  • Uhh, yeah. You can still buy new devices on 4.4, that will never get updated into the 5.x range.  It probably took them a year to ready their device for a 4.4 release, which is why it came with that.  For Dell to actually sell it, then release two major upgrades on it, is practically unheard of in the Android world.
  • Please, point me to a link where you can buy a new 4.4 device. Google stops certifying devices if their OS is more than a year old at the time of release.    And no, Dell's still crappy.  NVIDIA released their tablet on 4.4 when 4.4 was the main release, updated it to 5.0 and 5.1 and 6.0 all in a timely manner. And that tablet was release BEFORE Dell's. 
  • Hmm, Amazon? Do a search for "android tablet" and "Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7'' Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC" is one of the top hits.  I have seen plenty of other devices in tech stores, and others. I'm not disagreeing about the quality of the experience with Dell's tablet.  Just stating from my own experience that most device manufacturers never release updates on it.  That's why less than 10% of devices are on 6.0, and more than 50% are on 4.4 and earlier.
  • Shocker, spend only $40 on a tablet and it's ******. 
  • Yup, it's entry level hardware and price, but I know people who go for price rather than specs.
  • Agree I have the dell venue pro 11 and a linx 8 both great devices and outlived my one and never to be replaced android tablet.
  • I wouldnt start a celebration just yet. This just makes sense for an enterprise focused company like Dell, android tablets aren't suited to that environment so this is just the logical move to make. Doesnt say anything about Windows devices that we dont already know.
  • What about that makes it less of a reason to celebrate?
  • Even though Dell has a large enterprise business, it still has a sizeable business selling to consumers. Otherwise, why would Dell produce and sell these products in the beginning? I think Dell just got sucked into the Android tablet hype and now realize there is not much to be gained.
  • Nice spin, you should go into politics... :)
  • I disagree, Dell made a large investment on their premium Android tablets and put Intel Sense camera's on them and they didn't became popular, I think the reason is Android is not used for productivity, look at those Nvidia Shield tablets, or Android Pixel tablets, they are in red numbers, nobody wants them, but everybody wants a WIndows 10 device that has a Pen like the Surface Pro. 
  • This is the beginning of the end for Android on a tablet. They will still dominate on phones, but there is literally no advantage of an Android tablet over a Windows 2 in 1. Even Samsung touts it's Galaxy Tab Pro S.
  • Samsung is a company that will try anything at least once. They are still releasing Android tablets pretty regularly, and should be releasing the Tab S3 fairly soon.
  • The Tab Pros were decent machines but the limitation was Android. If your objective is a pro device for productivity, nothing out there beats windows. I'm already saving up for a tab pro with windows which I never considered for the android versions.
  • Yeah, a desktop OS will do that. But most of the tablet buying public doesn't care about productivity. They want to read comics, e-books and browse the web. I wouldn't mind Windows as a tablet OS, but the Kindle app is garbage, Marvel Unlimited doesn't have an app, and Comixology discontinued their app. Netflix and Hulu work, but those are already on other platforms.
  • Yeah, but for those things you don't need tablets anymore, when you have 6+ inch phones. So, Android tablets will be replaced with phablets, and for real work people will buy Windows tablets...
  • Most phones nowadays are in the 5-5.5 inch range (I know because I'm one of the few people that want a 6+ inch phone). And seriously, real work on any tablet is ludicrous. What's the difference between using Word Mobile on a Windows tablet and Word Mobile on an Android tablet or iPad? All can let you use a keyboard and mouse, and all are worse than just buying a laptop/Chromebook/Macbook.
  • No, with a full windows machine, you use the full 'program' when you want to get really productive, on the same tablet machine. The mobile version is an added bonus.
    Take a Surface Pro 4 for example. I can just grab the tablet for reading ebooks, or watching videos etc. and I can attach the keyboard and use the 'real' Office 2016 or AutoCAD or Photoshop or anything else I want. I can even connect a QHD monitor and have a true dual monitor setup for hard core multitasking - all driven by my single device that was acting as a tablet a few moments ago. Android tablets simply do not offer this flexibility. Heck I can even emulate an entire Android device on my Surface Pro 4. There's really no comparison in the tablet space.
