Dell Mobile Connect adds screen mirroring, file transfers for iPhones

Dell Mobile Connect and iOS
Dell Mobile Connect and iOS (Image credit: Dell)

What you need to know

  • A new update is out for Dell Mobile Connect.
  • The update adds screen mirroring, file transfers, and more when paired with iOS devices.
  • The updates are available now as version 3.0 on the Microsoft Store and the Apple App Store now.

If you use Dell Mobile Connect, the company's software for letting you use your smartphone on your PC, it just got a whole lot better for iPhones. As Dell previewed at CES, the app will now let you mirror your iPhones screen and transfer files on your PC. The update is rolling out now as part of Dell Mobile Connect version 3.0 on the Microsoft Store and Apple App Store (via Windows Blog Italia).

Previously, only Android phones were able to use screen mirroring and file transfers with Dell Mobile Connect. This update brings both platforms in line, allowing you to do more with your phone without taking it out of your pocket. Importantly, it also gives Dell Mobile Connect a leg up of Microsoft's Your Phone app when it comes to iOS devices.

Here's a look at the full release notes for Dell Mobile Connect 3.0:

  • File Transfer for photos and videos is now available for iPhone users.
  • Mirroring is now available for iPhone users.
  • MMS support for image or videos for Android users.
  • No need to keep the Dell Mobile Connect iPhone app in the foreground for sending SMS.

If you're using a Dell or Alienware PC and want to give Dell Mobile Connect 3.0 a shot, you can grab the 3.0 updates from the Microsoft Store and the Apple App Store now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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