Dell just teased its version of Microsoft's Surface Studio featuring dual displays

Microsoft's game plan with the Surface line is to lead and inspire and that includes their OEM partners like Lenovo, Dell, HP, and more. At the Adobe MAX conference (opens in new tab) going on right now, it was Dell who just teased their new creator-focused PC (spotted by @SurfaceProArtist).

Folks, this is no coincidence.

At about two hours into the event, Adobe ran a 90-second teaser video featuring a new dual-display PC that also has a Surface Dial-like device. The pen-enabled display also sports no less than six speakers across the large bezel at the bottom of the otherwise bezel-less monitor.

Instead of a regular keyboard, a second display substitutes for user interaction dynamically changing for the task at hand. There is even a digital clipboard that is part of the digital keyboard in Windows 10 we have not seen before and is likely part of the Creators Update due early next year.

Clearly, Dell is aiming for creatives who both draw, animate, and edit video or images.

The video concludes with "Welcome to your new workspace" Followed by a "Coming soon."

As to what Dell is going to call this PC, we have no idea, but it may come in at a different price point. It also looks like Microsoft has had this creators plan in the works for some time letting their partners in on the secret months ago.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Oh sheeeeet! This is pretty cool. Wish MS made a screen add on for Surface Pro's, similar to that old Blade concept.
  • Definitely looks crazy, It would be cool if that second Display works on any PC.
  • If by second display, you mean the one on bottom, I think that the computer is down there, and the upper display is permanently attached to it.
  • Upon closer look, it does indeed look that way. Anyway. Why the 6 giant speakers at the front though? Why not on the sides of the second display?
  • Near field sound.
  • Because the wouldn't be as powerful. Music and movie editors are going to like it
  • What's interesting about this is how these companies know MS's plans, and upcoming products, and are able to release very similar concepts within the same timeframe as MS.
    If Dell had that close of details about the Studio, enough details to emulate, and even one up it,, then imagine if the same amount of collaboration happens when MS is ready to share It's ideas about their mobile concept... It's obvious that Dell had to know about this from the very early stages of development.
    I would say if this keeps up we can look forward not only a Surface 3N1 "Phone", but other devices as well. Maybe that's part of MS's mobile strategy. Not to just introduce one category creating mobile device, but multiple takes on MS' mobile concept, from different OEM'S, at the same time... That's a good idea. Thanks for the perspective, Dell!
  • Yes sir
  • Pretty cool
  • WTH is going on with those circles on the bezel?
  • You didn't read the article, did you ? 
  • Guess what I meant it I don't like the look. That's just me though.
  • Yes, I don't like it... Looks like a cheap Coby TV with a cheesy speaker bar at the bottom... I'm sure the product ROCKS, but I think those speakers should've been hidden.
  • I think musicians and videographers will like it more than the average consumer
  • The average consumer would love it!!!! It's the price that they couldn't justify.
  • If the speakers are that good as dedicated ones. People in this industry mostly already invested having their own good studio speakers/headset or planning to get one. Speakers on iMac for example wasnt anything special about it. People just buys better dedicated speakers.
  • It looks terrible.
  • What is that clipboard feature in the touch keyboard? is that a thing that is already available???
  • Probably like the tablet part of the Surface Book I guess? I didn't get it too.
  • I believe the article mentioned this but no, it's not currently available, it may be part of the upcoming update.
  • Finally MS and their partners are giving people a reason to upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Haha. Its like Microsoft told their partners what they were doing so they could jump in on it. What a great time for PC. Apple seems to be slipping in their pro machines and now there are Surface Studio and a Dell designed specifically to that pro crowd. Crazy stuff :).
  • It's great. MS puts out amazing products and sets the bar. They fully expect/hope their partners will one-up their design as it helps the PC market.
  • Don't you love it when a plan comes together?
  • Did they tip Jason Ward too?  Haha, his article lined up Dell's announcement nicely lol
  • Hahahaha...great timing huh? ;-)
  • Magical
  • This is the Nadella part of the strategy, make people love Windows. Actually, he is the only one who admits, that Windows is not that well received, as the market share expresses. Now, work out the details, improve driver quality and all around stability, and in 3 or 4 years, a renewed attempt with Windows Mobile.
  • First of what do you mean windows is not well received its the king of pc's not mac OS or Chromebook I'm not talking about phones that's a different market you can't compare the two that like saying gm has more market share then Harley Davidson when there both different markets