  • This is how I use my SP3, but rarely do I use it as a tablet. Windows just isn't a good tablet OS. They really need to streamline and simplify the experience. My phone takes care of that stuff anyways. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My SP2 is smaller and it is a good Windows tablet.
  • Re: Kaymd,
    Very nicely said. I do all that with my SurfacePro, except when I dock, it adds two monitors. Just easier for AutoCAD and Revit.
  • The whole purpose of the 'Pro' line of any device maker is to go beyond streaming YouTube or reading ebooks. They are selling the productivity or professional angle. And windows is doing a fine job of merging a legacy desktop OS that runs anything under the sun with a modern tablet side for more casual consumer use in an efficient manner, so you get the benefit of both in a single device. I think windows will take over tablets/2in1s almost completely in a few years if nothing new disrupts this trend. Windows 10 anniversary update is already showing significant improvements over the original, and I expect Redstone 2 to naturally improve on Anniversary.
  • No, the whole purpose of a "Pro" line is to get people to spend extra money on hardware they probably don't need.  
  • Lol that's iPad pro you're talking about, my friend. MS Surface Pro really is a pro device. It's a tablet with PC OS, so you can do all the things you can do on a regular pc(except some serious gaming, obviously), but you can also do all the things you would on your tablet with tablet mode, you have programs AND apps. Yes I know, app gap, but app gap is getting smaller every day. So why would you buy a tablet If you can a tablet AND a PC?
  • Because the "tablet and a PC" doesn't meet my needs for being a tablet. It's a PC with a removeable keyboad, not a tablet. 
  • Wat? It is a tablet. The screen and the keyboard are sold separately. The screen is touch friendly. Windows 10 is touch friendly. You also have tablet mode. You have an app store, which is still not as good as app store on other platforms, but Windows is getting some serious market share, so I can imagine better app store in a year already. Plus, you have programs.
  • The limitation was not Android but rather productivity apps on Android, which did not exist.
  • As soon as Samsung try windows10Mobile as a phone, I'll believe the "Samsung is a company that will try anything at least once" :)
  • Samsung are also very anti MS/Windows and will push any alternative to the max
  • But will Dell start making any good Windows 10 tablets in the 300-400 dollar range?  I guess we shall see.
  • Intel makes that difficult.
  • Yes. Am interested to see what happens now no atom processors.
  • ...maybe we can see AMD win10 tablets in coming months now...hahaha
  • Depends on your definition of "good" and your needs.  For most consumers, simple consumption devices don't need high specs, and are available for that range.  I have multiple Windows tablets that were under $100.  For content creators, they are willing to spend more money.  And for gamers, I have no idea how they can afford those $2k+ devices.
  • I learned to build an awesome gaming pc complete with liquid cooling chrome fans and other great stuff for about $800. I'm old and just got into tech about 6yrs. Ago. Imagine what a kid can do who grew up on computers.
    2k for a gaming Machine. Lmao
  • #saynotoandroid
  • For some reason I read that as sanyotoandroid and I was thinking, why would Sanyo go to Android?.....
  • What is that model pictured?
  • Looks like a Dell Latitude 12 7000 series 2-in-1.  
  • Haha, Android is to Tablets like Windows is to Smartphones, same applies vice versa...
  • Except that Android tablets sell more than any other tablet on the planet, so your comparison is ridiculous.
  • What statistics are you looking at? This clearly shows Android lagging behind the others.
  • Android tablets are good for kids to watch videos and play games...unless you want to spend more on iPad to do the same can't do real work those devices... 
  • I totally agree. As I always said, android and ios are toys, that s*ck when it comes to work. And Windows is a professional tool, that can still entertain you, after you finished your work :D
  • The game is afoot!
  • Return of DVP mobile?!?!?! I bet they want to compete with HP
  • Yes please! The design of the Dell Venue Pro was awesome. Bring it back for Win10Mobile, updated like Elite X3. The pogo pins and accessories will be neat to see how they grow.
  • That make sense!!
  • Good. Now if they and others will wake up and stop making Chromebooks...
  • Well somebody has to keep making new Chromebooks for those school districts (like my kids' district) who got suckered into a 3-year contract to give one to every kid in school.
