Microsoft's game plan with the Surface line is to lead and inspire and that includes their OEM partners like Lenovo, Dell, HP, and more. At the Adobe MAX conference going on right now, it was Dell who just teased their new creator-focused PC (spotted by @SurfaceProArtist).

Folks, this is no coincidence.

At about two hours into the event, Adobe ran a 90-second teaser video featuring a new dual-display PC that also has a Surface Dial-like device. The pen-enabled display also sports no less than six speakers across the large bezel at the bottom of the otherwise bezel-less monitor.

Instead of a regular keyboard, a second display substitutes for user interaction dynamically changing for the task at hand. There is even a digital clipboard that is part of the digital keyboard in Windows 10 we have not seen before and is likely part of the Creators Update due early next year.

Clearly, Dell is aiming for creatives who both draw, animate, and edit video or images.

The video concludes with "Welcome to your new workspace" Followed by a "Coming soon."

As to what Dell is going to call this PC, we have no idea, but it may come in at a different price point. It also looks like Microsoft has had this creators plan in the works for some time letting their partners in on the secret months ago.

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