  • I don't think he's the only one to admit this.
  • Sweet. And best about it: It has a matt non glossy display
    And the "Surface dial" looks pretty comfortable.
  • yeah, good catch
  • Dell concept 2014
  • Matte is very good. On the other hand, at least from the images, the colors on the screens look pretty washed out. Certainly hope that is not the case.
  • Yeah thought the same. Maybe the viewing angels are not that good
  • Im keeping everything windows even tho that looks good. Im enjoying the Surface studio for a week now... Can't stop using it compared to my other PC's getting no attention :)
  • Anything you wish the Studio had that it's currently missing?
  • I can't really complain for what it offers already. It allows me to do my work perfectly on it. Designing is very easy and its fun. I Cant say I miss anything besides that what is to come for Surface studio. :)
  • It just got real
  • Fine..but.. God ! what happened with the design team?? Its a terrible design for 'Surface Studio' competitor product. 
  • I agree, it's not the "prettiest" in the class, but sometimes a good price can go a long way towards making up for looks. I'll be interested in seeing what Lenovo and HP have on deck. 
  • I'm a professional video editor and I'm really interested in this. I'll be watching for more details and, of course, price. Dell wasn't even on my radar but they are now.
  • Microsoft is really running with this new "Defining Categories" philosophy for the Surface Line (and the PC Market). They are literally re-inventing themselves (and their partners) in their current product lines, while also pushing for the future of computing form factors. Only left for mobile (the current smartphone form factor) to be brought in line. They need to re-invent that with Surface touch too.
  • Pass...bought the dell look alike surface tablet (Venue 11 pro) and had WiFi issues for over a year. When Microsoft ran into the same issue with the surface, it was addressed within a month. Dell had one guy manning the support forums for the entire time.
  • sexyyy.  time to dump the iMac
  • I bet Dell will use Kaby Lake CPU unlike Microsoft.
  • You do know newer don't always mean better
  • I doubt you'll even notice the difference between both processors.
  • I have a feeling they might call it the Dell Smart Desk to go along with the prototype they showed of in 2014 At the time it was seen as an answer to the HP Sprout
  • Windows central article that mentioned the Smart Desk
  • Hey Daniel, why are you guys editing my post and deleting my link to the Dell site about smart desk? You've done it twice now. At least you could write that you've edited my post instead of doing it secretly
  • When people say Apple no longer innovates. This is what they mean. No one copies the iPad, or the iMac or the MacBook pro anymore. They copy the Surface line stuff. Even Apple copy the Surface line stuff. It's funny watching Microsoft turn cool and Apple turn Boring.
  • So true.
  • Hahaha good take.
  • Wow.. Looking forward to a good few of these new style systems, good times indeed!!;
  • Good job Microsoft, Lenovo and Dell. As article says this is not coincidence, there looks to be a pattern here (Microsoft Ink + Surface Dial technology + touch displays larger than smartphone) I think the Surface Dial will be the mouse of future PC's, glad to see the evolution of the mouse will enable better tools for artists, designers, engineers and everybody that wants to help humanity to solve problems.
  • I remember one article on this site when one Microsoft Exec said the keyboard and mouse will be obsolete in the future, the comment section was raining abuses on him. Nobody thought of the dial and the second touch screen. I guess the dial can replace the mouse in some applications. Everything is coming together pretty well.
  • Once/if MS harnesses the brain, we'll have no need for mice or keyboards. Or any old input device, for that matter
  • I know call it the Dell Surface Creators Studio Pro. /s
  • I take it then that 'dial' support is part of an open API that MS wants OEM's to use.  So, we can pick and choose our dial accessroies no matter whose box we use.  Cool!
  • that's a BIG TouchBar !! ; )  W10 @ cloud nine. PC Biz is back !
  • I think it's great to see such products coming to life.
    We know companies do research but are too afraid to bring anything out to the public, partially because of the OS, and partially because it'd look so out of place. MS, with Windows 10 and Surface brand is giving the OEMs confident to experiment more, because now the OS can handle, and the theme is set. I hope to see such diversity further. :)
  • Looks like dell beat apple to their inevitable punch. I imagine this would have been the natural evolution of apples new Touch Bar on the macbook pro. Now what's the imac gunna do to evolve??
  • Instead of a touchscreen at the bottom, Apple will call it a "Notepad" to go with their "Pencil".  BOOM!  Amazing!!!!
  • Hahaha
  • You can't deny Dell took a tiny bit of "inspiration" from Apple's touchbar though.
  • How if it was just released itself, even with leaks? No need to take from touch bar in this case it's not like that concept is outside of design teams abilities.
  • Nah, thats doubtful considering the timeline of each device. If anything, they took inspiration from the Nintendo 3DS..