  • This is an interesting peice of news, firstly, i think other manufacturers are going to follow suit and begin releasing 2 in 1's running windows 10, so the 2 in 1 market is all set to explode, second, i have used android on a tablet before and i can say that app support is pretty bad, let's just say android is best on a phone or phablet. So this further reduces the need for developers to further optimize their apps for android on tablets. Secondly, its a great positive for MS as they through the surface lineup are somewhat the inventors of this format, so they stand to gain, both in hardware sales as well as in software(windows 10) adoption. This further strengthens the UWP format of apps. It may be early to say, but if everything plays out well, us windows 10 users may actually enjoy one of the best store experiences around. However, this view of mine doesn't fully extend for phone. I myself am planning to switch from my current 730 to a nexus 5x, but my laptop and my pc both enjoy windows 10.
  • Don't you dare leave Windows Mobile !
  • I think, it will help the phone ecosystem too. Because it's the point of UWP. Develop an app, that runs on all Windows devices, including phones too. Or am I wrong? :D
  • It will not help phones. Android phones have great support from Google and from third party developers. Android tablets had neither. Despite what people here claim, Android is perfectly capable of running productivity apps, especially if the devices have a sufficient amount of RAM and a good SOC. The problem is that - with the exception of Microsoft Office mobile and 365 ironically - no one made productivity apps for Android tablets, including Google. So where someone has a compelling interest to use a Windows 2-in-1 instead of a Dell Venue, there is no real reason to use a Surface Phone instead of a Samsung Galaxy or LG G5. Yes, that Surface Phone will be able to run 32 bit Windows applications designed for desktops (by this I mean with keyboards, mice and 25 inch monitors or 15 inch laotop screens) in theory, but who is going to in practice on a 5 inch touchscreen? There has to be a compelling reason to switch from Android phones (and iPhones) and 32 bit laptop programs are not it.
  • Dell has a good reputation of business based computers. Good move to concentrate on windows 10. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft changed the game with the SP3, and now stand alone tablets have almost reached obsolescence.
  • Smart move
  • Why there are no fair competition in software mobiles Google just pushing back Microsoft and in laptops Microsoft just pushing back Google... in between this apple is making lots and lots of profits...and Linux OS..I do not know much about this.....BOTH THE OS ARE SO COOL... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I love when people mentions Apple 'Profits', let me quote another user that put it simple: "Apple made 85% of the world's smartphone profits despite selling only 15% of the world's smartphones. Ipso facto, Apple customers (15% of the market) are paying (out of their pockets) 85% of all the world's billions of dollars of smartphone profits (the amount of the PRICE OVER the cost of the device itself, and company's operating expenses). By definition iphones are "overpriced" compared to their competitors. It doesn't make Apple owners special, unless you mean in the 'short bus' way"...
  • This is great news welcome Win goodbye Android HUH HUH!
  • Hi guys: Do not read too much into this. First: Google didn't do squat with Android for tablets. They created Honeycomb to accommodate tablets in 2011 but then totally dropped it, and stripped all of the tablet features out of the OS in Jellybean. They didn't even create tablet versions of their own apps and services for Android, though they did for iOS. The reason: Google wanted Chrome OS to be their platform for large form factor devices. Because of this - and because of the total lack of support from third party developers - the only Android tablets that were viable were small (7"-8") cheap ones that were only good for streaming, reading, surfing and casual/educational games. The problem: Dell is an enterprise/productivity/professional company who does not do mass market consumer stuff. Dell began cutting back on their tablet lineup a couple of years ago and are finally pulling the plug. Please note: Dell has not invested a whole lot in the way of light cheap consumer Windows 10 tablets either. Another thing: it can be said that Dell, HP and to a degree Lenovo - longtime Windows PC and laptop makers - simply failed at mobile because they didn't "get" the industry. Dell and HP both used to make Android phones. Their phones did not sell, so they gave up. They continued to make Android tablets a few years longer, but they are giving up on that too. Lenovo had more success selling Android phones in China and India, but mainly due to the lack of competition. But since Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Meizu, LeCo and Oppo in China and other brands in India began making better products and also began to get better at supply chain and distribution, Lenovo has gotten hammered in the