AT&T Dell Venue Pro finally getting Mango update

Although just about everyone in the world has managed to get the Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" update, there was one straggler left: the AT&T Dell Venue Pro (see review) While not a significant share of the Windows Phone market (the DVP was never sold directly by AT&T), it was still a black eye to those who own that phone, as one could argue that Mango greatly improves the Venue Pro (it breathed new life into ours, that's for sure).

The good news is that you should be able to plug in your DVP to Zune and fetch Mango right now to get your phone on the latest and greatest. Sure, you won't have the compass feature and tethering is uncertain, but the build of the OS is hopefully worth waiting for.

Source: Windows Phone Blog; Thanks, Grant, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • My friend just tried it and was told there was no update.
  • I'm not sure why I was different but I bought the Dell Venue Pro (AT&T version) direct from Dell about three weeks ago and was able to get the update via the Zune software immediately.  I'm running 7.10.7720.68.  Maybe because it was unlocked? 
  • Yup, that's exactly it. I have the same phone, got it weeks ago. But there was a phone being sold with AT&T branding--that's the one here.
  • There are two AT&T compatible versions. One is locked to AT&T and I believe 8GB. The other is 16GB and unlocked but with AT&T compatible 3G bands. The 16GB unlocked one got Mango with the other DVPs, the AT&T locked version just finally got it. I have no idea why, the AT&T one is the same exact phone but with a smaller memory card and locked.
  • This is a TRUE reason to use the word Finally to describe a reward for ones patience, not simply the ability to get the same version of your phone in white...
  • wow good thing i got the 16gb model. gee..
  • Back in the start of the year I had two options, the Dell Venue Pro or the HTC HD7 because I am on T-Mobile (T-MoUs) and for the sheer fact I wanted my first smartphone to be a WP7 device. Now after more then 10 months later I am glad I went with the HTC HD7 for three simples reasons. (1) I never had any luck with Dell PCs in the past, (2) the volume of issues the handset has faced since it's release, and (3) T-Mobile stopped carrying it shortly after (that has to say something to the consumer). Tho I am not heartless I feel bad for any DVP owner that has to deal with any of the issues the pop up with the device.
    **Side note: Does it seem strange that a computer company is making phones?**
  • "**Side note: Does it seem strange that a computer company is making phones?**"
    Not that strange. Ever heard of Apple? :-)
  • well, they want to survive -> Acer, Lenovo, HP(was), Asus(not so famous for phones outside of the country though), Fujitsu-Toshiba...
    I still think Dell gave up too easily
  • I agree, and when I stated 'computer company' I meant all brands making phones, but on review I was too tired to think clearly and phones are the next logical step right after laptops and somewhere around tablets. Apple did start the race and I feel Dell is half-heartedly following suit. Poor DVP owners. 
  • The compass works on unlocked?