  • Since Dell first showed off the Dell Smart Desk 2 years ago this month , It's safe to say they didn't look to Apple for any of it
  • Gotta love healthy competition.
  • The Apple touch bar vs a second touch screen, it sounds funny. Apple must dare in design new products.
  • So they're basically copying the touchbar that Apple invented? 
  • Or did Apple just not have the "courage" to do a full touch screen?  
  • Apple didn't invent the touchbar they stole the idea from Lenovo or razer I forget witch but they released one on there keyboard years ago didn't do so well
  • It looks like a Cintiq in front of a Dell all-in-one.  Not sure where Dial factors in but is the input screen even a Dell product?  If this was all a Dell product, wouldnt the two screens ideally be the same width? 
  • there's two Dell logos - one on the screen and one on the bottom part.
    Both look the same width, you're getting confused by the black bars around the image on the screen.
  • .
  • sweet! I'm thinking of all the designing advantages these new pieces of hardware will afford in a convenient package. Can't wait to try them out.
  • The Surface line is doing its job perfectly; inspiring OEMs and pushing them to create imitators for every price range in the market. As for the clipboard, glad to see Windows finally getting integrated with a clipboard manager. Almost time to dump Shapeshifter that has just been stagnant and not so user-friendly in tablet mode.
  • Hmm, odd to have the random AIO above it all. Kind of makes it look a bit cramped. But I'm intrigued to see each of the OEMs showcase their various takes on the Surface Studio over the next few months. I'm hopeful the bottom screen can be bought separately though, and used as a convertible monitor. I love the Surface Studio but I don't need a desktop PC - my Surface Pro 4 is my desktop replacement (Microsoft said as much) so all I need is a gorgeous touch and pen abled monitor to plug it in to...
  • I look at the Apple logo now and see the bite not as a brand but something missing, like someones taken a big bite out of them.  MS need to use that in thier advert.
  • yay a bunch of tiny speakers, rendered useless as soon as you plug in a pair of proper bookshelf speakers saltyness aside, this dual screen concept looks really cool, wonder how it converts or if its supposed to stay that way, now lets see what HP has in mind
  • this video shows it in action (early concept)
  • and this one shows their current ad
  • Sounds interesting but I sometimes get this feeling that Apple is silently watching all this and may be working on a better design.
  • Only if they intend to totally abandon their "desktop users don't want touch" mantra they have been pushing.
  • None of apples designs are good
  • how sure are we that those are speakers and not cameras? they look to have a glass cover over them. Maybe they are like the kinect cameras for 3d work? seems to have some sort of sensors under the Dell logo. Just a random thought
  • Hmm, interesting. I would hope so, otherwise they're very ugly and oddly located speakers.
  • I can't wait to see what other partners come up with. Hopefully someone someone a makes stand-alone large 3:2, 4k+ monitor that accepts pen input.
  • And this is why window can't go anywhere, because they let other use their design and similar hardware
  • Competition = lower prices = more sold = Apple going obsolete
  • I'm not sure I follow your logic. If more manufacturers follow similar designs we could get a resurgence in desktop popularity. And all of those will be running Windows.
  • Is Dell using some other OS than Windows?
    This is exactly how Windows goes everywhere
  • Seriously? This is exactly what Microsoft wants. They make aspirational devices, let thier OEMs make similar devices at various price points. They get their revenue from all the MS services and software creators use. The thing to remember is Microsoft is fundamentally a software company not a hardware company.
  • That's not new they were showing that off after hp announced the sprout over a year ago. Sad thing is Microsoft and the features or lack there of are usually what has slowed down the oems.
  • Apples PC market share is going to drop rather quickly!
  • Yeah there whopping 8%
  • They don't even have 8%, it's 4% or less
  • Never buy first generation concept products. I bought 2 Dell laptops last year both have had ongoing issues, they even had to be sent back to get refurbished and still have issues. I would wait on this surface desktop idea, but I do like the concepts.
  • Ha, well the main difference between Microsoft's product and this one, is that Microsoft's will probably work.
  • Waiting on HP and Lenovo because Dell is mostly a wash in my region
  • My biggest hope is that this drives down wacom prices finally.
  • The concept it is based on comes from here, dells own 2014 concept
  • Weird. I put links to the 2014 dell smart desk in posts here yesterday and they were deleted 3 times by Windows central. Hopefully yours will stick around since others are reporting today that Smart Desk is it's actual name.
  • so, Dell out Appled Apple by making Apple's touchbar useful by making it the entire screen.  Also, it's a giant DS, and I don't have a problem with that.
  • I'll wait.. some chinese developer (..Xiaomi ..) make cheaper dialer..