smartphone business because their smartphones are frankly worse than the competition. Lenovo thought that buying Motorola would help them address that, but their Motorola division is selling far fewer phones now than they did when they were being run by Google. Lenovo also tried to make "Pro" Android tablets, but again thanks to Google and third party developers, Android wasn't good for that anyway. (Plus their tablets stunk: terrible design decisions on hardware and their changes to the Android software did far more harm than good.) So now they are scaling back their Android tablets in favor of Windows 2-in-1s also. Toshiba? Same story. They had their moments making Windows laptops, but gained no traction with Android tablets (they never tried to make phones at all). Meanwhile: you have Acer, Asus, LG and Samsung. Though they made PCs, were never major players in the Windows era of dominance the way that Dell, HP and Lenovo were. But Android tablets? They make and sell plenty. Acer, Asus and LG specialize in the smaller, cheaper devices with brands like ZenPad, Iconia and Transformer (though in fairness Asus Transformer devices are now Windows 10, though I would not be shocked to see a Transformer Chromebook soon now that they run Android apps). Samsung meanwhile makes devices that range from $550 to $150 and sells plenty. However, Samsung did shift their Galaxy Note Pro productivity device from being a 12' Android tablet (which Apple blatantly ripped off for their own iPad Pro) to a Windows 10-powered 2-in-1. Good for them, as their Galaxy Note Pro device - intended to compete with iPads in the enterprise - did not sell and cost them a ton of money. Bottom line: Dell, HP etc. simply couldn't compete in mobile. Others could and are. Far more Android tablets are being sold than Windows 10 tablet and 2-in-1 devices convertibles - though these tablets on average cost much less - and that is not going to change. Neither is the situation with Android phones, which unlike tablets is a platform that Google actually cares about and invests in for software and hardware. Note that Google came out with Project Tango, Project Ara, Cardboard etc. for phones but not tablets. And that you can't even load Android Wear on tablets; only phones. If Google had given tablets the same emphasis that they did, say, Chrome OS (which is their platform for Google for Education and Google For Work) things might have turned out differently, but they did not, which opened the door for Windows 10 to storm through.
  • I know your hand cramped typing that! :) A easier way to look at it, people want a tablet and/or 2 in 1 that does more then browse and get email... they want a "portable desktop" its that simple IMAO! :)
  • On another note this might sound crazy to some of you but I wish ms would make an rt windows 10. The reason is this I bought my son a rt tablet about 2 years ago, its rock solid and really pretty secure. For a 13 year old kid its ideal.
  • @Richard Toft I agree, they could simply offer Windows 10 mobile as the replacement OS for such devices, making them compatible with the latest Windows 10 apps. Only difference is Continuum wouldn't require an external display, instead, it'll work on the same screen when the keyboard is attached. Posted from my OnePlus One.
  • I want to know where DJCBS and the other google/android/nokia fan boys are... hellllllooooo where are you at snowflakes... ring ring... Spin this... PLEASE spin this... "well if you take the number of tables that run android and multiply it by the square of pi, then subtract the Windows installs you will see how great Android is doing on tablets.. and did I mention that nokia is making an android phone..."
  • yessssss!
  • The Android tablets may not have been great, but I would have loved the smaller/thinner Venue tablets (7-8") running Windows 10, or even, dare I say, Windows 10 mobile! I may be the only person who doesn't have a smaller form factor, consumption focused tablet, but the windows ones seem to be garbage.
  • It's ok... They never updated their Android tablets anyways...
  • Good is right. I have an android phone wtf would I want an android tablet for. Junk. When my laptop bites the dust a surface 2-1 is my next purchase.
  • Good riddance Dell, nobody is buying tablets today that cost more than $100, and that is not profitable for any company, maybe the only company that will continue to make tablets successful is Apple with the iPad, but even the iPad tablet is shrinking year after year. The hot market today is 2 in 1, and Android is not good for productivity, Windows 10 is the way to go for 2 in 1s.
  • Buy 2-in-1s Windows 10, then install Amiduos for you who miss android apps!
  • Finally some good news about Microsoft. Seem like I only hear bad news and more bad news them these days.
  • beautiful news dell 
  • Microsoft really did it! Android tablets and iPads are simply big phones, sometimes with no Cellular data, for basically media consumption only. But Windows tablets are productive and are doing to laptops the same thing they did to desktops. They are easy to deal and carry around. And you can act not only be acted upon.
  • Excellent!
