Dell Venue Pro also getting 7740 update

While Dell gets (and deserves) much criticism for some aspects of the Dell Venue Pro, the unlocked version gets pretty decent update schedules. We were just told by reader Clifton Thomas that the DVP was getting 7740. Sure enough, we fired up our ol' trusty slider, plugged her in and 7740 was waiting for us. It does not, however, add tethering or fix the compass, so don't expect any surprises.

As previously noted, the 7740 OS update fixes an Exchange 2003 email and voicemail notification bug, alleviating two potentially large problems for people. The update is mostly dictated by OEMs (unlocked) and carriers at this point and US markets may be left out. It is unclear if AT&T branded Dell Venue Pros (who just received Mango) will be getting this update, let alone the T-Mobile version. If any of our readers are getting it on their branded DVPs, let us know in comments.

Daniel Rubino

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  • My Mango updated T-mobile version notified me for an update, but as I'm now using a Titan, and moved to AT&T I haven't actually run the update yet. I will probably do so this weekend when a moment presents itself.
  • Hello Dell give us  tethering and fix the compass
  • Got this update on my HTD HD7 with O2 UK this morning!
  • Tethering supported or not ??
  • 1st paragrah, last sentence. It does not support tethering.
  • Nothing still on ATT focus rev1.3
  • An update notification for the 7740 update just popped up on my HTC HD7 O2 Germany
  • ok can somebody explain to me what the heck is up with this update is it just europe or is it usa too and if soo why have i not gotten it on my hd7 tmous?
  • We've explained numerous times that US operators are not rolling this out. So you need to stop looking with your Tmous HD7--it's not happening as of now. This is for unlocked Dell Venue Pro which is sold worldwide--no carrier interference. 
  • There is no news on us getting this update anytime soon? it doesnt bother me much but it somehow doesnt feel justified that everyone but the U.S is getting this update when they are not the only ones dealing with the exchange issue or the vvm notification issue or is this something that we have to take up with microst? i only ask because i feel like its getting to the point where microsoft is letting them take too much control of their software......its just aggravating is all....i dont mean to bring up previously discussed topics but i just dont see how this is allowed to happen.
  • Really hate this Dell people. They are the worst in customer service . I think they are not interested in customer service.First they delayed and hyped that Mango not coming now even for tethring and email problem they are doing the same. From now onwards i will never buy a phone from Dell. Everyone said it is the worst for customer support and they proved it..
  • Woke up this morning with a pleasent surprise (: first thing to do was fire up zune and WPCentral :)
  • Just my 7740 update on samsung focus on rogers network here in Canada.
  • my Dell Venue Pro (Unlocked from T-Mobile) isn't getting any update.... stuck at 7720