Dell takes stance against Amazon India as companies seek to regain control over pricing

Were you looking to score a good deal on a Dell laptop during Amazon India's Diwali Sale? You might want to look elsewhere, as the hardware manufacturer is stating that customers buying from Amazon India will not be eligible to claim warranty.

Dell Amazon India

Dell India states that Amazon is not an authorized reseller, and that any benefits offered by the retailer will not be honored by Dell. The hardware manufacturer is instead asking users to head over to CompuIndia, which is listed as the authorized retailer for Dell products in the country.

This isn't the first time a hardware vendor has deterred users from buying from e-commerce stores. Earlier this week, the likes of Lenovo, LG, Canon, Sony and others have urged customers that marketplace stores like Flipkart and Amazon were not authorized resellers, and that any goods purchased on these sites may be liable to canceled warranties.

The main issue companies have with e-commerce stores in the country is unsanctioned discounts, which are cannibalizing sales from offline channels. Most online stores are currently offering lucrative discounts on laptops, which is having a negative impact on sales from brick and mortar stores. To this effect, companies are looking to take back control from online retailers which would either put a stop to discounts offered by marketplace vendors, or delist products from e-commerce stores entirely.

What do you guys think of Dell's move?

Source: Dell

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Harish Jonnalagadda
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