  • Wish they had a W10 version of the Venue tablet. Non-Windows tablets are pretty much useless
  • They do have venue pro series which are windows 8/10 tablets. Like very popular venue pro 8 or 10, and they still product this series with the most recent model with win 10 64bit and 4GB RAM and active pen.
  • I agree even though I am buying my wife and kids a new Android tablet because their old one is dying. They are just going to use it to play app games and watch youtube.  That is about all they are good for. For myself I'd rather get a Windows 10 converable tablet. They are a lot more useful. 
  • You want to limit you children to games and YouTube? Not good.
  • Just please make the new venue pro 8 with win 10 available for Canada retailers, I need a replacement for my older one
  • That's one of the biggest classic master pieces from MS: If you cannot win the game, change the rules. I'm in awe.
  • Then please release the Dell Venue 8 7000 Series with Windows 10 on it. :D
  • Nice to read some good news for a change.
  • Awesome.
  • Won't be available in my country anyway.
  • Windows Surface Tablet sales flew up when the Surface pro 3 model came out and have never looked back. Now that the bugs have been worked out in the Surface pro 4 and Surface book. They too are selling well and are going to be sold in more overseas countries. Android and Apple ipads have more touch screen apps but the sheer power of Windows10 is changeing that. more and more businesses and developers are making Microsoft "Universal" Apps. WHY because they can make "ONE GOOD" Microsoft "Universal" APP and it will run on a Windows 10 mobile smartphone and also run on a Windows 10 Server, Desktop Computer, Laptop, Ultrabook, or Windows 10 tablet, 2 in one hybrid tablet/laptop. Windows 10 is on over 300 million active computers of various types and that number is increasing as OEMs make NEW Computers of varous types. Microsoft is reaching out to Apple devices Apps developers and showing them how to convert their Apps to Microsft "Universal" Apps. Folks it wont happen over night but 2 years from now every major good Android or Apple ios app will have a Windows 10 Microsoft "Universal" App version in the Windows 10 store. The so called gap will be gone in 2 to 3 years. Android and Apple device wil continue to sell but wont be able to boast about Apps content.   Apps gap will be gone
  • I agree. I think app developers are going to find it harder and harder to ignore Windows 10. Look at the banking apps starting to come back to Windows. Developers are starting to see the writing on the wall that Windows 10 is a major plateform.  
  • well said !! 
    i just dont get one thing !!
    why do developes don't go for universal apps rather then making apps for win 10 mob or only the desktop version. one company that will never make UWP apps is google for their services (gmail, youtube, drive etc) :P 
  • Android is purely a mobile platform. I could never see the reason of it being the OS on a tablet. Especially with the bigger phones released now days.
  • I hope The Verge and Engadget run this story. I wonder if they will... .
  • Engadget has.
  • Dell discontinues x86 tablets due Intel chips being cancelled would be the real title. All affordable Windows tablet were x86 while on Android side just a very very small percentage. I wonder which one takes bigger hit, Android tablets or Windows tablets?
  • Atom x86 tablets are not cancelled. Only Atom phones are cancelled. Which sucks because many people wanted to see Windows Mobile and a Surface phone take advantage of the full Windows in Continuum.
  • The best tablet computing has been on my windows tablets. When I bought the first surface RT, I sold my ipad2 the next week. I bought a nexus 7v2, but don't it very soon after buying my surface rt2... sold the surface rt2 after getting the Dell venue pro 8... then got a surface pro 3. Love my surface 3 that I won from WPX. Thanks WPC! I may use Android phones, but I have two lines at this point with the other running links 640. I have bought many cheap Android phones and tablets that I have sold or just gave away. Windows on my tablet had been thr best os wise and especially hardware. It is a tablet, but seriously I can work and play with it. I can hook anything to it or it to anything. It is expandable. I use my surface pro 3 for work, but my surface 3 gets more of my time... not as powerful, but it kicks tail and had no fan :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nice!
  • GOOD CALL !!! now google, you can apologize and make us all these google apps we've been waiting for :D
  • If Chrome OS runs Android apps now, why would anyone make or buy just an Android tablet? If Dell is still making Chrome devices then this isn't that significant of news. Dell most likely will eventually make Chrome 2-in-1 devices. I think competition is healthy and best for consumers. Compare OS advancements in the past 10 years to the 10 before that. Windows facing competition from iOS and Google was forced to advance by leaps and bounds and to make drastic changes.